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Dyson V10 Design and Usability Review
You may have heard much about the Dyson 10, one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners on the market. Even its iconic design there are certain factors that make it such a popular vacuum cleaner. So, what are the reasons behind those unique features? We're going to discuss the design and how it may affect the usability of the V10.
How many versions of the Dyson V10 are there?
The V10 lineup has three different models.
The cheapest version - V10 motorhead - has the fewest accessories and a small dust bin. The Animal version, which will cost you a little more, has a large bin and also more included tools while the most expensive version - V10 Absolute - comes with an extra motorhead for hard floor cleaning.
While having a very futuristic design, the Dyson V10 is actually very easy to use. From the first look, you may compare its shape to that of a gun. And it indeed has just one button, which is the trigger, making it intuitive to operate.
When you unbox this cordless vacuum, you may want to use it to clean your house immediately. And in fact, you can! Dyson dispatches each of its V10 products in a partly-charged condition, so you just need to attach one cleaning head, and then you'll be ready to test your new vacuum cleaner.
The unique design of the V10 may cause controversy among customers, but it has its own use. You no longer need to align the cleaning head to 90 degrees to pull up the debris. But this also thrown it off its center of gravity, which many users find it hard to get familiar with. When you put it in the charging base, the Dyson V10 also has a tendency to flip forward.
Even if you may find the tipping not such a big problem, its weight may cause some trouble. Dyson puts the majority of the weight in the front part in the Dyson V10, which may strain your wrist pretty badly, especially when you need to move around to clean a large area.
Despite its dimensions, you may be surprised when picking it up the first time with a weight of around 6 pounds, which is approximately those of What is the best vacuum cleaner - Top rated vacuum cleaner reviews.
This is one of the factors that impact the usability of the V10 the most.
You'll find it hard to store this vacuum in your cabinet or closet. If you think handheld vacuums are always that portable, you may need to think again with this Dyson model. The V10 needs a permanent place in your house to store and charge, not an arbitrary spot. But Dyson, of course, knows this problem of its own product. To help you with this, it has designed a wall mount so that you can attach the V10 on your wall to save space. In small houses or apartments, this is an incredibly useful feature.
But a bigger size has its advantages as well!
As you can see from other best vacuum cleaner reviews, the Dyson V10 has a battery with larger capability compared with previous models. With 2600 mAh, the V10 has 500 mAh more than the battery life of other competitors. Dyson also puts the charging port in the front, which is an unusual choice. But if you think about the wall mount, this design actually makes sense.
Dyson, one of the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners, has really experimented with new, innovative design choices. Many of them will create a stiff learning curve for new users to get familiar with this vacuum. However, you may be rewarded with a stronger suction power and larger battery while not compromising too much on usability.

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