Recovery Innovations – Long Bio


The mission statement of Recovery Innovations is to create opportunities and environments that empower people to recover, succeed in accomplishing their goals and to reconnect with themselves, others and meaning and purpose in life, guides our work every day. In business since 1990, RI transformed itself in 2000 to provide recovery services that include a strong emphasis on peer support.

Core services provided by RI include, Recovery Response Centers (emergency psychiatric services) where people receive crisis support using a No Force First approach that occurs within Healing Spaces. Psychiatrists, nurses, mental health professionals and behavioral health technicians work alongside well-trained Peer Recovery Coaches to support guests through their challenges so that they leave us understanding their gifts, strengths and potential. They want people to exit the RRC holding a firm belief that they can reach their hopes and dreams in life and recover!

RI developed the Wellness City framework for services in 2008. In Wellness Cities, individuals we serve hold the dignity and rights of Wellness City Citizens. They are empowered through City Hall meetings to identify classes and events they believe will support their recovery. In addition, citizen contributors are able to volunteer and give back in each Wellness City. Inside the Wellness City framework, a variety of services may occur depending on location and contract requirements. Currently, independent supported housing, temporary respite, recovery education, in-home and community services, employment support, substance use recovery, hospital-based peer support, and community events are provided by Peer Support Specialists and Peer Recovery Coaches.

Because Recovery Innovations understands the vital need to care for the whole person, integrated mental health and physical health services will be added to the menu of services available at Wellness City in 2014. A team that includes psychiatrists, primary care physicians, nurse coordinators, and Peer Whole Health Coaches will work with each individual head to toe to ensure that every treasured person has the opportunity to experience great physical and mental health.

Located in six states and New Zealand, Recovery Innovations and its companion training organization Recovery Opportunity Center, make up the largest peer support workforce in the world with over 60% of team members 450 being people in recovery from serious mental health challenges and/or substance use working at every level of the organization. Recovery Innovations believes in people, they believe in recovery because they see it happen every day and their team members are the evidence recovery is real!