Tracey Cannon

Tracey Cannon

Tracey Cannon is a ‘nearly 50’ year-old artist and social change activist who lives in an amazing home overlooking the beautiful New Zealand rainforest close to the beach with her partner of 24 years.

Tracey’s life has been and is light years from the doom and gloom predicted when she was hospitalised and diagnosed with a mental illness in her early 20’s while travelling in the Middle East on her big O.E.

Tracey’s transformation and healing through the existential and spiritual crisis (or mental illness in DSM language) she experienced, firstly diagnosed and medicated and then not, has been the subject of two books and several studies about recovery from mental illness without medication, treatment or services of any kind.

She is part of a growing mental health collective providing support and information for people who are looking for answers and alternatives for mental health crisis and problems outside of the psychiatric system. Tracey supports loving, creative and humane responses to existential crisis, madness and distress and is committed to seeing these grow, expand and take over to become ‘mainstream.’

Believe it or not . . .


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