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PSP Certification

PSP Certification
PSP stands for Planning & Scheduling Professional, a certification granted by the Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) to individuals with fundamental knowledge and expertise in planning and scheduling.
The AACE grants the PSP certification. To be eligible for this certification, one must have a minimum experience of four years in planning and scheduling and a four-year college or university degree. Those who have not acquired a university or a college degree must have at least eight years of experience in project management, scheduling, and planning.
The PSP certification exam takes around five hours to complete and consists of 119 questions and writing an essay.
Planning and Scheduling Professional certification should get renewed every three years unless the PSP certification holder has obtained 12 CEUs in these three years.
Why get a PSP?
The process of planning and scheduling is a crucial aspect when it comes to any business, but it is essential for significant establishments working on large-scale projects. Enforcing an efficient planning and scheduling practice is vital as projects can be complex and cost from little to no investments to millions of dollars.
Project management is a complex process, and the project manager is responsible for planning and scheduling the project. This responsibility also includes hiring the right individual for the corporations. If you seek a career in this profession, you can become a certified project manager to demonstrate your knowledge and skills before potential employers.
Obtaining the PSP certification in planning and scheduling adds a massive value to you as a planner. The certificate sets you apart from other professionals, proves your unique skills, and benefits your employee. Also, the PSP certification opens the door to multiple opportunities for professionals by being internationally recognized.
Obtaining a certificate that demonstrates your expertise and skills in using specific tools, alongside your experience and certification in project planning and scheduling methodology and principles, will help you stand out from the crowd further.
planning and scheduling professional Workshop Benefits:  
Now let us get back to the workshop situation I wanted to tell you about!
A Planning and Scheduling Professional workshop will minimize your study time and help you to understand and answer several questions, such as 
  1. How to achieve the project's objective?
  2. How do you accomplish the project in the right way?
  3. Who is responsible for different parts of the project?
  4. What is the project's timeframe, and how to effectively monitor the progress?
So it's worth mentioning the Planning & Scheduling Professional workshop focuses on reviewing subjects covered in the exam and working through various sample questions to prepare you for the exam. Plus, you can obtain a general knowledge of project planning and scheduling! 
Pay attention to the workshops' outlines and objectives to find the best options based on your personal needs and requirements!
The main outlines of the PSP workshops should be close to the list below to make you a better scheduler and planning professional:
  1. Help you understand planning elements and their definitions.
  2. Help you with work breakdown structure (WBS), organizational breakdown structure (OBS), and cost breakdown structure (CBS)
  3. It would be best if you learned about different types of schedules.
  4. Help you build critical path methods and schedule development.
  5. Resource loading & leveling
  6. Schedule compression or schedule maintenance
  7. Time/Cost Integration Considerations
If you choose your PSP workshop correctly, you will find new ways to achieve your career goals or change your aim to a planning career.
In the workshop, you can think about planning differently. The PSP course assists you in creating, reviewing, and editing project plans and schedules. I can't emphasize enough the benefits of the PSP workshop to help you become a uniquely skilled planner who can ensure everything is achievable through your planning skills!
3targets Planning & Scheduling Professional workshops add value to you as a planning professional and your employer. PSP creates new market opportunities for anyone interested in the planning field!
Who Should Participate in Planning & Scheduling Professional Workshops:
  * Planning and Scheduling Engineers
  * Project managers
  * Engineers working in project management
  * Planning Engineers who wish to enhance their professionalism by acquiring a unique set of skills and knowledge
  * Planning Engineers who hope to be accredited by the most prestigious institute, the AACEI 
  * If you are a new graduate seeking more significant and more lucrative job opportunities.
  * Any engineer on the lookout for a rise and keen to learn how to plan and work effectively.
  * Any Engineer who’s been stressed and punished by missed deadlines and desperately wants to change his situation
  * Any Engineer who lacks principles in their work 
  * Anyone who wants to develop life-changing planning skills so they can meet every one of their deadlines.
  * Anyone with the big picture in their mind 
  * Anyone who wants to see their projects from their manager’s point of view.
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