Fired for the Truth by Dr. Karan R Gregg Aggarwala

Just yesterday evening they let us know you were gone

Joanne the plans they made for you

Did not go through

The job description just did not match

You were no longer a good catch

I guess there was no real intention

To put your mind and skills toward invention

Joanne they did not realize

That tears welled up in your eyes

When color pink of paper you saw

The pain in your bosom is still so raw

“What wrong did I do to deserve this fate,” you cried

Perhaps it would have been easier had you lied.


(Author’s note: If you look hard enough, you may find that many worthy people enter the mental health treatment racket in the US and elsewhere after being fired from their jobs — especially because they have a tendency to speak from the heart and not play the corporate samurai games so necessary to get ahead in competitive environments — whether or not they are large corporations. If managers and executives were inclined to nurture talent and reward competence rather than blind loyalty, perhaps workers may not end up mentally frustrated and consequently unstable. ~ Karan R Gregg Aggarwala, OD [NIH Equiv.], PhD, FAAO)


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