The Psycho-Politics of the Pandemic: COVID-19 and the Future of Psychiatry


COVID-19 has rapidly upended the normal state of affairs in the United States and around the world. While the virus may not discriminate when choosing a host, the United States certainly does discriminate when rolling out protections and services. Attention has repeatedly been called to how this crisis adversely affects inmates in US jails and prisons. Riker’s Island in New York currently has the highest rate of infection in the country—3.91% compared to New York City’s 0.5%—and its inmates are being paid $6 an hour to dig their own mass graves.

This is the nightmare scenario. The coronavirus pandemic has occasioned a crisis in American mass incarceration, revealing its flaws and inhumanity. Jails and prisons are so rife with the virus because they force masses of people to live in small, confined, and often filthy spaces. The virus only reveals that brutal reality.

But wherever a crisis forces open a rift, possibility also dwells: as we begin to recognize the flaws inherent to our penal system, we also have the opportunity to make changes. Things deemed impossible just a month ago have become a reality in short order: jails are releasing non-violent offenders, others are setting $0 bails, while others are forgiving petty probation violations like drinking alcohol or leaving a state.

The speed and breadth of these adaptations reveal above all that the criminal justice system’s claims of inflexibility and overwhelming rigidity have been overstated. Unnecessary suffering could be lifted; the world won’t end because the judge let the poor person who can’t afford a $200 bail walk instead of sent him to jail.

In comparison, other nation-wide networks of coercive confinement connected with health administration, like psychiatric commitments and group homes, have received little attention. How has COVID-19 forced psychiatric hospitals and treatment centers to change? While private psychiatric practice has largely moved to tele-health options and some inpatient facilities have been converted into extra beds for the coming surge in virus patients, psychiatric commitments continue in many states.

Just like jails, psychiatric hospitals and treatment centers in Washington, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Louisiana have seen major outbreaks of the virus, revealing, in similar fashion, the health dangers inherent to forcing large groups of strangers to sleep and eat in close quarters. The risk of exposure for staff is likewise not negligible, but they ultimately have the choice—at the risk of losing work in some cases—to not work in unsafe conditions or to go on strike. Patients do not share this luxury.

Additionally, while it is generally staff who contract the virus and introduce it into such facilities (since the patients can’t leave), it’s the patients who must deal with the fallout. Michigan psychiatric hospitals have rescinded visitation rights and sent patients to isolation. Authorities in Vermont have seized the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center and intend to use it as a separate holding site for psychiatric patients with COVID-19, despite concerns that the space is too small and confined.

In the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey, four patients died as a result of COVID-19. In an article for the Trentonian, the staff would have you believe this is basically their fault: one former staffer said of a man who died that “If anyone would be killed by virus I would think he would be a prime candidate” because “he was a heavy smoker for years.” There’s something wrong with this picture. We all know smoking is damaging to your health, but this man did not choose be exposed to dozens of others with a deadly virus, which in this case was something entirely outside of his control. The attitude expressed here (and implied in the other cases) blames involuntary inmates for their own deaths, while the policies above ultimately punish the suffering for a problem brought about by conditions they did not choose.

The situation only gets worse at the for-profit institutions. In Detroit, a staff member at the 162-bed private, for-profit psychiatric facility StoneCrest Center said in his interview that “unfortunately, we’re for-profit. So we need to keep these beds filled. Otherwise, we can’t stay open as a facility.” If they insist on staying open, the administration is faced with the cruel alternative of either exposing 162 patients and their staff to a deadly virus, or locking down patients and closing group spaces. Death or misery.

A for-profit psychiatric facility cannot structurally be invested in changing the conditions that led to patients ending up on their doorstep. They wouldn’t make money if these things change. In a crisis like this pandemic, their drive to make money by any means necessary appears in its true form: as a fatal and flippant self-serving impulse, content on letting others suffer and die in the name of profit.

Psychiatrists, on their part, are doing their best to disseminate the message that the fear and worry caused by a global pandemic are expressions of medical conditions like depression and anxiety and are currently gearing up to welcome a new influx of patients once the first wave dies down. The smart ones are quickly adapting to tele-therapeutic options and new biometric distance surveillance options like apps that feed them information on patients’ heart rates and sleeping patterns. This is perhaps the most dangerous development of all.

I, like many others, am struggling day-by-day to comprehend the intensity of the information coming in, the news of widespread deaths, the further entrenchment of America’s racial and class disparities in health care. The stress caused by COVID-19 is very real, but medicalizing the issue suggests that the United States will settle on handling this stress as a symptom of a medical problem solvable with therapy or profitable drugs, rather than as a political problem that demands political action here and now.

In the wake of COVID-19, it ought to be more clear than ever that no amount of drugs will lift people out of poverty; tele-therapy for a prisoner in a solitary cell only creates the possibility he will bear a miserable existence long enough to die of old age rather than suicide.

The terror of COVID-19 lies first in its capacity to kill the elderly and sick, but a second terror appears in its ability to reveal the cruelties and disparities that persist around us. If the jails opened tomorrow and every poor person was relieved of the stress of how to pay for rent or figuring out where they would sleep tonight, I can all but guarantee that the worryingly increasing rates of suicide in this country would drop rapidly. This crisis has revealed that such actions are not the impossible pipe dreams of a handful of utopians, but real possibilities.

At every turn, it is imperative we point out the fault lines the novel coronavirus is revealing in American society. If we fail to do this, we will return to the world that made it many degrees more deadly and frightening for the inmates, the sick, and the vulnerable.


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  1. I hear that prisoners at the Otay Mesa Dentention facility we’re pepper sprayed for not signing contracts to release the company from any liability in exchange for face masks. These guys learning from psychiatrists? Sign this and we’ll stop the brain damage? lol

  2. Well written article, thank you for sharing here. I like that you get to the point, and particularly appreciate your writing in this paragraph:

    “A for-profit psychiatric facility cannot structurally be invested in changing the conditions that led to patients ending up on their doorstep. They wouldn’t make money if these things change. In a crisis like this pandemic, their drive to make money by any means necessary appears in its true form: as a fatal and flippant self-serving impulse, content on letting others suffer and die in the name of profit.”

    While I knew all along they were in it for the money it is still shocking to see the depths of the greed laid bare.

    • What’s sad, however, is the non-for-profit hospitals, controlled by the religions, bought into the for-profit psychiatric DSM “bible” theology, rather than believing in the real Bible, decades ago, too. Because the psychologists and psychiatrists systemically cover up the mainstream religions’ “zipper troubles” and child abuse crimes.

      An ethical pastor, of a different religion, did confess to me that my family had dealt with “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” in 2010 or so, based on his reading of my family’s chronically organized medical records, with my medical research listed on the side.

      But I did have to research to find the medical proof of such, prior to actually believing my childhood religion was so systemically evil. But that ethical pastor was correct. The number one actual societal function of both the psychological and psychiatric fields is, in fact, covering up child abuse and rape.

      And an ethical ELCA synod offices insider did speak out against the child rape covering up criminals within my childhood religion, shortly after I provided the ELCA with the medical evidence of the crimes committed against my family. I’d be one of the likely many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book.

      My point being, the non-for-profit religious hospitals also bought into the profits they could derive from the BS of the systemic, child abuse covering up psychological and psychiatric industries. The systemic, child rape covering up, psychological and psychiatric industries need to be pointed out for whom they actually are.

      And we need to get the medical industry out of the business of profiteering off of covering up child abuse for the religions. Not to mention, out of the business of destroying our entire economy, which seems to be, for what, the medical industry is now being utilized.

  3. Thank-you for this, Sasha. You’re young, idealistic, and still naive. The so-called Covid-19 is best seen as a PLAN-demic. It’s really only about money, power, and control. The “GREG B.’s”, – the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters, ONLY CARE about profits, not persons. That’s a harsh reality, but it IS REALITY. Why else would we still have a pseudoscience like psychiatry given so much power? BTW, of the $4Trillion, Johnson&Johnson are getting $500Million+ to develop a “vaccine”. After every adult American gets $1200., there’s $1.5Trillion left over. WHO gets that? No, W.H.O. only gets some of that, kid. Research Fauci & AIDS from the 1980’s & 90’s, and his PhRMA ties…. It’s about money, power, and control, NOT “public health”. I can only tell you tiny pieces of the truth here – it’s up to you to choose whether you remain asleep, or truly wake up. You ain’t nowhere near as woke as you’d like to think you are. Rsvp?….

  4. Well written. Things long covered up are being exposed by this tiny virus. The cruelty is being unveiled. Hopefully, the outcome will be long needed action such as universal income replacing disability (SSDI/SSI) which are absurd because they rely on fraudulent, non-existent mental ‘diseases’ and require compliance with harmful life-long ‘treatments’. A much more humane way of supporting through difficult times would be universal income which was unthinkable until Yang brought it into the national conversation and the sensibility was crystalized because of the current crisis. I agree with you that this would lower the suicide rate. Keep writing and don’t let anyone call you naive. On the contrary, you have a lot of sense.

    • I agree with this, Madmom. This scenario is a perfect illustration for why a UBI is necessary. I still believe that it should be means tested and that upper income bracket folks should NOT receive it. But it just boggles my mind that the right wingers are determined to reopen the country because saving the “economy” is more important than saving lives. A true UBI at this time would eliminate these issues.

      We need not just a UBI but for housing to be a human right and Medical care, not insurance, for all. Our current economic system is immoral – sustained on the backs of the poor, the incarcerated and other marginalized and oppressed groups for the benefit of the rich. It pits the classes against each other as the poor are clawing for scraps and the middle class is desperately trying to maintain what little wealth it has managed to accumulate, but slowly slipping further down. It’s sustained on brutal competition and judgements of who is worthy and who isn’t.

  5. Am I the only one here who doesn’t trust doctors?

    All I know is I almost died from the “help” respected medical professionals forced upon me for twenty five years to cover up the fact that Anafranil caused negative reactions.

    Yes psychiatrists aren’t real doctors. But…every other doctor I know mindlessly accepts anything they say. My guess is most doctors know psychiatry kills people and destroys our brains, hearts, guts, and CNS. Many doctors love to prescribe SSRI’s so they can ignore real problems and afterward dismiss any health concerns the “mentally ill” patient has in the future.

    They do this because: 1. They are careless and lazy. Easier to write off stomach complaints as psychosomatic symptoms of depression with non-organic causes. Then when Jane Doe dies of stomach cancer three months later and all he’s been doing is prescribing larger quantities of benzos and SSRI’s he can shrug his shoulders and say, “Standard quality care was provided. Lol.” And no court will find this scumbag guilty.
    2. Lots of kickbacks. Luxury cruises. Thousands of dollars worth of “token gifts” Big Pharma is allowed to send. Dr. Jerk would gladly push the old lady seeing him under the bus for an opportunity to gaze up Bambi the Pharma Rep’s miniskirt and a few bites of warm doughnuts.
    3. The most charitable surmisal is they are cowards. Why else did it take so long to find someone willing to whistle blow on Dr. Farid Fata? Simple. The doctors not guilty of harming patients hold the bad doctors in awe for reasons I can’t comprehend.

    No doctor had the guts to tell me my “meds” were causing my heart to beat irregularly. I tried to hint to a GP that my “bipolar” diagnosis could have been a mistake since it only happened after taking the drug Anafranil that I put on my allergy list and has been admitted to cause psychotic mania. He reacted by laughing his fool head off and telling me no one discriminated against the “mentally ill” so he didn’t see why I wanted my diagnosis changed.

    Me: But Dr. Quackenbush, I’m tired of dealing with the discrimination.
    Dr. Q: What discrimination?
    Me: The kind people show to those diagnosed as “severely mentally ill.”
    Dr. Q: Nobody does that.
    Me: Lots of people do. Every TV drama featuring law or medicine has at least one “severely mentally ill psycho killer” waving a knife around.
    Dr. Q: Poo poo. Those people aren’t worth worrying about.
    Me: 95% of the population is nobody?
    Dr. Q: Bwahahaha!

    Dr. Quackenbush ended our session by writing me a prescription for metformin not just for the psych meds I told him I was taking (I was still on Effexor. Down to 60% of my original dose. According to him I should have been hallucinating and manic to the point of incoherence. Idiot.)

    But I did not and do not have Diabetes. He argued that I needed the drug to lose weight. Claimed it would help as an appetite suppressant.

    My diabetic mom laughed hysterically when I told her. No people with diabetes have found Metformin helpful at curbing their appetites.

    Not all doctors are as inept as that guy, but nearly all enable psychiatrists either through ignorance, apathy, or kickbacks.

    The thought of having all the members of this morally bankrupt profession taking over our country makes me horribly sick to my stomach. In my more paranoid moments as I sit alone mulling it over in my mind I wonder if this is a collusion among demagogues/shrinks/doctors to drive as many into the arms of the mental illness system as possible.

    It probably is not planned since shrinks lack the imagination or social skills needed to orchestrate this event. The virus is real and contagious, but the fatality rates are pretty low. I am in a high risk category as are my parents I live with.

    But I think the medical/government oligarchy welcomed this pandemic. I’m pretty sure they inflate the fatality rates. I know the shrinks are sipping champagne as they toast each other on Skype laughing gleefully at all the lives they will ruin. All the innocent citizens they’ll lock away forever after drugging them out of their gourds and pronouncing them hopelessly insane before locking them up to rot in their asylums till they die.

    Pardon me if I don’t trust doctors as far as I can legally spit. Their fascism and absolute control over our lives scares me more than the Bubonic Plague.

    If all their predictions are the exact opposite of what happens and it completely destroys the public trust in the medical system I will be the ecstatic. Doctors must be held accountable for their actions and when they make mistakes they should be forced to admit it.

    Doctors think they’re god almighty and hold human life in contempt. Been reading about one who said he hoped tens of millions of Americans died because they were a group he hated. So typical of the medical profession. Only they usually avoid making public statements of that. Yes–he is allowed to keep practicing.

    If I get the virus I will stay at home alone in my new apartment since I know they would just let my kind die anyhow. Even if none of them is one of those “Angels of Death.” That kind will aggressively murder the disabled.

    Horrible horrible people unworthy of any trust. They shouldn’t be allowed the care of a house plant. Though they definitely would treat it more kindly than a mentally disabled child.

    Like the NZ doctor who gave the young man with mild TBI recovering from a seizure massive quantities of Haldol against orders. It killed him. When asked if she knew he was deathly allergic to the drug she shrugged her shoulders. Said she would do it again, she didn’t care, he was just fit for an asylum anyhow. (He was enrolled in college.) Nothing happened to her either.

    Imagine the Black Death, famine, a dozen nuclear warheads firing on North America and the earth pulling out of its orbit and away from the sun. If all those scenarios happened simultaneously I would not feel one tenth the terror that I do now with doctors ruling America.

    I’m not anti-medicine. I just think doctors lie without remorse, don’t value human life, are obsessed with power, and hate the disabled. So I’m anti-doctor. All brain; no conscience. Truly terrifying people.

    People like us are doomed. But when I think of the brave new world these tyrants have in store, I’m happy they wrecked my health so badly I can get an honorable discharge from this sorry world even without contracting the virus.

    • Rachel 777 I’ve really had to question whether I trust doctors or not.

      I know this. That I have been through what happened to me and I would hope that people recognise that its a bit more than rude to ‘spike’ and plant a knife on someone to obtain a police referral, and make kidnapping and torture appear lawful. Okay, so my wife and a pscyhologist committed some crimes, and they procured the services of a Community Nurse to commit those crimes, and he in turn procured the services of police to commit those crimes..

      Me being the sucker that I am go and get the run around from an FOI Officer at the hospital that did these things to me.6 weeks she is conspiring with my wife to conceal their little bit of nastiness, and with unredacted documents she was fully aware of what had been done. In fact she was having meetings (conspiring) with my wife to conceal the offences. Eventually my wife gets sick of being threatened by the hospital and doing what they request and spills the beans to me. I go to the FOI Officer and tell her the game is up, give me what I have a right to, my documents.

      Problem, I have engaged lawyers who are going to recognise the offences that have occurred, and they have a right to obtain unredacted documents (something the FOI Officer did not provide me with lest I notice the crimes).

      So in comes the Operations Manager who offers a ‘formal investigation’. She finds out what has been done and I inform her that as an ex public officer trained in Anti Corruption methods, she has a duty to make a report to the Corruption and Crime Commission under s. 28 (2) mandatory reporting. If she fails she would be guilty of misconduct and may see the inside of a prison cell.

      Whats she going to do? Retrieve the documents from me, and send fraudulent ones to the Mental Health Law Centre to put them off the track. Make sure I no longer have the proof of their kidnapping, torture, and conspiring to pervert. And then arrange to have me given an overdose in the Emergency Dept to ensure the case is closed. Police assist with the retrieval of the documents, I assume because they wish to conceal their torturing of me in the driveway of my home, which unfortunately the Community Nurse documented, and which I now have. Might explain the inability of police to locate their copy of the Criminal Code, their random mental health referrals of victims of crimes by public officers, and the threats to arrest for having proof of criminal offences.

      My wife becomes a little suspicious as the temperature starts to rise and goes to see her Doctor friend. Long story short he has recognised what they are going to do to me (ie kill me), and he is waiting till the last moment to be sure its not just ‘tough talk’.

      Boans has had the documents effectively stolen from him by police and his claims sound absolutely insane. Doctors murdering people because they don’t want to go to prison for torturing and kidnapping? Drugged without your knowledge, and the lawyers sent you away and wouldn’t help? Yeah right pal, obviously a nut job.

      Until of course I spend an hour and a half with a Member of Parliament and show him the fraudulent set sent to the lawyers, and the real ones the police and hospital Operations Manager (and co) thought they had retrieved.

      So point being is that I had no idea that hospital administrators were being given the right to kill citizens who complained about their misconduct if it had spun out of control and their colleagues were looking at some serious prison time. Better to ensure there was no need to do the mandatory report and retrieve the proof, threaten my family, and kill me. No problems with lawyers looking anymore and ….. everyone would be happy.

      But a doctor who tells me he didn’t have the stomach for it interrupted that process. Good guy, bad guy, I really don’t know. What I do know is that if he has been interrupting the killings authorised by my government, they are not going to be happy with him. In fact they might give him a taste of his own ‘medicine’ lol

      Good people in all walks of life. I guess I can’t blame people for throwing me under the bus when police are enabling these convenience killings for doctors. I got no idea how they are receiving their remuneration for it (maybe the insurance companies are paying out form the dsavings on liabilities?) What I do know is that they are quite prepared to assist organised criminals operating in our hospitals to conceal their criminality. Of this I am certain and I have the proof should anyone ever care to look.

      Police will even arrest you for having the proof of crimes committed by Community Nurses so I assume doctors must be treated as gods. Protect and Serve (some) should be their motto, and with no respect for the rule of law or our Courts I can only assume a deterioration in what we call a community (that is living in fear of the very people they elect and employ).

      So, I’m with you. I don’t trust doctors. And I really don’t think i’m alone in that. But there are reasons to fear them, which is obviously known by our legal fraternity who will do whatever they are requested to do by these organised criminals in our government. Ask the Principle of the Mental Health Law Centre regarding her ‘agreement’ with the Minister regarding the ‘blind eye’ being turned to human rights abuses by the State.

      I don’t know how you feel about your situation but in my State you wouldn’t likely be alive to tell your tale. They are killing anyone with a legitimate complaint who has the proof. And as you can imagine, many fools who do would attend a police station, who are waiting for the suckers to come in and be referred back to their abusers for ‘treatment’. Not unlike the young boy who ran away from the institution where he was being repeatedly raped, only to have police lock him in a van and drop him back to the care of his rapist. Just doing my job.

      Police will not act, and the people who you are forced to complain to will kill you for doing so because they have zero respect for any law. Our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even recognise the protections afforded the carers, consumers or community in the Mental Health Act. He provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” and yet doesn’t know what a burden of proof is in law? Care to see the letter? Of course such negligence means arbitrary detentions of any citizen and zero accountability which suits …… you guessed it, doctors. But careful complaining about the Emperor being naked, his minders are sharpening their needles as we speak.

      I get the feeling that they are aware of what happened in the ED now, though they are still unaware of how the morphine that was to be used for the overdose was ‘harvested’. Kind of easy really, as with most good ideas, keep it simple.

      • Actually, the Operations Manager who threatened to fuking destroy me found herself in a position where she had a duty (mandatory reporting to the Corruption and Crime Commission) to report the Community Nurse (kidnapping, uttering, conspire to compound conceal evidence), a Senior Medical Officer (signed a prescription for the benzos I was spiked with 12 hours after they were administered, and before he even knew of my existence, conceal evidence), and the FOI Officer who was conspiring to pervert, fraud).

        Or she could do a cover up, not report to the CCC, retrieve the documents, send the fraudulent set to the Mental Health Law Centre, and arrange to have me murdered in the Emergency Dept, and ensure my wife and family knew if they spoke up, they would be next.

        I know for a fact she didn’t report to the Corruption and Crime Commission, despite the secrecy surrounding that organisation. A strange twist of fate resulted in a question being asked of the Minister in Parliament, and I can guarantee the mandatory report was not done. Why bother when you can kill the complainant? And why take the chance and send fraudulent documents to the lawyers unless you were sure that your criminal conduct would not be exposed? Only dead men tell no tales, and if I ever got together with my wife and we spoke to each other about her conspiring with these organised criminals in our hospitals? They would have been risking it. Nope, overdose in the ED was the only way. Either that or report her colleagues to the authorities, and well, we know she didn’t do that either because two of them were still working there kidnapping and torturing folk 2 years after, and the other was being given an Order of Australia for writing prescriptions for ‘spikers’ to conceal crimes post hoc.

        But of course they did think they had retrieved the proof of the crimes and that I was dead. Hence the rather panicked response from police when I turned up with the documents proving what i’m saying. Their assistance to these criminals documented on their system, which would have been difficult to maintain with a Member of Parliament being aware of their ongoing criminality. Still, all for a good cause, the hospital keeping it’s reputation with fraud and killings.

    • “Dr Quackenbush”

      There are an endless supply of Quackenbush. No you are not the only one who does not trust doctors. It is just that when we become outspoken about what is really going on, they turn to the “crazy making dialogue”. Of course Dr Quack knows what he is doing, and he does so knowing he has ultimate power.

      I think it is becoming taboo to be a controlling ahole, that does so under the guise of “care” and I believe more people are most likely going to tell them where to go.
      They now whine that it is not a “satisfying job”, many are disgruntled. They complain about “no respect”.
      Yes well, it’s me against them now and I have ZERO intention of ever kissing another azz.
      I would at this point dare them, and I have. I no longer have fear of certainty. And nothing is more predictable than perpetual liers. I have fear of uncertainty, just like a neurotic should.

      • “According to what one of the elders said, taking an enemy on the battlefield is like a hawk taking a bird. Even though it enters into the midst of a thousand of them, it gives no attention to any bird than the one it first marked.”

        from the Hagakure.

    • No one talks about setting the senior citizens or “mentally ill” free. Our society treats the elderly and disabled worse than convicted violent criminals.

      The “mentally ill” are harmed with inpunity because they are seen as cognitively defective by doctors. Hence the insistence on the bio bio bio model by shrinks. And nearly all of us will become truly disabled after a couple years in the System.

  6. Am I the only one here worried sick about the Next Great Depression?

    I’m a high risk group with a compromised immune system. But you know what?

    When the grid collapses and we all are forced to grow everything we eat with our own hands and chop all the fire wood needed to keep us warm enough to survive the winter I won’t be up to the task.

    I wish I knew the Coronavirus would kill me first! And many of the people who see the horrible things after the collapse will kill themselves.

    We need money to buy food, heat, shelter, and medicine. People seem not to know this. I know I’ll be dead in a year or two of starvation and exposure to the elements if the marauding bands don’t pick me off first to cannibalize me. It will be a living, endless nightmare.

    The only things you’ll have to eat will be what you can grow in your own garden or forage or scavenge (though soon there won’t be enough garbage to make dumpster diving worthwhile) or shoot. The stray animals won’t starve. They’ll be eaten instead.

    The two mile lines at food banks and the empty shelves in certain cities are just the title page on the thick horror novel we’ll be living for the next decade. At least. I know I won’t survive. Hopefully you young, strong people will have a fighting chance.

    So scary. I keep binging on comfort foods and dumb YouTube videos. Stuck at home with nothing to think about but the horrors awaiting us. Can’t sleep at night. Rocking back and forth brooding and worrying.

    We’ll all starve in cardboard boxes if the Virus doesn’t mercifully kill us first. Keep getting angry at my mom and stupid internet trolls who say I’m overreacting.

    Being isolated with just my parents is hard on my nerves. Maybe THEY all want to drive us crazy.

    I read stories about the Great Depression and how things are in Zimbabwe. It will probably be worse. And people want the shutdown to last forever to ensure as many are impoverished and homeless as possible. A few empty grocery stores and pantries aren’t enough for them.

    Might as well eat as long as there’s still food at the grocery store. I draw the line at eating my beloved cat. But no medical help available means I’ll have no thyroid medicine after less than a month and that’s what will kill me when everything collapses.

    I bet most will envy me.

    • I’ve been reading one of my favorite books, Hagakure

      “The Way of the Samurai is found in death. Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears, and swords. Being carried away by surging waves. Being thrown into the midst of a great fire. Being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake. Falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease, or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day, without fail, one should consider himself as dead. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai.”

      Your a Samurai Rachel777 🙂

    • There are too many poor, too many they relegated to the sidelines. At the moment the media and other humans are causing fear mongering.
      It will not serve them well in the end.
      I doubt most will go away easily. I think most are so done with being relegated to the side.