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Theodoric of Arizona: State-Sanctioned Pharma-Based Pseudo-Doctor

I propose Theodoric’s Principle of Medical Advancement: “Medicine has advanced when the old standard of care becomes a joke.” 
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Why Increased Psychological Freedom Should be the Main Goal of Psychotherapy

Insight into the childhood roots of recurring interpersonal problems and better expressive mastery of primal emotions are cornerstones of effective psychotherapy.
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Part 1: Neurodiversity–What Exactly Does It Mean?

The fuzzy concept of neurodivergence has expanded to include almost every human experience, plus its opposite.
house of cards is tumbling down with title: Psychiatry's Evidence Base

Desperate Measures: Ghaemi’s Response to Our Review of Lithium and Suicide Prevention

Ghaemi’s article is more of a rant than a scientific commentary.

2017: My Descent Into Mayhem

It’s time to seek out and rescue those pieces of me still trapped in that time and allow them to finally be at peace.

Who Is Afraid of the Abolition of Psychiatric Confinement?

Psychiatry doesn't care that you haven't committed a crime. The law gives them the authority to deprive you of your freedom for as long as they deem necessary.


International online survey on the positive and negative effects of ECT, for patients and their loved ones. Please see here for more information.

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Not Me
By Fatima Abdulhussein

Beyond Paternalism or Abandonment in Mental Health Care: An Interview with Neil Gong

Neil Gong exposes the false choice in mental health policy between tolerant containment for the poor and paternalistic surveillance for the rich.

The Connection Cure: An Interview with Julia Hotz

Julia Hotz is a solutions-focused journalist based in New York City. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Connection Cure: The Prescriptive...

Lessons from a Global Psychiatric Conference: The Good, the Bad, and the Complicated

Has the global mental health movement truly reformed its tone-deaf universalist attitudes?

Conveying Hope, Empowering Teens: An Interview With Jessica Schleider

Clinical psychologist Jessica Schleider is founding director of the Lab for Scalable Mental Health, researching single-session interventions.

The TikTokification of Mental Health on Campus

Many people view their social media feeds as reflections of their identities—and when posts center on a specific diagnosis, it can feel like the platform is diagnosing them.

Madness, Utopia and Revolt: An Interview With Sasha Warren

Sasha Warren founded Of Unsound Mind to trace the histories of psychiatry and its connection to policing and prisons.


Interview with Alain Topor

The Norwegian ' Recovery blog ' recently published a large interview with the French-Swedish recovery veteran, psychologist and professor Alain Topor. We have been given permission to translate it, and here is a slightly edited version. The interview was made by Vegard Eide Dall and Johanne Rogndal.

Vitaliano Trevisan: Psychiatric Truths in the Labyrinth of Words

Vitaliano Trevisan, a well known actor who died in 2022, shared a very touching and significant personal experience in his article published in Repubblica on November 5, 2021. In this writing, he described in detail his stay in the psychiatry ward of the hospital of Montecchio Maggiore, located in Vicenza.

A polyvagal understanding of being human

Humans seek safety, but have to endure more and more uncertainty thanks to social structures. Nursing relationships are not permanent, and people who have experienced traumatic things may be offered quick sedatives, when it would be more important for the person to be met and understood.

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