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Mission Statement

The site is designed to serve as a resource and a community for those interested in rethinking psychiatric care in the United States and abroad. We want to provide readers with news, personal stories, access to source documents, and the informed writings of bloggers that will further this enterprise.

The bloggers on this site include people with lived experience, peer specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, program managers, social activists, attorneys, and journalists. While their opinions naturally vary, they share a belief that our current system of psychiatric care needs to be vastly improved, and, many would argue, transformed.

We also want to provide readers with the opportunity to add their voices to this discussion. We encourage readers to leave comments (see comment policy below), and to submit personal stories and op-ed submissions. We encourage our readers to visit our forums to further this communal discussion.

Finally, we are commissioning original journalism, both in video and print, that explore ongoing efforts to remake care in the U.S. and abroad, and also investigate the problems and deficiencies with the current drug-based paradigm of care.

We welcome feedback and comments on how we can improve this website, and continue to build an online community that can be a societal force for change.


The Mad in America Team

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Robert Whitaker, Publisher


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Kermit Cole, Blogs and Front Page Editor


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Laura Delano, Personal Stories, Resources, and Newsletter Editor; Film Festival Organizer


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Emmeline Mead, Community Manager


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Rob Wipond, News Editor and Original Journalism


Our Legal Organization

When we started this initiative, we investigated whether it would be better to operate as a non-profit organization, or as a C corporation. We chose the latter, as it provided us with a quicker and easier way to obtain initial funding from “investors” for creating the website and supporting its development.

Robert Whitaker, President
Louisa Putnam, Secretary
Kermit Cole
Laura Delano

For ongoing revenue to sustain this initiative, we are entirely dependent on support from our readers. We do not host adverstisements and do not sell data about our readers to anyone.


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