Alec Grant, PhD – Short Bio

Troubling Mental Health Nurse Education: Alec is employed as Reader in Narrative Mental Health at the University of Brighton, UK. His main research and...

Arizona Farm Gives Refuge From Pain, for Man and Beast Alike

From AP News: There is no talk at Selah Carefarm of ending the pain of loss, just of building the emotional muscle to handle it.

Limbic Revision ‚Äď Love Heals Your Traumatized Brain

From MindKind Mom: We have to undo the encoding of abusive or poor-quality relationships we suffered as kids in order to heal our mental - and often physical - illnesses.

Bonnie Kaplan – Short Bio

Nutrition and Mental Health:¬†Bonnie¬†has published on the biological basis of mental health ‚Äď in particular, the contribution of nutrition to brain development and function,...

David Lawrence – Op-ed Bio

David Lawrence is a voice hearer who tries to understand as much about the human condition as possible. He is also a writer/advocate who...

Experts Urge Caution as AAP Calls for Mental Health Screenings for Newborns to 21-Year-Olds

From Children's Health Defense: With warnings of a mental health crisis among young people, the recommendation may appear sound and reasonable‚ÄĒbut depression screening can be dangerous, some experts say.

John Hoggett – Long Bio

John Hoggett is a community activist and performance poet with a wide range of interests. He is a founder of Speak Out Against Psychiatry...

Rachel Waddingham – Short Bio

Alternatives in the UK: Using her experience of developing innovative projects for people who hear voices (including children, young people and people in prison)...

Ronald Bassman, PhD – Short Bio

Rights, Inclusion, Dignity - RECOVERY: Ron Bassman is a licensed psychologist who writes about "the recovery path, an individual struggle of becoming." He seeks...

NCMHR ‚ÄĒ Short bio

NCMHR works to ensure that consumer/survivors have a major voice in the development and implementation of health care, mental health, and social policies at the...

Lisa D. – Short Bio

Lisa D. is a psychiatric survivor, wife, and mother of five adopted children who owns and operates an off-premise catering company with her husband....

James FitzGerald – Short Bio

James FitzGerald is a Toronto-born journalist and author. He is currently working on Dreaming Sally, a true story of first love, sudden death and synchronicity...

Are Violent Teens Suffering ‚Äėthe Rage of the Unparented‚Äô? | Gabor Mat√©, MD

From Dr. Gabor Maté: We need to look at the lives of today’s children and adolescents and, above all, at what’s missing in their lives.

Dramatic Decline in California’s Use of Antipsychotic Drugs on Its Foster Children

From The Imprint: Youth and Family News: A new study indicates statewide reforms have freed thousands of abused and neglected children from the lasting effects of the most powerful psychiatric drugs, but concerns about other medications persist.

More Play and Less Therapy for Students | Peter Gray, PhD

From Psychology Today: Mother nature designed kids to play, explore, and daydream without adult intervention because that is how kids develop the skills, confidence, and attitudes necessary for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Jeanene Harlick – Short Bio

A Disordered World: Jeanene Harlick grapples with a variety of issues which she prefers not to reduce to labels. Jeanene is navigating her way back...

Laurie Irelind ‚ÄĒ Short Bio

Laurie Irelind, an RN specializing in cardiology, was¬†working as a nurse ‚Äčeducator ‚Äč ‚Äčat a large teaching hospital before becoming disabled due to the¬†adverse...

Carl Elliott – Short Bio

Enemy of the People: Carl Elliott is a professor at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota. He writes on the medical-industrial complex,...

Sheralyn Rose, PhD – Op-Ed Bio

Sheryl Rose is a medical sociologist who has had a lengthy career as a health practitioner and policy consultant journeying from the remote jungles of Papua...

Teenagers Pathologized by Traditional Addiction Treatment

From Filter: Traditional treatment can pathologize normal behaviors of adolescence, thereby reinforcing stigma and existing low self-esteem.

Jack Carney – Short Bio

Up the River: A social worker, Jack Carney writes on the contradictions and hypocrisies of the public mental health system, and promotes and applauds acts...

Kerstin Ogard – Short Bio

Kerstin is a former psychiatric patient who has been involved in the development of mental health services in Finland, and has also been devoting time...

CDC: One Quarter of Young Adults Contemplated Suicide During Pandemic

From Politico: The toll is falling heaviest on young adults, caregivers, essential workers and minorities.

‘Toxic Culture’ of Abuse at Mental Health ‘Hospital’ Revealed by BBC Secret Filming

From the BBC: Humiliated, abused and isolated for weeks - patients are being harmed due to a 'toxic culture' at one of the UK's biggest mental health 'hospitals.'

Jonathan Keyes – Short Bio

The Cornerstones of Mental Health: Jon Keyes is a licensed professional counselor working in private practice at Hearthside Healing in Portland Oregon. Jon...