Jyl Ion – Short Bio

Jyl Anais Ion is a poet and visual artist who works within the intersections of a variety of media. Originally from the Caribbean, she...

Merry Citoli — Short Bio

Merry Citoli is an award-winning singer/songwriter and screenplay writer whose life went into a downward spiral after being put on lorazepam for insomnia and...

Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen

From The New York Times: Firmly linking teen suicides to school closings is difficult, but rising mental health emergencies point to the toll the pandemic lockdown is taking.

Rachel Cooper, PhD – Short Bio

Rachel Cooper is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Lancaster University, U.K. Her publications include Diagnosing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Karnac, 2014), Psychiatry and...

‘What If Yale Finds Out?’

From The Washington Post: Suicidal students are pressured to withdraw from Yale, then have to apply to get back into the university.

Mary Fry, ND – Short Bio

Integrative Naturopathic Mental Health Care: Mary Fry, a naturopathic physician, discusses her vision of an effective and collaborative integrated mental health care system that includes...

Becca Shaw Glaser – Short Bio

Becca Shaw Glaser is co-editor and author of Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out (AK Press), a booklet on engaging in activism while caring for...

Richard Lawhern, PhD – Op-Ed Bio

Richard (Red) Lawhern's primary interest is correcting the mis-application of psychosomatic medicine to patients who have unexplained chronic pain. In 18+ years of advocacy for...

Why Parents Should Be Concerned With ‘EQ,’ Not Just IQ

From The Washington Post: We’ve long underestimated and ignored emotional intelligence, especially in kids, instead focusing on academic success and testing them to measure it.

Richard Bentall, PhD – Short bio

Psychiatry, Science & Values: Richard Bentall is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool. His research interests include childhood trauma, psychosis and public mental health. Books include Doctoring the Mind: Is Our...

ADHD Drugs Are Convenient to Get Online. Maybe Too Convenient

From Bloomberg Businessweek: Backed by SoftBank and promoted by Simone Biles, Cerebral has built the fastest-growing online mental health business. Former employees say the rapid expansion comes at the expense of patient care.

Mary Jackson – Op-Ed Bio

Mary Strong Jackson lives in Santa Fe, NM. She is a poet who supervises a psycho-social rehabilitation facility for adults with mental illness and/or...

Kerstin Ogard – Short Bio

Kerstin is a former psychiatric patient who has been involved in the development of mental health services in Finland, and has also been devoting time...

Afiya House – Short Bio

Afiya is a part of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community. They opened on August 4th, 2012 as the first peer respite in Massachusetts....

Some Schools Bringing Back Corporal Punishment; Parents Opt In as Students Protest

From TODAY: "Corporal punishment signals to the child that a way to settle interpersonal conflicts is to use physical force and inflict pain," said the American Academy of Pediatrics in a 2014 statement.

Cyndi Roberts – Short Bio

Yoga, meditation and nutrition are the practices Cyndi used to save her life after a 12-year battle with severe depression, anxiety and a misdiagnosis of bipolar...

Michael Corrigan, EdD – Short Bio

Debunking ADHD & the Drugging of Kids: Dr. Corrigan is a psychologist, author, statistician, and professor whose mission is to discredit the mythic propaganda and...

Steve Stone – Long/Short Bio

Steve Stone is the Executive Director of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County. He has worked in the community mental health field...

Brent Potter, PhD – Short Bio

Brent Potter, PhD, has been a clinician for 20 years, and is the author of Elements of Self-Destruction, Borderline Personality Disorder: New Perspectives on a Stigmatizing and...

Claudia Gold, MD – Short Bio

The Silenced Child: As a pediatrician bringing perspectives from developmental psychology, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience, Dr. Gold explores the ways in which listening to parents...

Rates of Opioid Use Remain High Among US Adolescents

Researchers investigate trends in opioid use, prescriptions, misuse, and access reported by adolescents and young adults.

Jan Haaken, PhD – Op-Ed Bio

Jan Haaken is professor emeritus of psychology at Portland State University, a clinical psychologist in private practice, and documentary filmmaker. Haaken has published extensively...

Andrew Scull – Short Bio

Madness in Civilization: Andrew Scull is Professor of Sociology and Science Studies at UC, San Diego. He is the author of many books and...

Howard Glasser – Short Bio

Awakening Children to Their Greatness: Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach and the Inner Wealth Initiative, Howard Glasser writes of ways to help children...

Much Madness: A Survivor’s Guide to Extreme States for Young Adults

From Hive Mutual Support Network: A new collection of personal stories shares what eight people who experienced psychosis or extreme states in their youth found helpful in their journies.