Nancy is a psychiatric survivor, writer, and coach. She is director of public education and volunteer coordinator for the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights). She holds a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University 1978, and has done graduate work at Tufts University in Counseling, where she did an internship at 735 House, a Residential treatment center for adolescents.


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America’s Sweetheart

Badgers Included

Nancy Rubenstein del Giudice America’s Sweetheart


April 14, 2014

Justina Pelletier, a fifteen-year-old girl from West Hartford, Connecticut, has captured the heart of the American public. Whether or not Justina Pelletier may survive her ordeal is yet to be determined. Thousands of people nationwide are praying. What is certain at this point, is that Justina is truly America’s Sweetheart and she will never be forgotten.
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Nancy Rubenstein del Giudice Badgers Included


August 8, 2013

The story of “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” has a great deal of personal significance to me because it was the last book I can remember reading to my three young daughters before taking Prozac. These memories have taken on a newer and more relevant meaning since Gary Greenberg invoked the title of that children’s book in his excellent article for the New Yorker, “The Rats of NIMH,” following Thomas Insel’s blog, “Transforming Diagnosis,” in which for a brief moment, the director of the NIMH disavowed psychiatry’s bible, the “DSM-5.”
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Nancy Rubenstein del Giudice The Real Benzo Hysteria


July 7, 2013

On June 12th, Psychology Today published an article entitled, “Benzo Hysteria: the Chilling Effects of the ‘Addictive’ label,” by Ed Shorter, PhD. A dangerous and unfounded claim was made in its final paragraph, which reads as follows: “The benzos are among the safest and most effective drug classes in the history of psychopharmacology.” Benzodiazepines are in fact highly addictive and many people suffer for years from protracted withdrawal syndromes that are disabling.
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Nancy Rubenstein del Giudice After Seroquel


June 25, 2012

The topic of this article is Seroquel withdrawal: the process of withdrawal and the consequences of having taken this particular chemical for over ten years. In my case, essentially since it came on the market in 1997. In the thunder of …
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