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  • Global class action , multiple ongoing lawsuits ,real legal representation for real individuals of all ages ,prioritizing the most vulnerable ,far and wide , exposing and opposing psychiatry, psychiatrist’s, and their “assistants”, their “business” associates ,including manufacturers of brain damaging poisons advertised as medicine and electrical torture devices advertised as therapy. Also the AMA MD’s that also dole out most of the brain , and body damaging, life shortening, pharma created poisonous concoctions while pharma and gov. at the same time deny the population of humanity, through its own self- serving regulatory suppression and supervision the people’s natural right to freely use proper strength natural herbs & proper strength supplements, and the right to use insurance to pay natural doctors ,natural dentists and teams of attorneys that will really represent the tortured. Affordable organic foods should be available and promoted as well as safe housing . Justice must be sought in every available place and to turn every kangaroo- courtroom into a non- kangaroo courtroom as soon as possible to even just maybe slow down the exponential growth of atrocity crimes against humanity’s children even while all people are potential forced “customers” of psychiatric torture. These children are humanity’s future . Somehow there must be a legal way to protect the children. After all , look at all the legal protections the perpetrators of crimes against humanity hide behind and their countless support systems. This could all be just as huge of a problem as global warming . I guess to these pharma lab owners and employees it’s all the same whether they invent and release brain and body shut down poison concoctions, or pandemic viruses . It all falls under some kind of broad generic scientific research umbrella and must just happen to be what the wealthy feel they need to protect their power so they can print more money and distance themselves even further from justice. I hope the Town Hall does some good .

  • The pharmaceutical cartel creates addictive toxic chemical and biological concoctions and other modalities , that for the most part endanger and take away the lives of human beings . And then they follow up with even more of the same type of toxic crap. This includes FDA approved electric shock boxes and anything else the pharmaceutical cartel wants to use on the people . The person subjected to even some of this is in a fight for their own life .Those that distribute the toxic poisons for the pharmaceutical cartel are rigorously brainwashed, given the title Doctor rewarded with cash payments and expected to produce according to guild requirements .They most all have a sophisticated song and dance , and work and cooperate together in one giant circle jerk . The pharma cartel, the AMA the APA the ADA (dental assn.) all their underlings along with the police, insurance companies, news media, FDA ,government, including courts. It’s really FUBAR . But then again sometimes you have to speak politely to these titled Authorita in order to get away from them ,even if only temporarily . It’s difficult not to fall into their clutches .

  • Julie Greene , MFA ( Of Blessed Memory ) wrote this comment Sept. 21, 2019 to the blog (Is Remaking Psychiatric Care Possible ? ) by Robert Whitaker . The following is an excerpt of Julie’s comment .

    “Psychiatry is a dark shadow in our history , an abomination, an embarrassment.
    People wonder why, when the Nazis were rising in power in Germany , the story never reached most of the North American public. The reason is that the media did not publish these stories , or when they did, it was some tiny article in a remote corner of the newspapers. There was growing anti – Semitic sentiment shared among the most powerful and richest influences of the day . Their companies funded the papers through advertising.
    This is exactly what is happening now . They squelch our stories . They silence us in every way possible , even using illegal means to keep us out of the mainstream media . We continue to grow in numbers and are more successful at shouting loudly , but are dismissed as nutcases. When I explain to people that I “got better” because I got all MH “care” out of my life, they say ” Oh but you’re an exception.” I’m honestly tired of hearing that. I have known others who have done the same, ditched them all, and what’s cool is that EVENTUALLY, these folks flourish. It takes time to get through the grieving and financial wreckage.

    Psychiatry should be abolished. The drugs are only a side issue. Psychiatry is guilty of heavily influencing society on all levels, encouraging eugenics, that is , the separation of the supposedly sane and the supposedly insane . The media supports this idea , that we should be given “care” which might include incarceration . That we should be put out of work and then, handed an embarrassment of an income from the State. That we should become property of the State, which now controls and monitors our finances and our living situation . We are rounded up and put in ghettos or prisons.

    Their “care” should be exposed for what it truly is. The Nazis lied about the showers and psychiatry , is lying about what it does , too . We need to inform and enlighten the public so that psychiatric “care” can be stopped. Ended . We need to save our people from the fate we ourselves befell.

    A new era should begin not based on hatred and fear of “other” but based on love.”

    HOW do we do it ? I don’t know ? But it’s more than enough to make you want to lean back and have a hit of Scout’s Honor . It’s good shit.

  • Correction —-“Old Man And The Sea ” by Ernest Hemingway
    Certainly he was a writers writer . Absolutely brilliant. In the movie made of the book I believe there were 2 movies made the earliest one starred Spencer Tracy as the Old Man . Later on I believe Anthony Quinn starred as the Old Man .Both worth seeing.
    There were other great Hemingway books and movies made of them.
    Of course ban ECT !

  • I too have experienced the nitemare of treatment ,including 15 within 30 days bi-lateral high voltage electrical , all against my will ,one of them even without anesthetic . I know what it is , ECT IS A Horror a Terror . An explosion from the center of the brain extending outward . Yes literally and actually. Psychiatry is an ABOMINATION .
    Old Man of the Sea , what a masterpiece of a book and they made a great movie out of it to .
    My old and dear friend Mike Chud and I once caught a 15 foot long white sturgeon in the Umpqua River in Oregon fishing out of an 11 foot Livingston boat on 30lb test with a 25lb test leader, with a 209 Penn reel. We took turns fighting the fish. After 3 1/2 hours the exhausted sturgeon was belly up next to our boat . We looked into the fishes huge eye ball and definitely saw intelligence there . We cut the line and slowly the fish swam to freedom. Some kinda great experience.
    Yeah maybe I too could of been somebody .

  • Sarah ,this is one of the most important and best blogs ever written here at MIA . I do agree with kindredspirit “ECT should be abolished , full stop .” Thank You
    I just realized not too long ago that most everyone that has a retirement pension they hope to receive in the future from their employment especially anyone including not only psychiatrists but social workers , therapists , and all “mental health ” aides and workers ( their pension funds are invested probably highly in one pharmaceutical cartel or another). Does this mean Big Pharma and/or “Big Health” pretty much own us all ? Isn’t it time for divestment or is that even possible? What’s going on here ? Is this country by for and of the quacks ? Is it of for and by the oligarchs ? Or is it by for and of the people ? We must have Health Freedom or else they will inject ,” vaccinate ,”electrify , tie down ,pill push us , eugenically “treat” us, against our will all in the name of “mental health care” “health care” ” behavioral health care” or some other bullshit . “Science Oh Science what crimes are committed in thy name”. Thank You All especially Sarah. Stay Well be strong . May we all be able to see through the bullshit and know what to do or not to do for ourselves and live long healthy happy lives , have clean air , pure water, real food , a good place to live ,good friends , family not brainwashed by psychiatry, fun things to do , right livelihood ,great retirement , far away from busybody coercion , on a good healthy planet earth .

  • It is truly a testament to the level of lies and terror humanity continues to endure , that it’s never happened that even one of these electric shock boxes , ( a tool of terror used by the criminal medical terrorist guild of sadistic charlatans who torture beyond endurance for profit , women , children ,and men ) have we ever heard of even one , even once , that even one , of these high voltage electric brain shocking boxes , has been smashed to smithereens with a sledge hammer , so that maybe one psychiatrist somewhere could at least be delayed in practicing their ABOMINATION of a “profession” ?

  • United Nations Special Rapporteur Dainius Puras ,
    “The field is not to be demonized or blamed but psychiatry should be liberated from outdated approaches.”
    More to the point ,
    By prioritizing greed ,seeking a place to exercise absolute power over others , and approval from the global elite, psychiatry has demonized itself . Forcing , the pharmaceutical cartel’s array of torturous toxic concoctions ( chemical, biological, electrical ,etc.) into the blood streams of human beings of all ages , is robbery ,slavery , brain and other damage , sterilization and/or death , under the guise of “health care “, all supported by the global elite’s deadly totalitarian medical-government total disregard for the well being , and human rights of virtually the entire human population. This is a grave danger to the survival of humanity. Crimes against humanity have been committed and are accelerating.

  • ” Lost in Juarez and it’s Easter time too “. And probably if I had two decks of cards I might remember how to play koluki like my mother taught me or else remember the first five cards of one of the decks for just over 30 seconds. But not to worry the idiot savant factor sometimes kicks in and it feels like I’m back on a roll again. Plandemic sure enough , I turn around , Event 201 and it’s Billy Gates in the center of the action again . Who really is that guy and what is he really up to ? Could it be Philanthro-Piracy ? And besides what do we do ?
    And yeah David W. Oaks freedom fighting activist . I’ve always admired your ability to keep within
    that peaceful non-violent center much like the greats MLK and Gandhi .
    Today one of the most capable activists in the world , with a plan to lead humanity realistically to a positive future, and deserving our support ,is without a doubt Vandana Shiva . Search for her videos on YouTube Vandana Shiva ” We Must Fight Back Against the 1 Percent to Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction “. Dr. Vandana Shiva ” Why We Need an Organic Future” (NOFA-VT 2017 Keynote Address) There no such thing as seeing too many videos of Vandana Shiva . Her talks in the tradition of Gandhi are the most clarifying about what is going on in our time and what really we can do about it .

  • Leah’s reports are always a must read. THANK YOU.
    Dr. Jennifer Daniels ( interviews are on YouTube )(she did get a degree from Harvard ) says viruses are spread by fecal matter . That it is important to have your own toilet to use or as few people using the same one as possible . Could this mean we must mask another part of our anatomy and that covid is more likely spread by farts? She says hospitals get an automatic $40,000 for each patient that dies diagnosed with covid . Some incentive . She says if totally healthy people were put on a ventilator 16% of them would die. That ventilators just push air in and don’t do the exhale. In fact she says before a person can completely exhale the ventilator is already pushing more air in too forcefully and is damaging lungs and killing people. Do people get a chance to spit out mucus that forms or is it all driven back into the lungs by the ventilator ? She said the covid tests are inaccurate 80% of the time . Say’s it’s business as usual for the AMA . They just found another way to kill people and collect . Are the ventilators used in Israel the same as the ones used in the USA ? Also are the ones used in Israel less likely to cause lung damage ? Israel does offer their patent for the manufacture of their in house designed ventilator, (which if needed their military and civilians use), for free to anyone who is able to manufacture ventilators anywhere in the world.

  • Why are shrinks and their helpers even more bat shit crazy then ever ? Or as my really competent, experienced, and positive result getting (certainly for me that is true ) naturopathic doctor asks in a handout. WHY ARE PEOPLE ACTING SO TENSE ? What to do about Fatigue, Dementia, Mood Disorders, and Sleep Disturbance ? To copy much ( for the sake of our survival) and paraphrase some ___Most are probably already aware of the alarming rise in radical ,violent nonsensical behavior in our society, schools, all walks of our daily life. Police shooting unarmed women,crazy reactions to the mildest frustrations in all walks of life . Even our leaders are doing more bickering than governing! Many sources are calling for more laws, more surveillance, even modifying first amendment free speech! There is a specific demonstrable cause and explanation for the appalling aberrant behavior increasing in our lives. There has been a dramatic increase in pollutant levels of toxic metals : mercury, cadmium,lead and carbon waste in the last 20 years. We are all breathing this worldwide air pollution constantly now and in daily increasing levels. The presence of micro amounts of toxic metals being in the blood causes deposition of these metals in sensitive body tissues. The brain and central nervous system are the primary recipients of the metallic burden. All people have decreasing mental stability and function as toxic metal deposition increases.
    The other dramatic increase in the last 20 years is RF or radio frequency emissions from the rapidly expanding network of satellites and cell phone technology. By using toxic metal deposits in our brains as micro antennas, these radio frequencies are affecting our brains and neurologic tissues constantly day and night.The radio waves are now intense enough that they are causing behavior and cognitive disturbance on levels we are only beginning to understand. Children and adults unsure of their thoughts and choices are only the mildest sign of this disruption .
    So if our brains are being affected by RF waves agitating the metals being deposited in our brains,WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT ? We sure aren’t going to reduce the amount of radio frequency transmissions anytime soon!! There is an economical way to test AND remove metals from our brain and tissues . A hair sample test that within 3 weeks gives a reliable report on a person’s exposure and risk of toxic metal contamination. The most effective treatment today is simple oral chelation performed at home with supervision. A simple oral chelation performed for 3 days most weeks for several months will be expected to improve your mental clarity and emotional stability . ALL the cells in our bodies must have normal mineral function to work properly. NOW a days it is even more important that we be sure those minerals are able to be working well.
    Pollution protection—–Worldwide air pollution has reached such levels that the old adage, “sleep with the bedroom window open when possible” is no longer valid. In order to protect from the risks from air based metal pollution , now is the time to CLOSE all your bedroom windows when you go to bed. Invest in a $100-$300 room air filter with UV ultraviolet and ionizer and run it all night. If you need to crack the bedroom door for a pet, that’s ok. The point is to try and get 7-8 hours a day when we are breathing clean air.
    Myself I’ve got the air filters but haven’t done the rest yet . I intend to when I can. I do have more to post here soon. This natural doctor got me breathing normally within 2 days after a hospital full of bat shit crazy regular doctors including an extremely bat shit crazy psychiatrist said for over 2 months (I got busted up in a no fault of mine car accident) that it was in my mind forced poisons on me and painted me as bat shit crazy without treating a breathing problem I had thought because of their incompetence I might die right in their hospital or later in their “rehab facility”. Only some excellent nurses aides and a handful of nurses from that facility kept me alive and my own knowledge of natural healing including energy healing long enough to finally get to a highly skilled naturopath.
    The reason psychiatrists don’t ever have to travel to hell is that they create hell wherever they are constantly and consistently. There are so few exceptions that practically speaking their effect is drowned out by the mainstream bullshit artist’s pharma financed juggernaut. Yeah we are among the convenient scapegoats .Anti psychiatry might be the way to fight back against overwhelming odds . Ultimately we just can’t give up our human rights to anyone. To those that want to take em away , go F–K YOURSELF.

  • As medical director of two school health center programs that provide ” integrated primary care and behavioral health services” to mostly poor Chicago Public School children of color, their families, schools, and communities. How many Soteria Houses are set up in your jurisdiction? Is Health Freedom for all a practice you advocate? Are you aware of Russell Blaylock MD and his research. He is a retired neuro-surgeon who saw much brain inflammation during numerous autopsies in the very youngest , and proved it was caused by vaccinations .He tried to show his evidence to Congress but was blocked by powerful “medical gestapo”. Also did research into dental amalgams 53% mercury ( second deadliest element on the periodic table) installed in the mouth too near to the brain. See Chris Shade MD of Quicksilver Scientific and Dr. Rau MD who directed the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland. And is this week doing a seminar in Palm Springs, Florida. Have you got any Traditional Naturopaths on your team any Homeopaths ? Are you aware that psychiatry is a hoax . Have you ingested the psychotropic brain paralyzers you prescribe to children and others, for yourself and given yourself a DSM “helpful” temporary diagnosis label that follows you for life? I think you mean well but might be too busy providing for your own family to wake up and throw psychiatry overboard. Controlling , torturing other people and children is not compatible with Health Freedom. Too much doctor caused suffering in your integrative team. Talk to Jennifer Daniels MD who really knows how to care and heal children and communities mostly of color. She graduated from Harvard but was forced by the medical gestapo to move to South America. They couldn’t stand the level of health her patients achieved when she threw many medical modalities overboard and adopted natural healing solutions .. Throw psychiatry overboard read the books of Bonnie Burstow and gain real insight.Read Robert Young’s book” Sick And Tired ” Study Royal Rife’s life and discoveries as well as Antoine BeCamp . Study Chinese Energy Healing with Kam Yuen 35th generation Shaolin from northern China.

  • Sam,
    When I was 16 years old I arrived against my will for the first time into a private mental institution , I asked for something to help me sleep. I was told that sleeping meds were too dangerous and they choose (I didn’t realize it at the time ), a chemical lobotomy toxic poison for me . It was 800 milligrams of Thorazine a day for 2 1/2 incarcerated months . At the first dose of it ,I thought (at the time) these well meaning people didn’t know what they were doing. The sensation was of a waking visual dream of particles of my brain in a trail floating upward toward the ceiling and beyond into outer space while my neck became stiff and in pain. When I complained at the nurse”s station they told me to go sit down . I was then convinced they didn’t know what they were doing . Soon afterwards I was also on cogentin , stelazine , haldol , and an anti histamine. Out of frustration , and because I didn’t want to hurt anyone , I punched the solid cinder block wall as hard as I could and broke my right hand .
    Inside of me ,for me, natural as rain during that first mental institution incarceration without knowing anybody or anything of any movement , spontaneously without any doubt I became privately inside myself antipsychiatry . In later years after even worse tortures electrical and others against my will ,even worse , done by psychiatry , I became even more natural as rain totally against psychiatry. There are many others like me all over the planet . There needs to be teams of lawyers all over the place to defend us against coercion. And there must be antipsychiatry courses in Universities and schools all over the planet .Real Soteria houses too. And may psychiatry and the mindset that supports it have no power over anyone ever again as long as human beings exist.Those that have felt and survived psychiatry’s arsenal are the ones who really have the understanding of what psychiatry is . The rest that study from the outside can at best only repeat what we have told them.
    The most knowledgeable of us have never told them everything because we wouldn’t be taken seriously our words would be twisted by others, and also we know the psychiatry/pharma establishment is listening and will use all gained info against the innocent . Bonnie Burstow was an exception . Antipsychiatry to the core . The mostly unspoken truth of the wise .

  • While Psychiatrist Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed puts forth his “article” I suspect the thought leaders of psychiatry are aware that “psychiatry is at its core, a toxic form of oppression that needs to be ended” , yet they rack their brains on how to perpetuate globally, an expanding crimes against humanity, eugenic, robbery, torture , murder enterprise on people from the cradle to the premature grave. Furthermore one of psychiatry’s real reactions to activism against psychiatry is to double down repeatedly out of fear that a growing number of survivors and I’m thankfully one of them that would at the very least insist that electric shock “treatments” be abolished as well as the rest of psychiatry’s poisonous distributions, coercions ,and activities in their entirety and for all of it to arrive and stay permanently into the dust heap of history. With Neurenberg like trials for the criminals and reparations awarded to psychiatry’s countless victims.
    So now they are trying to meld psychiatry with fields the public thinks are rock solid legitimate like for example neurology ( btw neurology’s original founder was openly into eugenics). So now we have the “new and exciting field of “psychiatric neurology”. Probably other meldings with psychiatry exist or are in the works . Extricating the excrement from more excrement is not a fun job, but letting psychiatry go on unopposed even just for the oppressive torture it did to me personally for decades is not gona happen. They done it to countless millions and they continue to expand the oppressive holocaustic scapegoating,torturous, eugenic ,enterprise . G-d help us we need divine intervention the people are asleep ,poor, drugged, coerced and only George Carlin the comedian understands ,”they don’t care about us, at all, at all, at all” “It’s a big club and we ain’t in it” “They call it the American Dream cause you gotta be asleep to believe it.”

  • G-d Bless Bonnie Burstow with the best that can be blessed . I wish I could of met her and talked to her in person. I read her book the “Business of Madness” absolutely brilliant . What an example of a great freedom fighter.
    Harvard University and vicinity being the focal point of psychiatric power why oh why can’t all the Harvard graduates that have posted at MIA and some of their schoolmates retired or not, together as one demonstrate and petition in a big way ,Harvard University to allow Anti- Psychiatry courses and even Scholarships along the lines like Dr. Bonnie Burstow did in Toronto. Call it The Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry at Harvard, because Truth can’t be denied and Harvard’s got the money to do it and real education is a necessity .
    A Legend in her own time inspiring freedom fighters for as long as they are needed …
    R.I.P.Bonnie Burstow I will read more about the things you did , wrote, and demonstrated about . And I somehow know you listened to the oppressed better than most anyone.

  • It’s not easy being a prisoner in a mental institution but a kind word heard within those walls can carry a spark of hope toward the future. Hopefully a future without psychiatry . Not so easy being a good human being in an impossible situation . Stephen ,you will be missed , Rest in peace. I always read the honesty and integrity of your words .

  • The US for example is governed by relentlessly plundering corporations having converging interests acting with the power and force of a most oppressive monarchy . Psychiatry with all it’s torture via toxic substances , electro shock “treatments” , forced injections of toxins , rendering people unconcious against their will, coercion at every level, stigmatization , alienating human beings from their loved ones ,taking away people’s children(we could go on and on) will never be stopped by presenting reasoned , honest explanations to those responsible for the torture . To keep countless people working at low paying, boring, unfulfilling ,dead end jobs ,even jobs torturing others , the threat of psychiatric torture and police violence is by design held over the heads of the people . At Harvard Medical School this last october classes for an “exciting and rapidly growing field” was announced , Neuropsychiatry : A Comprehensive Update
    One of the best replies to psychiatry was made in Switzerland by the Collective of Zurich Lawyers who defended victims of coercive psychiatry . It was started by Edmond Schonenberger
    Barrister at law and 2 other lawyers. I found the info about this group searching Fundamental criticism of coercive psychiatry.

  • High time to escape the hawkers of “mental health” grab your individual freedom and live unbound to the preconceived notions , concoctions , torture devices , and torturing policies , of a credentialed goon squad ,and not to be fooled by whatever “helpful medical or other disguise they may wear.” You can find your way but you must first take freedom , no one will ever give it to you, and explore as you wish elsewhere away from the hawkers . Two time escapee from the ( once “vibrant” experimental torture “mental hospital prison “) in Acre 1968. Also 4 time escapee from 2 different mental hospital torture facilities in the USA. There were also 2 other torture chambers in the USA I could not escape from. Now a 72 year old survivor of psychiatric injections of toxic poisons and applications of electrical torture to the brain and other systemic tortures. Death to the mental health system, may it speedily be placed in the dustbin of history.Turned out I had mercury poisoning all along from amalgam dental fillings. Would never have known if I didn’t take my freedom first.
    Are “stabilizing homes” being funded so that certain Orthodox groups can have an easier path in their efforts to avoid military service?

  • Today’s false words – mental health care – remind me of the false words – on the entrance of Auschwitz and other concentration camps – Arbeit Macht Frei- (work sets you free)
    I am also the son of Shoah survivors .My mother who was transported to Auschwitz from the Lodz ghetto survived 14 selections . I am a psychiatric survivor . If all the psychiatrists in the world experienced what I have , those that survived would maybe understand the crimes against humanity they have committed .

  • Thank You Paula and commenters,
    definition from ” To shanghai someone is to kidnap or trick them into working for you. The traditional way to shanghai someone is to drug him and put him on a ship … The shanghaied person would wake up and find himself at sea, often on a long trip to Shanghai,China. The term is also used for similar,non-naval abductions .” Sounds SO MUCH like psychiatry to me . The “DSM” The Dudley Do-Right- Shanghai Them For Life- How To Manual. Connect the dots on anyone in such a way as to capture a human being of any age from anywhere in the world as a lifelong cashstream for yourself . Just go to “school” and become a “psychiatrist” or some “assistant” and Pig “Pharma” and “Bigger Brother” will take care of you. I thought I was a survivor they shanghaied me again, I got away again. I think I’m free again.

  • Torturing children with electricity ,how could this be ? and how do you go to war to successfully stop this in light of what has already been tried and has so far failed ? I don’t know . See Cal Montgomery’s article here at MIA March 9 2018 , “Stop the Shocks ; Torture in Massachachusetts. At the end of his article Cal leaves a link for more information . If enough people , it will probably take millions ,don’t organize to at a minimum rollback these oppressions , there will progressively be more chemicals and electricity to more brains and higher voltages all around as necessary to extract the behavior compliance most desired at any given time by the overseers whose main goal at the rulership level must be some kind of eugenic nitemare of mass death and/or turning people into compliant slaves through the progressive application of increased coercion, voltage and /or chemical poisons delivered as “medicine” by the “highly educated doctors of whatever”.In schools, hospitals, Emergency rooms, nursing homes , jails , the offices of the powerful, inside people’s homes, where the only immunity from oppression available anywhere seems to be to become
    some kind of collaborator with the oppressors. I would prefer the freedom to choose resistance , figure out how to best do it , and then to follow through. We must free those caught so severely under the bootheel!

  • Wake Up Robert Nikkel MSW !
    Urgently necessary to be put out of action for crimes hard to believe, including sadism torturing severely injured car accident victim. Info off of business card follows.
    PeaceHealth Medical Group___BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES
    Roberto Cruz Barahona MD____541-222-2185 OFFICE___541-222-2194 FAX
    3311 RiverBend Dr.,Springfield, OR 97477
    Fred Abbe

  • There was also cogentin but actually the thorazine was many times force injected , the others were mostly I took by mouth . But really I had no free choices . They were trying to chemically lobotimize me .I didn’t know it then. I always quit their shit when I got on the outside .Yet I could of been somebody. I await reparations. I had big trouble trying to sleep . At some point I was shown by a natural doctor that I had been poisoned by mercury amalgam dental work . Once I got that all removed I regained my ability to naturally sleep again . But recently after being badly injured in a car accident psychiatry captured me again for 2 months. But now I’m home again with my woman and our dog . We are together an happy again . I’m hoping I can walk again in a matter of months . I’m driving again and use canes , scooter, walker and lots of hours in a recliner where I mostly live when i’m home . I take no Big Pharma “medications ” When I sit in a chair I have no aches and physical pains. But I hate Psychiatry and Psychiatrists and those that aid them , the exceptions are rare and as Arnold would say ” I’m as back as I can be”. Maybe we could slip that ayuhausa hallucinating herb into their food and drink and they would all give up practicing psychiatry and see the folly of their ways , sort a like a hail mary.

  • Really scary indeed.
    When “mental health ” authorities have their focus on a person, what they “so expertly testify too” and readily lie about commands the court .This is for the “benefit” of the “patient”,”society”, and “their own careers ” ,weather in person or by amplified phone call to the “court”. , The general result is predetermined choreographed, the players march in lockstep their boot heels collectively on the person’s neck. The Judge and mha’s protect their own asses . The person is generally too poor to afford real representation and the court appointed public defender is in on the act. This is a KANGAROO COURT . I tried once to hire a former prosecuting attorney that was now in private practice in Oregon over the phone , that at first wouldn’t admit it but once I told her what I had clearly seen agreed with me that a person alone with a public defender in court opposed to “mental health authorities” is in a KANGAROO COURT.
    Bruce Levine is some kind of hero .Thank you . I just listened to Lou’s song Kill your Sons. I wasn’t previously aware of it . I can say Lou Reed is dead accurate . I also had high voltage electric shock forced on me against my will ,15 of them, one every other day over a period of a month when I was 17 in 1964 . It’s certainly to this day , along with forced injected thorazine , stelazine , haldol , starting at age 16 helped turn me into a rebel against injustice especially against psychiatric but unfortunately I’m one that doesn’t play well with others and trusting without knowing people in person and even then is very difficult for me.
    Done some good things in my life . In my youth never hid that I was in and out of “mental hospitals ” lots a times and even escaped 5 or 6 times from their clutches against their will of which I’m very proud of . One of the stupidest things I ever done– when I was 20 years old my mother begged the psychiatrist to hire me to work in the “mental hospital” as an orderly ,cause she said I was nice to people and she thought I would be good at it ,and besides I told everyone I had been in “mental hospitals” and no one else would hire me for anything close to a living wage .So I was hired and was kind as I could be to the people confined and I told people I was previously confined as they now were. In the 6 months I was there I worked with those addicted to alcohol , senior citizens, teenagers, and general population. The people and other employees liked me and I was dating a student nurse. One day the psychiatrist who helped me get hired asked me if I could assist in giving someone a high voltage electric shock treatment (he just said ECT) . I thought about it for a while and got the idea that once I was there I could maybe smash the box or stop them from shocking this person somehow. So I agreed to assist . When I actually got downstairs to where they gave the electric shock treatments they told me I’d be holding the person’s knees down when they went into convulsions and that it would prevent them from possibly breaking their legs or pulling out their muscles or knee joints . Once there I was too scared shitless to try and sabotage this high voltage electric shock “treatment” and prevent them from proceeding . I was terrified that if I did try to stop them that they would electro-shock me . I was like Winston in the George Orwell novel 1984. He was terrified of rats I was terrified of high voltage electric shock “treatments”. So I held the man’s knees down . After the one “treatment” I told the “doctor” I cannot ever do this again . And I didn’t ,they didn’t fire me . I was an orderly there at Ridgeway Hospital for 6 months in Chicago until I quit to volunteer to go to Israel to try and fight when the 6 Day War broke out in june of 1967. I arrived in Israel 2 months after the war ended.
    My favorite part about Mad in America is all the people that comment here especially the ones that recognize that at the very least forced “Treatment” must be abolished. I’m for persistence in resistance and an insistence upon justice including reparations . And the hope that psychiatry the hoax would be buried deep within the dustbin of history and that nothing like that would ever exist to torture human beings again. My best wishes to the total success of Anti-Psychiatry.

  • Jan.16th I almost died in a high speed car accident . A teenager was texting , speeding , and must of been on something strong to cross into oncoming traffic at a sharp angle to find me . My Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck was totaled , the woman I love , her right arm shattered the left badly sprained her body black and blue . My right leg below middle calf shattered , my left foot the heel bone turned into powder. A crack in my T6 vertebrae . A 90 mile ambulance ride for both of us to Eugene Or. for emergency orthopedic surgery.
    While I laid in pain in the emergency room a psychiatrist was there questioning me , extremely harassing me and threatening me . He acted like a Gestapo from out of some World War ll movie . I wasn’t dreaming It all really happened . Three days ago March 12,2019 I paid someone $270 to get me to my mobile home along with my scooter , wheelchair , walker , and cane . My woman is at her mother’s house being cared for . My dog is at a volunteer shelter . I can only stand for about 15 minutes a day . I believe life will get better again. They want to do more surgery on my spine maybe , on my right leg for sure . Even though the surgeons saved my life for which I am grateful , I’m done with them . After all they have that pile of shit psychiatrist whom they respect waiting for me . I’m here in my mobile home fending for myself as free as I can be . I did meet with a naturopath with 49 years of experience .He thought the psychiatrist should be buggy whipped .
    Now that I think about it , psychiatry ala Jaws is like an over large school of great white sharks with support systems and we need a fleet of bigger boats cause they’re multiplying and showing up everywhere.
    If the electric shock machines are destroyed can they still electro shock people ?

  • There is a war going on with casualties only on one side ……We are the unorganized deer in the headlights and they are picking us off and they are seen to be rolling back progress that resistance seemed to have gained in the past…..Have they also done something unknown to us that keeps us from being able to work together somehow ? Have they gained so much power that they are immune to any resistance ? Must we now really stand and shout with tears of joy in our eyes , ” I Love You Big Brother ” ? ……until we figure out if we are still able ….. resistance still remains .
    These are just some feelings and thoughts …. I really don’t know what to do while these headlights are shining into my eyes .

  • While being forced into a “mental institution” entirely against my will and having a series of 15 high voltage electro-shock “treatments” forced on me entirely against my will , (This of course means had I physically resisted, beyond my knees weakening , the sinking in my guts , being paralyzed on multi levels by fear and terrorized like at no other time in my life up to that point , they would have dragged me anyways , with as many psychiatric employees as necessary to my “prescribed treatments”. From all this I could see no way to escape.
    I was 17 years old almost 18 , and so I found myself in a bed like a crib with rails on both sides scared to death with only memory of waiting for them to call my name, the ” psychiatric employee ” , telling me ,” You already had your “treatment.” And then an internal sigh of relief as I slowly realized no more electric shock today and tomorrow a day off.
    I wondered what they were doing to me as I became more confused within the trap they held me in . To find out what was going on , I decided next time they told me to count backwards out loud from 20 while they injected sodium pentathol ,I would stop counting out loud while I was still wide awake so I could understand exactly what they were doing to me (What the hell are they doing to me?). Not the wisest of things I could have done for myself (to say the least) but actually most fortunate for those doing honest research on “ect” who are struggling to decide whether or not it is a terrorist torture procedure or not .I Would Say It Is And Certainly Should Be Abolished Along With Psychiatry Altogether.
    Ladies and Gentlemen it is a repeatable experiment . When they hit the switch while you are awake the explosion from the center of your brain expands outward beyond your skull . There is a visual of the explosion .On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain level is about a 30 ( beyond belief for what feels like 4 seconds )
    There you have it . If you tell them as I have for over 50 years they won’t believe it . But they’ll keep shocking people until enough people stand together to stop them . Quickness , sharpness of mind , and memory never again reached the level I took for granted before I encountered psychiatry, it’s electricity ,it’s poison chemicals and it’s Terror and Torture .An inquisition and a frame up dealt out by it’s arrogant , ignorant ,charlatan ,indoctrinated ,and even some well meaning employees.
    2 quotes come to mind, 19th century robber baron Jay Gould said something like : ” I can hire half the working class to kill the other half .” Chief Joseph said: “The Earth And Myself Are Of One Mind .”
    It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes to write and post this comment.

  • I agree with Eric Coates , Jody Santos is #1 in my book .
    Excerpts I wrote down from some research> ( Dr. Foster Kennedy, Professor of Neurology at Cornell Medical College , published an article in the official journal of The American Psychiatric Association calling for the killing of retarded children age five and older__
    “those hopeless ones who should never have been born__ Nature’s mistakes, see his ” The Problem of Social Control of the Congenitally Defective; Education , Sterilization,Euthanasia, ” American journal of Psychiatry 99(1942):13-16 ; also his “Euthanasia: To be or not to be,” Colliers 103 (May 20 1939 );15.)
    Strange that after 3 hours on the internet I couldn’t find the full texts of “Dr.Kennedy’s” articles anywhere although they were referred to in a number of places . Although there was one place where they offered to let me read it for $35.00 . Anyone out there can afford or has the connects to print out both articles in full here on MIA or knows how to find them for free ?
    This next quote by Chris Hedges who was a journalist reporter fired by the New York Times somehow connects for me . ” We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health , lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” I’m sure most of us could easily extend that quote out much farther. Hedges actually taught history to prison inmates in the US using Howard Zinn’s , The People’s History of the United States . He says 2.3 million people are in prison in the USA, 1/4 of which under a “SMI” diagnosis, and are so “Medicated” they sleep 18 hours a day .
    I am still glad to be alive and unmedicated at the age of 71 but I feel the pressure from powerful wealthy ignorant heartless insatiable people near me and from a distance that seem to own control and exploit everything to their own selfish purposes hiring willing “employees” to do their bidding . The idea of revolution comes to mind followed by the idea of hiding . But how and where ?
    Is this where Zorba the Greek just starts dancing ?

  • Maybe the “professionals” believe that certainly in the USA we have a Fascist State (the merging of the corporation and the government ).That is evolving into a Neo Feudalist State and that maintaining their personal relatively lucrative respected positions (as opposed to the oppressed positions of those who have ever been captured , labeled , terrorized, and tortured / by the psychiatry/pharma/government complex) depends upon their demonstrating their skill in managing the “crazies” ,”the ex crazies”, “the once crazies and always will be crazies” and “the crazies to be” to the upper echelon guild watchdogs . So they feel as “professionals” grouping together and doing civil disobedience actions on behalf of loosening or removing the bootheel from the “necks of crazies” would affect their personal positions in a negative way without alleviating the level of oppression delivered onto the multitudes. In any case they all refuse to be first , to try civil disobedience , knowing that their refusal more secures their personal status within the complex , even though in the long run they know damage that will be suffered by the complex’s human victims due to lack of significant opposition to forcefully created and applied pseudoscience both by proclamation and propaganda will extremely negatively affect countless of millions and eventually billions of people . Is this The Anatomy of a Gathering Holocaust or what ? Appeal to a newspaper that has never made a significant opposition to any corporate assault on the poorest 50,000,000 people in the United States ?

  • To Everybody , I’m not certain how to definitely stop Prof Pariante but I think this should get him pissed off . Bear with me . Many people have seen this others have not. In 1975 the great comedian John Belushi did some comedy skits as a samurai warrior in very unusual occupations . His character was based on the performance of the great Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune in Yojimbo . For example do a search John Belushi Samurai delicatessen , and John Belushi Samurai dry cleaners .
    Now with a little imagination any one who is able could create countless comedic skits of Samurai Anti-Psychiatry Shop . Anything ,like various neuro-toxic pills ,snake head staff logos , shock machines , DSM books ,etc associated with psychiatry could be dealt with by the Samurai shop owner as various people bring in their particular request and why , to have a psychiatric object cut into pieces by the Samurai anti-psychiatry shop owner , in very funny comedic skits. These could be lots of short films for YouTube or even a feature length movie . Maybe a real Japanese sword expert with a sense of humour could play the main character or anyone else. Maybe Auntie Psychiatry might also want to cartoon a whole new book with these skits . I do think film , the Skits on YouTube and/or elsewhere might take off and get millions of views. Anyone out there Feel free to use this idea for the purpose to at the very least help take psychiatry’s power away or even better , to help send psychiatry sooner into the dustbin of history. Who knows maybe a place in MIA could also be set aside for these filmed skits where those who wanted to could write and refine them together .

  • I know one thing if I scroll a comment section here on MIA and see that Frank has posted a comment , makes me even more want to read the entire comment section many times even more then the blog. And if I get really lucky and Frank and oldhead are having a discussion why that’s a first class learning experience .More “pros” can at least get a free real education experience listening to those of us as opposed to an Operation Paperclip , Rockefeller Medicine , con job brainwashing , macademia illusion . In fact I’m prepared if invited and paid to be a guest speaker at all the ivy league colleges especially at Harvard the eye of the psychiatric juggernaut . All that and more with only officially a high school brainwashing ,yet have personally actually physically escaped 6 times from various “Mental Hospitals” against the combined will of all the “pro’s” there. That was many years ago and today things are way worse and the so called dissident ” pro’s ” still don’t have the courage to openly as a group in real physical life to do a real civil disobedience action anywhere meaning- ful even knowing their credentials will protect them from being drugged and or shocked . What are they afraid of if they are for real?
    Instead they want to Lead us into a 4 or 5 dog corporate cartel defence . Sometimes Surprise and Timing are more important than planning carefully in earshot of possible enemies .
    I support anti -psychiatry , Which within it includes abolishing coercive psychiatry , Anyways I’d fight by Franks side anyday I was able . I’m also for health freedom across the board . Yet psychiatry is not health . but Mental Death Torture INC. And Big Pharma very likely The birthplace of Nazism. Speaking in my own style devoid of “pro” doublespeak.

  • No blog ever , here on MIA has lifted me more with articulate resonance then this one. I’m going to read and hear everything I can about Don Weitz the grandpappy of Canadian antipsychiatry and the other freedom fighters of Canada. I can send $50 in advance toward a copy of Resistance Matters with no pressure on you to ship it whether it gets published soon or later in any case I won’t want a refund . If more is needed to ship one copy let me know . Maybe if people can pay in advance with no pressure on you maybe that could make it easier to find a publisher . I’m no expert on these matters . If you think it’s a good idea, let me know where and how to send credit card , cash, postal money order , in whatever form . I live in Oregon in the USA . My email [email protected]
    Best Wishes to you Don and Irit and unending thanks
    For living lives of such splendid integrity. You are National Treasures of Canada and beyond .May the beacon of your light shine wherever there is darkness .

  • The lesson of my own life experience as I understand it better than any outside observer, having been captured in some fashion or another by the pharma/psychiatric/electric/ mental death/gestapo complex for near 40 years before extracting myself to freedom with a little help from friends with no connection to the “complex”. Looking back now for the sake of the children, if you all can handle the truth I don’t know . Short Version : #1 Make a Traditional Naturopath your primary care physician take their advice, if they also know Homeopathy so much the better.#2( don’t vaccinate your children with AMA pueutrifications learn what homeopathic remedies are recommended if needed #3 ( Avoid the AMA like the plague ) only about 1/3 at the most , of what they do has any validity, some of them do know how to deal with car accident type injuries in an emergency situation.#4 Avoid conventional ADA dentists like the plague get yourself a Hal Huggins trained dentist ( we are trying to avoid heavy metal installations, root canals , and cavitations).#5 kindness , listening , spending time with , not allowing your child to be beaten or molested by anyone ever. Your now on the road of creating a psychiatry free zone for your child. Check this out

  • Not Me.
    Just don’t understand why the “pro’s” don’t understand as oldhead stated earlier in the comment section “What would absolutely get the sort of media attention needed is a substantial group of mental health “professionals” committing civil disobedience in protest of psychiatric drugging .”
    In my own way I tried to show the urgency of the necessity of this idea in a comment I made in Steve’s recent new sheriff blog. And even proposed a hail mary action I felt only the credentialed might pull off successfully although it could of backfired . Maybe the idea just needs tweaking. Are you all aware that Peter R. Breggin, MD in his book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal explains that various psych drugs themselves cause violence . It’s probably not so widely read cause it costs around 50 bucks a pop.I bought one copy. Now if a group of the credentialed with their endorsements and signatures could in person as a group hand to carefully chosen people in power positions , Breggins book along with Robert Whitaker’s book Anatomy of an Epidemic ( Maybe inside a new paper jacket titled Anatomy of a Building Holocaust) and also the Bonnie Burstow book Psychiatry and the Business of Madness . maybe this is just a jumping off point idea . Or maybe we are living in a kakistocracy no matter who or what party is in power ?
    Is it too risky for the credentialed with lawyers with them to do some real civil disobedient action that can save the (First they came for the “Mentally Ill”). Or are you all afraid you’ll wind up like the White Rose that opposed Hitler. Or like so many of the Jehovah Witness people who opposed Hitler . I’d like to know the answer why so far we’ve seen no group civil disobedience action on our behalf by the credentialed in light of what is really going on ? Are you too scared to act even with lawyers . Tell us the truth please many of us I’m sure would like to know . The Jehovah Witness people believe the Jesuits under the Black Pope killed the Kennedy’s,killed Abraham Lincoln,and sunk the Titanic . Probably they did 9/11. The CIA are their soldiers. Do you all know something we don’t .
    Anyways if we did civil disobedience ourselves we risk being electric shocked again , or drugged , confined without even meager support system’s etc.
    Richard maybe there are just actually only 2 types on planet earth psychopathic scum that rise to the top that are in power most everywhere and human beings .
    Like oldhead explained it’s just tactical.

  • If you have a small percentage of “professionals” that want to “reform” psychiatry, that do or don’t understand that at the very least any form of forced psychiatry must be abolished, and that
    the overwhelming number of pharma /psyche, corporate government,police, military,courts , and mainstream media , are at the same time doubling down on even more repressive psychiatric techniques , technology, and doublespeak ,to capture higher numbers of people of all ages- that this small percentage of some well meaning but not at the point of the spear professionals – they are in effect identical to the good cop whether they are willing or not , awake to it or not ,they functionally become the good cop , in the classic good cop- bad cop scenario . Or like the lead cow that calmly leads a long line of cattle to the slaughter and “helps” them remain calm on their march. In light of the tragic ongoing oppression , I believe that civil disobedience by groups of professionals both large and small , carrying out well thought out civil disobedience actions is part of what is needed in order to inform the general population of the actual full truth of the ongoing “mental health” industrial complex accelerating holocaust .

  • Yes Fiachra I can verify with my own life experience that rejection of the Medical Approach is the only way to go if you genuinely want to Recover from “Severe Mental Illness”. I just don’t know how to get my full citizen rights back ,or how to get reparations for repeated and various forced tortures and forced experimentation on me and the denying me of earning a living wage and for turning family members against me by labeling me as various types of inferior being and more. It could not be measured how much I hate the Pharma/Psyche industrial complex for what it did to me and continues to do to growing numbers of the planets population . I’m ready to join any genuine efforts to abolish this abomination into the dustbin of history. I do enjoy being alive again , I only wish the people could understand, unite and bring to bear sufficient power to roll back the oligarchs whose actions threaten the people and other life forms of planet earth. The real powerful truly corrupt oligarchs have unfortunately become experts at pitting the people against each other and rewarding some of the people to put misery and premature death on others while themselves living above the laws they write for the rest of us as they torture and kill and rob more and more innocent people by every technological means at their disposal. Wildly unequal power balance of one person over another may be the cause of so much oppression suffered by humanity . Seems I come often to the place where I have no workable solutions that I can be positive won’t cause more misery than they are worth. Anyways I’m going to join Mickey’s efforts .

  • What about Group#5 Psychiatry exposed as hidden killer of U.S. veterans .
    We would have a Group #6 of people in nursing “homes” robbed of life savings , over psych. drugged at the slightest inconvenience to “staff” . Then tubes shoved down their throat in teaching hospitals to shut them up forever . I saw what they did to my Dad. Then on to “hospice care” where morphine is given whether needed or not . I slept a couple nights there in my dad’s room .The door of everybody’s room stays open so the screams of agony are heard by the one night nurse rushing around giving out the morphine. The screams are heard by everyone that is not totally deaf. Eventually they kill you with the morphine and you don’t get any water to drink . They don’t want you to drown in your own fluids .
    Probably most of the people in nursing homes would be afraid to complain too much because of justified fear of retaliation .

  • I’ll tell you what Alex , If Robert Whitaker spent the time to interview you personally ,and then me personally and some other long time experienced survivors as well . It would be far more important and valuable to other humans and to his own education then talking to outside observer , psychiatrists in various parts of the world .
    Why are not some of these so called progressive psychiatrists and Harvard and Yale type “understanders of what’s going on”, if they care so much about us , not showing up as a group somewhere and even protesting vigorously and continuously together for the human rights of even one child or baby being oppressed and tortured by the psychiatry they want to rethink. It’s a waste of time to rethink a pile of shit .
    Why don’t these most credentialed together, present Robert’s book Anatomy….. one of Breggin’s books explaining how psych drugs cause suicides and murders…. and Bonnie’s book the Business of Madness,- Present copies of these books to Trump and since he doesn’t read also a copy’s to his daughter Ivanka . ( Since Trump is now being attacked by psychiatrists) Maybe then we will begin to see some educated Presidential Tweeting and speeches that brings the bogusness of psychiatry into a mass media national conversation that the “military -pharma -psych authority’s ” won’t be able to avoid .

  • I too have been thinking about these things and others things that are related. By the way that MIA should create an ‘open mike’ section is an idea that would be positive. A fundamental mistake or 2 that is made everywhere when asking survivors to tell their stories is not giving them enough space to tell their story in there own natural style . And number 2, not to afterwards give them enough space to relate what their own takeaway is of their own experience and what has their experience taught them that they feel could help others avoid being captured by psychiatry altogether.The trouble is psychiatric true believers in power could easily read our reflections and use the information to tighten the noose even tighter on everyone. Another thought is that others including myself have spoken of the Therapeutic State or the ‘mental health’ industrial complex as Alex puts it so well. But here at MIA really I’ve seen so little dissection of the pharma cartel and no whistle blower’s exposing it’s evil internal doings . I now believe after seeing some history of psychiatry that it’s extraordinary power derives also from it’s being an integrated part of the Military Industrial Complex . They act and walk around like a 5 star general who has total immunity as if during wartime, except that these guys seek and focus on destroying any vulnerable civilian they can get there filthy hands on as the daily routine of their life.
    Also that pseudoscience proclaimed as science has invaded every pertinent area in human life having to do with individual and collective survival. It would be short sighted for MIA not to expand discussions into these areas. Recently I saw a documentary on youtube on the French Revolution . I was surprised to learn that the people didn’t actually revolt until the price of a loaf of bread reached the equivalent of a months wages.To loosely paraphrase John Mellencamp ,let’s hope psychiatry doesn’t keep going on long after we are crushed underneath its bootheel. Can we have it all, survival , freedom , and the abolishment of the mental death profession ? I hope so.

  • There is such a thing as being justifiably angry about the fanatical , routinely applied torture , that continues for a day or for a lifetime , when psychiatry via psychiatrists and obedient underlings , forces you and carries out into you the real “offers you can’t refuse .” Is being outraged over it the same thing ? Should I really have been moderated for trying to organize from within the comment area an “International Taser a Psychiatrist Day” in order to stop psychiatrists from hitting the switch turning on high voltage electric shock torture to the brain ? Or the chemical lobotomies etc. as well ? Just testing the moderation waters . Rethinking Psychiatry is like a big funnel where anyone who’s been at the sharp end of the spear long enough and is still able to think , their heart will yearn for escape , and soon after for abolishment of the abomination. for the sake of others. Nothing about us without us .
    If Steve must moderate may he moderate with moderation . Meanwhile there is some “rethinking”of the brain/mind relationship. It seems to elucidate the heartless brain circuitry within the skulls of psychiatrists going on at Harvard Medical School , a psychiatry thought leader stronghold offering a new course . Neuropsychiatry: A Comprehensive Update October 25-26, 2018 Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston ,Massachusetts.
    A couple of lines from their notification,
    ” COURSE DESCRIPTION: “Neuropsychiatry is an exciting and rapidly growing field that promotes an improved understanding of the brain/mind relationship. It seeks to elucidate the brain circuitry involved in primary psychiatric disorders such as mood , anxiety, psychotic, and somatic disorders, and in neurological disorders that present with cognitive,emotional,or behavioral problems. The ultimate goal of Neuropsychiatry is to advance diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from these disorders.”
    I say “TALK ABOUT OMINOUS.” For more information and registration :

  • I am also thankful to you and all those with lived experience who comment and blog here . Seems MIA is a place where we all can learn , those of us who can see ever more clearly the horrific danger of the multi- tentacled psychiatric system and it’s tendency to enlarge itself and assimilate ( much like the evil Borg in the Star Trek TV series) all who would would not fight it from a strong anti-psychiatry stance. Also dedicated oppressors can learn here about those of us that oppose them .Most importantly captured individuals may learn how to escape and breathe the air away from psychiatry .In present real time there are those that make it harder and those that make it easier to do so.
    I appreciate oldhead your calls for analysis and I must admit my own analysis sometimes scares me . For example , I know that the oligarchs recognize global warming is real because they have spent huge amounts of $$ raising off shore oil rig platforms to greater heights in acknowledgement of rising ocean levels . And yet they refuse to do what is necessary for the mutual survival of humanity . Because they see a different solution . Eliminating huge numbers of the human population by many means simultaneously . Psychiatry is one huge staging area prelude , there are so many others . There is a battle for survival going on . If the people cannot see the value in mutually guaranteed survival as opposed to the murder of populations, what can anyone say? In any case in regard to psychiatry I consider myself anti-psychiatry.

  • Here is some illuminating history of the power that psychiatry wielded during World War 1 with military and political governmental backing , and from what I can see has never relinquished , constantly refining it’s “technique” and expanding the population under it’s “influence”.

    also informative- Exposing Psychiatry’s Secret Agenda by Dr. Group-YouTube

  • When full reparations are paid discussions can continue . Meanwhile give the “social work” and “therapy” to those that refuse to pay reparations . And let us have a complete and permanent moratorium on psychiatry, a complete abolishment of tormenting , poisoning, and torturing other human beings etc etc etc . There is such a thing as freedom and we must take it !

  • That is truth… “And they won’t let you go NO MATTER WHAT”. Hopefully It is also true an ever growing number of people are finding a way to purposefully and specifically avoid the “… bunch of folks who profit from keeping others mad.” Even despite the terror torture tactics used to extract compliance . I count myself as fortunate escapee.
    There is a phenomena where thought itself as if a runner on a route moves up from behind with such great speed that it passes itself . There is a euphoria along there that is a flight that can last for long , than in future flights growing shorter periods , that crash into an exhausted opposite of euphoria . As the flights grow shorter as sleeplessness is part of the picture a person may attempt to take there own life if they are too frightened to sleep and have nothing to help them get some sleep. I know it can happen cause in the past I experienced this many times. For me the cause was most clearly mercury poisoning from 15 some large sized 53% mercury so called silver amalgam fillings. Root canals also removed , and infected teeth and gums healed including cavitations according to Hal Huggins protocol dentistry . Unfortunately including the false plastic teeth which I mostly wear only when I eat , it cost $6000 to get all the work done . But I must say I feel real good and sleep like a baby . I’m 71 years old and have survived .

  • Whenever even the thought of social workers or therapists comes to mind I get a picture in my mind of those motherless baby monkeys in some cage in a zoo clinging to a woven wire monkey shaped construction that’s supposed to be their surrogate mother . At least the wire mom’s can’t refer the baby monkey to a psychiatrist.

  • Today on the news I heard “researchers” were looking for a million volunteers to each allow their entire genome to be donated , to “them” for “research” , that these “researchers” are determined to get this information whether it’s donated or not . Who are these “researchers” , puppets of the population control oligarch owned pHARMa cartel ?
    So much of today’s “research” is called for and done in the vast wasteland space between doctor frankenstein and doctor mengele , paid for by funds stolen from the people , proposed and launched with positive spin , by whom and to what purpose ?

  • They must sincerely feel that since the practice of Choreographed Kangaroo Court Long Term Commitment hearings are already in effect established , that it is their inalienable right , since they designed the clinical trials , to present whatever results they choose wherever and whenever they choose to or not at all. They must feel it is only a matter of time till they in effect can establish the practices and results , which they choose to establish . After all if we look around we can see what they’ve accomplished already.

  • In real time reality what is Lawrence Kelmenson, MD offering us that we don’t already have enough of. Therapy ?
    So how much has changed for the better since World War 1? We have for the great most part the increasing epidemic of psychiatry and we have compliance monitored by social workers with the real threat of being referred back to more drastic measures by the psychiatrist if compliance to the present psychiatric orders are not followed , as determined by the social worker. Now with the looming/actual added threat of unwanted home visits and the added threat of being forced into local Guantanamo like camera and voice recorder 24/7 monitored behavioral control facilities if not compliant in “regular” local mental institutions. While at the same time the Pharma Cartel is developing even more deadly neurotoxins and electrical devices to apply to our brains . Considering all the additional neurotoxins (those identified and not) “contributed” by industry. It must be that the human being has more potential resilience and drive to freedom than psychiatry wishes. Myself having been captured by psychiatry , forced in and even escaped out of institutions 6 times among numerous other forced stays and forced “treatments” including one series of 15 ESTorture in one institution and in another country’s institution out of the USA, forced injections till breath is stopped in retaliation after being recaptured after unauthorized escape, having evidently reached the status as available subject it was ok to do life threatening experiments on for the benefit of the state , satisfying their need to develop more effective interrogation techniques for their own and the US military. What about those electric shock devices used in Canton , Mass. on 80 out of 240 disabled people including children as described in detail in MIA’s blog on March 9, 2018 Massachusetts -Torture .
    During 39 years between the ages 16 and 55 psychiatry still had some kind of a hold on me . Now that I’m 71 I realize psychiatry itself is a growing holocaust.
    How many people is Lawrence weaning off neurotoxins? Does he even know how to do it ? On what basis does he disagree with Breggin ? You telling me he doesn’t even realize psychiatric neurotoxins and their prescribers and suppliers need to take responsibility for their part in mass school shootings , suicides , murders ,and violence ? Why aren’t psychiatrists that say they are different and kinder and gentler and care about us even more and say they are more knowledgeable than the mainstream psychiatrists , not demonstrating together on our behalf… using activist techniques like Code Pink used for the women’s rights cause in the white house , congress ,at APA meetings,universities, and elsewhere ? Then maybe we could begin to believe that dissident psychiatrists are for real and not primarily and secondarily interested in their own financial security and in their own power place in the pecking order.
    Toward psychiatry there must be defiance ! Just even the words Anti-Psychiatry bothers them . Just think if it was properly activated by an educated population !

    Who needs free access to organically grown foods , water distillers , green plant powder supplements ,top quality vitamins and minerals , nutriceuticals, advanced heavy mental free dental work , ,psychiatry free zones,natural healers ,traditional naturopaths, chiropractors, traditional chinese medicine, energy healers , acupuncturists, etc. ,that which first does no harm, more than those who have been tortured by psychiatry , big pharma , and the government. Show us the money !

  • It is far beyond anger , it is fury , if not justice then at least dreams of payback , much like in the movie Inglorious Bastards . There is a war going on and only one side is firing weapons and the other side remains targets, manufactured now from the youngest of ages to the very last breath into convenient , exploitable, stripped of any protections , useable and disposable at will , humans stripped of all their human rights , checkmated , laughed at and even subjected to specially choreographed kangaroo courts . A modern day Inquisition. Is it the Jesuits again behind this so they can continue molesting children and torturing everyone else even remotely suspected of non-compliance?
    Recently in a department grocery store I ran into the social worker that had power over me for some 20 years . Now retired and 84 years old , looking like he could keel over any second , still an embodiment of that arrogant soft spoken superior aire of one who routinely determines the fate of others with a stroke of a pen. I asked him how many in his over 30 year “career” had he seen like me who escaped psychiatry ? He said there were only 2 counting me .He was still suspicious , judgemental , analyzing , and threatening . I guess it came from decades of knowing psychiatry , big pharma , and the government , had his back.
    Lots a people experience a unique perfect storm of circumstances that make them visible to the butterfly net carriers of the Inquisition. Once captured probably the majority, in the millions , in the USA anyways have an income of less than $750 a month plus food stamps and run out of funds before the end of the month, all while subjected to debilitating pseudo scientific coerced physical and psychological “treatment”.
    Is this enough funds to explore the escape hatches a relatively few more financially fortunate victims have been able to explore ? Come on you employees, you soldiers , you designers of the Inquisition , you assholes , give the reparations you owe and stop the continued perpetration of this modern day eugenic nitemare holocaust.

  • The first compliance ritual ,the forced vaccinations at birth , monkey’s blood, formaldehyde, plus heavy metal compounds straight into the bloodstream -then more of the same on going until as many as 72 or so “vitally necessary” peutrafications are forced into the bloodstream. Then we have heavy metal mercury dentistry installing the second deadliest substance on the periodic table as amalgams in close proximity to the brain . Then there’s a good chance of getting beat up or raped by a family member or a “friendly stranger”. In a weakened state ,here comes psychiatry to take full advantage of their perceived opportunity to turn you into a lifetime compliant slave to pharmaceutical poisons and/or electrical hell and/or psychological brainwashing taking away from you every ally you might have left or any you may find in the future . We may know more than we want to. Certainly we know by now, there are guilds whose members can impose pseudo scientific procedures any way they choose on anyone they pick out , all sanctioned by a corrupt government they are part of. Don’t trust these mainstream guild member’s ,they are brainwashed themselves, outsmart them , your future does not include them , learn what you have to, elsewhere , you can overcome. I’m just one person that is living proof it can be done.

  • Ah ha moments and others : The Horrible cruelty of the system knows no bounds . Within the last 2 years here in “progressive” Oregon this is what happened. The “insurance company” notified a woman in her early fifty’s that after 15 years on Abilify the company could no longer afford to cover the costs of this “medication”. The woman’s social worker and supervisor called and told her if she came in and signed some papers they might be able to help her get some Abilify some other way . The woman told me she could not give them the satisfaction .She cold turkeyed and tried to compensate on her own with various THC- CBD marijuana oil combinations . She bounced in and out of 3 different hospital emergency rooms in less than 2 weeks . She called me and and asked me to pick her up each time . Soon after, she grew afraid trying to sleep in the sand dunes, afraid a homeless man she saw might rape her . She dropped her purse in a dept. store parking lot , knocked on a mobile home door and asked the man who answered if he could drive her to the nearest hospital emergency room . He said no and closed the door . She removed her dentures and left them by his door , then she went in the dark to the coastal highway and sat in the middle of the road on the yellow lines. A police car stopped and an “officer of the law” started questioning her . She just asked if he would take her to the hospital emergency room . They were 1 1/2 miles away from it. The officer said to her ” The only way I’m taking you to the emergency room is if you threaten my life. ” the woman looking at the ground replied softly “I’ll kill you if you don’t take me to the hospital.” The officer stood her up ,too tightly handcuffed her and put her into the back of his squad car . Meanwhile a man showed up telling the officer she had left these dentures outside his mobile home . Meanwhile in the tight cuffs scared to death the woman pee’d her pants as she sat in the back seat of the squad car . The officer yelled at her, that he would be the one that would have to clean that up. When he got to the hospital he told them in the emergency room that this woman had threatened his life . Now she became in their eyes a dangerous person to them. Even the local preacher when I asked him for some kind of help said he didn’t care if she died .There were more hospitals , a Guantanamo like place , a court hearing and somehow she avoided being locked away in a state institution . She even got an assisted unannounced home visit from a competing county’s mental health system asst. supervisor and one of his goons. This was even before the Murphy Bill was supposed to be passed. She is now too terrified to even think about trying to wean off wean off the 20 mg of Zyprexa she is now on or even to defy them anymore . She’s afraid of what might happen to her next time . She asks me to drive her to her appointments with them, and to help her get there on time.

    I also wanted to write more about flushing niacin and mineral baths that can be taken at home and other tools to avoid the mental death professionals and even electric shock , but maybe later , I’m too tired now .

    Also that the most vulnerable point in the present climate now within psychiatry, having to do with another type of electric shock torture ,is written about in the Torture – Massachuests Blog of March 9th here at MIA.
    Would be much easier to mobilize great numbers of people that could actually lead to millions showing up at the best location to protest and stop ongoing unrelenting electrical torture of a most vulnerable population .

  • “But, if there are better things ,I’m all ears !”

    At this point it’s not rocket science so to speak to understand that we have deprivations and impositions. Psychiatry is the Mother of all impositions .Abolish it . As well as most all of AMA “medicine” a grand imposition . Then we have the ADA heavy metal including mercury dentistry, another entrenched imposition. Then we have a eugenically adulterated and genetically modified and artificially limited food supply , another imposition and deprivation at the same time. I could go on and on. Minus the deprivations and impositions, Walla…. feeling great appears.

  • I’ve long considered the FDA among the most phoney corrupt of organizations . Are there not a couple hundred people in Massachusetts to storm the gates of this Roten Hell Hole . Maybe some military veterans who are still legally able to protect themselves can surprise them. Cause we all know this is like —- First they came for the ,,,,,,,and relentlessly tortured the most vulnerable helpless many of them certainly previously injured close to their birth time , by forced vaccinations and/ or traumatic abuse or some other forced eugenic AMA Medical or APA psychiatric impositions plus a lifetime of nutritional and other depravations, Or some other Corporate Poison approved by the FDA. Maybe it will take a couple of thousand , or a couple hundred thousand or a couple of million people or more , whatever it takes to bring justice to the complete array of perpetrators , from top to bottom and proper loving care for the children and adults so horrifically exploited while being tortured. Isn’t this an experiment of the fascist state to be rolled out further . WTF is going on . If this can’t be stopped nothing will be stopped .

  • Big Farm-a-ceutical Outfits design super addicting concoctions ,so addicting and harmful ,we should rightfully arrest them for poisoning citizens in the population. . Then via Psycho-chiatrists,who force them down peoples throats or inject sometimes by extreme force ,the poisons straight into a human being’s bloodstream. Of course there is more torture then that .Both forced on me, I had High Electric Voltage in the USA 1964, and breath stopping injections in Israel in 1968.
    Then without free access to compounding pharmacy (to optimize weaning off) no access (finances ) to pay for removal of heavy metal poison dental installations mercury etc. ( see Paracelsus Klinic Dr. Rau) look up ( Chris Shade mercury),(Hal Huggins dentistry) no possibility to give people a clean record no matter what they do, no equal status in society ever to be reached, or even living wage job opportunities . To call these people in the US or Israel or anywhere else “treatment junkies”and then saying your trying to build up more support for anti- psychiatry is an example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing .
    It took me 40 years ,financial disability aid from USA government some belated family financial help ,$ 9000 worth of advanced Hal Huggins protocol dental work, and efforts like that of Hercules to get out of the grip of psychiatry and its poisons and torture . And I ,who am a natural anti-psychiatrist, should not have supreme compassion toward those still captured . Are You Kidding me ? Me being a little more fortunate financially than the majority captured, am even still in relative poverty here in the USA . I became a citizen scientist which to the rest is a nobody . But I got free of psychiatry without any psychiatrists “help” whatsoever.
    Soteria Israel —-YES!

    I was captured by force at the age of 16 . Freed myself at the age of 54. Will be 71 March 10th. I take no “medications whatsoever” and have no aches or pains except for concerns for my fellow human beings and worry about their ignorance and treatment of each other . No, I don’t know everything despite lived experience and home schooling my self. And I’m the only son of 2 Holocaust survivors .Go figure . Don’t give up hope.
    Baruch HaShem

  • I was just thinking today how psychiatric torture is like water it takes the path of least resistance and flows fastest at the most vulnerable ,and yet like a tidal wave carrying the fast moving debris is mindlessly prepared to take on most anyone else as well . Accept its been an ever long time and they still keep building up momentum without subsiding .While the perpetrators have access for themselves, expensive shelters and protective delusions . And the top part of them have secrets that are too painful for the people to entertain .
    Like the fact that for the multitudes of people ,both “educated” and “not”, AMA medicine and heavy metal ADA dentistry have long established a humungus beachhead of an intricate pseudo scientific torture network as standard of practice bringing to them cash and prestige and have set an example and create “clients” for the psychiatric juggernaut infinitely financed which joyfully carves out for itself a pseudo scientific niche of it’s very own with a free floating standard of torture that can be dialed up at will for self protection . Electric Shock is a horror part of the web of torture . Anyone really think we can abolish shock without working better together somehow . I was thinking a huge blockbuster movie series that the mass of people will want to see like the Matrix series is needed to at least throw a monkey wrench at psychiatric momentum. We all got to pick our spots . I stopped commenting for a while, for a few weeks, when I awoke in the night reliving a forced explosive electric shock treatment just like I literally not symbolically had forced on me 54 years ago . I just don’t want to read this particular new book of Bonnie’s as great a writer as I know she is . Self preservation comes first . So I can live to fight another day . I live with the woman I love , we love and support each other , one of us is for now forced to go to appointments with the enemy. We are both anti- psychiatry, day by day we and our dog take in the level of survival we can which is bathed in the love we shine on each other .

  • As far as I can see you are all doing the impossible .I know it is possible to do the impossible and succeed .I just don’t know how long it takes . I’m sorry so many have been hurt so bad . I hope you can find in your lives that which make you happy . I think of myself as brave but in this blog and comments I see another higher level of courage . I wonder if , if even the money was available and one of the most famous directors was willing ,if a remake with appropriate modifications, in this day and age, would even be allowed to be made of the film” One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ” with a Woman in the leading MacMurphy role plus some updates .I’d leave nurse Ratchet as is and put in more scenes with some thought leader psychokiatrist. Maybe a scene of hijacking a truckload of shockboxes and burning them in fire .And chaseing big Farma Executives and some of their flunkies ,into the hills with pitchforks and lanterns in the night .

  • I spent over a month against my will in the psychiatric prison in Acre, Israel back in July, August of 1968 . In that place in those days 1/3rd of inmates never came out of there alive.I escaped from there twice . Retaliation was severe . I was experimented on. I tried to fight back . I tried to get the other inmates to fight back with me . The other inmates there called me Castro. I believe only because my parents inquired about me from the United States that I made it out of there alive . Finally I was escorted to board a passenger plane flying back to the States .When I arrived at O’hare Field in Chicago my sister smiled when she saw me and told me I wasn’t going to my parent’s place , two big men in white coats rolling a gurney were behind her, they strapped me in and took me away . I’ve never been back since .
    I never stopped loving Israel, cause I’m one of them ,even my Hebrew name is Israel, and I still do . I sure hope that Soteria Israel works and gains freedom for people and even for the riff raff like me .
    Thank You , Robert Whitaker and others as you continue to work trying to save lives .
    Truth is IMO being anti-psychiatry is natural as rain, from the very first forced move that psychiatry makes. But the terror and deception of psychiatry , big pharma , and corporate government ,tends to make us actually still react like deer caught in the headlights, even if we manage to get free from psychiatry, which we are not, until all individuals are free from any unwanted” treatment” , whatever mask that “treatment” is currently wearing .

  • By the way among those children raised within an Amish community ( not those having left and come back )
    The children NOT HAVING BEEN VACCINATED – UNVACCINATED- non of those have been diagnosed with “autism”. You have only to look at all the “ingredients within the “vaccines” do a little more investigation -to feel like puking at the audacity of the vaccine industry and the deception . Lookup “Simpsonwood” to see how a vaccination policy maker leaves a vaccination policy decision making meeting , to warn his own family not to allow their newborn baby to be vaccinated even while he’s attending at a meeting , advocating vaccinations for the rest of the population. ( Because he knows , he knows how dangerous they are)
    The people have been poisoned by vaccinations plus other equally horrific AMA “medical care”, ADA Heavy metal mercury + more ,root canal, and cavitation conventional “Dentistry”, Then you got poison food , GMO’s + other poison add ins, Of course you have the poison producing pharmaceutical cartels , and the horrorshow super-pseudo-science poison distributor with high voltage electroshock as a backup, we have psychiatry itself. All of it could be properly placed under the category of Rockefeller “Medicine”.
    Within, Homeopathy , Traditional Naturopathy , Energy Healing Systems like YuenMethod , organic grown foods, advanced Hal Huggins dentistry and other first do no harm methods , are found much better options for thriving and surviving .

    Just to add to the valid observations already made by the blogger and other commenters.

  • For example:
    Haldol affects 2 dopamine receptor subtypes ( it took me 10 years to finally get off of a 2mg. prescription of haldol alone )
    Abilify affects 10 different receptor subtypes
    Zyprexa affects approximately 17 different subtypes of receptors
    When these “meds” are lowered the body has to adapt to the number of receptors that become unblocked.
    Reading between the lines- it appears thought leader psychiatrists are so optimistic about the future of their “field”- because they understand – their own suppliers the pharmaceutical cartel are in effect entirely unrestrained as to their right to invent- label -and have distributed -as “medicine” any substance or mixture of substances (poisons of all types or whatever)- to shut down/ or retard any human brain function or body function, targeting any place within the brain or human body as they see fit . While psychiatrists themselves can label people for life -via the DSM- and increasingly force medicate and monitor human beings with a growing rigor-and apply to them a growing ever more deadly arsenal of “meds” – ever more difficult to withdraw from- plus higher voltage electric shock if the psychiatrist wishes . Even if we think we left psychiatry behind the nursing homes which many humans hope not to enter is a world of unrestricted psychiatric, pharma and “medical” oppression . And the Hospice – we will get morphine whether we want it or not .
    There are ethical practitioners that can help people ease withdrawal even at MIA’s own list of resources.Take the time to investigate thoroughly and choose wisely . Tools for a withdrawal tool box are not all in only one place . Don’t forget survivors that have come out the other end of it may have self developed first do no harm withdrawal and survival techniques which are not respected sufficiently by “professionals” “academics” or anyone else that make them reluctant to cast their pearls into the public arena only to be laughed at . Do we really think that big-pharma think tanks are short the funds to counter anything they hear about ?

  • I thank G-D I was able to learn directly from the most effective energy healer that I know of on the planet , Dr. Kam Yuen D C and learned directly from Dr.Joseph Liss N D the most effective Traditional Naturopath I ever met and that I taught myself Homeopathy, and so much more in fields that first do no harm . I’m thankful I was treated by Scott McAdoo DDS a Hal Huggins DDS trained dentist after which I was able to completely come off any psychiatric “care” or “meds” of any kind. I Feel Good . People need the space and freedom to follow their own path.

  • TirelessFighter3, Ground control to Major Tom :
    You presume a lot about people that is not accurate, but you also make some important points. Your ideas that all middle class families should be broken up sounds weird to me . I can’t spend the time it would take to teach you stuff , may you grow understanding . I read all 25 or so comments you’ve made here at MIA. Before you start judging me feel welcome to read at least all of the over 800 comments of mine . You may really learn something by doing that. Basically I’m Anti-Psychiatry and for HealthFreedom that ensures for the individual the inalienable right to accept or reject for themselves any type of care from anywhere on the planet. I’ve probably been fighting against psychiatry, to the best of my ability in my own way for longer than you’ve been alive . Best Wishes, Check Out

  • Leave what does not bear good fruit . Investigate something productive that is real and bears good fruit.
    Spiritual , Physical, Mental , Emotional , Psychological , Psychic .
    Each one of the above can influence the other 5 .
    Furthermore if you learn how to access your own subconscious which knows everything about yourself , and while you are in a neutral state , you can find the cause or causes for any issue of concern within you on any of the above 6 levels. You can strengthen yourself learning to focus your own intention . Even children of grammar school age can learn to do this even easier than an adult who has more preconceptions and more trouble approaching things from a neutral state . A neutral state is sort of like ” Ok , let’s see what happens”. The proof is in the pudding and this pudding is at the cutting edge of science which leaves a whole lot of futile pseudo science behind. Investigate and you will be glad you did.

  • In finding ways to fight back one must be able to observe oneself and watch how anger can grow inside like a giant billowing storm cloud and then watch how it can subside . Anger can sometimes take on a life of its own and make a showing where it’s not really intended. Then innocent people can get hurt and a person, without wanting to , can become what they hate . Justice is important . Getting an apology and reparations would be helpful and are necessary . Resorting to violence except in self defence could be the continuation of an unwanted cycle. Didn’t someone say living well is the best revenge . Can relentlessly seeking revenge ruin a person’s chances to reach their full potential and use their talents in a positive way . My mother and father were both Holocaust Survivors .I could see how my father’s justified anger twisted him . I saw how when we made peace between each other how relieved and happy we both were. Yet my mother who endured even more, and told me that I went through a lot ( more than 40 years till I freed myself from psychiatry and big pharma ) It’s been 10 years free now. My mother reminded me often ,” Fred today is the first day of your life .”
    We must fight for justice and human rights in the wisest way possible , not adding hurt on to ourselves , and in a way that can be sustained over the long haul in the company of friends, and allow ourselves to take a break when needed to tend to our own well being in ways of our own choosing. Also we need to understand there are many idea’s out there , and that the best ones come when we are relaxed and at peace with ourselves .

  • I think what are called by many the mainstream medical professions – the guilds AMA ,APA, ADA(dental) – three associations – loaded with varying amounts of pseudoscience – their symbols some variation of the staff and the coiled snake – which to some is a picture symbolic of a human being enwrapped within the coils of the anaconda – controlling – squeezing the money and/or life out of the human being – sometimes in a time release fashion and sometimes almost instantly – the 3 work together in effect – like some kind of 3 part epoxy glue – creating ever increasing numbers of coerced/voluntary desperate customers for each other – First the AMA’s mandatory growing number of vaccinations administered even right at birth and continuing onwards – then the ADA’s heavy metal dental work much of it 53% mercury amalgams – ( I wouldn’t want to forget the part played by the ethicless food and water and even air adulteration industries ) – then of course – in the most outrageous one upmanship in the vast field of pseudoscience – we have the American Psychiatric Association – so far beyond any real human oversight that anti-psychiatry is the only known antidote – and even farther beyond any human oversight – with its deadly overview – the pharma cartel from hell . As we reflect how kids get high and die in the USA .

  • Thank You madmom for your stand-up for your daughter, prevailing over the power and authority of the psychiatrist . I to have seen how when a family member stands up for their loved one , at the right time and place with a strategy of non-violent action, they can singlehandedly make a psychiatrist or even an owner of a “clinic” , if there are no other employes in the room, back-off, if the strategy clearly involves exposing the injustice to the clear light of day for many others to hear about, they back -off in fear of losing reputation and future cash flow . Definitely worth the effort. Psychiatrists count on the family members approving anything they say , which most of them do.
    Your understanding , love , and bravery, carried the day, protected your daughter, and now inspires others .Until one day when shock is abolished actions like yours and others , can save individuals in real time as the daily atrocities continue . Maybe Bonnie’s book can be made into a movie ?
    Thank You , fred

  • If psychiatry was abolished ,would AMA medical doctors be still prescribing the same old “meds” , and if not couldn’t big pharma easily put the stuff in the food/and/or water supply ? Or spray it into the air by way of airplane all the while telling everyone it was a newly formulated necessary something or other? Or just bring it back in some “necessary” open behavioral control program . All similar to finding another tax loophole for the oligarchs. What happens to all the prison inmates on neuroleptics etc ? If psychiatry was abolished ? Or what if Big Pharma comes out with even more deadly drugs or puts the neuroleptics in over the counter non- prescription drugs?
    If psychiatry was reformed ? I don’t see any evidence on the street that psychiatry has become anything but worse .The drugs are more dangerous and the voltages higher in the shock” business”. Are the oligarch’s really going to allow any real trace of leniency into psychiatry?
    How can anybody talk about any movement against psycho-pharma when they’ve institutionalized labeling & drugging children and the entire population has taken it all in stride . A society does not let anybody take their children unless they are terrified and helpless .
    Both “movements” seem to be sterilized . Oh I forgot Bill Gates is sterilizing woman and culling babies out of their lives with the oligarch eugenic vaccination plan.
    And so few understand what health freedom means . What are the real plans of both opposing “movements”.The psycho-farm plan is sickness, sterilization , and culling for dollars.
    And unfinanced movements or “government financed” movements are going to be a big help to us ?
    Where is the Beef ? I haven’t seen any since Robert Whitaker’s books . One sentence in one of them helped me become free of psychopharma the last 10 years.
    Biggest problem is people don’t listen to what each other are saying, and trusting and working with others, after what many of us have been through seems almost impossible without meeting in person with people over quite a bit of time . And the heartless Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical cartel owned by heartless oligarchs rolls on and the real knowledge of survivors put on a rear burner because the formally educated hardly understand that real education comes from real life experience , persistence and determination . not colleges set up and owned by oligarchs.

  • We recognize there is a massive movement of human beings into a Pharmaceutical-Feedlot-Compliance-Project .
    Most of us strongly oppose this and clearly do not ever want to become inmates , feedlot supervisors , or other workers of descending rank in this criminal enterprise.
    We must establish that the right to opt out and/or not be further pursued is an inalienable human right. We don’t presently for various reasons have the capacity to mount massive ongoing million people demonstrations to back down the oppressors.
    We need to be prepared to disobey in mass ,in massive ongoing civil disobedience demonstrations which necessitates joining with others fighting for human rights that respect our cause and human rights and will not sell us out down the river .
    We strongly support all genuine efforts at helping people withdraw from pharmaceutical poisons if they so choose.
    We are not opposed to friends helping friends in real shelters or Soteria houses or people freely choosing what they want or what they want to reject . People do not have the right to own another person as a financial resource or as any other resource . We must have the right to say “Thank you very little , I’m leaving , Good bye.”
    That’s all I can think of right now.

  • Sadly Jody I saw a 20 something severely physically disabled man in a wheelchair who had very limited use of his limbs in addition to speech difficulty also confined with the rest of us in the private mental institution , Ridgeway Hospital in Illinois . If me and another inmate didn’t help him bathe and feed him sometimes , the staff would just let him lie or sit in his own waste most times. Some times they spoon fed him other times he would just throw his face into a plate with a hard boiled egg and just eat it shell and all.They did give him “medications”. This was 50 years ago .Your blog is an extension of what’s been going on in a similar way but now with more technology , for who knows how long ?

  • The problems are so severe that here in the USA the military would have to arrest the oligarchs and Crimes Against Humanity Trials would be needed to return power to the people .The law placed in the constitution by stealth that corporations are people needs to be revoked. Too big to fail cartels need to be dealt with including the federal reserve. Power has to be returned to the people nationally and locally in a democratic way. Probably many things have to be done by trial and error with the first do no harm to the people principal at the forefront. Real checks and balances , nobody above fair laws, need to arrive at fairness and justice and human rights, no absolute power junkies dictating anything to anyone . Bottom line if people can’t even live the simple principal live and let live, any system is bound to fail. How can they live in peace among each other and not harm each other and still live in a way like the declaration of independence talks about if so many don’t even have the basic necessities of life and while fanatical united oligarchs are actively exploiting and culling the population by a multitude of strategies via the cartels they control with poisons and countless other deprivations increasingly delivered and mandated by law literally into the people.
    I don’t have even close to all the answers . Do You ? Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones ? Probably financed by Ted Turner somehow .They want to reduce the planet’s population ideally to 500,000,000 people . A manageable amount for the fanatical oligarchs to rule over. They are getting bolder and bolder . But they are afraid of the people waking up while they count on us being too afraid to do anything. I believe the psych drugs and other chemicals they distribute, target the parts of the brain that ordinarily have to do with people working together toward a common goal , and tend instead by other means as well to turn naturally social human beings into oppressed , deprived , isolated , human beings thereby making us more easily targeted by the oligarch’s fanatical think tank aided agenda ,which is so over the top that few can see it and so far oligarchs seem to be gaining momentum . No I don’t know the answer as many tilt at windmills and many others hide . In these times growing an organic garden may be the most revolutionary thing we can get away with doing.

  • Thanks R. R, Thought people should hear about it.
    The court system for commitment hearings is basically literally a classic kangaroo court. I talked once to a former prosecutor turned defence attorney that at first denied this and later admitted knowing it was . I tried to hire them to get some false police testimony taken out of the record . She said , “I’ve done all the pro bono work i’m going to do this year.” “It will cost you $5000 in advance to correct the record and $10,000 more in advance to to bring charges against the police officer, with no guarantees.” Another lawyer on the same issues said,” let her go to the state institution they’ll help her there.” Yeah. Right.

  • Thanks Frank, I value your opinion , maybe the declaration needs to be modified . I thought it had our issues covered . I wish you had the time to look at the declaration and into that particular organization more deeply as I believe they could be a great aid in ridding us of forced psychiatry as well as any other forced treatments in the guise of any kind of medical care by strengthening free choice. I know we agree that psychiatry is a deadly hoax. Take care,

  • oldhead,
    Whatever restrictions, would need to be discussed and voted on by the people, and other issues as well , rather than being imposed from above by the people who have stolen everything or anyone else. The people will have to decide how to get there from here through discussions and voting . If discussions and voting are not seen as important and people don’t care enough about mutually guaranteed survival, the “elite” will only accelerate culling operations by many various means. Meanwhile we still have to chop wood and carry water.
    What do you think of the idea’s in the Health Freedom declaration , that particular organization, and if they could protect people from forced psychiatry the way they are written or with some modification ? I think they are important enough to give them more than a casual look. It’s up above in my oct. 13 comment with the link just below that. Thanks,

  • One of the things in life that might last forever is the everlasting joy of having broken free from psychiatry’s and pharma’s death grip . It’s been 10 years so far . The key is understanding your enemy better than they understand themselves, growing stronger,and zapping back , by doing your best to free others from their clutches even if it’s only one person at a time .

  • Frank,
    Isn’t supporting the Health Freedom declaration from 2006 a way to go into reverse on the medicalization or at least the coercive medicalization? Also if enough people did support it wouldn’t it help realize the anti-psychiatry goal of abolishing at least coercive psychiatry ? I would be interested in your thoughts on this . Also the thoughts of other commenters.
    Thanks , Fred
    The declaration is printed out above in my Oct.13 comment.

  • Thanks for replying so clearly uprising . Did you ever notice how hard the elite work to keep the people isolated from each other ? Maybe it means communes need to be started maybe supported by organic farming. Who has the funds for that ?
    Anyways as far as our issues go it seems clear to me , how anti- psychiatry and Health Freedom can both work together to possibly ,remove coercive psychiatry from existence and prevent another entity from picking up their activities.That is if enough people get active about it. That is our best realistic chance I believe. I am also concerned about ruthless big pharma developing even deadlier poisons to force on the population . They make the tobacco cartel seem like charitable organization.

  • I like this blog and anyone who could put there time in as a project director for a Soteria House.
    Seems this blog could be looked at for a long time and many new and different , or rehashed old ideas would easily come to mind upon each rereading.
    The idea of dams or blockages to the natural flow , and then even more blocking , Mother Nature’s natural flow will inevitably burst those dams . Within a human being only so much bullshit can be spun before the whole system rebels and seeks a new equilibrium . In a society is there not a point where if more and more people are in a situation where oppression is clearly growing that a tipping point is reached and people know without saying enough is enough and soon revolution just breaks out . Are these corrections not in the interests of survival , whose lives are lost or ruined while the blockages remain ? Whose lives are lost or ruined with the inevitable bursting of these dams ? Is it just a matter of where are the tipping points and the various factors or levers, people /and /or computers/ and /or think tanks believe they can pull . Are these pullers of levers elected or self appointed. If self appointed how many people outside of themselves are they willing to sacrifice to try and keep a status quo in place they feel is beneficial to themselves . Most especially if they can print unlimited funds , and as we know absolute power corrupts absolutely can we not expect them to be willing to sacrifice an unlimited number of lives ? Or is this all about the” best laid plans of mice and men” or” who are they all in their high conceit when man in the bush
    nature doth meet “.
    Or as Omar Khayyam once said ” Enjoy what little time yee yet may spend before yee too into dust descend. ”
    Seems to me that those who carefully try to live ” What is hateful unto thee, do it not unto another” while walking their talk and using their talents to create a reality that first does no harm to anyone are the people I am least afraid of. The purveyors of pseudoscience in the multitude of areas for profit and control present a real problem.
    Just someone who was electroshocked and cannot match the creative brainpower of the writer of this blog . But once there was a time when I could .I’m 70 now and I love being alive and drug free.

  • What about restricted capitalism with agreed limits on income so a few can’t run off with the whole monopoly game?
    I lived on a kibbutz in Israel for 11 months starting 2 months after the 6 day war in 1967 when I was 21 years old, was a voting member. My suggestion for the new name of the kibbutz was voted for . We had under 50 members . We voted on everything. Best system to live in I ever experienced. Still ended up in the loony bin . What can I say. People don’t listen to each other and don’t have time to hear each other out anywhere I’ve been. Anyways had mercury poisoning but was unaware of it . That will get you in some kind of a loony bin under any system in the world and in any country most likely. Finally got it taken care of fully by the time I was 60 years old. I’m 70 years old now . 10 years removed from all pseudo scientific psychiatric “treatments ” or Pseudo scientific dental treatments, also free of AMA pseudo scientific medical treatments
    Corina and mad mom are right about individuals starting their own business . Saez may be a wise man in many ways but his and other peoples malingerer rants are for the most part bullshit . No one knows everything . Anyways how do you super anti- capitalists support yourselves ? Live off Mommy ? We all know we have a better chance of driving a semi truck through the eye of a needle then of ending capitalism in the USA.Yeah ,I know about the federal Reserve and Jekyll Island. What happens to the psychiatrically oppressed meanwhile and others also. Maybe the young people have the right idea . google 4 non blondes what’s up live

  • Attention Joanna Moncrieff MD,
    People in America with diagnosis are on the cusp of being locked up or forcibly injected in their homes for attempting to shave their meds to avoid sleeping all day and/or feeling zombified.Many of the drugs are time release and coated so the can’t be shaved safely . You really believe psychiatrists have a right to do this to people making them feel more dead than alive forcefully and then saying nonsense about underlying “mental illness “is to blame . Do you realize the actual role of 53% mercury dental amalgams cause a wide spectrum of mental phenomena that gets diagnosed in 1 in 15 people who have them in there mouths. Look up Dr. Chris Shade founder of He himself had 17 amalgams in his own mouth and was mercury poisons . Please investigate this deeply for the sake of millions of lives I beg you . I my self had 15 of them installed in my mouth . After their removal and other dental care according to Hal Huggins DDS protocols I experienced immediately the most powerful positive transformation of my life. See also Dr. RAU of the Paracelsus Klinic his own website Please investigate I have and experienced . This is for real . Too many have ignored this piece of the puzzle . I haven’t.
    Thank you , Fred Abbe
    Help save the people don’t perpetuate pseudo scientific diagnosis.

  • Actually within any mental hospital I found myself in ,involuntary or otherwise the rebellious nature of McMurphy like anti-authoritarian/ anti-psychiatry definitely made a showing . I and others made sure of it .And that was even years before the movie came out or any awareness by me of any book or that any movements existed .With half a dozen escapes under my belt , from 3 different mental institutions . Ridgeway Hospital at least once, Reed Zone Center at least 3 times, both in Illinois, and from a former prison mental institution in Akko , Israel 2 times, the second time after they tortured and experimented on me after recapturing me. I tried to organize everyone for a mass escape , One inmate called me Castro . Also was involved in covering up 3 escapes by others including aiding one woman in her escape, one in each of the 3 “institutions” I mentioned.
    Within this year I visited someone very close to me locked up against her will behind 2 locked doors on a psych floor of a hospital here on the Oregon Coast. Women have that brave McMurphy spirit to, even more so . In a group headed by a nurse , the inmate ( Miss McMurphy we’ll call her ,to protect the innocent)(heres what happened as she told me later) brought up in discussion,” Why do you force medications on children? Nurse, “We’re doing that to keep them from killing themselves.” Miss retorted ” They’re killing themselves to get away from you , Nurse Ratched !.” . The other inmates in the group started laughing and Miss had her arm wrenched back by a psychiatrist . As she was drinking some cool water out of a styrofoam cup, it poured onto the psychiatrist. On a different day she came out of her room naked and announced “It’s the Emperor’s new clothes .”
    Well , they brought her to “trial” ( I saw it all , in the hallway and sitting in the peanut gallery, up until I spoke out and they “escorted” me out of the “court room” ) in Roseburg Oregon ,her commitment hearing, in blue uniform ,a 2 guard escort , in Hannibal Lector full waist, hand and foot shackles . The only thing missing was the hockey mask. They had pre -arrangements, kangaroo court style ,and were dead set on committing her for at least 6 months into the State Insane Asylum where I believe the movie Cuckoo’s Nest was actually filmed . I believe it used to be called Dammasch Insane Asylum.
    Miss had a public defender in on the Kangaroo, testimony was by live amplified telephone calls by cop, social worker, and psychiatrist. All Lied, the psychiatrist testified under oath by telephone that Miss had poured hot coffee on him. A cop testified she only hung out with other mentally ill people and smoked pot ( which is legal in Oregon). The judge asked the social worker whether and where Miss was going in for counseling . The social worker said she was not. That’s when I yelled out loudly from the peanut gallery, yes she was ,the phone number and name of a different social worker in an adjoining county she was seeing.I even called the judge “your Honor”. He had me escorted from the gallery by 2 officers. Once in the hallway I told the guards I had to speak out . One smiled at at me and said “I know you did.”
    Today Miss and I are safe taking things day by day. I have Miss’s permission to post this .

  • ” For every human being is part of the single soul that is the spirit of the universe.” ( The Thirteen Petalled Rose by Adin Steinsaltz )
    I read your blog again and followed the link by your picture (coaching people coming off psychiatric drugs).Seems you are, in a sense occupying psychiatry , being and living the change you want to see happen, using your considerable understanding and your talents without compromise . You are very brave and we are very fortunate to have you blogging here. The help you offer to people is priceless.

  • To me the word psychiatry itself is abuse. It is the blind from birth cyclops ,unleashed by the oligarchs upon the people including the children. It is a form of virulent unregulated, government owned by oligarchs ,systematic abuse . The blog rings with truth everyone should know,and too many of us have experienced, but advocating that some variety of psychiatry , a reformed psychiatry, a “true psychiatry” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) is the answer, is false and it seems could only be put forth in this manner by someone that does not actually understand the psychiatric industry.Apologies yes, reparations yes , kindness and friendship yes , jail sentences yes, payback yes , no more child abuse tolerated , no more wars for Oligarch profit, no more coercion,no more oppression, and no more psychiatry.

  • How willing/able are you to shelter/ hide a friend pursued by psychiatry if they show up at your door in search of sanctuary ? How do we stop psychiatry in real time from picking people off one by one ? Whether there is immediate success or not, many of us that understand Psychiatry from experience “at the point of the spear” know beyond any doubt we will fight them , to the best of our ability and understanding , whether there is unity or not , because we know beyond words that psychiatry is worse than death and it represents the enslavement of humanity . Psychiatry’s falseness is so profound and such a horrible coercive tool as it serves oppressors, that it is natural as rain , for the sake of human life , to vigorously oppose psychiatry unto it’s demise , by all who love freedom.

  • At this point it makes sense to me that we should turn the lies psychiatry and pharma tell everybody, against them.This will unite huge numbers of people including us ,demanding and expanding basic fundamental human rights which are necessary for everyone’s survival . For example take the lie that psycho – pharma, is part of some kind of real health care ,when it is obvious it is part of a coercive behavioral population control alternating open air /institution complex .I propose since they’ve put so much effort to create this hoax we can turn it back on them by adding ourselves to the ranks of the Health Freedom Movement and helping it grow , if we feel it is truly for the benefit of humanity. See below — World Health Freedom Assembly 2006 –was adopted Sept. 29th & 30th–2006 St. Paul Minnesota–International Declaration of Health Freedom
    We Declare That
    Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.
    Among the inalienable rights are not only the right to life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but also the right to health, well being, and survival.
    Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual, and personal social well-being, and not the absence of disease or infirmity.
    In order to secure the right to health, a human being must be able to exercise his/her fundamental right to privacy and self-determination and the right to make personal choices in pursuit of health,healing, well-being and survival.
    The right to choose requires that every individual holds the right to ultimately decide whether to obtain or reject any health treatment, research, or advice.
    In order to fully exercise the fundamental, right of privacy and self-determination, full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers, treatments, services, products, devices, substances and information sources of their choice must be protected and preserved for each member of the human family.
    Full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers,treatments,services,products,devices,substances and truthful information is an inherent and fundamental right and is independent of the actions of any government or other regulatory public or private bodies.
    There exist world-wide diverse healing arts theories, practices, treatments, substances,and modalities that are deemed by people to contribute to their health and well being,whether by one human or by many and they need to be protected and available to all members of the human family.
    The global adoption of these principals will strengthen the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.

    I’ll put up some links later. Seems to me this could sit well with most everybody .

  • You pick a psych drug poison , say Zyprexa for example . You find at least 3 people who have really been strung out on it for at least a year or more, on more than a minimal dose . If they managed to wean off and are now off that particular poison and are totally psych-drug free and are also medical drug free . If they use or used first do no harm methods like Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,included home made herbal extracts,vitamins , Energy healing methods, wilderness tripping etc. , in a safe place with one or more friends for support . Have figured a strategy for dealing with “mental health professionals and the pharma system” meanwhile to keep them off their back. We want to hear their stories in detail, related live ,with them open to questions from an audience .At least 3 such people for each drug poison , or drug poison cocktail. How they dealt with and how much recovering if any from high voltage shocks if any of them have achieved it. All these people should be the featured up front speakers.
    The so called salaried “professionals” that have made some bucks , even if a minority have been on psych drugs or are still on them .And I’m not saying they can’t be of some benefit, but not to the extent of real survivors of long term hell, like myself. Instead of rethinking psychiatry so much, let them finance and open up an underground compound pharmacy where all the drug poisons can be made available as titrated liquids in various doses for those that want to wean off the poison drugs safely over time.We need available liquid titrated poison psych drugs with or without scripts, for those in need . Safe houses too ,with organic food and distilled water available , good books, music etc.
    Now that’s the way to design a seminar .

  • Olga,
    So well said . I’m reminded of a line from a song Joan Baez used to sing.
    “There but for fortune go you or I.”
    ” ….and even more reason to carry on the battle that Matt was a part of.”
    In solidarity,

  • It’s a dead end road studying the conventional psychiatric writings that most all psychiatric mainstream “professionals” get their “knowledge” from . Just look at what kind of a trap the vast majority of these “professionals” have got themselves and us into . Voltaire said, ” Those that believe in absurdities will commit atrocities .” Clearly they have done that ,they do that , and they will continue to do that for I don’t know how long .They are connected to a ,government controlled by oligarchs ,controlling mainstream media,population surveillance ,policing, ,educational systems, food adulteration , Quality of air , and water , eugenic population weakening and culling “every which way but loose”, through administration of chemical and biological concoctions advertised as “health giving medicines”, food & water “additives “, pest control agents, and through sweeping away most all human protective regulations that limit the outrages the oligarch owned industries commit . Psychiatrists are the dealers of some of these poisons , can inject them into the bloodstream, force poison pills down people’s throats , Electrify their brains etc .Psychiatrists 100 percent pseudo science . Medical doctors at least 66 2/3 % pseudo science . MAYBE not as much forcefully applied pseudo science by AMA medical people and ADA dentists . But certainly more than most people realize or allow themselves to believe.
    It is much more productive to deeply study Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,Yuen Method ( an , advanced energy healing system). Read and study what survivors say here at MIA . Learn and ask them questions . Find someone that’s survived something like your going through, by using first do no harm means .Try to learn something from them . You probably don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel. But if you study this stuff you’ll be able to if necessary .
    Inspire yourself listen to the song 4 Non Blondes-What’s Up-YouTube

  • That wailing wall with all the names on it of people tortured, maimed, or/and killed by coercive quackery under the guise of “medical care” (today it’s Rockefeller Medicine) , would probably extend 100 times longer in length then the Great Wall Of China and longer than that if names of the casualties of wars engineered by the oligarch’s were included . Truth be known not many names could be excluded from that wall . Vaccinations to the newborn, the initiation ceremony to the “wonderful” world of medical quackery , rising coercion ,realize that before you can even speak they claim the right to inject poisons into your bloodstream.
    And yet there exists Traditional Naturopathy , nature , and maybe the possible escape into the wilderness.

    At the above link don’t miss reading the International Declaration of Health Freedom which can be found by scrolling down to the year 2006. It’s wonderful ! (Even though psychiatry has nothing whatsoever to do with health except stealing it , the Health freedom movement has the potential to provide some freedom for psychiatry’s victims (in light of all the multi generational brainwashing that’s transpired)as well as allopathic medicines victims : past, present, and future. If enough people support it, that is.

  • And yet psychiatry remains as pure 100% unadulterated bullshit.
    Even though psychiatry has nothing to do with health
    more people would benefit in regard to freedom if we all joined the main health freedom movement which eventually could grow into massive demonstrations demanding freedom in our own choices free of all coercion with the freedom to reject pseudo science whenever and in whatever field the oligarchs are financing and inserting it in .

  • And as I turned 18 it wasn’t relevant how well meaning the “psych doctor” was , as he could probably decide how intense the voltage and for sure how long to apply it to my brain , 15 times every other day against my will. Although feeling continuously terrorized , held against my will all that time , what I felt during the 14th electrical brain shocking , was a pain for 5 seconds that seemed endless and was like an atomic bomb going off in the center of my brain outwards and the brightness of the explosion extending to outside my skull . I told them about the pain and please no more of this . They told me there was no pain and casually continued in their ” profession “. And I should be more careful about writing off psychiatry and psychiatrists as evil because , if what I said here is not enough to make them all renounce psychiatry, then nothing ever will . And I haven’t even scratched the surface in telling of the crimes against humanity they’ve committed against me, let alone the countless millions or billions of others that so far have not seen any semblance of justice for the torture and terror they had to , and too many still have to , endure .

  • When I listened to a video on youtube that explained what 4 substances do that are released in the brain I realized how big pharma is funded to purposely target their “drugs” in such a way that weakens the human being . The delivery systems of their poisons and Monsanto’s can be through any industries the oligarchs control and through various means , like through food , water , and through the air . While at the same time , the teachings of Traditional Naturopathy and other modalities in line with nature are suppressed . Herbs for example are seen by much of the population as ineffective because of media propaganda and because the standardized strength of most of them that are allowed to be sold over the counter by the bottle , are so regulated as to make them too weak to do anything . People need to learn to make there own medicines (to make their own herbal extracts out of herbs gathered or bought in bulk amounts and used in industrial strength along the lines of historical use . Richard Schulze ND is a great teacher of that . Has many youtube videos . Organic foods are priced so high it seems you almost have to be on a psychiatrist’s salary to afford them. We need to be able grow our own somehow.
    Anyways the first video I wrote about can be found by typing in the search line at
    Simon Sinek : The Video That Will Change Your Life

  • Thank you very much . Your blog clarifies how the main body of today’s psychiatrists are just as deadly as the psychiatrists were in Hitler’s Germany during World War ll when they volunteered to make up 40% of Hitler’s SS .
    Today the US goes to war against isis and the taliban while not even one Seal Team is assigned to even slightly curtail the much larger global terrorism threat pharma and psychiatry perpetrate globally on the population and the youngest of our children .

  • The robber barons fund and unleash the moral busybodies to torment us until we are so broken down no one wants us around anymore , then we don’t want ourselves around so we check out and everybody misses us .Who was that masked man anyways .
    To what purpose ? Experimental subjects for evidence based scientific research into what parts of the human brain can be most easily targeted with suggestive brainwashing curses , chemicals , biological agents , electricity , heavy metals , poisons , or whatever , to make a human being into an isolated individual, incapable of organizing a revolution or working for a mutual determined goal with others, and into an even more vulnerable easily targeted isolated subject for further exploitation , experimentation , or disposal , and all under the guise of “health care”.
    Sounds like the new world order, brave new world on steroids . There seems to be method to the madness of the oligarchs . After all they believe themselves to be royalty and entitled to rule .

  • I’m sorry for our loss of Matt Stevenson . He was so young , So talented , brilliant , creative, I didn’t even realize or remember that Matt also posted as BPDTransformation . And he was so thoughtful and showed kindness to so many here , and a warrior for his beliefs . By the time his interview with Paris Williams appeared I realized how , how fortunate we were to have Matt blogging and commenting here. I’d hoped one day he’d interview me . May Matt Stevenson have peace and bliss in the world of eternal life and his family and friends be comforted .

  • Thank you Eric . You are a first class writer and analyst . The comments are also enlightening , special thanks to bthate.
    The funding behind eugenics has only grown (since World War 2 ,hidden under the word genetic ) , as well as the amount of funds available to the true believer billionaire class plutonomy . Stealth strategy , outright lies , double speak , life friendly catchphrases for programs of sinister design , the ever workable strategy of hyper funding to pass off selected pseudo science as science , ignoring everything else while making a fervent effort to reach the holy grail of maintaining and growing power and wealth and control of the population and the planet , throughout a massive genocidal culling process all done with the various mainstream industries, the billionaire class owns . These cartels include “medicine”” health care” “drugs” ,” food” , “agriculture” , “energy”, “news” “media” “electronics” , chemicals and biological agents and yes “psychiatry” ,governments ,and more. They feel people can be controlled by chemicals and biological agents . They believe politics and social programs are not needed . Yes an Invisible Holocaust , a Silent Shoa bigger and more encompassing than most all people would even want to think about even as it is really happening . Rockefellers and Carnegies and their fellow travellers were never on trial in Nuremberg. They never stopped planning and organizing crimes against humanity . And it will take the best efforts of humanity working together if it is even possible to stop them . A must read book by a leading analyst of the New World Order . YES A MUST READ cannot miss book.
    Seeds of Destruction (The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation) by F. William Engdahl

  • A really sick one indeed ! There are brilliant souls that communicate differently in the face of unrelenting torture , whose movement should ignite a movement , to take down the psych-pharma-eugenic -industrial- government -big brother complex . Evidently not enough people are awake enough , to be sooooooo entirely sick of it . Actually if the machine chose a random thousand Harvard , Yale , Princeton and Rhodes Scholars, and it forced unrelenting neuroleptic “treatment” it eventually would create movement in all of them , and if the “best and brightest” ever found a way to wean off the neuroleptics, you’d see an anti- psychiatry movement like no other . I can’t help but to be so pissed off . How could not psychiatry have drowned in the river of tears , misery , and death it has caused ? and continues to cause ?

  • Cognitive dis……… Doctor , I would tell you to try some Paxil for a couple of months and to watch what it does to you from the inside out, but it would be a threat to your life for me to advise you in that way. Just the same as it is and has been for you . Do you give anti -depressants to children to ? I think you mean well. Your problem is , not investigating much more deeply what survivors tell you and picking a profession that is a Hoax even bigger than the Spanish Inquisition .

  • Thank you Auntie Psychiatry ! I’m a big fan of yours. I’ve been putting some anti-psychiatry memes and others on Meme Generator -Imgflip (anyone can do it for free) , under the name anonymous and rebelthecartel . I hope you succeed far beyond your expectations . Maybe even , MIA could gain even more viewers if there was a special spot on the front page , a humour section for jokes , cartoons ,memes, humorous reflections ,humorous films , that might help wake up more people out there , to the true terror the psychiatry Hoax represents .

  • I’m glad it made you laugh Julie , but this heaping mound has been building for hundreds of years and I just recently realized it’s also part of the military industrial complex. It’s also part of the pseudo scientific tower of babel which crosses into all areas affecting quality of life and survival of human beings .It may be the best way to toss the pile is through actively joining the Movement for Health Freedom and making sure that within their guidelines are clear stipulations about the right to be free from any and all things reeking of the pile . Of course we know the pile has nothing to do with health care but this way we get to use their false words against them. Health Freedom it seems, do to prevailing propaganda might be the fastest way to get the most people the option of freeing themselves from the stench. Hopefully this way there would be way more people that could show up at demonstrations . I know you’ve seen it before but many others have not. Google World HealthFreedom_Assembly.pdf ) Then open the 2006 International Declaration of Health Freedom ) Of course I take an anti -pile position at the same time .

  • “Shine on you crazy diamond ” is the title of a song by the group “Pink Floyd” .” Another brick in the wall ” is another one of their songs. It’s late and I’m too tired to find the links.

    Psychiatry is such an exasperating pile of shit .

  • Thanks Eric for coming back and writing. Thanks to other commenters also.
    I wonder how many other people out there who have heard mostly unwanted voices ,seemingly coming from outside themselves for decades with little reprieve , for me over 30 years , have successfully figured out for themselves, through their own explorations with crucial info from others or not , how to no longer hear voices? ( and also finally free from the pharma industrial complex and their “products” for 5 or 10 years or more) Certainly they have traveled mostly alone through uncharted territory. It would be interesting to see these stories compiled .
    The voices I heard would most always soon speed up so fast and soften in volume so I was left trying to make sense of , fill in words , and try to guess what they were saying to me .Really annoying .I thought someone else was trying to communicate with me or I was hearing other people’s thoughts as if I wasn’t insulated from others . Also had serious trouble trying to sleep for most of my life .Of course I had” mi vida loca time” with the psych complex and their “products” including electricity.
    Here’s the short version .(I’m sure there can be various causes or combinations of causes for unwanted hearing of voices and variations in how the voices manifest) I used my disability income plus intermittent work to fund my search out of my discomfort. It took decades of experiments with” first do no harm as a guideline “. Ultimately I got family financial help for my last experiment which absolutely dramatically worked. Went to an advanced dentist trained by Hal Huggins, had 15 mercury fillings removed , 2 root canals removed , was checked for cavitations . Finally ended with one tooth in my mouth ,a right upper back molar that was filled with a composite . The advanced protocol dentist said the panoramic x-ray showed it was just fine . I was afraid to tell anyone even the dentist . I was now hearing gonging sounds in my right ear and head like when a martial arts movie on TV sometimes begins or ends. This was happening even when I went into the woods with only wilderness around . I knew the sound was coming from inside me. I asked the dentist” would you remove that last molar for me ?” He said ,” There’s nothing wrong with it , but you don’t really need it , if you want i’ll remove it for you “.I said ” yes I want it out “. To his surprise and mine after he removed the tooth he said that directly under the tooth was a big pocket of pus . He said he was surprised that the panoramic x-ray did not pick up the infection under the tooth . He scrapped it out using advanced protocol. I have well fitting false plastic dentures now . I couldn’t afford cubic zirconia posts with high tech inert ceramic teeth as is done at the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland supervised by Dr. Rau. This final adventure in survival cost $6000. Now no voices , no gongs . I am still sensitive to low frequency sounds from outside myself ,like from near by power lines ,and handle that with white noise like from a fan . Probably caused by 15 electro shocks forced on me when I was a teenager .
    I believe that it’s the realization of a dream , ” Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content , the quiet mind is richer than a crown . ” Even at the age of 70 . And no sleep trouble anymore.
    By the way Chris Shade PHD and founder of Quicksilver Scientific who himself had 17 mercury fillings ( size does matter) says that 1 in 15 people can’t excrete mercury from their body.It does get into the brain . 200,000,000 people in the USA have so called silver amalgams in their mouths . Actually they are 53% mercury. Do the math and remember the rest of the billions of people on the planet. And don’t forget mercury concentrating in some species of fish, coal burning releasing mercury and other industries ,and our “old favorite” the medical profession injecting poison concoctions plus aluminum and mercury compounds straight into the bloodstream of even infants. That’s a small piece of my take.
    I feel like Columbo the tv detective . Anyway I noticed quite a time ago in me that the inner throat ever slightly moves whenever thoughts or voices occur and mentally stopping the movement can stop thought or the voice for as long as you give it attention so a break from the action can be got. Take care all.

  • The big hoax must promise a growing bag of gold as a carrot for all that get involved and needs people with titles to provide the veneer to fool the majority of themselves and then the population, then it grows along with their true belief like a snowball that doesn’t seem like it could ever melt. The AMA is from it’s inception such a hoax . (Read if you wish the book “Sick And Tired” by Robert Young ) So is ADA dentistry (who would dare put mercury in even children’s mouths ,when mercury is the 2nd most deadly element on periodic table ? ) There is much precedent for the psychiatry hoax and for the power of the pharma poison cartel . Just look to history that became available to the public after 2003 concerning the horrific IG Farben , the chemical and pharmaceutical industry conglomerate . Can’t make the link to the info work . If you could google to this you’ll see something interesting .
    The Laws of the Pharmaceutical…The Dr. Rath Health Foundation

  • I guess we are lucky to live under the rule of law , where we even have the right in a limited way depending on our finances to be heard verbally, or by the written word to oppose or criticize, and turn the other cheek , while authorized others can actually actively physically do abominable stuff to other people legally.
    In a world where at the same time undertakers legally embalm dead people for profit , injecting into them poison substances .
    Psychiatrists wearing the costume of health care , can legally semi- embalm / embalm live people, even children for profit , forcefully injecting poison substances and/or legally apply high voltage directly to the human brain of a live human being. Can legally lie to , label , and torture to their heart’s content . And are on the verge of expanding “their rights” to send teams to knock on people’s doors into right’s to enter people’s homes at will to enforce compliance .( maybe they won’t be financed to do it )
    All under the watchful eye and recommendations of clone IG Farben chemical ,pharmaceutical / biological /chemical , heavy metal, mix and match poison manufacturing cartels. All while they also attack the food supply , natural nutrients, and natural herbs. Very peculiar.

  • Yes indeed , let’s have this this discussion . Read the following article from the Dragon Slayer’s recommended website, and let’s see if anyone that’s fully read it can tell us all with a straight face that psychiatry should not be absolutely abolished as quickly as humanly possible and placed into the dung heap area of the dustbin of history. (This article which IMHO out of lived experience since 1963 , actually understates the actual torture and terror which psychiatry embodies and should be defined by.)
    Why Psychiatry Is Evil by Wayne Ramsay
    Second to the last title in the contents list is the article ” Why Psychiatry Is Evil” by Wayne Ramsay
    Couldn’t hurt to read all his articles .

  • Thank you Bonnie and All
    We who can are privileged to be able to join this battle against oppression . ” The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”__ George Orwell
    Sadly society has drifted so deep into pseudo science in so many area’s even wearing a hazmat suit , full time is little protection from the effects of the mythology . You got to bop and weave side step and moonwalk sometimes even look like a compliant and quickly slip away. Most likely got to BS your own family or they’ll put you in harm’s way.When victims lived experience is painted as doubtful and lies for profit are the science of the day. And the more drug toxins , electricity , smart technology pollution ,” modern medicine”, or simply payoffs , the less the attention span . Skepticism without any inclination or energy or time or even ability anymore to investigate is all too common. Many even partial solutions are even too expensive for most .
    The best answers i’ve seen include get away from psychiatry by weening off or stay away if not yet caught . MIA a great place to search . The website suggested above by Slaying_the_Dragon_of_Psychiatry is
    a remarkable resource easily useful , when you start exploring it for understanding the truth about psychiatry and even a springboard for figuring out creative ways to Slay it as best as possibly we can . There is even permission to accurately reprint from the site if credit is given .

  • Actually if a Middle Path between forcing neuroleptics and/or electric shock on the youngest of children , every other age group, including seniors in nursing homes , and psychiatry not existing at all …. Considering the damage psychiatry is and it’s continuing growth and power ….the Middle Path as solution might be , to tar and feather psychiatrists and run them out of town . Not that I’m advocating that ( I wouldn’t want to be banned), just trying to answer the question theoretically and accurately what a middle path might look like that would provide a possible faster solution to psychiatric abuse (a tautology).
    I do agree with antipsychiatry . I was mercury poisoned by dentistry but forcibly put under psychiatrists control for decades as their idea of a solution . Torture cloaked as healthcare is not a solution . All things considered oldhead’s statement concerning the middle path, I totally agree with.

  • Thank you AuntiePsychiatry the links you provided above reveal much and clarify what Lieberman and his followers are trying to do to the people .
    It seems obvious that Psychiatry’s leadership to gain total compliance to itself is looking to try and still establish within the minds of the population on top of Psychiatry’s “chemical imbalance ” HOAX an additional powerful HOAX this time with co-operating neurological departments , ( using their “new improved scanning image reading machines ” then the co-operating neurologists will make referrals to psychiatrists explaining variations in sizes of various parts of the brain (“as surely the undeniable physical evidence of “mental illness” requiring “psychiatric doctor care and treatments” . All the while the pharma toxic drugs prescriptions and applied high voltage electricity, are the huge factors in brain shrinking. Does it get even more diabolical ? Shouldn’t we put Much More Emphasis on the evidence of Organized Crime and Torture Against Human Beings, while posing as health care, that this is ? Or what else ?

  • The psychiatrist : A fixture of society a picture in plain clothes a modern day brave new world gestapo officer making rapid selections in broad daylight . Only those that have felt the outrageous effects of their “treatments” and tried to speak to them about what was certainly a well meaning error and then watch them double and triple down on the “treatments”, understand the terror that psychiatry represents and the diabolical toxic formulations of the pharmaceutical cartels and the terror they create . Just how far will gestapo pharma double and triple down on in its development of poison concoctions and is there a limit to their behind close door terrorism , cloaked as health giving medicines . And all this and more protected and encouraged by a fascist state . Certainly most all of us could say much more .

  • Julie, I just recently came upon that set of ideas on Health Freedom and see how much it pertains to what so many of us believe . I think it would be great if MIA had you blogging here if you felt like it . I always enjoy reading your comments , it would really be something if a transcript or video of your presentation could appear here at MIA as well .Thank You .

  • Antipsychiatry the 1-2 punch plus the # 3 punch possibly, collaboration with and/ or endorsement of the principles within The International Declaration on Health Freedom written in 2006 at The World Health Freedom Assembly. This might create more elbow room for freedom and increase the number of real allies we have in the sense of larger actual numbers of people showing up for demonstrations if they are called for . Below I’ll leave a link to the Organization and the place where the declaration is printed out. What do you all think ?

  • I just read Ron’s article and all the comments . Ron’s article was a good anvil to bounce numerous insightful comments off of . Overlooked is the real probability of Eugenic Substance Production ( POISONS) being passed off as some kind of medicine by the pharma cartels and definitely not limited to psychiatric drugs and extending into wherever they traffic . Those that have not actually been forced to repeatedly take poisons like thorazine and others are unlikely to understand what I’m talking about . THERE IS NO OVERSIGHT ON WHAT BIG PHARMA IS DOING BEHIND THEIR CLOSED DOORS OR ON WHAT EVEN MORE DIABOLICAL SUBSTANCES THEY WILL INVENT IN THE FUTURE .

  • Thank you Tina for this important article . These are vital issues ,to reclaim autonomy and power with regard to our own health , and to be able to access and afford if we choose or not , help or info from anywhere or anyone irregardless of their title or what they call their discipline. If some are worried about regulating questionable procedures and substances , first actually regulate the pharma cartel, the AMA, mainstream dentistry, and psychiatry and outlaw whatever and all they do that is outright quackery and human life endangering , which is certainly the great majority of their endeavors .There is already a Health Freedom movement but your ideas build on it and are very important . Robert Young’s book ” Sick and Tired” also offers a way forward and some clarity .
    When the wealthiest robber barons using the cartels they control to promote and pursue their fondest dream of unilaterally lowering by billions the human population of the earth while making a profit at it, it is a revolutionary act to try and stay alive and maintain some level of health well being , when even the air , water , and food are being willfully adulterated.

  • As someone who experienced hypersensitivity for much of my life, I must say I agree it is a two edged sword . I am still very sensitive to low frequency electrical and machinery hums and always sleep with a white noise machine in the room . At home I use fans and air filters to circulate and clean air, as well as for their action as white noise machines . I’ve noticed that many times other people are not bothered or don’t even hear the low frequency sounds that i cannot tolerate. For many years I used wax earplugs which didn’t always work . Besides for decades I heard voices ( which were annoying to me) I eventually realized were being generated from inside me . Haloperidol and too rapid withdrawal from it almost cost me my life.
    I’ve learned so much on this journey of personal experimentation to get out from under intolerable phenomena . Here’s what helped me the most : The money which became available to remove all metal from my mouth , all traces of root canals , and was checked for cavitations. I had 15 amalgam’s of various sizes in my mouth ( which are composed of 53% mercury) . I was a new person , falling asleep was no longer a problem , no more voices , super sensitivity subsided except for low frequency sound sensitivity which was reduced . I attribute that to damage caused by 15 electro- shock treatments forced on me in my youth. Also helpful was understanding the underlying truths of Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , and learning the energy healing system Yuen Method . Before the fillings were removed when things got bad I had to invent an improved mineral bath therapy for extreme states which was to take about 1500 mg.of Niacin ( not the non-flushing ) and once the redness appeared to enter a mineral bath filled hot water bath. Rubbing skin down with a foot long luffa which wonderfully soothed the itching . Even during an on coming extreme state this bath enabled sleep and could help one regain equilibrium.I used BathTherapy brand mineral bath which had lithium and other minerals in it (not the original), although now I believe there are even better more pure mineral bath mixtures that have lithium and other minerals available in them, that can be found online in bulk quantities . I used this type of bath as needed . Eventually I moved near a national recreation area so I could easily access outdoor wilderness area’s every day .

  • Just want to share what comes to mind. Many psych-survivors myself included have not forgotten torture beyond endurance which somehow we have survived while we were captured victims of the pseudo- scientific mainstream pharmaceutical- psychiatric-HOAX . I realize what a miracle it is to have survived and to be able to live and enjoy the feeling of being alive . And yet the tragedy of our brothers and sisters and even the youngest of children still captured or being stalked to be captured by this HOAX is clearly a crime against humanity and we will not forget them and we will try to help free as many as possible even if we have to do it one at a time.
    With this feeling of solidarity, and because the Hoax does not agree to a cease fire of violent and coercive activity, on their part , while debates and discussions are being held , and is offended when the truth is spoken in their presence by their victims , whom they assumed were all , already silenced . Now, they thought, they could freely let their spin fly . So how from all this could a civilized respectful discussion be created between victim and victimizer without a cease fire being honored by the victimizer and the trojan horses that many times speak as their representatives. It logically cannot . Giving people who have been educated by and have gained financial comforts from the HOAX the right to speak and not be questioned or commented to , allows big pharma and psychiatry to send even more representatives here to MIA to create perpetual doubt about progressive ideas , ( as is done by corporations and cartels in so many other areas), creating doubt by way of the lies of fabricated pseudo science making discussions go round and round in circles ( we need more time to do research, ie more time to fabricate more pseudo science, while they continue to torture human beings , develop more torture techniques, and continue to cash in). We must be aware that if Mad in America turns into a virtual Theresienstadt so to speak ( in the sense a show place created where the victimizer can demand politeness from their victims and where they don’t have to own up to their roles in a vast crime ring ), it can only fortify the Pharmaceutical-Psychiatric Juggernaut to continued criminal activity , torture and murder. It is impossible to create a “civil” discussion between victims and ( victimizers who are involved with an organized crime ring that has not ceased and desisted from murder and torture of human beings as a minimal show of respect before appearing at the place where discussions are held. It can only be attempted by more coercion and even then the truth will out .
    Maybe part of Mad in America’s stated mission could be amended, to in addition try an attempt to free the people victimized coercively by the false narrative of the Hoax , by giving psychiatric survivors affirmative action blogging rights whether they have letters after their names or not . And MIA could consider years of lived experience as a victim of the Hoax , then extracting oneself, as something even beyond a college education and doctor’s degree as it pertains to understanding the Hoax and what has happened , what is happening , in the belly of the beast as it continues to digest people .

  • You know Robert, I had a way thin skin when psychiatry assaulted me over a 40 year span and not just with words .Repeated forced injections with poisonous substances ,forced tie downs , forced electricity, Verbal torture beyond belief with calculated lies, solitary confinement , the taking of my only child from me.Essentially I was dead man walking many times . So people like me can’t comment back to Brett because he can’t handle the truth. How is that going to do us any good . If you need an honest wise Blogger ask Julie the mad blogger to blog . She’s great for people that want to learn truth . And have people ask me questions. Let me have a column “Ask Fred” I’m 70 years old been around the block and have real helpful answers. Of course i don’t know everything and yet more than anyone could imagine. And I mean for free to help others .Thanks , Fred

  • Why do I comment here? 40 years a prisoner of psychiatry then becoming a “treatment free” psychiatric survivor. I’m 70 years old . I’m a beacon of hope and a wellspring of experience and knowledge backed by lived experience. MIA needs my input as much as a human being needs air whether they know it or not. Within my comments are some major keys to becoming free from the clutches of psychiatry. I’ll tell you what , even the “professionals” who think psychiatry is mostly marvelous will one day find out just what psychiatry is , unless they figure out how to avoid the nursing home.
    One question , how if a commenter stops commenting can a reader access their past comments ?
    I most always find the comments from psych survivors more important than blogs by non survivors. I must say that Robert Whitaker’s writing gave me enough hope and info to help me withdraw myself finally from haldol when before that I had believed that maybe I had a brain disease and would be on it for the rest of my life . I remain forever grateful and anti- psychiatry forever. Pseudo-science pharma and psychiatry are in effect a human created replicating plague for profit and control.Tyranny in action .That’s what we should be discussing , how to effectively crush this Tyranny.

  • Phil,
    Your analysis is just as Richard D. Lewis’s words above describe it. (” Sparkles beyond the brilliance of pure gold”)
    “The Greatest Hoax In History” Pharma Comprehensive Subjugating Inc. by all means necessary including Psychiatry . The Pharmaceutical Matrix Oligarchy ,The One Stop POISONS R US ( who needs health when you have behavioral control).
    I wonder if you ever Googled “Operation Paperclip” and researched it. It may be another explanation of why so many especially highly educated people can’t grasp the Hoax.

  • Back when the Roman Empire was in it’s heyday could anyone even of imagined someone even asking the authorities verbally to stop the practice of crucifixion ? It was the authorities version of “shock and awe” to keep the population in line, or else, you know what’s going to happen .” I built the colosseum for you, what else you expect from me .” They had a consensus reality they insisted you believe .After Rome fell I guess at some point crucifixion stopped.
    Psychiatry is getting even stronger in spite of our hopes and efforts because people in prisons and those captured by psychiatry and i’m sure others, are used to keep the rest of the population in line . Showing the pharmaceutical matrix which includes psychiatry and other professionals, the real science , makes no difference to them .They long ago realized that pseudo science (” science is whatever I say it is”) backed by enough dollars, facilitates their goals of some kind of twisted eugenics ,the boost they get from power, the right to do whatever they want without any interference tolerated whatever the cost humanity must pay.
    They talk and do but why considering that Harvard Psychiatric Clinic is in the leadership of psychiatry altogether do not all the alumni of Harvard whose words appear here at MIA, together lead a demonstration at the gates of this Clinic. Get maybe some mainstream media attention and at least maybe put a monkey wrench in the growing snowball of psychiatric oppression .
    Meanwhile information must be available to the population on how a human being can avoid the pharma psychiatric dragnet . Survivors working together can do this. Meanwhile MIA cannot be Missing In Action when it comes to supporting anti – psychiatry ,the voices of survivors , the voices of future survivors, and any assault on human rights . Many of our problems here could well be that people with degrees that have not spent time in the frying pan and fire of psychiatry, hallucinate that their points of view should have more weight than those of survivors . And that furthur more that the words of survivors can be beat down and clubbed with the word antidotal.
    Emmaline, please reconsider and let our voices be heard .
    Thank you, Fred

  • madmother13
    Your comment sure helps put Bob’s blog in perspective and provides a clear vision of what we are really up against. His wish for thousands more of these “early psychosis programs” is absolutely in need of that ancient warning “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I wish your comment was printed large on every billboard in America including here in Oregon where the youngest of children and the brightest and most curious can be drugged on the word of a school teacher referred to the brainshrinker and taken away from the parents if they don’t comply.Oregon also the home of behavioral control units just like Guantanamo. There is one in Roseburg Oregon . There’s nothing like lived experience for real accuracy. Thank You, Fred

  • Great Blog and follow up idea’s.
    Today 03/17/2017 on Ralph Nader was interviewed and mentioned his new book “Breaking Through Power”. I haven’t got it yet but from what Nader said about it , there may be idea’s in it that can help us, for example . He said it was more important to speak face to face to governmental officials when they show up at local town meetings than to have a small demonstration . I don’t know if he’s right or not .

  • At one time when phoney medicines were sold the seller was tarred and feathered and run out of town . Today the descendants of these same charlatans are protected by laws while a regular citizen is not , to the point where the snake head guilds, can force their deadly concoctions down our throats or directly into our bloodstreams . They accomplished this by commandeering the great benefits of sanitation and refrigeration and shifting the credit to their mostly worthless concoctions , putrefactions , deadly vaccines , and heavy metal installations. Rockefeller’s father sold snake oil out of the back of a horse drawn wagon and was likely tarred and feathered himself .Seems obvious to me that his son J. Rockefeller the oil man took revenge on everybody funding phoney medical schools pushing oil based “medicines “. Anyways the magnitude of the crimes against humanity committed by AMA “doctors ” and ADA dentists as well of course as APA psychiatry , and today the pharma companies mainly (totally run amuck) staggers the imagination of anyone that looks into this vast swamp of medically induced sickness and murderousness , poisoning and deception for $$$ .
    The hope lies in people becoming true friends with each other ,real organic food , no vaccinations , no heavy metal dental work , cleaning the environment of deadly poisons , fresh air , exercise , clean water , understanding the principles and value of Traditional Naturopathy and other first do no harm modalities. The movement for Health Freedom is still being fought in many health food stores and organic farms and organic gardens around the country where for many anti-psychiatry is taken for granted and medical intervention is only accepted by many for emergency physical trauma . Enough soldiers have been wounded or died fighting wars to enrich heartless oligarchs. This drive to keep people on the battlefield and to ensure more recruits is why modern medicine does know how to deal with physical trauma. Pretty much every thing else is better dealt with by natural modalities outside of mainstream orthodox pharma driven medicine .The battle for our natural rights must win out over tyranny in all areas . By the way Dr. Healy if you force a course of 15 electro shock treatments on yourself you will understand why this criminal practice must be abolished as well as coercive psychiatry .

  • I respect your story and believe you are doing good.for yourself and others. My story points to another approach, which may be useful to many people, After over 30 years of a non-stop speeding mind ,hearing voices mostly unwanted and without them 99% of the time clearly explaining anything, sometimes seeing tracings of images of people in the air after having conversations with them. Going through sleepless terror states , spiritual messiah mental journeys, fearful scary mental journeys, diagnosed the S word and then Manic Depressive ,than Bipolar Depressive. Drugged with thorazine , halidol, cogentin , stelazine , and electro-shocked and hospitalized more times than I could count, even physically escaped institutions 5 times , I persisted to try to understand why and what was happening to me . The fact that I could see no justice in it and that my life was at stake drove me to seek answers .
    It was into my fifty’s after searching for so long, that I finally had the finances made available to me to try an expensive option that seemed promising to me . I went to an advanced Hal Huggins trained dentist and had my 15 53% mercury so called silver amalgams removed as well as root canals removed ,(all metal totally removed ) By the time it was over infections removed ,all teeth eventually removed , false teeth made, all costing $5800. I was reborn , it was amazing , no voices , no fear , no drugs , clear relaxed thinking or a quiet mind as needed , NO SLEEP PROBLEMS, I could even fall asleep sitting in a chair or meditate easily if I chose to. I realized this sense of being is the promise of what a birth as a human being must be about .
    I know many might say , I’m glad it worked for yooou ! But I say experience definitely trump’s corporate pseudo science . And I rather be dead then lie to people suffering even anything close to the hell I’ve been through . I’m convinced many millions of people all over the world are suffering like hell because of the main stream dental poisons installed in their mouths . Certainly there are other injectable and edible poison hazards sold as medicines to American’s and to other peoples elsewhere . Sadly there is no official real citizen oversight. We must tell each other . There is too much corporate guild government protected pseudo-science for profit and power over others , loudly blared, drowning out most all of the real science out there . We must rely on each other for usable info.

  • You all from Mad in Aotearoa strengthen us here at Mad in America reminding us that had any justice prevailed in our relations with the indigenous peoples of America including their viewpoints respected , such an oppressive entity as psychiatry could never have arisen into existence. Now the whole world is threatened by a pseudo-scientific pharma-medical-psychiatric -dental- agricultural-chemical-and biological totalitarian therapeutic state of affairs . They hunt us, we can see them, like scum risen to the top, they are in a hot air balloon filled with pseudo science enforced by coercion , overloaded and ready to burst .

  • Any objective observer ( and I also lost my dad due to the AMA Medical Hoax, followed by the Nursing Home Hoax, both fortified by the Psychiatric Hoax, topped off by the Hospice Hoax, all supported by the Pharmaceutical Hoax) would have to conclude rapid robbery ,ATM style while time release murder proceeds in a poorly disguised Eugenic continuation .
    They know families are disbursed and are very unlikely to organize home care that provides a team of people to help someone . The nursing homes are at first verbally friendly but since your family member once signed up, has now become in effect their property (from their real point of view.) They will use that ATM machine as they please in a manner convenient to themselves, any inconvenience will be Tranquilized to obtain compliance to the point of unconsciousness.
    Many answers lie within Traditional Naturopathy and the willingness of people to organize, team up, and care for each other . The” merciful symbol of modern medicine” the staff coiled by a snake really must mean the “staff”, the human being , Squeezed to death by coils of the anaconda snake. (after being robbed of course.) Sorry, it is what it is but people need to be warned.

  • There is not even one instance of any Amish children getting diagnosed with ADHD when raised within their community where the common practice is to NOT ALLOW VACCINATIONS . As we know guild protected employees don’t allow and aren’t allowed to let truth or real science get in the way of cash flow no matter what the human cost. I’m certain if real studies and real science were done psychiatry and big pharma would be openly exposed to be as deadly to human life as bubonic plague was in medieval times .

  • Sandra, If your primary goal is to wean as many people off of the toxic poisons your profession calls meds and to unlabel the humans and free them from the pseudo science you make a living from then you can pass this message to the true believers in psychiatry. Better than slow psychiatry is NO PSYCHIATRY . Educate yourself for real instead of trying to teach. Learn Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, become real and ask those who have survived the electric gestapo chemical drug atrocity to teach you something so you don’t continue to wander around in the academic swirl of nonsense for profit and delusional self praise under a guise of humility.Sincerely , Fred

  • Psychiatry, Modern AMA Medicine ( Certainly the insurance covered modalities available to the majority of people) the toxic drug manufacturing cartel , the government , the brain washing media , are conducting some kind of hybrid ,physical, chemical ,heavy metal, biological ,electronic ,electrical , information FUBARing, WAR AGAINST TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY AMONG THE POPULATION ! Profits being made at every turn and ratcheted action without consideration or acknowledgement of the human suffering caused has become routine . ANTI-PSYCHIATRY is not enough, but still I am encouraged by this blog . Only an awakened population together can overcome this man made for profit tragedy.

  • The article reiterates for me what my eyes and ears have seen and heard . Nurse Ratched ,many of them are alive and well, in ever growing numbers as part of the team , one essential shock troop ingreedient of the compliance police, commanded by the criminal tyrannical pseudo scientific psychiatrists and many AMA doctors , all serving the FUBAR Eugenic Pharmaceutical Cartel owned by the Oligarchs intent on making money off of the great culling by first making sick the population and controlling the survivors within compliance as they themselves hide their own fear from themselves of an awakened population bringing justice to them in their hideouts.

  • So besides an underground railroad we need to know how to create our own documents , an underground like the French Resistance , see movies “Z” and “Battle of Algiers”.. How can I think like this ? Well it comes naturally to one that’s had 15 electric shock “treatments” forced on me and 52 years later in this Murphy climate woke up in the middle of a night mare of and during an electric shock “treatment” just the night before last. I told no one but I’m telling you.
    (In the category of you can’t handle the truth) >–targeted-for-elimination.html

    Browse the site while you’re there . I don’t agree with everything said there but there is very much useful info.

  • Heard on my car radio while driving in Eugene ,Oregon around 7 PM on the 6th of December by someone working for psychiatry and in power at Sacred Heart Hospital ,on “behavioral health” announcing that 1/3 of the people in Lane County have the S word and the other Ma,,,Dep,,,,,, word and serious MI words and that the solution for this is ” AGGRESSIVE CASE MANAGEMENT” then that 42 woman were held in jail cause there was no room in the hospital and that the conditions were terrible but the Sheriff said that the conditions were not so bad . I did make calls and filibustered Sen. Wyden’s aid for some time and was told they would send me a letter.I said I’d be willing to explain some more if they allowed me to .White House house phone # 202 456 1111 has been busy . Dec. 7 2016 .

  • Is it possible that do to the prejudice felt by so many in our society and the hugh amount that still exists that all kinds of people who have felt its oppression including myself as a Jewish man perhaps not to the degree that POC and others etc. have been subjected to in present day America . Is it not true many POC and others do not want to be identified as having been diagnosed on top of the prejudice that they already get and would not want to speak of it here on MIA or any other public place because it could more negatively impact various opportunities in their lives. Also that many POC and others work in the “Mental Health” and ‘nursing home’ or AMA Health field and they see discussions exposing psychiatry for the hoax that it is and talk of anti -psychiatry as a threat to their incomes or a threat to any family members they have that have been captured by the Electro Pharma Psychiatric Industrial Complex? I know as a person 69 years old who has never all my life hid that I have been in mental institutions and have escaped many times from them what a price there is to be paid in lost opportunities . The record follows me around anyways . Besides I’m of the Bob Dylan school of “watch your parking meters don’t follow leaders”. I’m of the middle ground of “neither a leader nor a follower be “. I’ve experienced enough in life to know for a fact that no human being is infallible.I try as best as I can to think for myself while I do study idea’s from the wisest people I can find . Sorry I don’t find totally accurate information on where racism is or is not from the writers of this blog . Blanket accusing everyone , then dictating mandatory conditions , implying then we can work together in great numbers . Frankly I don’t believe it , nobody will ever lead me but myself , I don’t and cannot trust people I never met and have spent time with but I’m brave enough to try and be of help to my fellow human being without asking them for money.My experience in life is vast and nobody can make me believe it’s irrelevent and that all of a sudden as someone whose saved people of color lives and had my life saved by people of color that I’m some kind of racist .I guess I’ve said enough.

  • Just because perhaps working in the so called “behavioral health” field is the only option you have , or feel you have , to put food on the table for YOUR FAMILY. And probably oligarch policies left only that path or paths like it open. As they also have captured countless of victims whose human rights have been confiscated ,brainwashing many as I was at one time. The facts remain electro-pharma-psychiatry grows more deadly , attacks more and more people from the cradle to the grave , is slavery, oppression, torture, pseudo science, and a hoax. Oligarch financed and applied pseudo science in many areas constitutes the greatest threat to human life on the planet. The growth of Forced-Pharma-Electro- Psychiatry now, as a waterfall of government laws mandating it threatens to move into play and to gradually engulf anyone not working compliantly as an employee of it. The engulfing is also going on with AMA so called medicine and conventional ADA dentistry. The Oligarchs Therapeutic and Free use of Deadly Chemicals State in light of growing poverty absence of Clean Food & Water,Medical ,and Health FREEDOMS is being used to control and cull , and drug the population of people keeping us in a weakened state. Anti- Psychiatry is only part of the solution .Working together while leading ourselves regardless of who we are is also a part. So is accurate information.Read Edwin Black’s book” War Against The Weak” and Bonnie Burstow’s book” Psychiatry And The Business OF Madness”. Help each other out whenever needed whenever possible . Our only help may be each other .

  • Iden Campbell McCollum, CPRP

    My father started talking to me about the Holocaust and how he felt and his experiences and naming the family members that were exterminated and telling me how he tried to pay back the Nazi’s as much as he could but it was not enough , and he would tell me what he would do with the Nazi’s that killed his family members if he could capture them , ever since I was 5 years old and when I cried he told me I was a soft boiled egg. Anyways as my dad was the angriest man I ever met I also grew up to be very angry . At some point I recognized that sustained anger and thoughts of revenge were starting to turn me into what I hated .I could not give my enemies that victory. Along the way I found it natural to feel empathy and identify with oppressed peoples including Native Americans and Black people and others of color. I greatly admired the genius of Mahatma Gandhi. Somehow all their stories as I understood them became my stories in addition to my own and I referred to them in my conversations with others. And I knew that at some foundational level all people were brothers and sisters but they for the most part didn’t understand it or couldn’t get there . At the age of 5 my dad first told me ” Fred, this world is a whore .” Many years went by before I understood what he was trying to tell me .I asked my dad why up until the age of 2 my first name was Samuel and that after coming to America it became Fred . He said , You never know in life you may have to hide and with a name like Fred if they start hunting Jewish people you may have a better chance to survive. I’ve never hidden that I am Jewish and proud of it nor that I have a history of being diagnosed . I have paid a price for it . My dad advised me not to be an open book. Probably I should have heeded his advice on that one. This idea of co-opting another’s experience has never crossed my mind in all my life of 69 years . I just see connections everywhere. Don’t they say to thine own self be true and it follows you cannot be untrue to another? I’m well aware that Black people are in the frontlines fighting for what is ultimately freedom for all . Likewise are Native Americans . If we cannot at least find meaningful ways as people who advocate anti-psychiatry to support Black Lives Matter as well as Native Americans at Standing Rock we can’t even begin to hope for any kind of support withstanding the coming storm. Best Wishes, Fred

  • My mother a Polish Jewish woman who became Holocaust Survivor was 5 years a prisoner of the NAZI’s Spent years in the Lodz ghetto and 2 weeks in Auschwitz itself where she watched her mother come out of crematorium chimney as smoke .She was also a forced labor prisoner in other parts of the concentration camp complex. She gathered coal in buckets and was chained to a machine forced to make bullets. She survived 14 selections .Mira Smazanovichuvna was the sole survivor of her European family. There is not even a picture of her father anywhere that exists… my grandfather.
    My Dad a Jewish man lost 76 members of his European family counting relatives ..Only he and one sister survived ( My dad helped her and her husband escape the gulag in Siberia). He was a Polish soldier fighting the Nazi’s . He ended up in the push toward Berlin doing reconnaissance commanding 60 Polish soldiers under the Russians as they pushed toward Germany .Henry Abbe was among the soldiers that liberated Majdanek concentration camp near Lublin . He was wounded twice in battles.
    When my parents talked, my mother laughed at the Polish army my dad was in . She’d say ” They had horse’s “. And she clearly told him what he went through was nothing compared to what she experienced. And he pretty much agreed.
    But my mother told me after I’d gone through 33 years of going through extreme states and psychiatric tortures including feeling electro – shock without anesthesia , numerous hospitalizations , chemical lobotomy with thorazine ,and having experiments done on me, being mercury poisoned by dentistry all along . She said to me ” You really went through something”.
    In fact my mother and her best friend Hela Jacabouvichuvna also a Holocaust survivor, when I was born in Frankfurt , Germany soon after World War 11 , held me after my birth up together at the tips of there arms and fingers toward the sky ( I saw the Photo) much like Kunta Kente held Chicken George up in his arms toward the sky in Alex Hale’s film portrayal of Roots.
    I’m sorry it’s so hard to see how a white psych survivor could call psychiatry a form of slavery without taking anything away or denigrating the Black experience ? And how that which should bring people closer ends up being a barrier to fighting our common enemy’s together .

  • Just for a moment to look at the intensifying of oppression from a real time present starting place and seeing that it is growing to include more individuals -the total number of oppressed people is growing higher -especially if we understand the stealth oppression of the Therapeutic State including not only APA psychiatry but also AMA mainstream medical care , and ADA dentistry , Government and Pharma Cartel sanctioned for the benefit of Oligarch control and wealth accumulation . Also numerous other enterprises controlled by the oligarchs. How is this done? The wealthiest part of 1% pay little if any tax . For example Boeing Company pays only 7% on billions in profit while a middle class worker pays 35% of their income. Meanwhile because of a taxing shortfall the country’s infrastructure is in disrepair . With a Trump as President further lowering taxes on the powerful wealthy . The wealthy are presented as the heroes by coming in and being offered the chance to fix the dilapidated infrastructure by buying it at distressed prices ( including roads and bridges) hospitals , schools, library’s, national parks, and eventually all the commons etc. So we have a greater divide and conquer of the people to cover up the “The Great for the most part White Oligarch Privatization on Steroids”. Just a view of what’s happening while we bicker among ourselves. I guess some of us like myself are not even looked upon as equals in our own family having been diagnosed, so how can we even be thinking we can be accepted by any part of society to the point they honestly address our concerns . We very much like Native American’s did facing insurmountable odd’s , are seeking a ghost dance to perform that will save us . Many becoming worker’s for the system . While oppression grows as we are unable to work together in numbers great enough to effect a rollback of oppression even though we far outnumber the oligarchs and they are afraid of us and will spend great amounts of treasure to keep us divided.

  • Psychiatry is slavery, oppression, torture , pseudo science , and a hoax . My lived experience has shown me that . That me describing my experience hurts people who have suffered far more and paid an even higher price I’m sorry but I have been pushed far beyond what I could endure and can not water down the narration of my experience but will try to stand in solidarity with human rights advocates and activists around the planet and save lives wherever I can. If I had the ability to show up at Black Lives Matter demonstrations and at Standing Rock I would do so . If I could bring down the oligarchs I would do so also . I’m sorry there is such an endless stream of issues which keep people apart from the solidarity needed to fight the oppression closing in on so many vulnerable people first and the rest of us eventually. Thanks for the blog.

  • If a psychiatric survivor who was captured by psychiatry for near 40 years finally escaping it’s clutches like myself —- and I can demonstrate how others can more effectively help themselves ( concerning extreme states) by many methods just as valuable if not more so than open dialog.Is it right for the lived experience info I can offer to be dismissed as anecdotal by those academics pushing the one or two trick pony’s of therapy and open dialog as the only answers to extreme states who many times have no substancial long duration lived experience at the point of psychiatry’s spear nor comprehensive knowledge of how to help other’s escape from it nor even the desire in some cases to even do so.
    One explanation of even more value than the conventional drum beat. Under -about – look at FAQ .
    “The Yuen Method is the resulting product of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple energy harnessing methods combined with the knowledge that anatomy, physiology,structural analysis,energetic techniques,quantum physics and Qi and Shen
    Gong collectively offer. The Yuen Method was created by Dr. Kam Yuen as a result of his lifelong study and experience with martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy and in-depth experience as both a structural engineer and doctor of chiropractic.
    The underlying premise of the Yuen Method can be explained as follows. Your body is best thought of as a biological computer. It is a miraculous piece of high tech equipment and it is time we started treating it as such. But when you buy a computer or any piece of equipment for that matter , it always comes with a manual. Something that gives you instructions on what to do and how to do it. And as they say , life comes with no manual…Or does it ?
    The Yuen Method is your manual!
    Because your body functions much like a computer -you are either on or off, or more specifically “strong or weak” to any given subject matter,person, or scenario in life.
    The Yuen Method shows you how to precisely identify your weaknesses and strengthen yourself accordingly, all without any type of physical contact.These collective weaknesses are the core cause of the differing types of problems we experience in life, whether they are physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,psychic, or psychological.
    There is no doubt that changes in internal, mental energy can create visually measurable external, physical changes. This is most easily explained by the experience of goosebumps. And so it is by energetically strengthening our collective physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,psychological, and psychic weaknesses that we can in fact delete the resulting symptoms they have unknowingly caused us, even preventing those we may have experienced in the future otherwise.
    Strengthening a weakness is much like flipping a switch on a computer. It is instantaneous. If you are weak to to any given thing, you simply make yourself strong. Of course the obvious question then becomes , how exactly does one go about identifying their weaknesses?
    First , one must identify the root source that is causing that weakness. The Yuen Method provides a systematic process enabling you to use the insight you already have in order to identify the deeper core issue(s) that are related to the problems you may be experiencing in life. It is only by precisely identifying the true root cause source of the weakness that it becomes an instant possibility to delete the physically manifested symptoms of that weakness as well as any related fears, phobias,and/or limitations.
    Humans are multi-faceted beings with the aforementioned six levels of conciousness. We are multidimensional and thus need to utilize a multidimensional approach to our own health. That is exactly why the Yuen Method is both incredibly efficient and unique in that it works to ensure that all levels of conciousness are congruent so that weaknesses can be strengthened on all levels, enabling pain to be deleted and goals to be attained immediately.The Yuen Method makes it possible to strengthen our weaknesses and achieve our own infinite potential.
    The path of health,prosperity,integrity,success,and freedom from stress and pain are the birthright of every human being.The insight we need to achieve these things is already inside us. You do not need any special gifts. You don’t need to meditate, be psychic or have any specific religious beliefs. You do not need to rely on expensive health experts to provide you with their high priced opinion. You only need to allow the results the Yuen Method achieves before your very eyes to speak for themselves.”

  • Governmental-Pharma-Psychiatry poisons with toxins and/or burns out with electricity, stifles the individual’s power to gain equilibrium, at the same time force’s ongoing compliance to their negatively evolving pseudo scientific virus program forced on to living human beings.Those touched by it transformed into virtual non person pariah’s or dismissed as anecdotal speakers at best.

  • There were forced sterilizations right here in America, 20 to 40 thousand of them mostly in California in the early 1900’s . Eugenics courses were taught in the colleges including Harvard, Yale , and Princeton etc. Big time at Northwestern University and at least 40 others in the early 1900’s. The precise exact info is in Edwin Black’s book ” War Against The Weak”. Rockefeller & Carnegie financed with $2,000,000 the Institute of Eugenics in Germany which was an inspiration for Hitler who by the way admired American eugenic leaders and as we know eventually surpassed them making them envious of Hitler’s progress . Yes really.

  • –The notion of “pre-Trump” and “post-Trump” is flawed IMO.

    IMO likewise —” Pre-Trump” — Police Officer has told a 50 year old woman asking to be driven to an emergency room 2 miles away “The only way I’ll take you to an emergency room is if you threaten my life.”She looks down at the ground and softly say’s ” I’ll kill you if you don’t take me to the emergency room .” The police tightly cuffs her shoves her into the back of his patrol car and scares her so bad she pee’s herself. The officer yells at her .” Do you know that I have to clean that up ?’ He takes her to the emergency room and reports to the staff ” This woman threatened my life . ” Everything went down hill from there cause from past history she was known as harmless but now with this officers gaslighting she was treated as a potential shooter and unfortunately for her the “Mental Health” authorities supervisor and case manager social worker and psychiatrist were from a county where within the previous 6 months a mass shooting had occurred.

    The pertinent question to ask is– What added measures if any in those counties where mass shootings have occurred , have the local mental health authorities put into effect . It’s as if the Murphy Law is already passed and in effect . But though they surprise knock on your door to threaten you into compliance they don’t yet force their way into your house and inject you . Hospitalized , your asked only 3 main questions “Do you feel suicidal” Do you feel like killing someone” ” Do you hear voices” Seven days of isolation camera’s and mics all around . Very Quantanamo like.
    When I found a qualified lawyer for my loved one , a former state’s attorney She told me that yes the outcomes in commitment hearings are pre- determined and yes they are kangaroo courts. She said if I want to have that coerced threat taken off the record it would be $5000 no payment plan. If I want to prosecute the police officer or police department it would cost $15,000 no payment plan .She said she needs to get paid for her work and that she had already done all the pro bono work she was going to do . Of course we are both on social security incomes with no savings and live month to month. The location – in Oregon, Douglas and Lane Counties fighting for jurisdiction over money I suppose. You think people need sanctuaries Duh ?

    The scapegoat thing for us is a long enduring institution transcending the coming and going of political puppets . Things could get worse anytime regardless and lives are ruined and lost daily . Even human resilience needs a little help from our friends.
    Somehow hope is not lost.
    But where are the doctors that lower doses and help wean off. Where are the sanctuaries of protection from “Mental Health” authorities.

    To paraphrase George Carlin the comedian . ” They call it the American Dream cause you gotta be asleep to believe it.” I say , We also probably have enough Pharma and psychiatrists etc. to put the entire living population of the planet to sleep during daytime hours and gain compliance to anything the authorities desire .

  • When you speak of very disturbing behaviors I assume you’re including mass shootings of innocents . When a guild forces poisons on people ,and calls them medicines when their admitted side effects cause suicidal and murderous feelings , when dosages are increased if someone complains who is it that is insane ? If you asked me what’s happening to many people I would say there is such a phenomena as a perfect storm of variables in countless variable combinations that include numerous toxic substances and mixtures and heavy metals that find their way into the body and brains of all living beings.Some excrete them better then others. Let me digress a moment to explain something. Most of us have heard of Ken Keyes book A Hundred Monkeys .Where if one monkey somewhere on earth begins to rinse some piece of food in the water at the river bank within a short period of time other monkeys even on the other side of the planet begin doing the same thing. We could continue this idea into the Hundred Monkeys of the Oligarchs . For example the Aluminum oligarch was told it would cost him money to safely dispose of the scrapings from the chimneys of his Aluminum smelting operation. He said I’m not paying and instead sold the deadly fluoride derived from the scrapings to be inserted into the drinking water supply all over the country . He says it will harden the bones but in fact it does so to the point of brittleness so when an elder person falls their hip bones can shatter like glass. Besides it also makes people complacent which is why Hitler put it into the water supply of countries he was planning to invade during World War II. Similarly with deadly mercury which is sold for dental amalgam for even our childrens teeth. So we have Oligarchs all over the place disposing of deadly waste products of the industries they own into our bodies and brains . Besides all the oppression and social injustice, poverty, and other trauma is it surprising that we see more severe reactions?
    In addition look at the poisons used in agriculture , and look at the purposeful poisons and negative enginering perpetrated by pharmaceutical cartels and pushed by psychiatric ,medical , and dental employee’s. The next step for the pharma psycho cartel as more and more poisons and oppression enter human lives is to eventually actually see changes in bodies and brains , spin the story and say they’ve finally found the holy golden goose biological indicator in the brain that raises their G-D forsaken guild to even more encompassing control of human beings . They must be stopped therefore ANTI-PSYCHIATRY .

  • The most sane thing I’ve done is escape from psychiatry after trying to escape for decades . My joy over this is boundless . Today as the atrocity of psychiatry rolls over the population as it closes loopholes of escape like a growing rolling snowball real sanctuary withdrawal resources for one isolated and in poverty are impossible to find. It is individual people , survivors the only ones who really understand the urgency who can maybe provide the sanctuary for even one person .It is psychiatry and drug manufacturers and their employee’s who embody through and through a most clear example of organized insanity . Yes I have hope the reign of terror will end . I don’t know when or how many casualties between now and then.
    There is no living without having the rug pulled out from under your feet perhaps a number of times in a lifetime . The trouble is the predators who seek to capture you during a vulnerable time before you can regain your feet and turn you into their personal ATM machine. As we age the nursing homes wait with their neuroleptics to capture us for a final time . The ultimate tragedy is the capture of our children at birth and shortly there after . Such is the nature of the totally insane Therapeutic State . RebelTheCartel
    I’m reminded some where on YouTube is what’s called A Secret Interview With John Lennon. A 14 year old skipping school one day knocked on John Lennon’s hotel room door. Lennon let him in and answered some questions the young person had . It was during a time when Lennon was promoting Peace while Nixon was trying to deport him from the country. To paraphrase Lennon said , “Nixon can’t admit he doesn’t want peace because it would make him more unpopular . So he can’t easily throw me out of the country. You cannot fight them with violence . They know violence and are prepared for it . What they don’t know are peace and humour . They can’t understand them.”

  • Vaccinations , Mercury dental work, food and water with added chemicals , poverty and the elusive living wage, —There’s got to be some social reaction and the ultimate pseudo scientific profit seeking population behavior control catch bag , pharma and it’s psychiatrists, pusher’s of demonically engineered substances from hell shoved down our throats from the cradle to the grave .Hey if it aint them (the psychiatrists) Pharma will still find someone from somewhere to push the stuff for them .Shock and Awe , if the drug don’t get you the fear of prescribers will. We must activate anti-psychiatry better and maybe join it with an anti pseudo science movement . Cause the stuff ( pseudo science that shortens life span and cranks up suffering) is all over the place cause the powerful have converging interests and our well being is not one of them.

  • I was tortured relentlessly by the profit seeking professional pseudo scientific electric pharma psychiatric guild conglomeration from the age of 16 to into my 50’s. Fortunately my survival instincts kicked in and I was able to physically escape at least 5 times from 3 different of their institutions . There were 2 others I could not escape from .
    My problem all along turned out to be dental work done by the pseudo scientific American Dental Association. Silver amalgam actually should be called 53% mercury amalgam. I was mercury poisoned beyond any doubt . Hal Huggins trained dentists saved my life along with the money my parents left me so I could pay them for it. And thanks to the Traditional Naturopathic Doctor Joseph Liss who informed me of the problem.
    One tooth was left in my mouth a back upper right molar . The advanced dentist said the panoramic X-ray showed it was a healthy tooth . I was worried , I couldn’t tell anyone , I was hearing the sound of a gong in the right side of my head . Even when I went into the woods I could still hear it . I finally realized the sound was not from the outside but was going on inside of me. The previous dental work had eliminated sleeplessness ,other extreme state phenomena and voices I had heard for decades. Only this gonging was left. I went back to my Huggins trained dentist and asked him if he would remove that last upper right molar . He said nothing was wrong with it but I really didn’t need it and if I wanted him to he would remove it. I asked him to remove it and after he did he told me he never saw this before . A large pocket of pus directly under the tooth that the Panoramic X-ray did not detect . He cleaned out the pocket according to advanced dental protocol which means besides removing the pus also grinding away with a burr the periodontal ligament.
    I was reborn strong again but unable to really help the millions of human beings captured and tortured by psychiatry after having been also pseudo scientifically “treated” by the American Dental Association dentistry.There really is much more to be said . On YouTube listen to Christopher Shade PHD explain about mercury poisoning. Also on YouTube Russell Blaylock MD retired neurosurgeon.
    There is nothing like lived experience, Health Freedom , and anti-psychiatry.The knowledge of honest people relating lived experience can protect us somewhat from the ravages of the Main Stream Therapeutic State.

  • Thank You Bonnie ! One of the best moves In the “Battle Against Psychiatry” since Chief in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” uprooted and through the sink through a Psychiatric Institution security window . The potential is great and deserves full support . It’s also sure that if the Pharmaceutical Cartel is not widely exposed for what they are which is a group of self-regulated pseudo scientific poisonous drug manufacturing outfits gone amuck, all populations are in danger.

  • Hi Meaghan,
    Your words have a raw honesty that makes me recall Janis Joplin’s singing style and Iris Dement singing her own songs .You somehow combine this level of honesty with the bravery to go on your own Lewis & Clark type expedition . I’ve tried LSD back in the hippy days . There was some kind of reset like while tripping with friends while laying on my back on a grassy raised area at the beach in the evening looking up at the twinkling stars in the sky perception just shifted and I was flying high over a distant city far below me , the twinkling city lights .These days I realize the best strategy is just doing the best I can , then there is no reason to worry cause I’m already doing the best I can and worrying doesn’t help me or anyone else . Also I found a small framed needle point in a resale store that cost me $65 20 years ago . It has a quote I never saw before , ” Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content , a quiet mind is richer than a crown .” A.E.C. 1930 I look forward to reading your blogs and the comments they inspire. I wish you and others a long healthy happy life . Best wishes , Fred

  • Interesting Blog and Comments . Certainly the dominant narrative in so many areas besides and in effect supportive of psychiatry is so extensive that we have virtually an entire country criss crossed with dominant houses of cards . All the false pseudo scientific prominent and dominant houses of cards together require multifaceted oppressive coercive enforcement policies to drive the people to compliance. Finding something you enjoy doing can take your mind off of what is happening to so many all around you and enough money in addition can help cultivate an illusion of freedom and grow capitalism further as more jobs are sent out of the country and more jobs related to control and compliance are created. Real medicine like the AMA , give me a break .

  • Communities of people feeling safe enough and confident enough to speak to each other out of their lived experience will eventually see through and find ways to overcome the oppressive pseudo scientific structures financed by the Oligarchs and rammed down our throats by their foot soldiers “the paid off compliant pseudo-educated loaded with authority puppet class”. (There may hardly be left another way to make a living) Believe it or not these structures include besides the American Psychiatric Association,also the American Medical Association,the American Dental Association , Agriculture and food industry’s , add your favorite, the Oligarchs spread oppression throughout their vast people controlling “enterprizes”.

  • It seems that the coping techniques to the problems of living that we see practiced by those around us don’t solve problems but are just activity used to remain distracted long enough to make it through another day without attracting unwanted attention from authorities because authorities torture people by any means whatsoever , back into accepted distracting and ever more monitored activity or inactivity so that days can pass without attracting more unwanted attention from authorities especially those attentions of the mental death profession. I guess pharma profits will continue to rise . For those that dare try to actually live a life I say good luck .

  • As I remember (bare with me now) before Israel became a recognized state by majority vote of other nations the British who were in control were hanging Jewish freedom fighters fighting for independence. Of course to the British they were terrorists . I guess the old cliche” one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” would apply to situations like this and others similar disputes. In reply to the capture of members of Urgun and Begin’s organization being hung , the reply was to capture British officers and to hang them simultaneously to the Urgun members being hung .The British were appalled and finally when a large number of British officers were celebrating some event in the King David Hotel it was blown up with many British perishing . Soon after the embarrassed British government and military could no longer justify to their citizens back home in England considering the casualties any reasons for remaining in the middle of a dispute between Holocaust Survivors and other Jew’s on one side and the Arab’s on the other . In any case the British left.

    My point : we must somehow along the way make it impossible for psychiatrists to justify to themselves or their family’s that they should continue to go to “work” as psychiatrists and that they leave there G-D forsaken “profession ” in mass numbers and take up some work that does not involve lording themselves over other human beings . Another word’s if they shock us we must shock them , if they drug us into zombie states with poisons likewise for them etc. Along the way we may have to come to this ,otherwise our family’s, our children, our friends, will all of us , when the water in the pot degree by degree gets hot enough, be the frogs that never left the pot as the psychiatrists and pharma and their groupies become ever more emboldened , inventive , and torturous . You got a better idea , I’m all ears .But for G-d sake don’t censor this it’s just one man’s opinion. Tell me what you think we’re supposed to do in this impossible state of affairs , that doesn’t leave us in the frog pot as the temperature rises .

  • And yet on Sept 8 2016 when I visited the same loved one at Mercy Hospital in Roseburg Or. about an hour expressway Highway 5 drive from Sacred Heart . I saw something “somewhat” different . The ABU GRUB GUANTANAMO ( my name for it) 3 bed crisis unit . The “rooms” are small , stark walls painted a darker shade of eggshell white . No view to the outdoors . A raised 6 ft. by 4ft. waist high platform in the center of the room , a 2 inch mattress in the socket on top the platform . Clean sheets an small pillow on top. There is a switch to turn lights on and off . Camera’s an mics cover entire room . Theres a special room up front attached to small lobby where at least one of two security guards monitor viewing screens at all times .” Meds” are given on time by any means necessary. There is nothing to do . accross the hallway is a room with a toilet and shower . Uniforms are blue strong disposable short sleeve paper pants and top . There is a 20 ft.long 8 ft. wide hallway between the room and the shower room . Sunlight does entirely not enter even indirectly into the space I have described .A paper back book was thrown into the room. Only contact is with staff . It was a really severe sensory depravation torture enviornment my loved had to endure for 7 consecutive days .There were no electrical wires attached to her fingers . Otherwise it reminded me of the photos of ABU GRUB . They did allow me to visit twice . We didn’t know how long this type of torture would be applied .
    She was taken there after 10 days at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay Oregon followed by a Super Obvious Kangaroo Court finding for a 6 month commitment accused of among other things throwing a half cup of “hot” tea at a psychiatrist not her own as he passed near her at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay Or.. I heard the “eminent psychiatrist testify by telephone in the Douglas County Court in Roseburg Or. where they transfered my loved one a 51 year old woman ankles shackled together, belt shackle around waist wrists shackled together at front attached to belt shackle . Just like Hannibal Lector but without the face mask . Public Defender was assigned the case the day before and the Choreographed Kangaroo Court Ritual went as previously planned . Of course I was eventually asked by His Honor the Judge to leave the court room . I complied as two 6 ft.+ armed sheriffs were prepared to drag me out if I didn’t exit. Sadly Roseburg Or. recently went through one of those tragic mass shootings and so they are not so friendly toward anyone with any “diagnosis”. And my sweethearts case manager plus other supervising authorities live and work in Roseburg Or. which is also within Douglas County as is Reedsport ,Or. where we live . Yes I have finally contacted a lawyer that might help if I can come up with the do re mi required . How would of all this gone down with a passed Murphy law . I don’t know and I don’t know where there is to go . But I’m sticking with my love .

  • Yes Robert Whitaker , you have trespassed (lit a candle) revealing a pitch black dark assembly of coercive pseudo – scientific charlatans , DSM thumping self-serving unrepentant unrelenting hoax drug and electrical pushing pharma brown nosers delivering customized individualized tortures to human beings from the cradle to the grave : the psychiatrists , would be titled and respected doctors and prestigious money makers and power wielders the memory of whom will one day live only in infamy as the foremost eugenisist flunkies of Oligarch-Plutocracy applying Therapeutic Technological Weaponized Global Corporatism exclusively of for and by the same truly insane , power wielding ” too big to fail “elite” who evidently feel they must try to crush the human spirit of everyone else , cause they themselves are scared shitless of being seen for what they are and ever so fearful of justice catching up with them . Yes Robert Whitaker, and growing numbers trespass with you together strengthening each other as we go forward as the clarifying light reveals what the darkness is made of . Thank you and others for using your clear sight aiming for the benefit of your fellow human beings .

    I meant to say MIA is having an effect . A mental institution facility I visited April of 2016 Sacred Heart in Eugene Oregon had in raised letters on the wall clearly the words BEHAVIORAL CONTROL UNIT. I commented about that here at MIA . 6 months later on Sept. 12 , 2016 visiting the same loved one readmitted to that same unit the sign on the wall had been changed to read BEHAVIORAL HEALTH UNIT . This is not my imagination .I copied the words down carefully with a pen. Also the personal were all a seemingly kind group of female nurses .At the previous visit was a group of wary all male attendants . Not sure what to make of all this . Maybe something to do with the Murphy legislation . Or fear by the facility controllers of follow up inquires and possible negative publicity. Or just a sign of what they plan to do if the Murphy crap passes into law . G-D FORBID.

  • I’m reminded of an experience my dad told he had during World War ll when he led 60 men ahead of the main push toward then Nazi Germany from the Russian side . He was a Polish soldier who after some time after the Nazi blitzkrieg of Poland was left with the choice to fight on the Russian front or go to work in the coal mines of Siberia . He chose to fight . He told me that along the way an old woman approached his men offering them wine to drink . My father insisted she drink first . It turned out to be poisoned .
    If we had the power as individuals to make these psychiatrists “imbibe” first what they offer and have offered us in the way of “treatments” the various neuroleptic poisons etc. over endless time duration and in deadly mixtures plus electricity, the psychiatrists themselves would in short order bury their own beloved “profession” psychiatry along with their DSM’s , deep within the dustbin of history where it has belonged since it’s inception .

  • Kelly,
    Considering the present climate if only all who wished to wean off of pharma psycho making drugs had someone like you to protect and help them under your credential umbrella as well as being able to get personal feedback as wanted from lived experience successful weaner offer’s of drug cocktails as they attempted to realize their dream ,of freeing themselves from DSM(DUMB SHIT MORONIC)
    psychopharmachiatry , organized coercive suspended psychotropic animation ECT etc. For each person actual finding out for themselves the real actual unique cause picture of their predicament would be helpful to them .
    Kelly as I read your blog it screams out to me that you yourself don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be more effective. Go to If you learn YuenMethod from the developer himself or someone he recommends to you it will multiply your understandings to a level that will delight you far beyond your most optimistic expectations . I speak from lived experience and really understand Kam’s wish that at least one member of each family could learn it. Deepak Chopra after a 10 minute session with Dr. Kam Yuen writes in one of his books how amazing was the result . Once learned personal freedom is at a new level. I’m sure it’s one of the most advanced and effective user friendly teachings available on the planet . As Dr. Kam Yuen teaches “something either works or it doesn’t” and even when it works he will say “That’s one approach”. The skills that Dr.Kam Yuen teaches are most compatible with the uniqueness of each individual . It needs to be experienced to be believed and it’s multifaceted levels of non coercively strengthening life forms including human beings of any age and animals etc, which you can learn to do yourself is honestly at the cutting edge of real scientific exploration for the benefit of all people. Is something strengthening you or weakening you at any level ? A weakness can be made strong in the amount of time you believe it can at a subconscious level which you can learn to access and adjust for yourself . When some weakness is of long duration it may take a longer time because more layers like on an onion have been built up over time on top of the original on any unique combination of 6 levels spiritual, psychic, physical, mental, emotional , psychological. Even a child can learn to use this system easier then an adult because many of us adults most especially the pseudo scientifically educated experts with recognized guild credentials , as they pile up the do re mi, have special difficulty shifting perspectives as real individuals discovering important truths all over the planet have to deal with stumbling blocks financed by the resources stolen from the people and wielded by the “top” part of the 1 percent in eugenic cartel enterprises many disguised , advertised , and spun as beneficial to humanity .
    I also wish you Dr.Kelly Brogan would reply to commenters here sometimes because as anti-psychiatry as I am I can still understand the value of many of the natural modality’s which have influenced you . I know of people close to me that could be helped by you. If only there were someone brave and honest like you near where I live in Oregon to protect so many from the coercive psychiatry matrix. Best Wishes, Fred
    If only Health Freedom existed and was non coercively available and affordable for everyone to take or leave as they saw fit. I’m someone almost 70 years old, At least 50 some years of which I was swept away by 3 different guild varieties of coercive pseudo scientific “health care” for profit and suffered like hell. It is truly miraculous the resilience of the human being when we are able to recognize pseudo-science forced or otherwise and walk our own true path away from it even if we are only giving nature half a chance .

  • These days the “medicines” ( and not only the ones that put people in suspended psychotropic animation),and facilities of the pharmaceutical cartels manufacturing them as well as other eugenic and supporting cartels would have to be disposed of as if they were toxic nuclear wastes. I forgot, they dispose of those in the oceans as well . Wendell Holmes, MD (among other things) must not have been a fish eater.
    I guess the government of the 1% is becoming even more toxic to the people as well . Luckily the ocean is big . Fortunately I distill my water .

  • Nomadic
    For the left side stuff google DAMS stands for dental amalgam mercury solutions . Also google Paracelsus Klinic and There’s a good chance your problem is with dental amalgam ,root canals , and or test for cavitations gum area above the upper teeth or below the lower ones . You’ll need a Hal Huggins trained dentist , they have 2 years more training then regular ADA dentists . When you find the DAMS link phone call Leo ( he publishes the newsletter Dental Truth) for his imput on finding a qualified dentist as mentioned above . When you get the dental work done by the right advanced Hal Huggins trained dentist all left side problems you mention should become history . Just my opinion from much lived experience . I don’t get a kick down. Just a humanitarian gesture . Take it or leave it . It is possible I am wrong but I doubt it . I wish this kind of care was available for all in need for free . It’s really corrections of pseudo science ADA dentistry run amuck and the same old guild self protection and denial of truth. good luck , take care ,Fred

  • lectro – pharm – psychotropi – chiatry – neuroleptrified – on ice — iceing on the cake – Murphy’s Kangeroo Law – no child – nobody left behind – new world order style – buried by the shit storm .
    Maybe we can all hide as employees maybe not . Maybe we’ll all really go mad , maybe we already are. How long will this man made shit storm be going on before it passes and how many will fall ?

  • And this r.r is a necessary way forward to that dream . The same link that Will Hall put at the end of his blog.

    In addition for all needing more info. to understand why anti-psychiatry and not just reform . It’s obvious , trying to reform a hoax has been proven to produce evermore outrageous growth in the evermore oppressive and growing psychopharm-archipelego branch of the therapeutic state , both of which have taken on a life of their own and from which no one is safe from receiving unwanted “health care” ( read brain , body, lifespan, & quality of life modification & behavior control through coercive delayed action & time release and other coercive doublespeak strategies from the cradle to the grave .) I guess all this and more make the 400 elite families controlling Amerika feel more safe to continue their tyrannical up-ratchiting reign of terror.

    By the way I just finished reading Bonnie Burstow’s book “PSYCHIATRY AND THE BUSINESS OF MADNESS” An Ethical and Epistemological Accounting . I never read a book I could praise more . Thank you Bonnie !

  • The most comprehensive accurately documented book on the subject of the origins and history of eugenics in America and the actual individuals and organizations involved, that I’ve ever read was written by Edwin Black. He had a team of 50 experienced researchers scouring archives in the U.S. , Europe , and Russia for any pertinent documents or communications , and presents the findings in a chronological historical context through the writin word and copies of authentic photographs that is truly eye-opening and mind boggling and remains as an invaluable aid in recognizing the various guises (by intentional design) of eugenics today and going forward . Definitely a must read for all humanity. Edwin Black’s book is titled ” War Against The Weak”.

  • I will do what cognitive dissonance dictates . Help I’ve been brainwashed but I need to help you so I can make payments on my summer vacation home . It doesn’t really matter what. Blah! Blah! Blah! softly with authority . Or Toxic drugs with even more authority and even softer . Personally I’ve never had the courage to try them . I’m so sane and caring and open minded . Sometimes it is Both . I can’t thing of anymore they won’t let me . I feel like a character in a Martin Short skit.

  • Bonnie
    Thanks, for your article that illustrates among things the importance of “critically aware resistance”. The importance of stepping outside of anger, panic , and fear to enable a more accurate view and assessment of what’s going on in front of us so we have a better chance for the best survival moves to surface . It always helps to have real allies. But what do those of us who are still cycling in and out of extreme states do to withdrawal or other pressures , attracting attention of authorita do? I guess we must believe in the strategies we come up with in our most lucid moments.
    Here’s an article I ran across that seems to me to be somehow related to this one and to some of the comments. Thanks, Fred

  • Considering the different approach of these mental death specialists I would suggest upon graduating from their respective schools of pseudo -scientific gobbledegook , sanctioned by a fascist government to commit crimes against humanity, that they adopt tattoos applied to their foreheads , say 2 lightning bolts in the center of the forehead for psychologists and 2 lightning bolts on either side of a swastika for psychiatrists. After all both have horrific history of involvement in genocide . Besides they are proud of what they do and at least with the prominent tattoos the people could recognize them whenever and wherever they may appear and greet them with an approach of their own .

  • Steve ,
    Many times what some describe to be a conspiracy theory can better be described as a business plan. Also to say there are no conspiracies is not true . Certainly powerful individuals or organizations wielding fabricated pseudo science for profit across many domains are the main threat to all life forms on the planet . Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak ” is a real eye opener. Your comments most often are clarifying . I know mine are a little wilder . It comes from much harrowing lived experience . Fred

  • A day in the life of the system, a survivors impression:
    The Boston of shit Globe pours gasoline on witch hunt fires as the “serve and protect pigs” skin color profile and shoot and kill dead, the darker hued innocent people first in between rounding up and gas lighting more and others before delivery to prisons or into the “caring hands” of “angels of mercy” “psychiatric miracle workers” and manufacturers of “wonder drugs” and modern medieval electrical shock treatment high voltage torture machines for frontal brain cell removal and “proper behavior control encouragement”, for as long as “health assurance insurance ” is not exhausted . Then a van ride that unloads on skid row for a reprieve before more target practice ensues. The Roman Empire lined up the Crucified along the roads as a proper behavior control encourager so the rest of the people could be shock and awed .

  • The police in robo cop gear provoking and pushing the most enhanced contrived negative interpretations and force on innocent people and government “social workers”ganging up even 3 at a time on people aggressively demanding compliance, and of course the really insane psychiatrists have all been using shock and awe gestapo tactics on people as if the Murphy crap had already been passed, for some time now . I guess since 46 states have approved some kind of draconianly interpreted policies juiced up with Macarthy era like hysteria scapegoating mass media, enhanced to super “medicate” (increased piling on the neuroleptic Poisons to zombification levels) anyone they can terrorize. Frightening threats , coercion , new bold aggressive verbalization’s, coercing signatures on papers ,( no time given to even read them) signing away whatever is left, getting 180 day kangaroo court orders threatening State Institution incarcerations. Police Unafraid to fire guns at anyone in less then the most submissive of postures .
    Yeah I called a Congressman and only was able to speak to a phone answering aide . Should I call “GhostBusters” now !
    ALMOST don’t even need the pretense of the word health in their speech anymore as things transition into behavior control units.
    Where can we run to with depleted funds to hide somewhere, somewhere sanctuary till the runaway train of technological chemical electrical draconian “medical” fascism plus passes . I heard you can buy a congressman for $100,000 if you know how to hand the cash over somehow .
    Only if we can transcend ,to brave enough to aid each other can we hope to survive. Conquer Fear And Save Many A Tear . ORGANIZE SOMETHING . Is this beyond the old time USSR ?
    Let us who can in numbers of even 30 march somewhere safely ? together with the US flag upside down in distress with a large Green printed capitol letter E for eugenics and/or a P-S for pseudo -science in the center of the flag with a destination where speeches of explanations and freedom can be given if even one bug house square still exists somewhere . Or even make a spot near the whitehouse a bug house square where the truth about ongoing oppressive psychiatric crimes against humanity can be publicly spoken .Who ever even heard of an American people who have somehow degenerated so far as to allow with hardly a whimper even their own smallest of children to go by the wayside entering the world of brain damaging pseudo-scientific psychiatric torture pharmaceutical cartel hell . They may come for you and me too before we wake up to what we have already allowed.

  • Thank You for this blog . An interesting documentary on not rolling over and accepting oppression . Idea’s on the possible effects of well thought out civil disobedience and how it is done. See the documentary “1971” on Netflix if possible .
    Also the documentary “I AM” is important .
    The following is found here on front page of the website.
    Amicus Brief by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons stating that : ” A civilized State does not forcibly drug its citizens, no matter how offensive. State use of the medical profession to force such drugs on its patients is improper and vulnerable to abuse. A precedent allowing forced drugging with mind-altering drugs could lead , one day to atrocities analogous to those prohibited by the Nuremberg Code. ” Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10 Nuremberg, October 1946- April 1949 (Washington D.C. :U.S. G.P.O. 1949-1953 ) (“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”)

  • Stephen and all,
    I always read your insightful comments when they appear in a comment section and I agree with everything you say in the above comment , but for me the one sentence (“After all, psychiatry is the only “medical specialty” that works to keep it’s patients “ill”.”) reminds me that although psychiatry is the most glaring example of over reaching applied pseudo science to the point of crimes against humanity . Certainly the AMA with its bogus chemo -radiation industry , vaccination industry , ( there are more examples) the suppression , criminalizing and under cutting of the validity of Traditional Naturopathy and evolution of other ancient natural modalities from around the world also constitute crimes against humanity as well as ADA dentistry with their continued use of 53% mercury in so called silver amalgams and root canals (there is more) also constitute crimes against humanity .The government and for the most part the general population’s acceptance of these AMA and ADA practices (and there is an unacceptable level of coercion in them also ). I’m trying to say that this precedent which has been “established”of government sanctioned applied pseudo -science in these areas and others , practiced by the AMA and ADA makes it that much harder to strip psychiatry of the unlimited power it wields against the population .
    I guess it’s called the Therapeutic State cause there isn’t any real effective oversight over any of it making it the powerful’s stealth torture weapon –pseudo science applied with the facade of health care or other benefit for the people — same old same old eugenics in new bottles “kinder and gentler”. I guess this subject could easily fill a book. I believe that the powerful’s multi- faceted assault on the people with applied pseudo science in so many varied areas pertaining to life itself is the greatest threat to all life forms on the planet . Thank’s, Fred
    If possible check out the documentaries “I AM” and also ” 1971″ on Netflix .

  • What does it mean to be called crazy in a crazy world ? For me it meant being flushed down the toilet of torture psychiatry . To come out after repeated flushing finally from the other end after literally first escaping 5- 6 times and finally as a psych-survivor , like finally coming out of a black hole loop with a story to tell that might really help other’s , and being told to limit it to a thousand words and basically told I’m glad that worked for youuu, but we are all so greatly different that an individual’s experience is more or less antidotal , and we have the highly educated that in an evidence based way will sort through the sands of pseudo -science with their limited lived experience and divine the truths we can use to help ourselves reinvent the wheel as the search itself is commodified further while we the 10 to 15 percent of the 200,000,000 people in just the USA have added on A-N-X-I-E-T-Y !!! in us, just from the mercury in our dental work without really understanding what that means . I do . Ask Christopher Shade PHD (Videos on YouTube)
    Thank You Bruce , I will eventually read Will’s book .

  • I was fortunate to have been at one of Pat’s presentations in CoosBay Oregon and to talk to him afterwards . I knew he was a man of integrity that could be trusted . Afterwards that same day he visited us at Shama House a drop in center in Northbend Or. He was so concerned about us . He told me quietly that he knew that Pres. Bush Jr. had requested a list to be compiled of all the people in the US that had psychiatric history .
    I hope Pat’s website stays up as it remains such a very important resource.
    Here’s one quote from the front page of Pat’s website .
    “If you have 100 people in a state hospital and find a way to get 50 of them out, I will celebrate with you for the release of the 50. But, the next day I will knock on your door asking about the difference between number 50 and number 51 and wondering why we couldn’t
    get just one more out . And, I will keep knocking until 99 are out because I’ll still be concerned about number 100. That’s my job, my role as an advocate.”
    If we heed even close to the example of this remarkable man we will win . May he rest in peace and bliss .

  • Thank you Frank B., “When the mental health system , due to ineffectual and harmful standard (mal) practices is killing people ,on a large scale, and when this fact is being suppressed , in the interests of social control, by the corporate owned media , in cahoots with the government , and the international legal drug trade , I think anything you can do, and this includes hunger strikes , to put that story before people is justified . ”
    Tragically we have a similar story of pseudo science and corruption across the board in so many domains . Pharmaceutical cartel, American Medical Assn. , American Dental Assn. Agriculture food distribution cartel , in the production of most of our food supply, Chemical cartel the use of chemicals and heavy metals so unregulated and deadly that end up in our bodies ,Gutting of Environmental Protection Measures .Sure there are more . This is what constitutes what some call the Therapeutic State . Certainly there are those that want to control everything and everyone which points clearly to Eugenics . Population Culling with enslavement for survivors . Why there isn’t massive civil disobedience and rebeling the cartels and there owners by name , is a mystery to me .
    Seems to me that the most natural ally of anti -psychiatry would be people that seek to obtain organic food , pure water, and a chemical free environment.
    By the way First Order Psychiatry implies a second order psychiatry . Are they the ones whose retirement plans are mainly invested in the pharmaceutical cartels ?
    Where’s Ted Chablansky ? (sorry for misspelling)

  • Thanks for an interesting blog and discussion .
    What comes to mind to me upon reading most all of the above is , what if the blind men around the elephant rotated their positions till they all could experience the elephant from each others positions , and soon after in addition all regained their eyesight. It would seem at least that they would be much better able to understand each other concerning the elephant .
    If the brain is like living hardware and the mind the software that can shift to different programs in various ways and for various reasons . Are mind and brain capable of turning into each other somehow like energy and matter ? Furthermore do not the areas spiritual, emotional, physical, psychic, mental, psychological all effect each other uniquely within each individual according to what that individual believes at a subconscious level ?
    Is Psychiatry Inc. some kind of coldblooded self- appointed and self- defining witch hunting virus authority program soaked in the steroid of pseudo science , that seeks to limit our choice about what , for how long , and how we think about something , as well as how we act over a lifetime shortened , during which we’re made sick by psychiatry itself, for profit and the brown nosing opportunities afforded to psychiatrists , and doctors ?

  • Can Psychiatry at least be curious ? Consider this , feigned curiosity may appear in the form of “the endless need for more studies which are funded and tweaked to always call for more studies not quite conclusive enough and also there will be endless faked additional studies and stories funded to maintain doubt and confusion . Consider Fluoride in water, Mercury as dental material , Tobacco, probably more is sold worldwide then ever. There are so many organized big scale crimes for profit . Of course there are countless examples .
    A way must be found to counter the 4 or 5 dog defense which criminal cartels like psychiatry will /or are, using as the opposition to them gets stronger. Google ( The 4 dog defense ? ) I believe psychiatry , if our opposition to it is strong enough will as other cartels, corporations , complexes have , will begin to more obviously use the 4 dog defense to try to delay their demise interminably . We must somehow avoid falling into the trap of being manipulated in that way as have so many others . We will need all our creativity individually and together in small and large groupings to try to at least to put a major dent in the coercive force psychiatry with pharmaceutical -medical – government and population approval wields and yet remain un co-opted and not telegraph all our moves to the opposition . Hopefully we can all use the time we allocate in the most efficient way to at least end coercive psychiatry and it’s tentacles while somehow helping as many individuals as possible to escape or avoid it’s ravages somehow . Even if we help just one individual it can be very difficult and very important . Robert Whitaker’s example inspires us all . I hope the opposition doesn’t trap him or cause him to waste his energy .

  • Thank You for inspiring me to reply .The psychiatrists and underlings of the Behavior Control Unit will go to great inappropriate extremes to shut us down as rapidly as possible while maintaining a distance between themselves and us that allows them with their pseudo science embedded in pseudo compassion to make cold-blooded decisions about what poison chemical combinations they can best addict us with . After a couple weeks then a 180 day commitment obtained in a kangaroo court hearing followed within days by a launch to the outside after being coercively cornered into signing that I will comply to an unsurvivable plan which includes among other absurdities orders not to leave the county or else. Life goes on after a compassionate stay at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene , Oregon that out does even the Murphy Bill today or that is a precursor of it . By the way in bold raised letters on the wall before you enter the 4 door maze entrance can actually be read BEHAVIORAL CONTROL UNIT .No pretense about any kind of health here. I’m not kidding . And I’m thankful it wasn’t me . I’m out here acting . But it was someone I love and it hurts . I hear the sound of psychiatry circling the wagons.

  • It happens way too often that human beings have horrific traumas placed on them by people close to them that should love them but instead put them through ongoing beyond belief torture scenarios. This can happen at the youngest of ages and can involve a whole family of ‘parents’ and children and others outside the ‘family’ that just happen to ‘meet’ the ‘patriarch ‘ depending on his mood and what he feels he can get away with at the time . Compliance is demanded and talking about what is going on to outsiders is strictly discouraged by all means necessary. Siblings can also be forced to torture each other . It’s a miracle to come out alive from these places . When a small child spontaneously divides and jumps from personality to personality to spontaneously survive such an environment for some guild to be available as a coverup and dispenser of further torture for profit including ,labels , poison pills , est speaks volumes about the people in the society in which this occurs . Then when as an adult having gone through this for too long as a child , sez “they’d never want to lose the ability to shift personality’s” . Who has a right to say otherwise or call it a disease or give it a label . I’d say congratulate them for having survived an impossible situation far more dangerous then any astronaut’s journey to outer space. They deserve at least reparations not more torture . Psychotic my ass .

  • I’d like to reiterate thanks to Lauren Tenney for her tireless work and a big ” In Solidarity ” hug to all you who have survived and to all those who have not and to those that love us still . When I was young BP (before psychiatry) just 16 I like so many of us was brilliant in heart , mind , and spirit and filled with a tireless energy . Certainly the Thorazine , the Halidol , and the Electric Shock delivered by force took a toll from me that I am most of the time in denial about . In other words ” I could have been somebody “. The aftereffect undercurrent terror of electro-shock and psychiatry are never far from the surface . Psychiatry is so designed and certainly that must be what they are proud of whenever they say they can identify validation for their demented torture modalities as another victim becomes one of the numerous stepping stones along their long arduous path to the historical scrape heap of profitable pseudo-scientific barbarianism that was finally exposed and defeated. Maybe this type of battle must always be fought certainly for the foreseeable future .
    I started out to try to reply to “truth” about what I tried to do to mitigate the effects of my brain damage . Within a couple weeks after electro-shock treatments , arriving home at my parents house , having been released into their custody, with great difficulty I convinced my dad to verbally fill in the gaps in my memory where I knew uncomfortably , that stuff was missing concerning my previous history and yet did not know what it was. Our conversation helped . So does Vita-Mineral Green by HealthForce a green super powder supplement and Richard Schultze’s herbal brain formula . Also the extreme state formula herbal extract you can make yourself by mixing equal parts of fennel, alfalfa, elderberry, nettle, anise, dandelion, uva ursi , yarrow, and comfrey . Look up on the net how to make an herbal extract . Has relaxed me , stopped voices , and helped me wean off of psychotropics. Also had amalgams containing mercury removed , root canals removed and checked for cavitations. Then amazingly normal sleep returned and never voices anymore .
    I’ll join in demonstrating to stop electro shock wherever and whenever possible for me to do so, coercive psychiatry as well . Maybe even surrounding shock box making companies .

  • From the psychiatry , psychiatrists , pharma- executives, & biggest profiting big wigs end , they could care less about what logic or subterfuge underpins their power. It is more about shock and awe people control , growing acquisition of money and power , eliminating competition , addicting or brain damaging their growing numbers of “customers” into compliance (slavery). There is much precedent for houses of cards built on lies controlling populations for periods of over 50 or 100 years or much more. And there is the tobacco company playbook and the 4 dog defense .
    Isn’t it obvious that this kind of stuff is what anybody who chooses to dialog with psychopharm-industrial-complex thought leaders must surmount . It’s been quite a discussion . Maybe we can all write an open source book about how to save as many actual human beings as possible from the ravages of psychiatry etc. as work facilitating the ever too slow crumbling of psychiatry and its support systems goes on.

  • Yes Robert , you absolutely have shown me by your logical analysis how comprehensive are the dangers of “psychiatric professionals” and their “side effect laden chemical “drugs” delivered coercively, that cause a cut short lifetime of misery and dissatisfaction . People survive in spite of them (psychiatry, drugs, and the psychiatrists) not because of them. Anything that they do, perceived as being helpful by any human being , is better done by other means found outside the field of psychiatry which first do no harm . My confidence in writing this is strengthened by my own lived experience .
    Your question , “And if not , what shall we do ?” I would answer like this > We must come to the place where we progressively boycott coercive psychiatry . At the same time we must promote the numerous first do no harm strategies that work described comprehensively and recommended by psych- survivors . We ourselves along the way must become our own doctors learning from psych-survivors , Traditional Naturopathy , energy healing systems like Homeopathy and others like Christopher Shade Phd. and Dr. Rau and his 80 member team at the Paracelsus Klinic , and there are more others to learn from, many who Blog and /or comment right here at Mad In America.
    In this way a person can customize their own system to solve their own life problems without necessarily reinventing the wheel although sometimes creative invention will happen. Thank you for opening the floodgates of creative thinking . Fred

  • Five unidentified people entered Melbourne’s Eastern Health facility posing as hospital employees and escaped along with Garth Daniels. Professor Doctor Paul Katz was found wandering around in Australia’s outback wearing an energizer bunny outfit with a giant battery velcro strapped to his back. It was thought he went on a walkabout.
    I wish .

  • Thank You Lauren for your honest and tireless work . I hope it bears good fruit . It’s hard for me to talk about shock treatments because I’ve had 15 bilateral high voltage electro shock “treatments” forced on me , one every other day and even felt the full explosive pain and saw internally the visual explosion as well , at one of the “sessions” before anesthesia took effect . I was disbelieved and ridiculed about it when I reported the excruciating pain I had felt , then despite feeling over the top terrorized had more forced on me .It was just before I turned 18 years old . I admit it electro-shock is my great fear just like rats were for the character Winston in George Orwell’s book 1984 . Just 2 years ago ( I’ll be 69 in March) a friend I went to high school with showed me how I looked in a class photo . She said “look at you you weren’t there “. I looked and saw my expression and my eyes in the photo and said back to her “yeah I wasn’t there”. As I look back I remember it was the chemical lobotomy “drug” Thorazine and the electro- shock that provides the 1 2 zombifying super punch . Although each can do it alone easily . Maybe thats why I’m Anti-Psychiatry .
    I was unaware back then of any activism opposing psychiatry or electro-shock . I thought I was as alone as one of the turtles on the Galapagos – Islands . Eventually I escaped 5 or 6 times from mental institutions and in the middle of that when a natural doctor who taught people in his health food store, mercifully started teaching me another way to survive. After gaining new understanding I came to believe I could try and invent a first do no harm substitute modality to electro-shock . I was driven to find a way to help people to not have to go through the unbearable tortures I experienced . I read books on natural healing and also the use of supplements. I tried any substances in the HealthFood store that I thought could possibly help . Joseph Liss ND answered most any questions that came up. Some months later I felt I had a workable meanwhile solution and years later another addition as options usable at various stages of extreme states that could safely be used at home or at some relatively free shelter space so that psychiatry and electro-shock could be bypassed altogether if a person so choose .
    People always ask what else there is . When you tell them they cry antidotal at you , don’t believe you , or find some creative verbal gymnastic ( We are all so different ! ) Yeah but we are still the same species and are able to offer help to each other even though we are not some guild member . ( Where is the Science ?) We are talking about first do no harm options . And on and on . Anyways here goes.
    Yes I do agree betrayal trauma of one type or another is a huge factor . Having the right people to talk to does help . But I also say that heavy metal and other types of poisoning are also a huge factor that generally has not been quantified . And I’m not even including “psych-drug ” poisoning as part of the last sentence .
    I found that taking the flushing type of niacin ( I took 1200 mg) then upon flushing , entering a hot mineral bath I used BathTherapy not the original green mineral powder ) , a loofa quickly eases the itching and a profound relaxation appears with no voices, a great aid to that sleepless insomnia state . Be aware you could easily fall asleep in the tub .
    Also made an herbal extract that relaxes and even stops voices . Also found that juicing green vegetables then mixing 50 50 with spring or distilled water helps .
    Main thing for me was advanced Hal Huggins dental work . I was being mercury poisoned and heard voices do to conventional dental work including root canals . There were also infected gums and teeth. Poverty sucks . If necessary beg borrow or steal if you won’t get caught, the money needed for advanced dental work . Conventional ADA dentists for real don’t know squat and cause untold suffering . Check out over the net what they do at Paracelsus Klinic ( yes with a K) in Switzerland for state of the art info .
    Anyway I’ve followed what the FDA has done in regard to the use of Mercury in dentistry . There record is dismal . And they are definitely bought and paid for by the therapeutic state and will over ride real science in the interests of controlling populations and mainly for corporate cartel mindless and heartless greed. I did sign the petition but I can’t ignore the FDA’s track record . Abolish Electro-Shock ! I look forward to the day when at least coercive psychiatry is submerged deep within the dustbin of history never to arise again .

  • Thanks Philip for another well thought out informative article . It should be clear by now that when talking to psychiatrists their underlings and big-pharma reps and executives one must expect to hear words coming out of both sides of their forked tongued mouths at the same time .
    Although our government and others insist on monitoring and thoroughly inspecting nuclear weapons programs of certain countries it’s a huge mistake that the same level of scrutiny is not especially applied to Psychiatry and Big -Pharma . I guess it would be like asking the Therapeutic State to oversee itself instead of totally running amuck with abandon while abandoning the wellbeing of the people.

  • In a time when cruelty and fraud are like surounding waves rolling over us , coming from so many sources and directions , often camouflaged as rescue or embedded in the necessities of life : to weaken at times which is only human , can mean to be thrown into the rapids gasping for air by those grasping for more money and power who hesitate not at all to turn others into some kind of collateral damage or indentured ATM machine . Considering the increased rate of human being’s predatory actions against each other both on an individual and corporate cartel government scale , as panic rises , the time window for solutions to be envisioned across many fields in synchronicity that embody the idea of mutually guaranteed survival is not growing any larger. Abolishing coercive psychiatry will not be enough and the thought of how little a person can do alone compared to what needs to be done is paralyzing and leaves isolating seeming like an escape pod . I just recently saw the movie ‘The Big Short” which explains the last financial and housing market collapse and serves as an example of the mechanics of fraud in so many areas affecting humanity . I look forward to reading the interviews in hopes of finding some inspiration while at the same time intuiting that interviews with psych-survivors themselves would be most amazing . Thank you for writing this blog .

  • If anyone believes they are immune to experiences like visual and/or audial phenomena , insomnia, up and down moods ,speeding thoughts , feelings of being dead inside , lots of mixing up internal phenomena with external events , and not relating well with others ,etc. just allow your ADA dentist to keep installing enough so called silver amalgams which are really at least 50% mercury into your mouth and you will eventually even if it takes large amalgams in every tooth , yes you will eventually feel the surge . By the way enough mercury will also block other various chemical toxins from various sources from leaving your body. You will also be made more susceptible to other types of trauma then you would be otherwise . And of course you’d be more likely to be captured labeled and engulfed by the government sanctioned pharma psychiatric chemical and electrical torture crimes against humanity cartel.
    Look up the videos of Dr. Chris Shade who himself at one time was poisoned by 17 amalgams containing mercury . He does state of the art testing for mercury poisoning .

  • “If the patient is not in jail , the jailers can not force electroshock on to their patient.”

    In 1964 as a minor I was unjustly forced into jail and from there unjustly forced into a mental hospital and while there forced into a series of 15 bilateral electroshock “treatments”within 30 days. One of them applied before anesthesia took effect . Healy would not allow himself to have one like that even for a large cash prize. But he would learn that the books written about how positive shock box voltage is are bogus . Only one other person e-mailed from the organization Zapback experienced the super painful atomic bomb like inner skull extending outward explosion that occurs . They said it was exactly the way I described it . There is nothing in the literature about it . Them that ain’t had it know zippo about it . It’s pretty easy to stand there and hit a switch for an arbitrary amount of time to apply high voltage’s to peoples brains and collect money while calling your self some kind of doctor with government sanctioning . ( with the swagger and verbal confidence of a gestapo to boot ) People do come in strange packages and I’ll grant that Healy is an enigma . But calling himself an expert about what electro-shock feels like or does , give me a break . I could write a book on just the one series of 15 bi-lateral voltage electroshocks I was forced to receive, let alone 40 years of torture being connected as a victim of the pharma psych medical government gulag. Been free now as I can be for about 13 years . (Even while the Fascist Therapeutic State makes bold outrageous moves to surround the population from the youngest to the oldest . From the cradle to the grave .)

  • Like some demented pied piper they come for our children . What is their long range plan ? For whom are they concerned ? What reply would inconvenience them the most ? Boycott all mainstream medicine and pharma products, drugs, as much as possible . No vaccinations , flu shots , etc. Accept no installation of any metals from dentistry . Distill your own drinking water . Avoid chemicals and pesticides and insecticides as much as possible . Eat only organically grown food as possible . Grow some if you can .Learn about these things . If possible group together in small groups and home school children . Learn about Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , Energy healing systems , Herbs . Read Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak ” to see what they have historically done , who they are and to understand the direction of their goals . We the people must demand freedom in our health decisions and the right to reject all and any coercive oppressive dictates from anyone or any organization . Fascism must end . Corporations are not people. Those corporations or cartels that endanger the people should legally again be possibly dissolved by decisions of the people in honest courts of law. Psychiatrists must in mass burn their own DSM and other supporting forms , shock boxes and any other oppressive paraphernalia in their deadly arsenal or face the consequences doled out by an awakened people . I really like that last one . I’m sure there is more to add. Get your slimy hands off our children !

  • A good friend of mine also named Fred chose to go into the Marine Corps . In Hawaii in the 1960’s during training on a long march with loaded pack he broke his foot and couldn’t continue . The sergeant in charge ordered him onto his feet to continue . Fred could not stand up . He was left behind . Hours later in the dark Fred arrived at base camp having crawled for miles to get back . He was examined and found to have a broken foot and was treated . When those in charge heard what happened Fred was thrown into the brig for months given a psychiatric diagnosis and “prescribed librium” . When they shipped him back home to Illinois he was addicted to the librium and given “psychiatric care.” He was on it for the rest of his life , self attempts to wean off failed , and eventually after fighting them for decades the VA gave him a full 100% disability pension . He laughed and called it cash therapy . He had only 1/2 dozen years left to live . Effects of librium tightened many of his muscles. He had much pain . In his 60’s his spine bent in half . He walked bent over . During his last stay in a VA hospital a doctor there offered to operate on him promising he would have less pain . Fred agreed and after recovery from the operation the surgeon walked into Fred’s room and asked if the pain was now relieved . Fred told him that now it was worse then ever. Without a word the surgeon turned and walked out of the room. When I spoke to Fred on the phone he told me there was a veteran in the room next to his that grunted in pain all day and night. He said they ignored him . We talked about great camping experiences we had had in the past . I was sorry I could not afford to travel from Oregon to Illinois to visit my close friend . He was rare in the level of his goodness as a human being , as I ever met . Within a week his wife told me that Fred himself pulled the tubes from his body so he could die in peace . It’s not a surprise to me that that women are so badly abused in the military . Evidently Abuse is part of military tradition . I don’t know what to do about it .

  • Thanks for the warning . This sounds like some super sized research under the influence tidal wave , of institutionalized institutional corruption , spearheaded by the bought and paid for best & brightest . And/ or is it a bid of the Therapeutic State to ratchet itself up further as the beloved primary enforcer and bread winner for the new world order wizards of Oz ? We the world population of coerced test crash dummies can hardly wait for our turn or our escape .

  • “Why would the USA, the most “treated” population in the world when it comes to “mental illness”, have these ridiculously higher rates of mass murder? ( Unless, of course, the “treatment” was a factor, but I’ll let that rest for now .”
    USA also most “treated” when it comes to VACCINATIONS (btw forced now in California will that spread ? )Authorities deny actual vaccination poisoning and call it , ASD autism-spectrum disorder, what used to be called Aspergers except authorities continue to cover-up for the sake of the guild the Church of Modern Medicine .Let us not forget The Most Wholely Church of the Side Effect Modern Pharma Toxic Substances Engineered and Distributed For Human” Health”.
    USA also most “treated” when it comes to so called silver amalgam tooth fillings contain 50% mercury that is continuously being emitted into the body and brain. Also thanks to the Church of Unadvanced Dentistry the cover-up continues .
    Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, France, Norway, Canada, and the United Kingdom have either curbed or restricted the use of mercury amalgam dental fillings that contain 50% mercury.
    Imagine the 2 above factors plus “mental health treatment” acting together differently but weirdly in each individual while being covered up and the Murphy BS being pushed as the final solution if you really want to puke .Yes it’s unimaginable but it’s happening .

  • In many ways psychiatry figures they can make full bore pseudo science fly even higher because “real medicine” (AMA) itself is so full of it itself, (vaccinations, cancer treatment , and heart related treatments as first class examples ) setting the precedent of hiding what it doesn’t know behind terminologies and taking the position that to question them is already a sign of “mental illness”. Of course psychiatry is pseudo scientific selection system that threatens everybody . Ask not what psychiatry can do for you ask what you can do to abolish psychiatry. And beware big brother -big pharma hovering over everything .

  • Such a valuable article to appear and shine light where it’s needed . I’ve long believed that between any 2 people if there isn’t friendship going on not much at all is happening . I think friendship can happen in real life in really meeting , not really in distant communications like the internet ( I may not understand ). Maybe that is one reason why the word “movement” as in anti-psychiatry is so often in quotation marks or denied completely .So many of us have not had opportunity to spend live time together . Besides many are in relative poverty besides being justifiably worried about wolves in sheep’s clothing and/or spies showing up. I’ve seen friendships fall apart or deteriorate because of misunderstandings communicated from long distance and no face to face meetings for too many years.
    I’m thankful that Michael wrote this article and look forward to reading his book .

  • BTW , I’m finally started reading Robert Whitaker’s and Lisa Cosgrove’s latest book Psychiatry Under The Influence .It’s scary what the meeting of psychiatry ,big pharma , and insurance company’s , have constructed . I’m wondering if “cognitive dissonance” in this case is just what Hannah Aren’t described as “the banality of evil ” . Later she said to paraphrase that sometimes in human history evil moves rapidly across the land like a prairie fire . Isn’t greed especially within the one percent wielding unregulated pseudoscience, in so many area’s regardless of the damage to human beings , that very prairie fire cris-crossing our country and beyond ?

  • Hi Sera ,
    The 2 days before your article which talks early on about the idea of safe space I was thinking about the idea of sanctuary and wondering if ever there really was any truly protecting space for the hunted besides maybe the vast wilderness in the distant past . If now safety means having disguises prepared and fresh identification papers at the ready or moving to Uruguay where Julie Green MFA says theres a town where there is only one psychiatrist for 7000 people and drugs if someone feels they need them can be got at a pharmacy without prescription and the people share info about what works or not and a lower cost of living . So maybe it has one psychiatrist too many , still sounds like a paradise compared to the USA draconian corporate everything & tightening .
    I really like your list of definitions and certainly believe that Western Mass RLC should be supported to the max .
    Also I was thinking about how to describe a phenomena that I see is a huge factor in all our problems . How the mainstream sanctioned guilds the AMA the APA and the ADA (dental assn.) cross fertilize each others nest eggs with iatrogenic pseudo scientific procedures and substances , (Psychiatry being probably the worst) while limiting other first do no harm modalities , strategies and healing arts , and basically circling their super cumbersome carnival “medicine ” wagons as they work ever harder to gain legal mandates for coercive practices that damage the human being. Of course Rockefeller petroleum based medicine,including operation paperclip universities , and Pharma cartels and Insurance for mostly unhealthy modalities doesn’t help us either .
    Murphy Bill ? Aren’t we at a stage in our “democratic ” development here in the USA where a policy is first put into force and then the legal sanctioning follows ? Isn’t that the new world order for “security’s” sake ?
    I’m still anti -psychiatry and I’ll find $20 for the RLC as so many of the wealthy on the east coast and everywhere else are so tight and self centered that the buffalo on the nickel sh–s just thinking about them .
    Take Care , Fred

  • Thank You Philip ,
    It seems to me that Pie’s intention at this point altogether may be to get the words (little white lie) and (chemical imbalance) , to be thought of by the public as being connected , as a form of damage control , thereby obscuring the real truth that psychiatrists psychiatry and pharmaceutical conglomerates have perpetrated a hoax that falls easily into the category of crimes against humanity actually making scheduling trials and reparations the real issue considering countless multitudes of people whose reputations , lives , families , opportunities were replaced with torture , by toxic drug cocktails and voltage or worse and early death, while we have to be subjected to Pie’s concern for his “reputation’ and his crocodile tear threat of legal action while the crimes of the APA and it’s members are so vast and despicable, to innumerate them would take an army of chroniclers an almost infinite amount of time .

  • Of course my primary concern is preserving” dr.” Pies reputation and in order to facilitate a just resolution in line with his pursuits we have leased space in the hull of a freighter for” dr.” Pies and all his “thought leader” comrades including “dr.” Frances and “dr. Lieberman . Safe passage will be provided directly to Dr. Frankenstein’s castle in Transylvania where Igor personally will drive the “good doctors ” the final mile and a half by horse drawn coach to the castle. Along with big pharma” thought leaders” who arrived last week to modernize the lab with Igor’s assistance “dr.” Pies and company will have a jim dandy laboratory to continue their experiments . We can hardly wait .

  • The relocation that really worked the best for me : My life was falling apart and I was periodically needing to go to court as the judge was to determine who would get custody of my only daughter. Things were complicated and the stress so high I could easily have ended up in a mental institution again. I needed to keep a clear head cause there were important decisions I had to make. I needed to sleep enough I didn’t want to be drugged and I had to be mentally sharp on court hearing days . I thought of a quote of Thoreau’s . “Leave the pines and unnerve yourself .” I took it seriously and decided to leave my Chicago apartment behind and go on an extended backpacking tour of National Parks . A friend came by while I was preparing and wanted to come with . I said ok and we ended up backpacking in various Parks only coming back to Chicago for court dates . I had a theory that every person has a natural inner sense of time passing which living in the city throws off . Living in the city , time seems to pass very quickly . After fully 2 months of backpacking in national parks my sense of passing time did self readjust to a much slower natural speed and I felt much more balanced . The backpacking and hiking went on for 6 months. Thoreau was right . Spending this active time in the wilderness gave me the strength to endure the impossible . While in the wilderness I thought this way of life along with a fews like minded people might well be the best way to live altogether .I still do. I did end up living in a mobile close to the Dunes recreational area along the central Oregon coast minutes from the ocean shore . My daughter is happily married now and I have 2 healthy grandkids . Plus I’m free of psychiatry .

  • Main stream health authorities the AMA , both APA’s and the ADA (America Dental Association) along with Big Pharma (should be broken into small pieces and honestly regulated by the people), along with corporations like Monsanto and other mainstream chemical adulterers of our food and water supply and air have become a danger to the population of the United States and further out there on the planet . To try and cover all this up with behavior control is ludicrous .

    Replace the above with Clinics like Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland .
    Put Traditional Naturopaths , Homeopaths , and other first do no harm practitioners in charge .The best AMA doctors should be limited to treating physical trauma . Because of all the wars caused by robber barons and all the soldiers that have been physically wounded in battle I will grant that the AMA has become good at treating physical trauma .Nothing Else . Organic food production to the forefront . As far as Psychiatry it itself is a virus and a fungus attacking humanity . You want solutions ask the survivors who have come out the other side of it who spent 30 or more years being tortured by it . Put them in charge and push aside all the high paid titled imaginary educated doctors,pseudo scientists , predatory politicians, and orchestrating robber barons, and officials who never even tasted the effect of even one tab of Thorazine let alone a forced shock “treatment”. We the people above all need Health Freedom immediately . If he didn’t have so much power Murphy would be a joke . The truth is any human being with too much power is dangerous to the rest of us . Just as in nature scum rises to the top .

  • I think Mike Adams of http://www.NaturalNews .com has a more accurate perspective on Fukushima and the dangers of radiation . Also see the three part series Zeitgeist on Netflix that includes talks on scientific innovations and sustainable living. Maybe on Youtube also.
    A close friend of mine worked as a radiation technician taking patients for radiation treatments for cancer. She said she knew of a doctor in her department that died of radiation poisoning at the age of 40. She herself died of it also while only in her 40’s. Her thumbnail turned green . Her blood seeped through the walls of her veins . There’s a lot of covering up about radiation . Of course there’s a lot of money to be made from it also . Chemo as well .

  • Ron, if you really want a stronger perspective and more nuance on these subjects do a deep study of Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , an effective energy healing system . Study Russell Blaylock MD (retired neurosurgeon) and Chris Shade Phd. Also read “Sick and Tired” by Robert Young and check out Paracelsus Klinic online .
    Dr. Brogan has written another great article .

  • I appreciate this very important post and that for every person wanting to wean off of medical or psychiatric drugs they would be very fortunate to find Kelly Brogan MD, ABIHM with her deep understanding of first do no harm modalities , with her dedication to the wellbeing of people and truth , and the courage to pursue them , while there are so many content to circle the wagons and profit from pseudo science .

  • Pseudo scientifically used mercury and compounds of mercury in dental amalgams by ADA dentists is beyond any doubt a factor in making people more vulnerable to mental and emotional stresses they could otherwise more routinely deal with . It is a player for millions of people elevating mental and emotional reactions into various types of distortion which would be seen to vanish if the mercury amalgams were properly removed according to Hal Huggins protocols and preferably replaced with inert ceramics .Then detox could be done . For many depression would subside . I’ve experienced the change . Mercury is the second deadliest element on the periodic table . It’s continued use in dentistry and BTW as a preservative in AMA vaccinations can only realistically be accounted for as a gargantuan plus plus money maker for the “medical professions”. The more ailing people complaining the more cash money to be made .
    Mercury not only blocks it’s own elimination from the body but is able to block the elimination of other toxic substances as well . Big Pharma knows it and loves it .
    See Dr. Chris Shade’s video discussions on it google Iceland supermandiet then in the detox category scroll down to the Shade video . Dr. Shade himself was poisoned by mercury amalgams. Also he has videos on Youtube . Also see Dr. Russell Blaylock’s videos on Youtube .
    I wonder the effect of psychiatric pseudo meds acting synergistically with mercury and/or it’s compounds ?
    Of course there are other heavy metals and chemical poisons which “modern medicine” and its major offshoots have clearly demonstrated they are not capable of handling except for the purpose of making profit out of as they sicken multitudes .

  • Thank You Nancy for this tribute to Bonnie Nelson . I spoke to her on the phone less then a dozen times and on phone conferences with others along with one of her sons Daryl sometimes as long as 2 hours . After having joined Mind Freedom, David Oaks recommended I should call Bonnie. When I finally did I quickly realized I was talking to real deal experienced activists and she and Daryl were jump starting me into activism for human rights especially against psychiatric oppression from which I had so long been a victim. We talked of cross country RV travel stopping and talking to people along the way . She wanted to travel by RV to visit her friend David Oaks in Eugene hoping he was on a road to recovery. As you say she was a force of nature . She inspired me and now I truly realize the best stance in the face of oppression is activism . Even if it starts slow with only a a small number of people like drops of water growing into a thunderstorm wearing away the oppression and lifting the hearts of the oppressed .We will miss Bonnie , may she have peace and bliss in the world of eternal life.

  • You know Philip when your clear analysis bumps into others lived experience together the sparks that fly are part of the avalanche that will take the cynical medieval people eating monstrosity that psychiatry clearly is and finally bury it.
    It worry’s me , like the tobacco companies before them that tied monkeys to chairs and force introduced into their bodies various substances as they searched for even more addictive chemical compounds to add to cigarettes hoping they could make it eventually impossible for people to quit using their adulterated product. It’s more than probable big pharma is doing the same type thing on a larger scale developing chemicals and biological substances both more addictive and damaging over the long term experimenting in the open air on people of all ages in the hope of delivering them disguised as medicines by making them more time released ,( what is the meaning of the intensifying of coercion in APA psychiatry, and in AMA vaccinations and psychotropic and other toxic prescribing , along with “radiation and chemo -therapy” just for starters, unlabeled GMO foods , fluoride in drinking water, and unregulated other deadly substances released into the environment ) , similar to the Nazi’s disguising extermination by gas as hygienic showers. We need there to be more inside whistle blowers anonymously revealing secrets of these cartels and various other corporate government “enterprises” to the people whose lives are greatly endangered by the combined effect of the eugenic direction of cartel activities. Population reduction has long been a well financed dream of Rockefeller and Carnegie and others. They also seek to make it a profitable enterprise .
    The question is that as unthinkable as this all is, what can waken the people to do something together about these common problems that the powerful must feel their money makes them immune to . They must take comfort in that they also control the main stream media .I guess they don’t intend to change their ” way of life” and feel killing off the majority and enslaving some of the population for profit is their chosen method of environmental control of the planet. I hope things take a turn for the better .

  • Which also means we must maintain the mystical aura of the infallible and selfless mercies we bestow upon our patients and not be seen to have erred in any capacity that we could be libel for regardless the actual damage caused as we circle the wagon’s for the greater good of the guilds with the sign of the snake emblems , pseudo science notwithstanding , we are to big to fail . And yet we must protect our own family members from each other . It’s as American as apple Pie’s.

  • I’m trying to reply to 9 .

    “WHY the denial ?” ” Why the doubt ?”

    Here’s my take on APA strategy .
    Just as the tobacco company’s figured out their business plan was doubt itself ,so it is with psychopharma adopting as part of their strategy creating doubt, appearing to be reasonably calling endlessly for more studies giving themselves more time to cash in and confuse the issue further. At the same time while their leaders make some seemingly concessionary statements to disarm organized resistance on the ground their foot soldiers behave as if the murphy laws have already passed and are even bold enough to crank the oppression even higher on more and more human beings of all ages .

  • I guess therapy with the Jimmy Swaggart of therapy might be interesting as One approach if it was free but when your talking dollars and sense I didn’t hear sliding scale mentioned . So say we might need 50 sessions to absolutely end all our human suffering at say a rock bottom of $75 dollars a pop when our income is say $750 per month . That comes to a grand total of $3750. Wouldn’t I have more fun using that money to fly to the Hawaiian island Kwai ,wander around the beaches barefoot and picking and eating tropical fruit from the trees while I get a sun tan . I might even get really lucky. Therapy is only one approach .

  • The “mental health” system ( Industrial PharmaPsycho Complex) part of the( Therapeutic State ) for the great most part is not designed for anyone to come out the other end of alive using no “services”, “meds” and/or no “electric voltage to the brain” or without co-occuring or alone occurring compliance & monitoring social worker or therapist counseling and most usually not without periodic psychiatric psychiatrist and/or nurse practitioner to change the “meds” themselves and/or doctor assistant or AMA doctor continuing and even changing doses of the “meds”. ( by “meds” I mean toxic chemical cocktails ) . Do not forget they never forget their “diagnosis -label which can follow a person like their own shadow limiting in a negative way most every aspect of life including relations with family and others , employment possibilities of the living wage variety, education possibilities for many , and on and on . The younger you are when you are captured into this system generally the harder it is to totally escape from it . The brain washing takes to varying degrees for varying durations of time for each individual captured . The “meds” are addicting , the brainwashing withering. For some like myself some outside financial help made the difference of survival or not. I would never blame the victims of this system because to escape it means outsmarting the system as going along with it means being ground up by it . It’s been said all is fair in love and war and we know the system is not about love and to get free of it can be the battle of a lifetime and to take our subsistence disability money for as long as we feel we need to, is a small part of the needs we take or a small part of reparations a small part of us forcibly take from them for what they have taken from us to preserve a portion of dignity and revenge as we slowly wake up from the nightmare of psychiatry into the pervasive robber baron controlled oligarchy . The disability money can help us get some first do no harm help elsewhere . Plus help us research what happened in detail to us and how to carry on . Plus help us find useful strategies to help others extract themselves from the hell of the system . Anti -Psychiatry : We reject their authority, We reject their coercion or any organization or anyone else that dare pick up that baton , titled or not , we reject their diagnosis and we reject their treatment. The DSM should be burned. Health Freedom must be there along with our constitutional rights pre- corporate adulteration , for each individual .Corporations are not people . We must also find a way to break up into pieces Big Pharma and make it honestly regulated by the people somehow or they will poison us all eventually somehow if they or their sister cartels have not already done so. I’m not against DSM free non coercive counseling freely entered into or non prescription pharmacy without psychiatry as Julie the Mad Blogger so eloquently speaks of elsewhere. Alternatives 3 times would not let me present about my lived experience of extreme states mainly caused by mercury laden amalgams. For countless people mercury amalgams make it that much harder to deal with problems in living many of which are beyond the pale. Over the phone I was told there was no connection . I say Bullshit ! I agree we must fight for what we believe as best as we are able. Some of us are so poor and/or disabled we can only write or speak or take part in demonstrations close to where we live . Anyways may we the people find a way to gain our human rights and to reach our potential with out denying others a chance to reach theirs. Just a part of my point of view. BTW we must begin to collectively even better outsmart the system if we are for human rights and against psychiatric and other crimes against humanity.

  • Too bad the 404 people in the study weren’t at least checked for heavy metal poisoning especially , mercury poisoning , at a state of the art laboratory’s like Chris Shade’s who’s ( ) specializes in testing for mercury , and weren’t funded to get advanced state of the art dental work like that done at the Paracelsus Klinic (yes K) in Switzerland led by Dr. Rau ( Had that group of subjects or another group of similar numbers been put together to again do that study after the above changes there really would have been something remarkable to talk about for many of them to their therapist afterwards . See talk on mercury poisoning by Chris Shade PHD on 7 minute video that shouldn’t be missed (even more available) at

    The State of the art Paracelsus Klinic has found that metal of any kind in the mouth interferes with accurate diagnosis . So what exactly I wonder are multitudes of APA psychiatrists , AMA doctors , and ADA dentists , in the USA and most elsewhere doing for the money they get paid ?

  • Hi Michael ,
    Before the age of 22 I was already a 6 year veteran in and out of 4 different mental institutions around a dozen times for individual
    lock-ups varying from 6 1/2 months (the first one) to as short as less than 2 weeks (considering having already escaped 5 times ). In Illinois , Ridgeway Hospital and Reed Zone Center , in Florida at Jackson Park Memorial Hospital and in Israel at Acre . Thorazine, Stelazine , halidol ,later lithium , one course of forced 15 bilateral electric shock “treatments” given one every other day over 30 days. The 14th one because of my own curiosity given before I was unconscious . Also in Israel became a subject for experimentation after escaping and being recaptured . In Acre only 2/3 of the people there came out alive in those years. I was locked in there in early 1968 .” My psychiatrist” there didn’t even speak English. I guess it really didn’t matter cause psychiatrists never really listen to people anyway. I didn’t get totally free from psychiatry (finally weaned off totally from the last of their “meds” ( haldol past my mid 50’s .Expensive advanced dentistry was the biggest helping factor .The most hurting factor was when they took away from me and my first wife who I met inside Reed Zone Center our only child when she was 1 1/2 years old in 1981. I’d learned a lot of stuff about psychiatry , life , sanity and madness and other people. How could I possibly not be anti-psychiatry. I think I’m different cause I’ll admit publicly in all honesty I also hate psychiatrists. Can you blame me . If anyone does, see the film Nazi Medicine in it’s entirety on Netflix . Then talk to me about it .
    When I first decided to comment I wanted to say Excellent Post ! Then to tell of a day in Reed Zone Center when a beautiful woman in her early 20’s standing by herself in the “dayroom” was suddenly for no apparent reason walked up to by another young woman and quickly kicked twice hard in the shins . Before anymore kicks were delivered to the defenseless woman I got up and and stood between them and asked the kicking woman why she was kicking the other lady . She didn’t answer but at least stopped kicking . Meanwhile a psychiatrist came into the dayroom , the girl that was kicked walked over to his side, reaching to him for help she barely touched his arm. The psychiatrist side skipped and almost moonwalked sideways to get away from the woman . By this time I was really laughing the loudest at the psychiatrist . I realized he was really nuts. Of course he had me placed in leather strap restraints for 24 hours on a bed and injected but I was still laughing at him in my mind . And I still am .
    In Solidarity , Fred

  • “A dream deferred for generations of black Americans.”

    Dr. King was a prophet and the rising tide of his dream was raising all humanity whether they understood it or not . His words have such power that any campaigner for human rights or anyone anywhere on the planet that even reads them is inspired and uplifted . Had he lived till 90 years old with those around him and John and Robert Kennedy and others as well , the USA as we know it today as far as human rights would have become an example for all the world instead of a maniacally armed corporate controlled of by and for the corporation cartel entities run by a small percent of robber baron families oppressing all , spreading discord causing people to fight each other instead of seeing the robber barons behind the curtain corrupting everything to maintain power while financing enterprises for profit that include a time release eugenic factor within them.
    Thanks for your post I’ll try and call some congressman with my objections to the Murphy Bill and your right we shall overcome. Maybe we can fight them over the long haul with a Woodstock type of ongoing Music, Film, and Art, Festival celebrating Freedom and Human Rights that doesn’t end .
    Just another psych survivor

  • If it wasn’t for the brutal “shock and awe”perpetrated on the population by psychiatry( and other medical atrocities), the pharma drug cartel , the bought and paid for government , Troika combined with main stream corporate news spinning and omitting , plus the grinding poverty : The massive human rights demonstrations that would occur would even drive the robber baron families and their think tanks scurrying into the woodwork.

  • Alex,
    Surely your film is one that should be seen more than once and I’m going to watch it again . I didn’t know it was not accepted at the MIA film fest but I couldn’t afford to go to it anyway . Maybe if you resubmit it next time they may accept it. Definitely your experience and viewpoint is needed here at MIA . BTW someone is asking you a question at Sera Davidow’s last blog in case you haven’t seen it.
    Best Wishes

  • Really considering the way these toxic synergistic cocktails are secretly developed , approved , and delivered , and forced down our throats or into our bloodstreams then spun by social workers or therapists : your lifelong sick and will be monitored for life, and these “meds” blah blah blah blah blah . Besides you don’t want to lose your minimal disability subsistence cause I can write anything I feel like into your records. Checkmate. Besides if they don’t work for you I can arrange an appointment for you with the psychiatrist who might just recommend another pseudo scientifically figured out cocktail or maybe even the repeated electrical voltage option until you feel better and more compliant for the remaining years of your existence. Oh I see time has run out and I have another client to see but I will arrange an appointment for you . By now.
    Sounds like chemical and electrical warfare to me . BTW they’ve got forced vaccinations in California now . The main eugenic go to state in the first third of the 19 hundreds .

  • Thank You Cindi,
    “Remember during WW2 when they ask every family to create a victory garden (not that I support war)…well we are living in the middle of a war with drugs that was/is being waged against us and other sanctioned legalized abuses and so now I believe the call should be that every neighborhood create a grassroots respite house and healing sanctuary;. ”

    The most timely, doable, practical , and necessary action ever proposed on MIA.

  • To me stepping up to the plate by sincere medical professionals with the highest titles who wish to help the people APA coercive psychiatry oppresses, as well as AMA oppressive medicine and the oppressive ADA (American Dental Assn.) Would require about a hundred or more to stand up and for example say ” we are resigning in mass if funding is not made available for a Soteria House in every community across the USA and the entire population granted emergency health freedom rights due to unprecedented ever growing predatory coercive actions by the major established medical fields of which psychiatry is the most deeply and entirely steeped in pseudo-scientific coercively delivered torture and at a minimum must be stripped of its power over any human being in the USA or anywhere if possible on the planet.

  • Just signed the petition , still awaiting email to arrive. Obviously psychiatry wants more violence to occur as it will generate more power and profits and remove more civil rights from the people and maybe even eventually install one of there very own as a Nero like Caesar in toga and crown to fiddle while aggressively with abandon zombafying the people to fulfill the eugenic daydreams of the power elite who fear most of all the people will awaken and see them and what they’ve done and then act accordingly.
    Phillip, can we copy your articles and put them up on bulletin boards in shopping malls, grocery stores ,etc. in the real world . Wouldn’t that be helpful toward waking more people to the truth about the hoax of psychiatry and especially this petition now . Thank you for letting us read your vitally accurate and important analysis here at MIA .
    In solidarity , Fred

  • It’s very interesting to me that having spoken on this thread there are at least 3 different approaches to energy healing represented. I studied and learned from Kam Yuen .
    Just a small explanation of it that pertains to the conversation. A person at a subconscious level knows everything about themselves . For example at a conscious level they may clearly verbalize that they would like to stop smoking . At a subconscious level they may really enjoy smoking .If a person wants to accomplish something and succeed the subconscious must support what the conscious is trying to accomplish .This type of energy practitioner can practice on themselves or another with a clients permission pertaining to the issue articulated, it simply silently removes blockages as needed as if a light switch has been turned on. The work can cover any combination of 6 different levels spiritual, psychic, psychological ,mental, emotional , and physical. It can strengthen or weaken to the clients benefit for example someone strongly depressed may want the depression to be weakened while a someone with a weak grip may want it strengthened. It is a constantly evolving system for each practitioner. Its a system well worth learning even if only for oneself. You can see more at Kam’s website written above. Thank You

  • Modern AMA medicine and Big Pharma have set a deadly precedent that many people are unaware of or are afraid to articulate .They have proven they can make pseudo science for profit fly . Plus make profitable mistakes fly as well. Some glaring examples are the bogus germ theory , vaccinations , chemo therapy, and radiation, and the prescribing of numerous “medicinecocktails” ” that don’t work. Besides marginalizing and stigmatizing other first do no harm healing systems that in numerous instances work far better. The ADA as well with its mercury loaded amalgams , dangerous root canals , and cavitations .
    Psychiatry’s upper echelon strategists surely believe Psychiatry can get away with an even higher level of profitable deception especially now that they are forming closer alliances with AMA primary care physicians. Besides the extraordinary support from government all around . This and what you speak of in your excellent article and I’m sure additional factors including unseen backers of this control system and other compatible cartels like Monsanto for 1 example, control of mainstream media , make up the expanding packman on steroids Therapeutic State .
    As long as we still can access clean water even if we have to filter it ourselves , grow clean real food , have access to medicinal wildcrafted herbs , and natural healing systems best practitioners. We can still out think and surely put into effect better options with the help of many psych survivors seared by the tortures of psychiatry who will not sell out to the lies and coercion of psychiatry knowing there are better first do no harm solutions to life problems that don’t require psychiatry to exist but do require Health Freedom as part of the list of human rights we will fight for till our last breath for ourselves and all who see how badly its needed .

  • It’s as if instead of being freely robbed and psychatropisized at will by the “authorities” in a nursing home in old age , in between singalongs and extended naps , the semi open air nursing home is being brought to us at the youngest age possible to obstruct any behavior that might be mistaken as signs of life . Are there really any large corporate enterprises that can for long even operate semi morally anymore ( if ever they did ) considering how they can be bought out and subverted further by those that actually or in effect print money at will ? Do not billions of people live under the now thinly disguised time released eugenic umbrella made up of hoaxed up pseudo science modality enterprises for profit affecting everything we need or use to sustain life?
    I was invited 2 years ago to a place that seemed different . For 2 weeks I stayed with relatives in Santa Barbara California . It was really laid back as if 9 /11 never happened with the the feeling somewhat of a 1960’s hippie beach low anxiety neighborhood . The organic farmers market was 6 blocks long . I bought a 30 pound bag of organic oranges for $10 . I didn’t see a police car for 2 weeks. I heard that in the winter the farmers market is only 2 blocks long . A couple houses down a 104 year old man had himself been fixing the roof of his house. But it is expensive to live there , even in a nearby town the cheapest studio apartment to rent is about $800 a month. I can’t afford it . I read on the internet that Denmark is a country that still cares about it’s population . I don’t know . But I do know psychiatry sucks, pharma as well ,our government as well . It may not hurt to have phony ID’s available to avoid the net . The rumor is there are pockets of sanity still left to go to but those may be like rumors of dry land in the movie “Water World” starring Kevin Costner. Best Wishes All . Keep up the stellar work Phillip . Thanks

  • Alex ,
    When you speak from out of your psych survivor lived experience as well as out of the epiphanies that come to one who bravely seeks the truth wherever it may take them to come out the other end of severe oppression with so many gifts for other human beings and having the understanding that more helpful options are available then many are able to presently understand the importance of , like energy healing for example while it is a source of constant joy to find yourself to have become a wounded healer how can insights of such importance be shared , experienced , and learned by so many impoverished and oppressed by psychiatry ? Or even by unempoverished educated self assured professionals ? As an energy healer myself I know that even a 5 year old could become an energy healer and I hope the day will come soon when energy healing is taught even in grammar schools everywhere. Thank you for your from the heart efforts . You are an inspiration for all that hear you .
    In solidarity ,

  • I just saw something yesterday on the shooting thats unsettling at Mike Adam’s site. Check out most read articles today at the site.
    Leads to a letter by a top CDC scientist who has a lawyer and said a type of vaccination given to black male children under 36 months old had high probability of causing them to have autism spectrum .Says it was covered up when it happened and he’s now bringing the info forward. Implied is that the black male children were targeted. The shooter was one of the targeted children his mom is a black woman his father a white man. In addition talks about 5 different psych drug scrips the shooter was on of psych drugs . Read it for your self . There is no charge.

  • Someone Else ,
    You are probably correct I was just concerned about how Rockefeller became even more powerful after Standard Oil was divided up . But I guess the dividing of the pharmaceutical cartel could be done more thoroughly and carefully for the benefit of the people. Until that time . Your comments and persistent accurate explanations are important in the battle for human rights . Thank you , Fred

  • AA ,
    I apologize for not bringing more detail forward in my comment . Someone that seeks any health care help from whoever whether AMA , or Alternative Modalities or from any category IMO must do the best complete research they can because even in fields that are not bogus all practitioners are not equally skilled and incompetence and out right charlatans can be found in any catagory more especially in the higher paying ones. I’ve been studying natural healing systems for 40 years . Still I couldn’t really come out from under psychiatry until I had $3000 worth of phony dental work followed up a few years later by an advanced trained by Hal Huggins dentist for another $6000 . If family didn’t help me I’d still be up the creek .I also fortunately studied with 2 great natural healers one Traditional Naturopath and one Energy Healer but not to the point I acquired an official license to practice .
    Really I believe some of the best help or leads can be found among peers . What some folks call auntie- doughtal can easily be what has brought us to thriving and surviving. Right conventional medicine has not been good to me . Less so Psychiatry . There is a difference between Naturopathy and Traditional Naturopathy . Here in Oregon the two main Naturopathic Colleges have been bought out by the AMA and curriculum subverted to advocate the phony baloney chemo radiation bs . Two for real Traditional Naturopaths are Richard Schultz ND at and Linda Page ND author of “Healthy Healing ” and other books .
    Study natural healing long enough you become your own best doctor . Hey , nobody knows everything . I learn a lot of stuff right here at MIA.
    BTW best multifaceted healing team I ever heard of is the 80 of them that practice under Dr. Rau in Switzerland at the Paracelsus Klinic . (can be goggled) also see No I never went there to0 expensive. But it doesn’t mean you can’t read books from there or check them out on the internet or email them . Take Care

  • There is an eyeopening documentary film on Netflix that I believe all psychiatrists and others working in supportive professions to them or all those that aspire to these professions should definitely see and think about . As well as all the rest of us considering especially here in the USA where even the youngest are being coercively deceptively psych “medicated” to keep them and make them quiet , compliant , and reliant , customers of the psych-pharma industrial complex , the it’s OK with creating brain damage while spewing pseudo science and blaming as they torture whoever they catch in their ever widening net , the cartel from hell. Also considering the Murphy bill anaconda slithering through the bought and paid for halls and offices of our government threatening to arrive as the mother of all witch hunts . There is trouble in Virginia City . The name of the documentary on Netflix is called Nazi Medicine .
    It might wake people up if they were to see even another film that needs making , of psychiatry’s thought leaders including Lieberman , Pies, and Torrey and the Murphy’s actually watching Nazi Medicine and then discussing among themselves or with a group of psych survivors like myself and/or investigative journalists whether or not or to what degree Psychiatry and its practitioner’s are treading down, too near , or even beyond a deadly variation of that too well worn dark path , Psychiatry’s Mein Kampf the DSM Pseudo Scientific Bible clutched tightly in their arms and Pharma’s dollars in their pockets . Are they committing crimes against humanity ?
    If Lieberman and them refused to participate it would have to be made with actors (one way or the other) if people with the resources and talent think it’s a project worth doing , and that it could perhaps save from disaster countless human beings . People in other countries are affected by what spreads from here as well .

  • margiealtman,
    You just hit on something important part of your statement below this :” I don’t care if I sleep for 2 days its better than the agony of paranoia, terror , utter confusion .
    But they won’t give a person a sleeping pill just an anti -histamine ” cause sleeping pills are just to dangerous besides they prefer to give you a chemical lobotomy cause thats just dandy and it hooks you up for life and ensures pharma psychiatric cash flow for life for them if they can make you buy the schpeal and internalize it . Try a 200mg.” tab” sometime to see what you missed of Thorazine . You’ll never take another.
    Yeah couple nights sleep , waking up in a safe kind place uncoerced with kind peers around , free to go or stay awhile and rest treated like a human being civil rights intact not made into a non person inferior entity. Sotera House yes but certainly not psychiatry and psychiatrists and co-operating social workers. They’ll rob you of your lifetime your children, and everything that doesn’t pertain to the human being becoming there slave meal ticket.
    I’ve been in and out of mental institutions 17 times escaped 6 times recaptured once and SEVERELY TORTURED that time beyond the usual torture all over a 40 year span . When I tell you Psychiatry sucks and belongs in the dustbin of history you’d be fool not to believe me.

  • From the cradle to the grave real solutions.
    1.Banning all vaccinations ( Homeopathy instead as needed )
    2. Traditional Naturopaths to the forefront as primary care physicians . All existing AMA doctors required to take a 4 year remember first do no harm and how to do it course of learning from Traditional Naturopaths.
    3.Other natural modalities brought to the forefront including Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurvedic, energy healing like YuenMethod ,various types of body work , Teams organized like at Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland under Dr. Rau, advanced dental techniques heavy metal free ( high tech inert ceramic restorations).
    Conventional ADA dental work interferes with accurate diagnosis of most anything ? Yes for REAL . See
    4. Ensuring organic food supply , pure water , clean air ,
    dismantling Monsanto into the dustbin also other cartels that are equally detrimental to life.Revamp Big Pharma make it prosecutable and make it accountable to the people, nationalize it.
    5. Reign in the New World Order Eugenic On Steroids New and Old Family Robber Barons with their Black Flag power consolidation operations and crimes against humanity.
    6. Watch the documentary Ethos on Youtube
    7. Psychiatry into the dust bin of history ( maybe this should be done first. Such pseudo scientific deadly modalities of controlling human beings into zombie hood or death and Torture while speaking softly with an aire of pseudo educated arrogance. Enough of it . Makes me Puke.
    8 .For individual people , Live and Let Live under an understanding of mutually guaranteed survival . Corporations are not people period.
    9. I know its a great start of not easy to do stuff .

  • Certainly beyond any doubt the drug Paxil is a suicide and/or murder making drug .I’m sure there are others. Helped someone before and after taking Paxil and also advised to have “silver” amalgams (which are 53% mercury) removed and not to install any more in future. Also in addition taught how 16 oz. glass freshly juiced green vegetable juice twice a day can improve mood immediately after drinking. After these 3 things were done the person was no longer having psych hospital emergencies . He’s chosen to still take the drug Klonapin.
    Concerning the most recent shooter in Oregon, in addition I wonder what an honest real scientific study would show about all the vaccinations he received as a baby and child and those he received in boot camp before he flunked out of it ? Also what about mercury in his dental work ? I wonder what Breggin MD would say . I know what Russell Blaylock MD (retired neuro- surgeon ) would say.
    Certainly there are more contributing factors to this tragedy. I’m sorry so many people have to lose their lives and that their loved ones must suffer so because of human created problems: related to dishonest pseudo scientific investigation , power, control , and financial growth for the psych pharma industrial complex and it’s owners. BTW Ted, old head , and Ragnarok are also right.

  • I didn’t want to comment until I saw the “film”. Now that I’ve seen it I’d say “normally ” to someone who made a “film” of this quality with the explanations given about it and about what it’s purpose was , if they asked me what I thought , I’d have to say , “Don’t quit your day job” . But then again the maker of this film is a psychiatrist so I must reassess and suggest maybe it would be better to cease and desist from your activities and maybe try to convince Daniel Mackler to take you on as a grip for about 5 years so you can learn and afterwards try again to make a film. Cause this particular ” film” that you made comes across as a propaganda film propping up biological psychiatry and would surely gain you Kudos from Torrey, Lieberman, and Pies and they might help you finance something beyond this propaganda trailer , something longer and even more propagandaish where by you could make a living as the film making darling of the pharma psych industrial complex . Thank you very little . By the way I am anti- psychiatry but to say I would deny those that want to take psych neuroleptics their right to do so is ludicrous as I know first hand the addictive characteristic of these poisons as well as the pain of the electric voltage to the brain. End the Torture. Still waiting for the first psychiatrist to throw their psychiatric practice overboard. You wanted dialog . I want health freedom and no coercion as a minimum.

  • It saddens me that so many people not only don’t understand that we need Health Freedom desperately but are either mesmerized by mainstream “care” whether “educated in main stream institutions of “learning” or not. And are unable to navigate to find their way to equilibrium because of the numerous roadblocks placed in their way by articulate men of pseudo science coming out of pseudo institutions of Education posing convincingly to the majority as titled men of science as they voraciously seek profit , their rightful due for years of absorbing pseudo science like a sponge before unleashing themselves from a manufactured position of power on the people. Ask yourself , the “high tech therapeutic pseudo scientific state” seeking to manage life long illness real or not of one kind or another in everyone . If medicine is a science why are there sick people ? I demand health freedom and will accept nothing less and I’ll take the right to take care of myself my way . Don’t tell me of the “hero’s of “modern medicine” as far as concerning the AMA less then 35%of what they do has any positive value. Main stream ADA dentists 50% still installing mercury fillings even more root canals . Psychiatrists , an actual Gestapo unleashed upon the people . Social workers and the like that support psychiatrists collaborate with some of the deadliest Pharma lackey’s on the planet . We must outsmart all these fools. It can be done.

  • “What I’m scratching my head over is how it seems to withstand the hurricane of ire, resentment , and disdain sent its way ? What on earth is holding up this specious house of cards ?”

    They have examples from history , precedent , its been done before, the stubborn attempt to ride a large rolling false temporary {could mean for even centuries) construction, to wealth and power while seeing great disadvantage to themselves and their families if it is allowed to be dismantled. While believing along the way they are too big to fail and that meanwhile humongous collateral damage to human beings is acceptable as the robber barons behind the curtain have long sought and continue to back eugenic solutions by all means necessary under their selective control, hidden behind various terminologies and backed by endless supplies of currency . Also of interest the film” Ethos ” on Youtube , also see the Zeitgeist 3 part film series on Youtube .

    Novelli’s logo for the APA, a from the top down view of a divided in the center blue colored brain with a sidewinder snake’s alternating coil crossing across both hemispheres reminding all that this is going to hurt.

  • The APA just found out that last year Porter Novelli sent a Michael Jackson dancealike to an undisclosed location in Afghanistan to teach the Taliban how to moonwalk. After accusing Porter Novelli of holding out on them , the APA’s caring ruler thought leaders wanted to be designated as nurturing fearless leaders but Novelli said their client Putin the Fearless of the reconstituting Soviet Union already bought that label from Novelli long ago while he was head of the KBG. In a brilliant move to sooth the bruised ego’s of the wannabe nurturing fearless leaders Novelli promised upon his release from Afghanistan , their most accomplished moonwalking dance instructor will personally teach Pies, Lieberman and Torrey how to moonwalk and that that surely would make them beloved by the people. “And not to worry ” Novelli said, ” learning to moonwalk is a piece of cake compared to when we taught Clinton to play the sax and Reagan to chop wood. ” The only 2 blemishes on our resume was when we put Bush on the aircraft carrier and Dukakis in the tank .

  • Such an up lifting article inspiring great comments and hope for better days. Having spent most of my life under the boot heel of psychiatry even crying for myself that these neuroleptics ( that I then believed I must take all my life ) will never allow me to reach for enlightenment or even understand why this happened to me or even know who I am underneath the haze . I’m drug and shock free now and realize the minimum acceptable is as Robert Whitaker says to paraphrase.” We must find a way to convince society to strip away the authority psychiatry wields .” When the amazing resilience of the human being and truth meet in kind surroundings its as you say, ” We can and we will find our lawful right to be human ! and then the business of madness will be put out of business !

  • Quite an article covering so many bases . I would add that figuring out what steps need to be taken to not allow from day one your children to be vaccinated is far more important than is commonly understood. Homeopathic doctors and Traditional Naturopaths offer safer first do no harm solutions. For those that don’t believe it spend a month researching the question with as much objectivity as you can muster.
    Psychiatry has only become so persistently bold in their pseudo scientific forcing neuroleptics and electro shock variations on the human being because AMA doctors successfully ( financially that is) set the precedent
    by making the public believe that putrification filled concoctions (vaccinations) should be injected into human beings bloodstreams as well as by so successfully making the “benefits” of the pseudo science of chemo and radiation “treatments ” into ” common knowledge”and accepted as optimum health modalities to be blindly and coercively taken into the human body. All while marginalizing Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,( and other natural modalities ) where the real first do no harm solutions can be found. Read Robert Young’s book “Sick and Tired” if you want to see a real eye opener . Also good info put Generation Rescue in the search line.

  • Pies is demanding respect and politeness from those that question him as he takes seriously his role as Big Pharma’s lap dog and one of the thought leaders of Psychiatric Torture Incorporated combined with other cooperating licensed purveyors of applied pseudo scientific “care”. They feel that posturing grandiosely , John Gotti style , is their right as grand manipulators of applied pseudo science endangering millions of people and threatening billions more. Fear of this organized crime organization has spread around the globe and with the promised threat of coming innovations in torture techniques , Pies and company feel they deserve respect for the potential to bringing shock and awe into everyones home not even speaking of the extorted profits. Furthermore considering their full knowledge of the brutality of psychiatry Pies and compadres never expected even the existence of psychiatric survivors and the growing of the sorely needed anti-psychiatry movement

  • Maybe contacting and brainstorming with Kelly Brogan MD , ABIHM whose latest blog Psychiatry & Organized Crime far down the MIA page could be helpful . Also check out her links to her talks and her website .
    Once a person has house payments and kids to send to college and/or debt it becomes way easier to rationalize acting contrary to your values.
    Thanks for this great article.

  • The successfully used by survivors first do no harm free or affordable to oppressed people alternatives to solving problems in living . For the wealthy even more alternatives including the option of anonymously funding peer run respites educating yourselves and funding the spreading the news of the actual truth about why psychiatry must be stripped of it’s authority . Just some thoughts.

  • old head,
    You are right , but how do we develop an effective legal and political support system for those of us targeted for “treatment” . You are right they will pick us off one by one as has happened with other movements. Is their such a thing as legal protection for civil disobedience anymore to hold back over reacting retaliation . Who pays lawyers that protect activists . And how many of these lawyers exist . In the present reality can they be effective? In the documentary “Cowspiracy” on Netflix ( maybe it’s on youtube also) they mention that over a thousand activist’s trying to expose the extent of pollution caused by the cattle industry have been murdered in Brazil by members of this profitable industry.
    My dad told me experiences about before World War II in Lodz Poland when he was a youth and member of Betar a group that defended Jewish communities . He said in the beginning they were able to successfully defend against small group incursions of Jew haters . He said eventually the haters killed off the strongest defenders .
    Yes there are those that will do anything to continue to profit from lies . In a fascist state like this one, for the truth to surface (which interferes with vested profit interests) and get a real hearing in this state that supposedly at the same time also values free speech and science and freedom of and from religion has ,to say the least, become very problematic.
    How to expose the lies without becoming a martyr ? How not to be paralyzed by fear when your own government is using Shock and Awe as a weapon to control it’s own population and when there seems to be no limit on how far they will go, Even targeting the youngest ?

  • Don’t forget that Pies knows there is an army of AMA medical doctors out there telling countless people that for their chemical imbalance in their brain they require medications just like a diabetic requires insulin.
    Just 2 weeks ago I went with someone close to me, to a walk-in-clinic . She asked me to act as her advocate . She was not satisfied with the care her regular doctor provided ( constantly pushing unwanted services , being unavailable when needed and being disrespectful) she was in line applying to be accepted by a new physician and had to use the services of a walk in clinic meanwhile . This is a rural area and the closest psychiatrist is 90 miles away. She most immediately wanted to refill a prescription for a neuroleptic cocktail she was originally prescribed by a psychiatrist . The doctor said she could provide the refills until she had a new regular physician. But that federal law requires her to send a patient to see a psychiatrist and asked if she could get a ride to the 90 mile away location. After saying yes to the AMA doctor she was told point blank , ” make sure you take these medications as prescribed , you have a chemical imbalance in your brain and just like someone with diabetes that needs insulin you will need to take these medications.”
    I had to say something ” The science does not support that.” ” It’s explained in Robert Whitaker’s book “Anatomy of an Epidemic”. “Do you know of any doctor that would help her slowly titurate off these meds that uses a compounded pharmacy so there is over time a greater chance of success. ” The doctor knew what I was talking about but said she knew of no one . I asked if she could become her regular physician . She said no she just worked the walk- in -clinic a couple days a week. I got permission to write this much from the lady I tried to advocate for.

  • CatNight ,
    I will miss your comments and especially appreciate your attempts to convince Norman and Margie to throw their pseudo scientific professions overboard or at least actively stand up against psychiatric coercion no matter what the cost . We need your insights ,and the way you present them but you are right health and family come first . Maybe sometime in the future you’ll comment again . I believe when people brainstorm for human rights the chances are better to find solutions . It is difficult to do this knowing how much is telegraphed to the withholders of human rights . The element of surprise which we need is lost . And yet open discussions are also important . Best Wishes for a better future ,

  • We are none of us free from psychiatry until all of us that want to be free of it are. It is not about constantly reopening wounds . It’s about stopping a system and it’s employees from forcefully tearing fresh wounds in anyone they get their hands on ( this reminds us of our own present or past ones.) Yes considering the huge losses survivors have absorbed the only true healing is justice . No more coercion !
    Katie you’re amazing , you reminds me in many ways of the lead character in the movie ” Dances With Wolves” .
    I also agree about Alex’s previous beautiful articulation .
    Sometimes it seems all we have left is to throw our wounds at an enemy that is worse than an unresponsive rock in that it’s made a business out of torture .
    I’ve probably went on too long but I hope we can find a way to at least eliminate coercive psychiatry.

  • Eric,
    I’m sorry you were in their hands for 4 months . Your’e right they have more power then ever. They want us to be isolated and not to act and to allow fear to take us over . See the movie “Ethos” on Youtube . We must stick together and outsmart them in the battle for our freedom. I hope soon you will find yours . In solidarity,

  • The benevolent psych doctor up above says we never had any responsibility for another life . Even while I was scuffling across the floor deeply under the influence of coercively receiving 800 mgs. a day of Thorazine ( which at the time I was unaware I was being given a well planned by psych doctor ordered chemical lobotomy ) . A week or so in , of drug induced scuffling they mistook for absolute compliance I guess they felt I had earned a reward and I was allowed outside in the fenced in area to breathe fresh air and see the sky and sun. I was warned to be careful of too much sun exposure. There was no one out there but me in my chemical strait-jacket . Then suddenly a young woman about my age (17) ran outside looked back at me as she grabbed a lawn chair dragged it to the corner of the 8 foot high wooden fence and said to me ” Don’t say anything ” then she stepped on the chair and climbed over the fence . I scuffled to the chair as quickly as I could grabbed it and put it back where it was before the woman grabbed it. Not a minute went by when an orderly came rushing outside . I was sitting in a chair enjoying the idea that someone got free. He asked me if I had seen anyone come out here . I said I hadn’t seen anyone. Later in the day a different orderly asked me “where did she go over the fence ?” I played dumb and said, “I don’t know anything about it”. He said to me just like in the movies ,” You know I can make things hard on you ” I repeated , “I don’t know anything about it. ” I still laugh inside about how I was able to help that teen age girl more cleanly escape, and not a pang of guilt inside me in all these years ( I’m 68 ) for not considering all the “psychiatric care ” I may have had a hand in denying her.

  • madmom ,
    I posted my reply below before reading your comment . I always read your comments painful as they are . I know both of us believe there needs to be an underground railroad especially for your daughter and so many others. That no one has been able to figure out how to help free your daughter if she wishes and find a place and resources for her to safely process her ordeal with out being again captured by psych authorities is a measure of the sorry state of effective opposition to psychiatry’s powerful bootheel over us . Perhaps besides anti-psychiatry there needs to be a guerrilla war conducted against the tortures psychiatry wields upon human beings .
    Maybe deep thinker’s like Kit can offer suggestions. I believe answers are already available but unfunded unorganized scattered in a number of places within an impoverished population of people justifiably in fear for their own survival. I don’t have enough answers but I know inactivity grows fear. And yet right action is needed.
    United we stand divided we fall.

  • I also think for me the combo of mercury and lobotomizing neuroleptics like thorazine and halidol and the constant underlying fear of worse tortures ahead give new meaning to being beside ones self.

  • Kit,
    Your sheer brilliance, courage , description and observation take words to a level they seldom reach. I know for certain you have written about real experience because so much reminds me of times in my life mostly past , but stigma and my words taken by family as no sense still ongoing and I’m 68 years old. I could never of had the courage to write about the states you describe . While in institutions I would have have been afraid they would force electro shock me again and again .
    As for me looking back , the cause was an awareness at a very young age of the existence of so many mean and harmful and ignorant and dangerous and deceitful people with power . Also betrayal trauma . But mainly mercury poisoning from dental silver amalgams in reality 53% MERCURY. I don’t believe I would have been institutionalized repeatedly if I had not been mercury poisoned.
    You for real are at the very least a greatly talented writer and if this was Japan even on the basis of this one piece they would have to declare you a National Treasure . For us you are. Thank You !

  • And a book called “google” about robber baron’s actualizing a new super highway of accelerated pseudo science – the electronic data gathering then profiling and identifying and placing in various categories individuals then diagnosing from a distance through advanced more better pseudoscientific data processing ,like psychiatric drone operators recommending further processing options for groups of individuals while the population is caught like deer in the headlights. Or are we ? What is that neuroleptic mist falling from the sky . Please yes I love the caring rulers don’t you ?

  • “Dr.” Lieberman like so many “professionals ” today will save themselves and their family while thy voraciously sell other people and their children down the river in order to maintain their lifestyle their position of power and of course their cash-flow.
    Cancer doctors do the same thing pushing chemo and radiation on others even though the majority wouldn’t allow it on themselves or their own family.
    I know a dentist that will install mercury laden fillings into your children’s mouths without any hesitation . But in his parents mouth or his children’s never.
    We must wake up to see all the licensed authorized predator so called professionals around us.
    Aren’t many universities funded by robber baron’s and designed to turn out foot solders for corporations owned by robber baron’s whose dream’s of control and eugenics are the main undercurrent of their business plan’s ?
    Psychiatry may be one of the worst manifestations as they openly attack children in broad daylight . Some others are not far behind.
    I’d prefer discussions with them to take place in an honest court of law but the pharma cartel has already bought those.

  • There is no ADHD diagnosed among the children of the Amish . Then again they get no putrified pseudo scientific vaccinations .
    How many kids get heavy metal dental installations ? How many get molested at home ? How many live on devitalized unlabeled Frankenfoods dreamed up for monopolistic profit by Monsanto .
    Basically I agree with Philips analysis most especially the last sentence of his article . Also when gestapo psychiatrists have the power to take people ‘s children away for non compliance to their really insane self serving dictates the people long ago should have risen up to crush these predators and their support systems.

  • It could not be more obvious that it is the behavior of psychiatrists that needs to be controlled . Maybe if there was an organization like say the Society Dedicated To Force Feed Neuroleptics To Psychiatrists and Pharma Executives (so they could better understand firsthand what misery and damage they are creating) these merciless pseudo educated behavior control specialists posing as health angels of mercy would have more incentive to control their own unacceptable behavior. They may even become anti-psychiatry . Certainly we hope they would learn to stop forcing their “treatments ” on adults and children .
    Also mandating insurance availability to cover Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy , And energy healing systems like YuenMethod could also make available real healing systems for suffering humanity to freely choose them if they need. Otherwise see the movie “Ethos” on Netflix for some accurate related analysis.
    Common sense says continuing to harm children will eventually come back on those that do it , and there is no place to hide.

  • I believe a great response to Porter Novelli’s efforts to reposition the APA as “caring rulers” (sickening) with their propaganda video etc. is in the film called ” Ethos ” on Netflix . It would be even more effective if a companion film was made that shows more exactly how psychiatry fits into the explanations presented in “Ethos”. It’s a must see .
    Of course another great write up by Philip and comments . Thank You ,All

  • “Striking at psychiatry;s economic base by depriving it of voluntary “consumers” ……………+
    As we understand people are having problems in living as they react normally to a toxic system . These normal reactions are like a bobber going underwater to brainwashed families contacting psyche police fishing for individuals to transform their transitory reactions into a lifetime condition of suspended animation slavery and income for themselves. If as we grow the anti- psychiatry movement we can suggest ( maybe put into voluntarily produced leaflets, newsletter, and/or websites) to the population , grass roots natural self actualizing ideas on how not to be captured by the system , put together by survivors like myself who have escaped from the tortures of psychiatry. For example what to do about insomnia , mercury poisoning , betrayal trauma , where to find people going through or who have gone through the same thing etc. all on a free grass roots level outside any coercive life , future, and reputation robbing , and record keeping , environments.
    Just some thoughts , see the film “Ethos” on Netflix made in memory of Howard Zinn and narrated by the actor Woody Harrelson. It has some real excellent analysis that is sure to help us somehow.

  • This article is clarifying , thought provoking , memory jogging , reminding me of a Lakota Suoix woman , ( I am ashamed I can not remember her name ) , my neighbor who told me a dozen years ago , “We are now all the American Indian”.
    ” Institutionalization along a continuum” makes me think of the words , stations of incarceration , and how really like a big spider like web so many additional organized enterprises organized and supported by the ruling elite to better enforce their vision and can act like a funnel if we’ve fallen into one of its silken strands that can strip us of our promise and rights and freedoms . At birth the poison vaccinations , the instilled worship of the medical doctors, the devitalized poisoned food, and poisoned agriculture practices, the mercury dentists. The prison and “Mental health industry .Are they the mop up operation . Or is it the neuroleptic nursing home that beckons .
    The original inhabitants of this land could not rid it of the ruling white growing like a fungus fascist vision . What makes us any different in our ability to remove and not perpetuate or succumb to the moving like a prairie fire boot heel of oppression that most everyone feels threatened by ? As some of us bob and weave between the silken strands even as more stands are added. And what of the youngest didn’t Bible stories tell of the destruction of civilizations that sacrificed babies and young on alters for their perceived benefit . How does Psychiatricly neuroleptisizing and electrifying children fit into all this . Can we even truly break up cartels nationalize and honestly regulate pharmaceuticals ? If the people could work together discuss together and act together for mutual survival who knows what is possible ?

  • Have you tried smoking various strains of pot at different times to feel for yourself the variation that is and what it is to get buzzed ? Almost all the jobs accept those connected with behavior control have been sent to China . More and more people given labels that restrict , and guess what some of us don’t want to control the every day behavior called life in other people, except to stop in their tracks the controllers . Let’s call for cash therapy for people that have been marginalized by the controllers and let them spend their money as they please without being coerced by the controllers and wana be controllers. And yeah ,the right strain of hash can really help you relax and I don’t need a scientific study to verify that. “Get high with a little help from your friends “and leave the controllers in the dust.

  • “Our socioeconomic system is rotten to the core and much more is at stake than just people’s “mental health” but very little is d0ne to change it.”
    “A focused response to the Hyper-focus on Brain- based research and Disease”
    Can’t the various cartels be distinguished by the various chemical and biological compounds, mixed heavy metals they produce and use (unimaginable how deadly poisonous to the human being ) and how numerous they really are and yet more are added daily. Added in so many places like in food, air, water , or as “medicine” direct injection or placement into blood stream and other places in the body. The cartels want no interference with business as usual and no outside regulation. The cheapest solution for them using the populations funds is “brain research” so in future better and more quickly be able to shut down anyone who may pose a threat or imagined threat to their profit making basically self regulated machines and systems. Better accepted disguised as medical care . After all they have many poisonous substances on hand. They want better targeting for these chemical and other various putrefactions to shut down unacceptable thinking and behavior and for more effective marginalizing of any opposition until the time , that time released eugenics can be dispensed with and full bore undisguised eugenics can commence. All the while using the talents of well meaning people to help them consolidate wealth power and control , even of who lives and how. After 68 years , most spent desperately fighting for my life and trying to figure out whats going on, feeling better than ever now physically ,mentally ,emotionally, spiritually, ,”med’ “and EleCTricity free ” accept to run lights and appliances. I’ve survived to see so many in troubles created by stumbling blocks purposely placed in their way .The People need to organize somehow to remove them.

  • I forgot , Reparations are also necessary and bring home the troops to surround big pharma .
    The answers are in the real fields of liberty and health freedom . The first do no harm real modalities include Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, (an energy healing system) , and much that is offered at Monica’s site
    Of course there are charlatans involved in all efforts and fields. There are also well meaning people. But some fields themselves are inherently fraudulent at the root of themselves within their foundational ideas and actions and have a track record of overwhelmingly causing to much damage to too many human beings. And yet that is certainly among the goals of many people of great wealth and power in the world. Read Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak”. History must be understood to get a grasp of what is happening in the present, and first do harm pharma ,health professionals, psychiatry and eugenics as a team have a track record and its not getting any better just more profitable.

  • Can a think tank be formed with no funds ? Be informative to read a book if it was possible on the subject co -written by Sera Davidson and Noam Chomsky. BTW doesn’t this seem like a beyond the McCharthy era witch hunt on steroids with countless numbers of defenseless people including the youngest just being shoveled into a funnel coming out brain damaged compliant or defiant and ripe to be abused further ? Are there places on the planet where there is safety to run to ? How do you really fight something when even your own family turns you in ? We need a grass roots underground survival strategy where those that are able take at least one potential victim under their wing to protect them from the on going and increasing storm until the day it passes as it must, because it is so fraudulent .

  • One thing I clearly see as a survivor of unscientific medical “care” , unscientific dental “care” and most especially unscientific psychiatric “care”. It’s a miracle the resiliency of the human being ,their determination to survive revived enough times to finally understand what happened to them , millions or billions of human beings fallen by the wayside in the face of all the corrupted guilds out there guided by a relentless applied reptilian profit motive mated with the moral code of a serial killer all feeling so-oo respectable , credentialed , educated, all wanting to become a rockefeller or carnigie or morgan willing to take away everything from their fellow man for their own aggrandizement.
    Thank G-D for the investigative journalists , reporters , and real seekers of truth like Robert Whitaker , Edwin Black, Greg Palast, and so many here at MIA both bloggers and commenters.
    Crimes against humanity have been committed . Let the trial’s begin.” Science oh science what crimes are committed in thy name. ” Joseph Liss ND

  • And yet the corruption of the medical profession has been ongoing and growing more entrenched ever since Pasteur first looked into a microscope and immediately misinterpreted the significance of what he saw . Although Royal Rife and Antoine Bechamp tried with all their best possible efforts and scientific evidence to correct his misinterpretation and plagiarism the formation of the AMA around a root core of pseudo science jugernauted forward blinded by the good intentions of unlimited profits . Of course the American Dental Association and the American Psychiatric Association, with the American Medical Association having by example shown the way to the greatest profit procurement, could only try their best to emulate a soaked in pseudo science profit making machine like no other , the AMA Big Pharma Combination. Read Robert Young’s book “Sick And Tired” for real scientific explanation of what really happened. Also study Rife and Bechamp ,scientists so real and accurate they have been taken out of history to protect ongoing profits .

  • Include ” Regular People” in the Conversation ? Don’t you mean Include “Enslaved Populations” in the Conversation . They can collectively be a low cost think tank enabling the powerful to more effectively shift the boot heel upon our necks as they attempt to gain more willing compliance . As the alchemy of toxic metals like mercury and other chemicals alter the natural life of human beings alone or in combination with betrayal trauma turn into gold in the pockets of so called “health professionals” of the ever expanding Therapeutic State.
    Poisonous vaccines at birth and through childhood , mercury dental care , GMO foods , and growth hormones and toxic metals and chemicals placed into foods . water , and air . No it’s not a conspiracy theory , it’s a business plan . Yeah , lets start the conversation . How do we get free of all this ?

  • Jennifer ,
    I’m so thankful you’re blogging here now. Let’s hope the fresh breeze of your truly accurate understandings are eventually enough to dissipate the fog shroud of pseudo science for profit coming out of the hot air machine of psychiatry. You’ve lit candle has the power to remove darkness for those in need of life . I’m very familiar with the true healing arts you speak of and they have likewise opened for me a path of healthy thriving life . May the people have the inclination to believe you, and ditto to what J says above. So glad to read the positive comments and to recognize the movement of the natural healing wave that so many have been hoping would arrive , grow , and gain it’s much deserved credibility . In Solidarity, Fred

  • Also I spent 3 months on lithium and couldn’t stand the flat straight line effect denying me the emotional joy I was able to feel at times before I took it . Couldn’t stand the blood monitoring and dealing so much with the psych authority control people who by that time I realized definitely did not know what they were doing. Looking forward at the deadly side effects , I wanted to live long and healthy so I stopped taking that crap. If TM wasn’t so full of himself I could teach him more of value in one day then all the pseudo science delusions that have carried him away for most of his life. I guess financial reward , power and titles can make a delusional framework appear to be real science . The gestapo even made profit for themselves for a while . And the psychiatric gestapo still does today. And if that isn”t depressing I don’t know what is .

  • Having had Thorazine forced upon me in the private mental hospital ,Ridgeway Hospital in Illinois for 2 1/2 months straight at a dose of 800 mg. a day at the age of 16 plus artane and cogentin I can vouch by way of lived experience what a crazy making chemical lobotomy abomination Thorazine even by itself really is . It falls in the category of crimes against humanity.
    I suspect also that Mercury poisoning was a factor in what happened in Vincent Van Gogh’s life. You always must ask “What dental work a person has and infection from bad teeth .” Poverty and pseudo science dental care. Also Van Gogh spent time preaching in coal mines . My dental work made me crazy and when it was removed mainly amalgam Mercury all symptoms dramatically subsided. See the work they do at the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland. Afordable by the ultra wealthy.
    Check out Dr. Rau

  • There is no substitute for understanding psychiatry then the lived experience of 44years at the point of it’s spear . You may be talking about Monk at the end of his career . Lived experience and pattern recognition say certainly he was tragically affected by mercury poisoning by 53% mercury amalgam. Toxic metal poisoning undiagnosed by the psychiatric pseudo-science.
    Did you fully read ? Russell Blaylock MD retired decorated neurosurgeon has actually seen with his eyes inflammation of the brain many times in autopsy’s he’s done . Why not read about it and learn what he has to say . And I agree none of us know everything but certainly psychiatry is pseudo science and can be the final accurate arbitrator of nothing as it has and continues to cause humungas damage to so many human beings from the cradle to the earlier grave , however often it’s true believers try to take the high ground and resurrect it as something valuable . Uruguay a poor country does quite well without psychiatry . Just give people free access to drugs herbs “meds” if they choose let them share experience about them freely among each other and you don’t need psychiatrists or psychiatry. Straight to hell for those that want to lord it over another human being or deny them necessaries for living, or put stumbling blocks before their fellow human being for profit for themselves or poison other peoples children. Psychiatry is the modern day Spanish Inquisition supported by neo-feudalistic people in power and must be crushed and tossed into the dustbin of history. HEALTH FREEDOM MUST BE ESTABLISHED WITHOUT A DOUBT or the therapeutic state will eat us all.

  • Heah ! Theloniousmonk I love the original the genius jazz piano man . I suspect he suffered from mercury poisoning from dental amalgam which can effect negatively any part of the body creating inflammation among other things . Mercury is the second deadliest element on the periodic table just behind liquid plutonium .Dr. Marilyn Hamberger was appointed head of the FDA for a time during President Obama’s first term just when anti- mercury attorney Charlie Brown , as a dental material or as a substance added to vaccinations was asking the courts to ban the use of this mercury at least in and for children . Well Marilyn was there in a position to ensure the status quo remained in tact . She sits on the board of directors for Henry Schein corporation which is the main manufacturer of so called silver amalgams which are really 53% mercury. Heah its not a conspiracy its a business plan within the confines of the Therapeutic State . What does Theloniusmonk the psychiatrist say now ? G-d bless Robert Whitaker a great investigative writer who has helped among other things validate the experience of psych-survivors and has helped expose psychiatry as the gestapo pseudo science it basically is . Thank g-d for old head and the other commenters . (anti-psychiatry and health freedom, all the way).
    You want some science on inflammation go here

  • sleves,
    A full cup has no room for any more .
    Why not really educate yourself like the man that wrote “Black Like Me”. Tell everyone you’re the real Messiah , you hear voices , you can’t sleep cause your busy saving the world, and that’s most important, take your clothes off and hit the streets. Soon you’ll find out
    what psychiatry really is and what it is not. You may survive it either way you can always come back to MIA afterwards and read your previous comments and ours .

  • Yes I also see that the helping professions have been traumatized. Yes mainly by receiving pseudo mainstream educations ,degrees, and titles, from universities funded and the curriculum pre approved by the robber barons with the money stolen from the population. Yes an education allowed to serve the powerful’s interest without the time to ask the serious questions that needed to be asked . And anyways what exactly is such an education for those that have no moral code. Is it not more dangerous then a loaded weapon when used on the innocent to make a living ? Of course there is a minority that can turn there experience in universities to something which really attempts to help humanity like Robert Whitaker and yet he has much to learn as do we all. But the children the young now early force drugged before their brains are fully developed are at the point of the spear and what will happen to them as we all traumatized are unable to move together decisively to save the children let alone all the others or even ourselves as much as we cannot yet find within our collective skulls real solutions instead of coping rationalizations. Or are we contained and has this huge wave gained so much momentum that its every person for themselves with the psychiatrists and most of the medical professions crying for the far most part “I Love Big Brother”. Instead of helping those that need to get free. We must help ourselves and each other with shared info and natural methods , we can’t wait for studies devised by the powerful , better the lived experience of our peers. Those that want to stay on meds or drugs , there are always those ready to supply them. Some of us want free of it and there are peers that have become relatively free to be learned from . I’m sure many have died trying by going too fast without enough help . We must make ourselves available to at least inform those that ask us for help . Hopefully they have the courage to do so but it is hard when your income depends on you remaining in the status quo . But you can pretend to authorities to be complying while you live and plan your great escape to freedom if you choose .

  • Bonnie,
    I’ve been thinking about your post . It takes me back to a room where 6 of us men and women waited sitting upon 2 single beds which were about 3 feet apart where we sat facing each other sitting 3 across next to each other on each bed . We all sat quietly not speaking to each other all terrified like trapped animals with no options. We were all thinking of our selves in our own worlds waiting for the white coats to come and take us one at a time, there was no escape for any of us . We all breathed a sigh of relief except for the one of us they came in and chose to be next to receive for sure a bilateral shock treatment . And so it went until there was no one left in that room to breath a sigh of relief . When they choose me the butterflies dropped to my stomach , as I stood my knees weakened , I was terrified with no options . They could bring as many orderlies as it took to drag me to the electricity . This all happened 15 times that month when I was almost 18 years of age . I was totally inside myself I never thought or knew it was so much worse for the women until now reading your heartbreaking post. and what about the children ?
    I’ve written before about how on the 14th “treatment” I was shocked before anesthesia took effect .
    I lived in terror and fear for decades after that demonstration of how easily the could take and torture me with applied electricity against my will based on a label some psychiatrist branded me with when I was 16 years old because then I thought I was the Messiah.
    After, through the great fortune of meeting when I was around 27 years old, after having escaped from a mental institution for about the 5th time , Joseph Liss ND , he was a Traditional Naturopath and chiropractor who happened to be the go to guy on the north side of Chicago for those people into natural healing and healthy vegetarian diet . The sign on the door of his health food store read , “Enter not as a customer but as a friend and we will bestow health without end”. Doc gave consultations by appointment in the back. And so it was. He taught me Naturopathy, in return I bagged dried fruit and ran errands made deliveries waited on customers mopped floors stocked shelves but mostly I learned .
    Came a point in my learning where I came to believe with persistence and determination I could live and be healthy and discover a painless harmless alternative to electric shock treatment so no human being would ever have to undergo this barbaric treatment ever again. I experimented on myself with everything in that store according to the principals Doc taught me. By the way for him to guide a cancer patient to cure was a routine event back in those days . I’m 68 years old now and those pseudo science free principals I learned are as true today as they were then and as they will be in the future. Doc after 60 years of practice was like Albert Einstein in his understanding the real relativity of nutrition , lifestyle and heredity on a persons health and how to regain it if it has become lost . Of course following the principal of first do no harm.
    I succeeded in 1979 in an experiment on myself to discover in my estimation a harmless substitute for ECT. It consisted of a mixed mineral bath , hot, preceded by a dose of 1200 mg. of Niacin ,the bath entered once red blotches accompanied by itching occurred on the surface of the skin . A foot long Swedish loofa at the ready in the tub to rub the body with to sooth the itching which actually felt quite pleasurable. A photo taken of where the blood did not come to the surface could be used as a guide to where bodywork at another time might prove helpful . Upon signs of an extreme state which included inability to sleep and hearing voices , this type of a bath with total immersion included allowed me to fall asleep in the tub and awaken feeling rested with no anxiety and no voices for quite some time and I could resume my life without being forced within another day into a mental institution . And it was all done at home . Later I thought if others ever used this system it might be safer to wear an inflatable collar after full immersion just to avoid the remote possibility of drowning.
    Also there is a herbal combination of 9 herbs that made into an extract will stop voices and ease extreme states . Plus the addition of a customized diet and the drinking 32 oz. of freshly made raw mostly green vegetable juices a day to alkaline the system helps naturally to calm the mind. In my naivety I tried to convince the NIMH and even some psychiatrist during a conference call . The NIMH sent me a 30 page study and “proof” that niacin has in no way any usefulness in treating what they call mental illnesses . Total ignorant pseudo science. The psychiatrist at a 3 way conference call with the psychiatrist , a homeopath , and me presenting my findings Ended with the psychiatrist saying maybe it could work but I don’t believe there any money to be made with this method. I’ve written about it before here at MIA and have only got like one positive show of interest by one individual. I did learn of niacin from a book by Hoffer on ortho molecular vitamin approaches often saying to use nicinimide because of the itching . My innovation is to use the itching for a positive result with niacin combined with the mixed mineral bath I used the not original green version of a product called Batherapy as the mixed minerals for the bath . I’m sure I could find somewhat even better mixture . It is wonderful to have found that a hot mixed mineral bath preceded by the intake of niacin could produce such an enhanced beneficial effect for those that have need and choose to try it as they find themselves entering an extreme state fearful they might wind up in a mental hospital being able to avoid that outcome with a first do no harm strategy.
    It may be safe to use up to 3000mg of niacin a day as I have subsequently read that tortured Canadian prisoners of war that took this much niacin daily were able to overcome the trauma of being in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II. Those former prisoners that did not take the niacin did not recover from the trauma to be able to live a full life . This was in a book about Niacin by more recent researchers . I moved recently and many of my books are still unpacked in boxes.
    It also saddens that people have trouble believing differently educated people especially survivors like me with officially only a high school education and yet able to come up with solutions better then a whole university or hospital full of so called academics. Such is the reality of life. I had to say all this as my real way to stop electric shock . But can you all pick up on it, and figure how to spread it free so people can have another option or tool to help themselves to avoid being force shocked . Men should be protecting women and children not torturing them . To hell with psychiatry.
    When I was home with my parents after they had signed me up while still in mental hospital without my knowledge or even consulting me ,for the shock treatments , soon after I saw an ad in the newspaper for a job setting up tents for a traveling carnival . I told my folks I was going to apply.I was hired . My dad asked me if there was anything he could do to make me decide not to go . I said yes one thing, fill in all the gaps in my memory from the electric shock . He hadn’t before but now agreed to try as best he could and it helped me recover some of my past. A couple years later still angry I took a hundred dollars in silver dollars my dad had stashed in a closet and used the money to finance an escape from Chicago and flew without telling my parents to California to try and start a new life . I landed in skid row in Los Angeles and worked for a while in the skid row ELRAY HOTEL as a hotel clerk . Things are much better now and before he died my dad apologized to me on his own for unjustly signing for me to get shock treatments which he now knew should never of happened. I’m able to help people if they believe me .

  • You wana a cancer cure for real go to Traditional Naturapath . If money is no object go to the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland or at least look up what they do there. You would be astounded. The head doctor is Dr. Rau This can be googled. 2 good Traditional Naturapaths are Richard Schultz Nd at and Linda Page ND author of “Healthy Healing”. Also the Gerson clinic across the border in Mexico from San Diego which still follow Dr. Max Gerson’s protocols. His daughter Charlotte see’s to it. I’m not just talkin . This is for real. Study what the protocols at the Paracelsus Klinic are first like I said you will be astounded. Wouldn’t hurt to read Robert Youngs eye opening pseudo science free book “Sick And Tired”.

  • Someone Else ,
    I believe all the pseudo science in psychiatry, big pharma and the medical profession and elsewhere is supported and strengthened by so much pseudo education in mainstream and ivy league universities funded by robber barons founding and funding them for their own purposes ( personal cash flow and power accumulation) and in this way subverting the curriculum . I’d sure like to see an honest study on that subject. Fred

  • Remember how it was prohibited for red rice a simple food stuff to be imported into the USA because it lowered blood pressure even better then the “medical drug ” Lipitor . To prohibit the importation of red rice was the reaction of Big Pharma Gov. to protect their Lipitor concession which had negative side effects . All for money. Like they really care about the people , right?

  • John, I’d like to clarify some things from the perspective of Naturopathy which has been proven to me and is not common knowledge but truth never the less . Modern AMA medicine is so enamored of the isolate the active ingredient idea . My teacher Joseph Liss ND the single most accomplished healer I have ever known to whom helping nature cure cancer was a routine event in humans and animals used to say concerning the active ingredient idea.They say a person has a shortage of one vitamin say C . I can’t believe they are only short just C. If there is a shortage of C there are other shortages as well. If you take an organic tomato there are those things in it that occur together which are presently known about and some things which have yet to be discovered . Things occur in nature in combination and foods generally certainly the foods which we still can get that were used since Biblical times that are organically grown can sustain the human without side effects occurring . To isolate or make one part synthetically and then ingest it will have side effects in the human.That is the problem when isolating ingredients that are not even foods that are called drugs . They have side effects. In proper combination whole organic foods have evolved along with the human being for millennia as well as herbs in their entirety. Synthetics are relatively new and besides the human thrives best on live food which cannot be created in a test tube . I mean from dead stuff synthetic you cannot create an orange in a test tube. There is a difference between the ability of live foods and synthetic foods as far as providing for the ongoing health of the human being because live organically grown foods are compatable with living people thriving. Yes soils have been depleted air quality is not the same it’s harder to find clean water . The assaults on the human are many times coming faster then the human can evolve and yet we are very adaptable and resourceful. I’m not certain I have been clear or complete enough in this comment .

  • The biggest mistake could be that we underestimate the cold blooded ruthlessness of the psych-pharma -government complex plus friends like Monsanto and its determination to totally control the population. With robber barons in charge.
    If the thought leaders are saying what they believe , like more new progress in biological psychiatry is ahead then they are actually telling us as Hitler did in Mein Kampf what they intend to do . That the continuing use of pseudo science as a primary tool is not to be given up and that they are fully capable and prepared to spin all the eventual growing brain damage (some of which they will show us with shots of MRI pictures that their “drugs” (Time release poisons is probably a better description and electricity cause ), spinning it as really being caused by mental illness thus justifying further draconian measures applied to more and more of the population gaining compliance by using more coercion in the name of community health care . I believe this is what they are up to as evidenced by their response to what the real science is showing us . I certainly believe that at the top they know exactly what they are doing and that much of the rank and file know something is deadly wrong and not working but they have to make their payments on their 2nd home away somewhere safe. Further more the medical profession the AMA and dental profession are not anywhere as above board as they would like us to believe but which the majority of people have faith in. Truth must be spread efficiently to have an impact on the population . When the purveyors of pseudo science control the mainstream media it is the challenge we face to effectively enough communicate the truth to where the people can understand it. How to solve the problems we face ?

  • I wouldn’t know I wasn’t there but one possibility is mercury poisoning from amalgam dental fillings alone and or in combination of use of any number of neuroleptics or in an abrupt withdrawal phase from them . Certainly sleep deprivation , a terror state , some other metal or chemical poisoning ,and childhood abuse trauma or physical injury could all be contributing factors. It certainly was a perfect negative storm of variables tragically coming together . And yet McEvoy bears responsibility . Even if he was in an extreme state and shouldn’t of been allowed to purchase a gun , once he had it and was bound to use it he should of first taken himself out instead of murdering another person. We need more Soteria Houses ,nationalizing of pharma companies with survivor over site over them, definitely an end to coercive psychiatry . Call psychiatrists what they are, most all of them gestapo neurolepticists. An end to pseudo science, and for people to care about one another.Plus where did even the semblance of Democracy go ? I do not have all the answers. Your turn.

  • Alex and GetItRight are exactly right . How do I know , cause I’m an energy healer and I absolutely don’t advocate what doesn’t work . The method I use can be read about and demo’s watched at and what you see is not staged it’s for real . Kam Yuen’s method is the most advanced system of energy healing I know of . There is always room for it’s practitioners to innovate. Whenever anyone told Kam how they proceeded with a health issue he would always say ” That’s one approach .”” By the way, one of Kam’s side jobs is working on baseball players on the LA Dodgers. Major League baseball teams don’t waste time or money on what can’t be demonstrated to get positive results.
    The world needs more energy healers . A child can learn it easier than an adult because a child has fewer blocking preconceptions to overcome than an adult . Bottom line ” The Proof Is In The Pudding” ” What you try either works or it doesn’t . In energy healing if an approach doesn’t work no harm is done. Then you can try again until you succeed. You get better as you practice. Learn it for yourself and work on yourself and/or others if they ask.

  • Corinna,
    Idea for what I believe is important research for humanity . Is a study comparing young healthy families (trying to find child abuse free families ) with similar incomes living half of them vaccination free also conventional ADA dentistry free one group under the care of Traditional Naturopaths and Homeopaths and Traditional Chinese Medicine , also getting DAMS ( Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions ) recommended dental care. The other group of families getting conventional AMA recommended “care” and conventional dental care. Preferably 200 families in each group and living under similar governments and air ,water, food ,quality, ,availability. Following the families for a decade to see how many members of each group are captured by the psych-pharmapeligo complex.
    One reservation, actually I believe the conventional group is bound to be mistreated by conventional medical people and dentists and the psychiatrists and it would be unethical to make them stay under this type of pseudo scientific care .
    I’ve gone kayaking before and know that going down the river on a hot tub lid with friends must have been great fun . You’re an inspiration .

  • Julie’s the greatest ! What do you all think about an in your face strategy of brainstorming and trying to put on the ground a real functional self supporting entire Soteria Village or Town somewhere as an example for humanity of what is possible ?

  • Some pseudo science free Traditional Naturopaths , Richard Schultz ND ( ) Linda Page ND ( Wrote the great book “Healthy Healing”) Check out what they do at the google ( Paracelsus Klinic ) (yes with a K) also the Gerson clinic which has to operate across the border in Mexico (Dr. Max Gerson was Albert Schweitzer’s doctor. ) because they interfere with the AMA pseudo science cancer management and money extraction machine . Likewise with heart disease.
    Believe Alex who comments quite often at MIA. He should be invited to blog at MIA. Even I on a person by person individual basis know better what to do non coercively concerning bi polar, mania depression etc, then 99.99% of psychiatrists but all I’d probably hear is auntie doetle , auntie doetle, auntie doetle .( I’ve mentioned what works before so have others .) Then big pharma would take all the herbs I know to work and make them unavailable. They and cartel partners are trying to take control of supplements and herbs and can not be trusted . Oh yeah, they are not beyond protecting their interests with moral code free actions. I’ll teach anyone with need face to face for free . My email is http://[email protected] Yes that includes you Joanna Moncrieff ,MD

  • Lived experience the nonsense atom smasher ! Auntie Dottle anytime over pretension , organized pseudo scientific clinical trials . Put that lipstick on that expensive pig , tell em we need more study’s to establish , that evidence based pseudo science rocks , while we cash in on dispensing poisons to them and their babies . Yes we have unmitigated gaul. , thats all. The dust bin beckons.

  • There are no complications of memory especially when it comes to psychiatry , psychiatric torture is so intense it can not be forgotten . So we might as well warn the newer captives to escape before being captured . But how do you warn toddlers and babies in the womb . when the brainwashing and torture techniques of psychiatry as well as pseudo science are presented with such ridiculous posturing of calm certitude as if highly educated with real wisdom,when all we have here is a drug pusher ,behavior control with poisons and electricity , degradation of the human being,and forced transformation into a customer and degraded slave , for the life as long as cash can be extracted .Dumped on skid row otherwise. Nothing is forgotten and Nuremburg trials and the dust been of history is the fate of psychiatry and psychiatrists . Not even the guts to risk disbarment form this gestapo-like profession from hell and to demonstrate openly for it’s demise . Busy full time defending the necessity of crimes against humanity having become to big to fail. Not even the guts or humility to pool their ill gotten gains to finance a Soteria House instead wasting the loot on themselves.

  • I agree with Ted . I would add for myself at least that even the so called real tiny few best psychiatrists that say they are weaning people off of med-drugs and actually listen to the people sometimes dragged in front of them leave me wondering how anyone could be so gutless as to literally go decades prescribing med-drugs and even electricity without having the human decency to demonstrate for even one of the people under there total power even once to put in their own mouths the “medicine” they want this poor soul to take in absolute compliance for the rest of what’s left of their life. The kindest thing I can say is they remind me of in the Charles Dickens novel “Tale of Two Cities” Marie Antoinette’s out of touch statement upon hearing the people had no bread to eat. She said as Queen of France in seriousness “Let them eat cake”.
    Today we have “Let them eat Neuroleptics” By the way I give people talk therapy after I’ve put them in altered states so they can best understand how I expect them to comply with my orders to them and the consequences for non compliance (which are constantly intensifying ) through no fault of my own. I’m only following orders after all I have 2 kids to send through college that have chosen to follow in my footsteps and become psychiatrists, lucrative field that it is and securely protected by the drug companies and /or the government(same same). One thing as sure as death and taxes , no matter what, you can’t take the arrogance out of a psychiatrist. And you can’t easily fool a survivor. Speaking about revolution with or without Madame Defarge ?

  • I’m so sorry to hear the tragic news .It was a courageous and uplifting accomplishment to create and man these outposts of freedom even in the midst of the fascist state and for them to last as long as they did. Natural healing has a long history of being attacked in this country by the seekers of humungous profits that can be made by capturing a person in a weakened state that really could just be temporary and sickening them further striving to lengthen their condition for as long as possible through the predominately making people subservient by way of the pseudo-science multiple modality triple threat from pharma psychiatry , pharma AMA mainstream medicine, and conventional ADA dental mercury , root canal care , also the GMO Monsanto and company turning food into poison, corruption cartel. Lets not forget the neuroleptic nursing homes , with collusion by the fascist (merged with the corporation ) government, all together making up the back to feudalism Therapeutic State. We must join and make the fight for health freedom a big part of our agenda. Read Robert Young’s book “Sick and Tired ” and read of the subverting of truth that certainly has cost more lives, hundreds of millions and untold suffering beyond belief. The powerful control by subverting truth . They don’t care whats true , they care what grows their cash flow power and influence . They control the media and can easily confuse and control the population till they even believe 1+1 is 8. We need to get way more creative join forces with people who love freedom and truth and probably figure out how to raise or earn funds to support soteira like efforts where needed besides revolting against coercion wherever it raises its head in whatever way we are able to creatively do so . There can be no accepting this accelerating fascism ,feudalism , trying to shove pseudo- science down our throats from every direction through multiple cooperating cartels. The people have a right to their birthright of long life ,health, and happiness and the freedom to totally reject the bullshit generated by the 1% seeking to enslave us, shorten our lives, and behaving as if they own the planet . Expose the robber barons to the inside of the prison system they created for others. As long as people are in distress soteria like places must be there. Thank you for your valiant efforts.

  • In …. A Special Interview with Dr. Christopher Shade with Dr. Joseph Mercola I excerpt one paragraph .
    Dr. Shade speaking on mercury , ” It’s got a very strong ability to dysregulate your system. This is part of why it’s hard to pin down often by the symptoms that it’s mercury toxicity, because it dysregulates you in so many different ways. In fact , it can take you one way or another .Neurologically , it can make you hyperactive, or it can give you chronic fatigue .” ( Sounds to me like stuff that fuels the psychiatric diagnosis Bi Polar etc .) The last sentence my statement not Dr. Shades
    For the trained scientists among you heres an excerpt of what he said first: “The heart of mercury’s toxicity is what I call inappropriate binding. Mercury is never a free ion out there. Like if you take table salt and drop it in water , that’s sodium chloride. Then it will split into sodium ions and chloride ions. But mercury is always bound in these covalent relationships with whats called the ligand. Mercury’s favorite ligand is sulfur , specifically a reduced form of sulfur called a thiol. This is what you have on cysteine, like N-acetyl cysteine or in glutathione. But these thiols are all throughout your body.
    In fact ,when you look at enzyme systems- enzymes are generally large organic molecules that house at their metal core. The metal might be something like zinc,copper,or iron. Those metals are held in place by thoil groups. Mercury has higher affinity for those thoil groups than the metals do. How much higher? Try for zinc, a billion times higher-10 to the ninth. When mercury comes by , it floats by, and it sees an enzyme that’s holding zinc in it , those cysteines are going to reach over and they’re going to grab on to the mercury. Thus , you’re going to inactivate the enzyme.
    Other places that mercury will bind to thoils are on cell membranes. This catalyzes the rearrangement of the cell membranes. In fact, new research is starting to look at how mercury down to membranes in your vasculature causes a shattering of membranes and eventually pulling of holes in the arteries, which leads to you then kind of spackling them up with cholesterol. Then you get into the neurological area, you’ve got enzymes there, and you’ve got membranes there that it could work on , and different forms of mercury will cross the blood brain barrier.
    Then you’ve got a lot of neuroprotective elements. There’s one called thioredoxin. Thioredoxin is probably the primary target for mercury or one of its favorite targets. Say, it’s get several thiols. It’s got special forms of selenium called selenols that it attaches to with even greater ferocity than it attaches to the thiols. It gets in and it disrupts so many crucial elements of your chemistry. Those are places where zinc is supposed to be, where copper is supposed to be, and it kicks them out of their spots .
    The full interview can be seen in the archives at also look up DAMS which stands for Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions also look up the IAOMT which stands for International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

    I would speculate there is nothing that makes more money for the Theraputic State then the pseudo science of delivering mercury into the human body through dental fillings number 1 and eating fish with mercury in it, also we have mercury compounds in for example the free flu shot and in some of the other injections even given to babies. we have coal burning and over 50% of packaged food in the grocery stores have mercury in them from the packing machines which are cleaned with mercury containing caustic soda. There is more. We also have Monsanto the diabolical monsters of the midway which give new meaning to the reality of crimes against humanity. Many countries have banned the use of mercury as a dental material including Finland home of open dialog.. The USA instead made during the present presidents administration in the beginning ,a board member of the largest mercury amalgam manufacturer the head of the FDA. Believe it or not. She stonewalled crucial anti mercury legislation and was highly rewarded for her “work”. The money maker and time release eugenic substance mercury is very important to the goals and cash flow of the elite wana be feudal masters of the planet . Thats not to say they don’t have other” useful chemicals Medicines and other substances and strategies available” to further their domination goals.( why do you think they have shark tanks I mean think tanks) Carniegie and Rockefeller that is and others.

  • It seems we are a creature like a caterpillar that not only has for so many , no safe place to build a cocoon and further more unlike a caterpillar needs perhaps honest friendly friendship and dialog from others who already built one and emerged , at times while we build our own. And then if we somehow,successfully , we run through the gauntlet of the normal maddening polite and so ruthless brainwashed society and their behavior control police and eugenic pushers and mange to emerge, our label diagnosis still waits for us as well as the behavior controlist specialists, especially if we have not procured new approved letters after our names that tell of approved educations. And the emerged butterfly is not listened to or believed about what they have retrieved as a gift for themselves ,humanity, and all life and the planet earth. As the profit makers continue to build their mansions and summer mansions and ………….

  • Some thoughts: Yes, heavens to betsy someone with the title psychiatrist who has common sense. A person who can be dialoged with ,Yes it seems so. But still the Nuremburg like trials are necessary for so many for so many crimes so many still ongoing crimes against humanity within the pharma-psych-government complex and also other cartels presently active along the Constantly Accelerating And Spreading Time Release Eugenic Trail of Tears .
    As far as the numbing effect of drug meds and suicide or worse. I’ve had an experience , it’s truly a miracle I came out of it , to be able to speak of it now. There is such a thing as a perfect negative storm that can happen to a person. The factors of the storm that came together in my life were …. exhaustion , sleep deprivation, colitis , unrecognized exposure for weeks to a carbon monoxide leak into the passenger compartment of a recently bought $600 car whenever I drove it, having been forced by circumstances to give up custody of my 4 1/2 year old daughter, I was as a 36 year old with 20 years of on again off again exposure to psychiatric torture all mainly caused but unidentified at the time by mercury poisoning from 15 mercury amalgam fillings installed by dentists trained by the pseudo scientific ADA the american dental association . One in six people have extra trouble excreting mercury from their body. The effect of all this was not of numbness, but a the sensation of actually being permanently dead inside feeling nothing and not able to put any coherent thoughts together . I was walking in the bicycle lane down a 2 lane highway toward oncoming traffic , it seemed my only option was to step in front of the next on coming semi truck . I did , but the semi went around me and after it did to my surprise I came to life again feeling alive for about 10 minutes then dead again I did it again , again the semi swerved around me and I felt alive again for some minutes. I walked 26 miles to where I lived, the police were waiting for me ( I couldn’t speak or put words or thoughts together) and took me to jail for days of observation and then to a mental institution. I was out after 2 weeks on 2mg. of haloperidol . At a hearing to commit me my dad who flew in from Arizona saved me from being sent away to the state institution where the movie One Flew Over The Coocoo’s Nest had been filmed .
    It would be 24 more years till the mercury fillings , root canals , all metals removed , cavitations checked for by Hal Huggins protocol dentistry was done and all symptoms disappeared immediately after , the voices, the insomnia, the sensation of as if visual dreaming while awake at times, the colitis ,everything, I was a live psychiatric and Therapeutic State survivor.
    And I ask you all for how many of you is mercury poisoning a factor to some degree in your life. It was the lynch pin that turned mine upside down for 44 years . And for how many who have tried to commit suicide and for how many that succeeded or worse has mercury been the unrecognized factor never spoken about .
    I was fortunate that family finally made funds available for me to pursue this advanced dental treatment. Governments around the world should provide funds for their citizens to have the option to get advanced dentistry done . And of course it should be banned as a dental material and as something inserted even in flu shots that are available for free and totally bogus . Such are only 2 of the strategies of modern day Shake Your Money Maker Time Released Eugenics “. I’ve written enough for now .

  • The thing I’m so so concerned about is upsetting the poor little robber barons hiding among the 1% , sitting there , all of them underneath it all , scared shitless of the people knowing they’ve gone too far already for 2 long and that all their money and power and flunkies will not save them in the end when the day and time comes that no one can predict when they are overrun in a flash by the people they so vehemently hate and they are finished off by those standing next to them and they and their reign of terror are swept away.

  • Thank You Lauren for being there for us , witnessing and reporting a historical classic view of how the Kangaroo Government Therapeutic State operates and plans to deal with it’s citizens . I wish there had been at least a half dozen of us there with you . What do you think would have happened if a few people had done a banner drop and tried to give a speech within the hearing ? Would it have got media coverage or been completely squelched ?
    This climate feels to me as a psych survivor , with loved ones to varying degrees captured by psychiatry one not without hope of escaping and knowing there is possiblity they could reel in anyone including psych survivors especially those in relative poverty unemployed and retired . Heah, they eventually get anyone who enters a nursing home. Anyways the climate reminds me of the climate portrayed in the movie “Swing Kids” in which a youthful Christian Bale had a role , about the group of young people , not involved in politics in Germany as the nazis were consolidating power , who loved jazz
    the music, freedom and partying , dancing and how helpless they were when all was become forbidden , in the face of the tidal wave of Hitler’s totalitarian eugenic dictatorship , sweeping over Germany and beyond. Americans (Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations funded the eugenic movement in Germany starting first in the U.S.A.
    Are we beyond civil disobedience doing us any good and if not why hasn’t this been tested in present time by a group of 6 or so survivors acting together somewhere on the issue of at least opposing, psychiatric pharma teacher oppression of the forced drug and electric brain damaging of children ?
    Or is it time to make phony ID’s and run for the hill’s that have been denuded of tree’s . I guess there is such a thing as hiding in plane sight. I know poverty is a big factor. And may we somehow succeed in the struggle for human rights. I’m still not giving up during my lifetime which with being free of psychiatry , and reaching for clean air food and water and good company and the rejuvenating effect of nature , I plan to be around for a long time. And to hell with robber baron pseudo science in every category. Fred

  • Much time and energy could be saved and more productive and precise dismantling of psychiatry could more possibly happen and strategies become clearer if people simply read Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak”. One of the cheapest places I’ve found to buy books new or used is Black’s books, a source book of documented facts like no other and of course a must read as long as truth is important .It is a day by day document by document hidden history of eugenics and its origins in America how after World War ll it was decided that the word eugenics could not now be used openly by its elite advocates and how it continues under different descriptive labels and how and who the “elite” financiers of eugenics have been and still are . It exposes eugenic’s main players and how they have operated and now adapted to the present and more . It reveal a lot of inconvenient truths .

  • Im in the process of building one of those giant boulder throwing siege machines and try to land a boulder on Murphy . After all, they said I had Illusions of Grandeur before they held me down and injected me with thorazine. I realize now that since then I’ve been anti-psychiatry. I just haven’t been able to come up with a grand enough illusion to shove psychiatry into the dustbin of history fast enough. I must have become normal.

  • Another quote comes to mind by another sage that people from all over the world came to India to learn from. My favorite quote of his, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj …” In wisdom I am nothing In love I am everything and my life moves between these two”…
    Or as a psychiatrist would say ” The wisdom is all within my skull ” “I learned it from the DSM which was copied from the instructional manual for conducting the Spanish Inquisition .” “Anyways, what’s love got to do with it ?”
    Did they take that from Tina Turner’s song?

  • A very interesting comment above by the ever articulate , Theinarticulatepoet .
    It sends me to so many thoughts and ideas and truths.
    A book I have somewhere on Sri Ramana Maharishi has an introduction written by Carl Jung. He wrote to paraphrase ,
    “On the white spiritual plane that India is Sri Ramana Maharishi is it’s whitest spot.” He was a great sage of India and even Mahatma Gandhi came to him with questions. He was teaching that a person should first inquire who they themselves are . That wherever a person is from, whatever language they speak, within whatever culture anywhere on the globe, when they point to themselves they all touch the same spot on their body. A place that is to the right of the heart. I always found that very interesting.
    The Sage taught a meditation technique whereby a person sitting silently would silently ask themselves “Who Am I ? Whatever answer came up or sound or phenomena he was then instructed to ask “And To Whom Has This Occurred ? ” Then the answer “To Me” was again followed by the question “Who Am I ? And round and round and round until the mind quieted and the person was in an awakened state of awareness of all that was there peacefully aware without a thought , feeling most excellent and completely awake . And definitely not afraid of their own inner quietness and state of awareness .
    In Kam Yuen’s Chinese energy healing system , which combines the teachings from the East from Tai Chi, Qigong, Acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine , and from the West from Quantum Physics, Biology,and Psychology . It looks at the human being as a biological computer that most all of us have no instruction manual to show us how to operate. Within the system the human being operates on 6 different levels simultaneously . Spiritual, Psychic, Physical , Emotional, Psychological,and Mental. Each level can effect any of the others and at a subconscious level a human being knows every thing about themselves . If they are weakened in some way this system can quickly in acute conditions strengthen them and in chronic conditions help or strengthen them over a longer time . See for more info.
    So much cones to mind see Robert Young’s book “Sick And Tired”. It is a must read.
    The spinal cord is really an extension of the brain . It is made up of the same tissue as the brain.
    I once put together a necklace out of various gemstones that acted definitely like a gemstone tranquilizer . Yes I tried it on other people about 5 at different times . They all said it worked without side effects . Yes I can tell you how to make one but you’d have to believe a psych survivor enough to ask. I also figured out other things that can help people in distress.
    As survivors we are gona have to make available to the people our best usable ideas somehow cause if Murphy passes, psychiatry will have grown even more dangerous tentacles. They’ve gone way far enough and need to be stopped and rolled back for the good of humanity.
    Inflammation on the skin most anywhere on the body if strongly suppressed with strong chemical meds or chemical ointments can turn into a mental emotional distress extreme state quick.

  • About a year ago I thankfully was able to move out of government housing which was for me felt like a modified prison complex . There was a mix of families , single adults with children, single adults , couples , a few seniors mostly all with poverty in common and drugs overlaying most everything including the management.I believe I was the only one there I knew of for sure that was not drugged .
    There was one child there exceptionally brilliant . Her mother was very attentive to all her 2 children had remarried to a man highly trained in martial arts and they had 2 more children. Her 6 year old little girl always asked questions using a vocabulary that seemed far beyond her years and was friendly to everyone, a happy inquisitive child . Her new dad drove a cab and the mother worked part time at McDonald’s. Their diet was compromised by poverty and one day the mother told me that her brilliant daughter was upsetting the teachers with all her questions and that they wanted her on medications, I loaned her my autographed copy of Robert Whitaker’s book Anatomy Of An Epidemic . She kept it for 2 months returned it and thanked me . Some few months later after they moved to a rented house I found out from the dad that at school one day a little boy in her class grabbed the little girl and wouldn’t let her go , she stuck him with the pencil she was holding in his arm to get away and the parents could no longer keep their daughter from being put on “meds” under threat of losing custody.

  • Jill, This is an important subject your writing about. I will check out your website. Have you seen Russell L. Blaylock M.D. retired neurosurgeon’s comprehensive article which can be googled … How Vaccines Can Damage Your Brain …. He has much to say about inflammation and has seen it in autopsies he’s done He’s done 100 or so videos on youtube on various topics of vital interest to our community. He has testified in Congress in the USA and been basically ignored. Such is the power of the Cartels of the Theraputic State to ignore any truths which interfere with business as usual the concentrated power and cash-flow of the elite while evermore subjugating the people.

  • Tina , Thank You for your comprehensive efforts in the struggle for human rights and your clear and deep thinking and your actions to gain justice for the oppressed and for the example of a person striving to use their considerable talents for the betterment of humanity.
    It will take all of us to make our best full effort in this time of increased oppression where mental hospitals are harder to escape from , out patient clinics more draconian, drug cocktails more dangerous , the uses of electricity more “creative”, the attack upon the children so shocking , Murphy hanging over us like an accelerating epidemic, when even getting 6 people together for an action of civil disobedience seems so difficult, where even among ourselves we cannot believe enough to try harmless solutions we have self generated and instead seek for outside verifications and solutions from outsiders requiring double blind evidences we can not afford to produce. Of course there is much more.
    As far as making decisions after being tortured for decades by the psychiatric compliance police and for now being out of their hands. My decision is anti-psychiatry and the demand for full civil rights, a government for of and by the people and a wish to see the “elite ” brought to justice . Then the people will start to have a reason to rejoice. Thank You , Fred

  • Up until I was 16 years old I was a true believer in all titled so called angels of mercy , societies mainstream licensed medical professionals whom I believed were selflessly primarily concerned with the healing of the sick and they had my upmost respect and it would not even have occurred to me to question them . So I was taught by my parents plus this was reenforced by society all around.
    Then the medical doctor advised my parents to place me into a mental institution . Believing I was the one and only Messiah , having trouble sleeping ,and taking my clothes off was more than enough to get me the big S diagnosis plus psychotic for life and forced injections , forced chemical lobotomy 800 mg. thorazine per day recommended for life with various other drug additions to add more side effects . Soon I realized that psychiatrists and social workers did not know what they were doing and my life was in danger from these people. I lied and told them I was not the Messiah and whatever else they wanted to hear and was released back to my parents with instructions to continue forever the thorazine plus .
    How could I not rebel ? It was not possible if I wanted to live . It was a 44 year battle to freedom from on and off psychiatric compliance torture.
    I learned much through fortunately meeting a wise natural healer who was actually everything positive which the conventional mainstream so called professionals were absolutely not . These so called professionals include every conventional medical doctor , nurse, dentist, psychiatrist , social worker I ever met . The rat hole goes deep and the realization of how many lies we are surrounded by, many believed and enforced by well meaning people along with those just self interested , is a truth that removes the ground from under a person . And yet part of living is accepting that this can happen more then once in life and that so called schools of higher learning may have become a tool for the powerful to control all aspects of the population including whether they live or die and how.

  • It should be obvious by now that the psycho pharm medico agro cartels are capable of any and all crimes to protect themselves from the people , grow power and cash flow. They all strive for too big to fail status which endows them with Caligula like powers. Pharma I’m sure for example would have no qualms about using the peoples money for brain research in order to figure out how to better target areas of the human brain more precisely to more effectively deliver various new improved ( more addictive ) brain damaging poisonous concoctions or electricity to gain absolute compliance from the inside out. I guess they are already doing this and honestly the only solution to forced compliance is absolute non compliance wherever and whenever possible and revolution by all means you can get away with. Or how long can a sitting frog survive in boiling water ?

  • Seems that while an aged person is in a condition where not a lot of extra time has to be spent helping them they are a welcome cash cow at the nursing home . When a decline in health appears which the staff is very likely not to notice and be in denial about because maybe their cash cow might require more time from a staff too short handed to provide it and tired besides from working double shifts for peanuts. Soon they would like to see you move along to the hospice since now your cash has run out , social security will kick in and people with cash bonus payments are waiting for a spot and since they are in better shape and require less care the phony hospitality act is waiting to greet them as those requiring more care once the “doctor” declares it’s only a matter of time and doesn’t bother to show up anymore followed by less interest from staff , the ” clients” are encouraged into the hospice for the quick week or two staff assisted (morphine whether they need it or not ) wind down of their life. The therapeutic state has a way of processing people no matter what their age. The more helpless you are the freer the employees of the therapeutic state are to work on you under the supervision of an expert schooled in the finer points of pseudo science whatever they call themselves psychiatrists, doctors, or your excellency. While your family if they are still interested go along helplessly kept in the dark by the machinery of pseudo care and pseudo science for profit uber alles.

  • I don’t get the compartmentalization . I’m your therapist I’m responsive but if you need my signature to get your food stamps for basic survival on principal ? because empathy is overrated, I won’t sign my name on a piece of paper to help you eat because I’m a purist within the confines of the ethics of my sacred profession ? This allows me through convoluted reasoning not to respond with immediacy to the hunger of your baby.” Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is , do you Mr. Jones.” (A quote from a Bob Dylan song.)

  • As the mobilizing wheels of the psychiatric branch of the Therapeutic State turn with military like organization and precision across the planet the people and their children caught like deer in over bright headlights isolating each individual within a family , while all are being collectively attacked with the sophistication of robber baron round table think tank strategies, trojan horse presented to us as the urgently needed health solutions of the “new world order” with the implication that this is an offer that can’t be refused. And yet we must refuse , our guts scream out , and win out over our fear, and like any wild animal protect our young against the predator. But we must organize and do it together with enough precision or guerrilla action to dismantle the nightmare they wish to drape over us and somehow make it fall back over themselves.

  • Duane,

    I also love much of what you write here on MIA . As far as politics goes seems to me that its just like in nature , scum always rises to the top . I believe any system can be corrupted and probably will be as long as there are determined people with great wealth seeking to bend things to there will without regard for their fellow human beings . They’ll always find or create loopholes hire lawyers to twist whatever laws there are within any system into something that nurtures their interests to the detriment of the rest of the population. If there is no good will or sense of mutually guaranteed survival or friendship between people no system can work or fail to become some kind of fascist nightmare eventually.
    Right now we are told what to eat by the Monsanto’s and big Agra with unlabeled GMO food I’ve seen a film on that says will cause people to be sterilized within 4 generations . According to a researcher on Amy Goodman’s show 53% of packaged food in grocery stores has mercury in it from the caustic soda used to clean food packaging equipment. They could use other stuff but they refuse to do it. We’re not even considering the additives and poison chemicals used to grow food. Or the biological stuff like growth hormones added to dairy food and meats. Poor people don’t have a lot of choices about what to feed their families. The wealthier can afford organic food but these cartels are not above labeling foods organic which are not .
    I lived on a kibbutz in Israel for almost a year when I was 21 . I was a founding and voting member . I saw democratic socialism in action among us 40 people there. I liked it and would have lived out my life there on Kibbutz Golon in the Golon Heights had I not had my 19th nervous breakdown which I did not know at the time was caused by mercury poisoning from dental mercury laden amalgam. So I to am a democratic socialist at heart and an old hippy. Best wishes to you Duane.

  • Truth in Psychiatry, Well said. Your comment would make a great petition that deserves millions of signatures sent right back to Murphy and company through the media somehow . In solidarity , Fred

    Looks like the therapeutic state marching in goose step blitzkrieg mode. How to stop them ?

  • Just realized a simultaneous banner drop ” PHARMA PSYCH DRUG PROFITEERING = HUMAN SACRIFICE OF OUR CHILDREN’S BRAINS ” “ABOLISH DIABOLICAL TODDLER BRAIN DRUGGING EXPERIMENTS” and whatever people come up with in Walgreens pharmacy’s in as many states in the US as possible at the same time then sit down with appropriate chanting . I guess when police come at that point do what they say . Hopefully at least 2 or 3 people in each action . How about at least 2 or 3 of us do it somewhere. I’m 90 miles from Eugene OR. Someones got to try and get media coverage for this . This is all new to me but I know no ones got a right to harm children and we must try and stop it . At least then we can look at our own faces in the medicine cabinet mirror.

  • To Ted ,Margret and others , I agree and am ready to do a civil disobedience action and/ or candle light vigil and/ or protest demonstration against child drugging or other idea that is figured out. I just emailed David Oaks asking him to read this blog asking also for his input [email protected] Whatever we do I hope we can get media attention . What about for example going into a major icon pharmacy like Walgreens getting inside unveiling signs protesting child drugging when asked to leave just sit down with signs chanting “stop psychiatric drugging of children” I believe there is a shock box manufacturer in or near Eugene that could be protested ( I just heard it mentioned once. Maybe there is a drug manufacturing plant somewhere. Maybe a demonstration or vigil followed by a civil disobedience action. Ted if your doing a civil disobedience action it would be an honor for me to do it with you and others if they are willing . I feel the time for action is getting near .

  • traviller-vous,
    ” …so the first step is to get those intentions understood.”
    This is precisely what Edwin Black in his astounding book “War Against The Weak ” does all documented in detail and proof laid out like no other. I’ve found used copies at times available at for around $17 . Pretty cheap for an essential documented history of what every human should know so they can speak more realistically about our issues here at MIA.
    Sincerely, Fred Abbe

  • I’ve seen nursing homes with directors that make nurse Rachet in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest seem like Mother Teresa in comparison, and incompetence and indifference by staff that is nothing less then criminal behavior. All this yet for top dollar paying the nursing home $6000 per month after giving them a $9000 “gift” because they had a reputation for being one of the best and were very choosey as to whom they excepted as captives. I’m speaking of Self Help in Chicago. The directors first name was and still is Hedy and she’s a real full out beach responsible for shortening my fathers life. Transferring to another home the experience was equally as bad. Nursing homes are little fiefdoms where behind closed doors human rights are peeled away.
    Honestly think that in the old white man western movie versions of how American Indian tribes would leave an aged person to freeze to death in the cold outdoors in difficult times (at the time of viewing I used to think it was cruel ) after seeing what happened to my dad in a couple of nursing homes that seems even a crueler way to go . Nursing homes are not anyplace to be held captive for anyone whose seen what passes for caring for the aged there, is really like where its as easy to be declared agitated and force given a psych drug as catching a breath of air. Stay healthy my friends and free. I did see one kind competent nurse in a nursing home once. The rest of staff from director on down incompetent and indifferent. Could all this be a contributing factor to the subject of the article ? Duh!

  • The only reason I would want psychiatrists to come to demonstrations for human rights is so that the “good ones ” how many are we talking about 7 or 8 ? could publicly state to crowds of people what a bogus cult psychiatry is and how they apologize for having been brainwashed into accepting a position within it and explaining how and when they will pay reparations for their part in lending credibility to such a crime against humanity abomination. How could anyone that chooses to systematically harm children and other human beings not be considered a pariah ?
    Here’s what must go on inside of the heads of anyone who accepts the title of psychiatrist as their own. Best stated by Abraham Isaac Kook , ” The fragmentation of thought produces a decline , a weakening of thought . For how can one engage in thought if he believes that whatever is outside his own skull is nothing but a profuse confusion and that the [meaning of the] world and life is only what is found in his own tiny mentality ?…

  • Will Hall and Others concerned,
    The level of corruption you speak about like big pharma turning this society into one big prescription pad yes and hand in hand the quality of the water supply, food supply , air , and level of close to a person spraying of deadly insecticides like in government housing near children. The poorest have no chance of getting anything but the lowest quality of these most basic necessities of life plus the largest load of deadly chemicals whether sprayed near them or given as medications. In the town I live in Reedsport, Oregon 40% of the grammar school children are given Ritalin . And in government housing brain damaging insecticides are sprayed where they play and on the roofs of the apartments where they live. Overloads of vaccinations are killing and maiming children in the poorest families. It seems you’ve omitted speaking about quack AMA medical care and Toxic Metal poison dental care for the poorest of kids in addition to Toxic Coercive Psychiatry. Aren’t we talking talking about corruption thats as deep and wide as Eugenics by Theraputic State and other supporting cartels run by the same ole robber baron families with help from the 1% and others of the population coerced to comply . People in their numbers while we are still alive will have to surround with sustained demonstrations the abodes of the robber barrons , pharma executives ,and at their money choke point business places and offices . Can large demonstrations bring change in the climate you describe ? And I remain anti – psychiatry and anti- human rights violators.
    You want answers view clearly a big portion of the problem in real historical perspective read Edwin Black’s book ” War Against The Weak” . Answers will then begin to present themselves.

  • Part of what I consider to be my own deep understanding about what makes people stronger health wise and what makes them weaker is my clarity about the predominately detrimental long term effects of psychiatry the pseudoscientists pseudoscience,The American Medical Association medicine treatments and whatever they do only at most , 35% of their modalities are effective to benefit the human being the rest is outright quackery for profit and has caused more suffering to more people then even wars. American Dental Association a veritable fortress of quackery causing human suffering along with the AMA on a Biblical scale. That with it’s toxic metal overloads misuse, and cover up of dangerous modalities like root canals and refusal to reform and become holistic dentists like Hal Huggins was . Anyways I could go on about this for hours and volumes.
    Besides we must take care of our own , Debra Schwartzkopff must be supported in every best way we can at this time it appears she is our Rosa Parks. We need more info on what she needs us to do . Are there enough people where she is to support her efforts ?

  • The biggest problem with parents of the psychiatrically oppressed is their continuing persistent belief that within psychiatry there are psychiatrists (the really good ones that know how to use psychiatry for the benefit of their loved one ) They share this belief with other various educated true believers who have in common the shared no lived experience non experience and respect for the principle of respecting the pseudo scientific university titled and “educated” underneath it all. All this instead of primarily respecting the survivors of atrocities beyond their comprehension and truly seeking them out for the real answers they and their loved ones so badly need.
    I’m not here to make psychiatrists comfortable. I will not hobble or dilute my lived experience for anyone . If psychiatrists and psychiatry are all sent to Mars and yes I would send them immediately if I had the power. The very next moment “regular oh so wonderful doctors “would pick up the slack without missing a beat and it would still be doctor delivered pseudo scientific psychiatric modalities as usual. Thats why we need Health Freedom for the people and Mars for the would be and wannabe controllers of others. I will fight against psychiatric and all other cartel and whatever oppression that interfere with human rights for as long as necessary Stockholm syndrome notwithstanding. Remember if the good psychiatrists are so good why are they not there with us on the street when we demonstrate for our human rights ?

  • This could all work well if we could get some input and coordinate with Ted and other people that organized the recent anti-shock demonstrations . Ted just put up a blog and we know he is interested in saving the children . It’s probably just a matter of timing and details and seeing if this can move forward with more support and fine tuning. I wish more people would show interest in demonstrating or putting forward ideas . In addition to live demonstrations it is even possible a well written petition could go viral online and end up everywhere with lots of support. I live in a small town Reedsport, Oregon 90 miles from Eugene and 250 miles from Portland. David Oaks is another veteran activist who got local TV coverage for the anti- shock demos in Eugene May 16th . It was a great experience for me to attend and was even able to make 2 speeches as a shock survivor and carry a sign I made the night before. I certainly would like to take part in a demo protesting the drugging of children especially if David Oaks was involved . People respond to his organized efforts against psychiatric oppression. It would be interesting to see also how people respond to signing a well thought out petition that Ted and David and others could support that we could pass out and get people to sign . I’m still open if there are better ideas. We do need to act.

  • At the very least can’t this story of what happened to this 12 year old girl and her family maybe with even other examples be drawn up as part of a petition that seeks signatures of people that will pledge to physically show up at least in their own state or within so many hundreds of miles from where they live to surround any facility government ,medical, psychiatric ,or University , or pharma facility or home of pharma executives or whoever and wherever and whatever , when a child has been kidnapped by “any authorities”on fabricated evidense and taken by force from her parents . To demonstrate peacefully until release is granted and justice served. Those that choose will doubtless perform acts of civil disobedience in the great tradition of Gandhi and King . With a goal to get a million signatures in each state . Could this be a viable strategy to protect children and families ? With the hope this could expand to protect any human being unjustifiably detained wherever they are held against their will by whoever.

  • Some thoughts that come to mind . The necessity of an Anti-Pharmaceutical Cartel Movement at this point seems like a no brainer. Their violations of acceptable human behavior could fill volumes as well as the countless casualties . They are rolling over the people with abandon and no brakes . There are no authorities to appeal to for help, only the people , who all have stories to tell to each other. And together we must stop them before they drug us and/or our loved ones to oblivion.
    I fear they are purposefully engineering these poisons with added addictive property’s to try and prevent people from cold turkeying off of them plus making it extra difficult to wean off ( look what the tobacco companies did) while at the same time creating a legal environment of forced compliance to their will. Sounds to me like some kind of poison chemical coercive time release variation of the 1ooo year reich that hitler wanted to create except this is all slavery and death under the guise of “health care”for our “benefit”. The fact that they boldly target even babies is a sign they believe they can’t be stopped. They must be shown somehow that they are wrong. Maybe under the banner of health freedom . It will probably eventually take mass numbers of people demonstrating strategically to stop them.

  • Of course love is so important, and just knowing someone loves you even though neither you or they understand what your going through can help you weather the impossible. For example like me going through the heavy metal poisoning of mercury via mercury laden so called amalgam fillings even adding one or two every year. Thats all without knowing they are making me madder then a hatter. Then being diagnosed and dosed on top of the mercury poisoning with psychiatric chemical lobotomy poisons , Heah , you better believe someone loves you cause the only other thing that kept me going is the curiosity as to why this was all happening to me and trying to figure it out. Why , what the hell is going on ? And if you really believe what I’m talking about is rare and doesn’t involve millions of people, the vast majority of whom don’t understand what’s happening to them, you would be absolutely wrong . One in six people have trouble excreting mercury from their bodies. And yes it does get into the brain. I went through hell and high water before I figured out how to correct this problem. I’ve talked about it in other comments on various blogs here at MIA.
    Micronutrients anyone ? You want micronutrients get Health Force’s VITAMINERAL GREEN best green formula I ever found no I don’t sell or make the stuff I just scan the internet for the lowest price for it I can find . For other stuff Swanson’s is generally the cheapest place I’ve found that has quality vitamins in their line up. As far as trusting psychiatrist’s to do anything , forgetaboutit. The experts on diet and it’s relation to health are not nutritionist’s or psychiatrists . They are and do deserve a drumroll, Traditional Naturopaths !

  • Rebel,
    I’ve been there and am free now after a 44 year struggle to free myself from the pseudo scientific sadistic cult of psychiatry and all their paraphernalia.
    Here’s a poem I wrote some 30 years ago about the same sentiment you articulate above.

    The Bird Born into a world with with no sky
    Bird crouched slowly forward
    Looking for an opening
    In the cement ceiling
    It was no use unfolding his wings
    he had been walking for years
    In darkness searching
    Bird would have given up long ago
    But certain things still puzzled him
    What was the tapping
    he sometimes heard
    that seemed to come through from the ?
    Fred Abbe

  • Positive psychiatry makes about as much sense as Positive nazism.
    Defang the bastards , abolish the cult , push it into the dust bin of history. Why don’t all these so called good psychiatrists demonstrate along side of us on the street against psychiatric coercion if they are so good. Why don’t they lay down for even one electro shock treatment without anesthetic so they really know what it is . Or even a month on thorazine so they can feel what they’ve done to people.They’ve tortured me to much and followed up with not wanting to hear or believe what pain they were causing me.They will get no respect from me only a lifetime dedicated to pushing them and their coercive pseudo science cult and other components of the pschoelectropharmfirstdoharmeugenicgulogarchepelego into the bottom of the dustbin of history. There are better ways for people to relate with their life issues and with each other .

  • Laura ,
    Thank you for what you are doing. I am ready to contribute knowledge of all the tools in my toolbox that I know are useful. Some would appear magical at first glance to an outside observer. The proof is always in the pudding . It either works or it doesn’t. I’ve touched on them in my many posts here at MIA but am able to go into more detail. Best really is in advising an individual after hearing their story and customizing the info for them. I’ve also been trained in Traditional Naturopathy and energy healing by two of the most amazing healers I could ever have imagined to meet.
    Another thing I have found is that some of what works in helping someone come off the psych drugs is the same stuff with or without modification that can help someone going through their initial or subsequent extreme states and help them from getting caught or returned to psychiatric coercion giving them more time to figure out whats going on.
    Best of wishes to you in your nobel efforts.

  • Duane ,
    I just read the link you provided . Wonderful putting together of a bill that I wish was law . I think it’s great. The next thought I had was how large of a bag of cash is required to get it past . Than how do you pass something that interferes with business as usual for big pharma who may really be our government ? I believe Ted has mentioned the name Bernie Sanders as a politician who has been sympathetic to our concerns in the past. This would need massive popular support . It is important to try it somehow. What do you see as the necessary steps to do this . Why not see if their is enough interest to get your proposed bill printed where it could be seen . It seems the media would possibly pick up on it if we passed out copies at future demonstrations. David Oaks also could maybe help figure out how to proceed with this . Let me know how I could be of help. My main skill is as an unlisensed natural healer across many modalities. Wishing you and us success.

  • There is so much to explain that only experience after experience you have not had can help you to understand . If there is no interest in thorough studying new information why should one even get started explaining it ? If no RCT’s exist which means less cash payment who are the “professionals” who can generate interest ? If none , who needs their coercion? We appreciate your efforts and that of the other few efforting psychiatrists and the weight of the limiting brick wall of the guild. Yes there are better ways to free the captives or better, to enable them to free themselves . Of course each persons journey is unique. Applying Yuen Method , biology, psychology, Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, holistic dentistry, non coercively individualized. and whatever tests to be needed or not needed and how much energetically , with the focus on what strengthens the individual neutralizing what weakens them , all supported by the individual at a subconscious level. It is all done with persons permission and if they prefer to reject feeling better they can bring back their former state as their free will is never violated . Psychiatric drugs for slow weaning “titration “into a liquid by a compounded pharmacy may be needed . Phsychiatrists role in this as they have access to the drugs ,would be temporary with them needing to understand to play their role in the back seat for the slow weaning off period deferring to everyone else and understanding in actuality what is anti -psychiatry and why. A Sotera like safe non coercive environment would be good . This type of effort should funded by insurance and payable with a Rewards card.

  • You seem to be saying if a person is not a saint or an enlightened one they are the same as most all psychiatrists and Murphy who have chosen and accepted evil as an ongoing way of life. I think there is a large population of people in a more live and let live mode in the middle. Murphy the psychiatrists , big pharmaceutical , and many other ‘providers’ within the Therapeutic State have abandoned that mode and the people along the way. Maybe Murphy should see a psychiatrist. Cause it may be inevitable the way he’s going Murphy will meet lot’s of McMurphy’s and Chief’s in upraised sink mode along the way.

  • Thank you Phillip for analyzing the impossible predicament another innocent defenseless population of individuals find themselves in. Thank you to the above commenters as well.
    The psychiatrists (without military uniform Gestapo Officers ) evidently are following orders to expand their mission in the face of all opposition . To grow the number of population members under their control . Taking control of them when they enter the cradle or before with only entombment within the grave eventually offering a reprieve from more of their “treatments”. They specialize in torturing the most vulnerable captives while telling themselves they’re offering state of the art ” healthcare”to their “patients”.
    Seems it would be easier for 3 camels abreast to pass through the eye of a needle then for psychiatrists , pharmaceutical profiteers and shock box manufacturers , to cease the coercion they engage in daily , let alone to throw their “professions ” overboard.”
    There is only one way I know for them to snap out of the delusional, criminal, and dangerous to others activities they persist in pursuing . They need to gather soon and draw lots so that a dozen of them can take part in RCT’s ( random controlled trials ) so they can feel for themselves the surge of ECT combined with a neuroleptic cocktail, one designed to grow breasts , another to chemically lobotomize , another bringing on suicidal urges , and one more to make them feel like they are jumping out of their skin . Fortunately all these are readily available previously developed by the pharmaceutical cartel for the “benefit of the innocent.” After a 6 month RCT the dozen psychiatrists may be available to be interviewed as to the effects of the treatments and be able to report in a realistic way to rest of their colleague’s and to all their victims. Maybe then if the media paid attention the boot heel on our neck would lighten into a nike running shoe.

  • How about ” McMurphy’s Underground Railroad” takes up the story following Chief Bromden’s escape to a reservation where he reunites with wife and young son . He tells em about the white mans cuckoo’s nest and how the only sane white man he ever met, McMurphy fought them till he fell.
    By the time Chief ‘s son is grown things have gotten worse on the reservation and in outside society. Too many youths are suicidal , there’s an epidemic of psychiatry prescribing neuroleptics even to toddlers , children , babies , women more then men , and seniors in nursing homes . The Pseudo- Scientific -Electro-Psycho- Pharm -First -Harm-Medical- Therapeutic- Archepeligo is expanding and becoming even more deadly . Chief connects with MIA and anti psychiatry people , talks to his son and they bring a proposal to the First Nation Peoples Leaders to construct an underground railroad along routes linking various reservations across the country . They intend to break innocent people out of cuckoos’s nests, nursing homes, and help families whose children are being coercively drugged , electrified or locked away. Also to upset business as usual within the pharma cartel besides joining demonstrations.
    Sadly Will Sampson the actor passed on a few years ago but maybe Jack Nicholson would be willing to play a part as a retired supportive psychiatrist and even financially back such a movie if things were presented to him . Maybe Kevin Costner would also be interested in financing this movie. There would be leading roles for First Nation actors and some roles for us at MIA. Maybe I’m dreaming or maybe it could be done. I know I can’t do it alone . Maybe any money made could be used to free captives.

  • If there is real compassion for people who suffer : friendship , sanctuary, safe shelter , nutritious real food ,clean pure water, natural modalities like Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy,Energy Healing , Body Work, Herbs, natural supplements , Health care like at the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland , The Dr. Rau Way . All these are needed . Conventional mainstream guild health care especially psychiatry are a one way ticket to palookaville and / an early and/or excruciating living death or actual death while being robbed of everything at the same time. If your stuck use temporarily , “Escape” and give a listen to survivors .

  • Bravo Dear Olga , for your promise as a psychologist . Maybe we all need to carry a copy of it on our person to show others on cards and T-shirts.
    Operation Paperclip brought dedicated nazi war criminals to the USA their records were hidden from the people and they who posed as oppressed war victim scientists took over leading positions in universities across America in fields like biology ,chemistry, psychiatry etc. This was made possible by nazi sympathizers in high positions who facilitated this fascist super injection into our lives over here .They said we must bring these “brilliant people” over here or the Russians would get them as the cold war era started after World War ll . Certainly it was backed by the eugenic loving Rockefeller’s, Carnegie’s, Harriman’s and other robber baron pigs.
    Operation Paperclip can be googled and the history of eugenics in the USA , month by month is throughly documented and can be read about in Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak .” In my opinion the course of history and psychiatry’s and medical and dental and agricultural arrogance cannot be understood without the information in Black’s book.
    Saw an interesting picture of a bumper sticker on the net :” Better be nice to America or we’ll bring Democracy to your country.”
    We are a land saturated with eugenic enterprises including in mainstream psychiatry,medicine,dentistry, chemical and biological and genetically (eugenically) engineered agriculture,food production and poisoning with countless deadly substances mostly all time released. There could be dozens of Robert Whitaker’s writing expose’s on all these areas and more. And all this shit seeking to expand across the planet . While what can help humanity freedom, justice, equality, including health freedom is at the same time suppressed as well as Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, free use of Herbs, Natural Supplements, Unadulterated food, Energy Healing , Body Work , Friendship ,Shelter , Sanctuary, Peace, Clean Air and Clean Water and people determined not to oppress their fellow human beings or life sustaining eco systems .
    Thank You, Fred

  • I saw the Michael Douglas produced movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ” at it’s world premiere at the Granada Theater, one of the atmospheric movie palaces of the day, down the street from Loyola University located in the north side of Chicago 2 blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan. It was 1975 and Jack Nicholson was supposed to attend in person. He was already famous for his role in the film “Easy Rider” . He’d also starred in “Five Easy Pieces”.
    I bought my ticket and there he was, I saw him up in a curtained balcony alcove , over looking the lobby sticking just his head out through the red velvet curtains smiling that smile as if he wasn’t seen and watching as the crowd of people were filling the theater walking through the lobby , buying refreshments , anticipating a great movie.
    Watching the premiere of the movie I was a 12 year veteran of psychiatric Torture already labeled The S word plus ,then the manic depression word, and then the bipolar depression word. I’d had 15 electro shocks, and I had still 15 mercury laden amalgam dental fillings installed in my teeth ,with unbeknown to myself 32 more years of psychopharm merry go round to go before I could call myself a psychiatry free psychiatric survivor.
    Very much the McMurphy character reminded me of myself as someone who fought the system from the inside and paid the price in extra retaliatory torture, and who tried to make other inmates laugh at the authorities,and their rules , whatever their title , creed, gender ,or color, always escaped whenever possible or aided others to do the same, injected humor in all talking circles and was tossed out of a lot of them.
    The Psychiatrists did rounds in the mornings . We patients saw them rarely for usually at the most around 3 minutes only enough time to beg them to let us out of there and never getting a straight answer except in the form of “meds adjustment”. The head nurses were in charge of daily going ons on the floor and had much power over our inmate lives . Orderlies and nurses aids followed head nurse orders.The kindest words I heard from staff I remember were from a female aid that reminded me when I was admitted not wanting to live , after sleepless insomniac nights, and recognizing me by name from other previous hospitalizations smiled knowing I was harmless and reminded me cause I forgot I could feel different, ” don’t worry you’ll be feeling better in a few days you always do”.
    The psychiatric system in hospital is a finely conceived coercive machine with replaceable parts including psychiatrists on top but rarely talking to you or appearing to do anything when not prescribing meds or in charge of shock process. Then nurses at least one on duty most all the time next in power then aides following their orders. There is opportunity for individual employees to allow any of them to add a measure of torture or kindness if they pick their spots and so choose.
    The movie was close to home for me and after it ended I made my way to the stage below the big screen and was able to ask Jack Nicholson a question about his last movie Five Easy Pieces which he answered and I left the theater thinking I saw a great movie. It inspired me to read Ken Kesey’s book and eventually realize that to me Chief is the” One “in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest .”
    The Eugene demonstration against Electro Shock was empowering and David Oaks is a brave inspiring and relentless warrior for our rights and a peaceful revolution .

  • It is a sad thing in life when those that are so badly oppressed ,both historically and in the present , that should have love and respect and reparations coming their way and a chance to succeed in life, instead find only more opression .It can become a deep spiritual question inside as to why this is happening to me and or us . Why could G-d or the Great Spirit allow this to happen. Finding out what happened in the past and that it really happened is traumatic enough. Mean selfish people did it. And they are still doing it.Seeing a future ahead forming up as a variation of the same theme takes friends and family , loved ones and everyone else to help bare up to it and try to make it better. Health insurance that only covers mainstream all around health care , AMA medicine, APA psychiatry, ADA dentistry really only makes it worse and is the straw that can break the proverbial “camel’s back. Google see what Russell Blaylock MD retired neurosurgeon has to say about vaccinations and brain inflammation, mercury and other ADA dentistry , and whats happening to veterans too. You take someone that’s got troubles and then insomnia , things can get bad quick. These youths are connected to all of us and what is happening is not a good sign and also a warning . Somethings are badly wrong and if we humanity do not work together to correct our imbalance with each other, ourselves ,and the planet who can say what this estrangement will do to us ?

  • I agree Duane , Daniels videos are are amazing , one talented film maker. If I had the do re mi I’d try and get him to direct a film idea that came to me recently. Imagine a modern day take off of the Hunchback of Notre Dame . Filmed at Harvard Psychiatric where Justina was captured . Also at Harvard U with a Bell installed that Qasamoto rings at key intervals. His father who adopted him instead of being a priest is the psychiatrist responsible for the drugging of children and toddlers . His adopted son is maybe hunchbacked but definitely also diagnosed as the S word . But mainly he has taken it upon himself to save the children from his father the well known psychiatrist , other psychiatrists , and from psychiatry itself . His love interest maybe a beautiful nurses aid that also wants to save the children . There is a nurse that posts here that was on the floor with Justina. A little more research , a little more polishing a script,If there were backers maybe Daniel would like the idea. A motion picture like this could bring the children’s plight to the forefront. Can it be done Daniel?
    In Solidarity , Fred

  • Dan, Interesting and honest post .You taught me a lot about therapy. Living on disability income I’ve talked to social workers . I thought therapist’s were for rich people. Are they the same thing? When I did talk to the SW’s I most alway’s automatically put on my method acting academy award winning John Lovett hat , at least totally on guard. I mean these people can rearrange your life by what they write on paper or recommend to somebody. And I have seen that paper and it’s a bunch of horseshit . And that horseshit follows you around . Then more horseshit gets added and pretty soon your surrounded . Of course if your acting is good enough you can get these yahoos on your side.
    I thank G-D I’ve most always had at least one good friend to talk to. In fact about 15 years ago I had a epiphany . Here it goes . In any relationship parent and child , husband and wife , strangers meeting, or any people together . If there is not friendship going on between them there’s nothing much going on at all .You can quote me on that one . It just came in one day .
    Now as far as people that have hurt you .( whoever) My policy is always call out to their face the people that have hurt you. There is nothing wrong with payback . That way you don’t carry stuff around like Dr. Strangelove and harm other innocents. I even had people eventually apologize and explain themselves which made forgiveness and reconciliation possible on occasion. Some still have payback coming . They just haven’t got it yet .Some are are bound to get it cause of the way they behave.
    Dan one of these days when you least expect it you my find your self responsible for a child you love and I’m sure if that happen’s you will rise to the occasion as best you can. Ahhhhh Friendship.

  • David .
    I think you’ve hit upon something good .It makes me think of the best hopes we had in the hippie days . That’s what I was, in between hospitalizations back in the day and still now without the hospitalizations or the drugs . I’ve become a wounded healer effortlessly by walking through the doors I needed to to save my life and walking out of the doors I needed to to save my life . Thinking now of going to the Oregon Country Fair less then 2 hours from where I live on the Oregon Coast in Reedsport, Or. It is hard to leave the Coast in the summer and go inland but I need the festival fix.
    G-D Bless You David Oaks may you recover your strength and live forever young with those you love. I saw the preview I’m gona watch the full videos . See you at the anti-shock demonstration May 16th.

  • Nancy,
    I forgot, I read After Seroquel and all comments amazing especially for me, new info about compounding pharmacies that make liquid titurations out of neuroleptics for controlled precision slow safe weaning off of “meds” ( what a service for humanity you provided with that and other info. ) I apologize I should have got this to you earlier . Dr. Richard Schulze at or 1-800-herb-doc he’s a traditional naturopath , has got a natural herbal eye drop formula called EYEBRIGHT thats amazing . My friend thats gone blind twice before from lithium overdose prescribed by a psych doc quack, afraid she’d permanently lose her sight things were visually dark for her and she was fearful she would lose her sight again. She tried mixing 10 drops to 1 ounce of distilled water then into a glass eye cup with
    the result even after one use , too amazing .Now she doesn’t even wear glasses when she does bead work with seed beads or looks at a computer screen . I was there when she first tried it. I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t help you and refund the 20 something dollars it costs if it doesn’t work for you. I do not work for Schulze. His formula’s which are as good as it gets with organic ingredients and wild harvested herbs , this one, eyebright, has in it Eyebright herb and flower, Goldenseal root, Mullein flower, Fennel seed, Red Raspberry leaf, and Cayenne pepper. Conquer fear and save many a tear. I guess I recommend this stuff highly .
    Best Wishes, fred, my e-mail http://[email protected]

  • Nancy ,
    There are no blogs or comments more a favorite of mine then the ones you post. Virtual educational cornucopias . Please Blog more often if you have time .
    After just reading this one a new idea entered my mind. I’m a consumer of and can without license practice some of the same alternatives you we are consumers of. Also energy healing etc. I’m really with the vital necessity of Health Freedom and do consider myself anti-psychiatry . I’m a psych survivor of the whole 9 yards including electro -shock and will be demonstrating against it in Eugene Or. May 16th . Compared to people like you and Ted I’m a wannabe activist.
    I imagine a lot a people think I’m goofy when I, in my comments here at MIA include the ADA , American Dental Association as a big factor in mental emotional distress and in creating customers for psychiatry and the drug company racketeers. After reading your article I think I can explain it better. I actually had mercury poisoning from silver amalgam fillings which are actually made of over 50% mercury the second deadliest element on the periodic table to humans next to liquid plutonium. And its installed in the mouth near the brain even in little children and proven over time to off gas mercury vapor that end up into various parts of our body including the brain . See Boyd Halley and Hal Huggins recommended advanced dentistry . Also the organization DAMS ( dental amalgam mercury solutions.) Also See Dr. Russell Blaylock (retired top neurosurgeon) on vaccinations and mercury . He’s got lots of videos on youtube. Now in the USA alone 2oo,ooo,ooo people are estimated to have mercury amalgam filings in their mouths . About 1 in 6 people have trouble excreting mercury from their bodies. 50% of dentists in the USA still install these mostly mercury fillings in peoples mouths . Here’s the connection I just realized . Insomnia is only one of the many symptoms of mercury poisoning. By the way its also in some fish, and yeah ,some mercury compounds are in some vaccinations and in the flu shots that are being pushed everywhere you go for free. Do the math and ask yourselves how many people looking for help for insomnia (which how many people have, because of some degree of mercury poisoning in addition to, or causing life problems?) are captured by psychiatry and the drug cartel given neuroleptics and or shock , (instead of something to help them sleep or being sent to a Traditional Naturopath to get a correct diagnosis), labeled for life and you know the story . It happened to me. I know cause when advanced dentists removed my load of mercury etc. all my symptoms including hearing voices disappeared immediately yes immediately. And why when 5000 people travel to Switzerland to the Paracelsus Klinic each year( because they can’t get helpful results in their home country by doctors they’ve already been to ) there run by Dr.Rau ( you can also see The Rau Way ) that has a team of 80 practioners of various healing arts including the most advanced wholistic dentistry is flat out the best all round one stop inclusive healing clinic for whatever, in the world, that I have heard of . Everyone that arrives there first gets all metals removed from their mouths, also all root canals removed , also are checked for cavitations , (dead gum tissue above or below the upper or lower teeth caused by ,sometimes in some people, blood never coming back to gum tissue because the numbing lasts for too much time duration after tooth extractions by ADA dentists.) Then restorations are made with the highest tech inert ceramic materials. Immediately astoundingly 3500 people go home after the wholistic dental work is done ,the various issues that brought them there totally resolved however severe. As for the remaining 1500 the team works on them with state of the art multifaceted skills and arts in the finest clinic I ever heard of anywhere in the world. The Paracelsus Klinic has determined that conventional dentistry like what the ADA advocates for adamantly ,exclusively “the guild”, interferes with the accurate diagnosis of all health issues period, besides causing over time , many various health issues, yes “the corrective” ADA dental work itself causes.You got questions on this I got answers. Health Freedom Yeah! We need reparations to help get our lives back. I got a lot to say about the AMA too (another time)
    Thank You, Fred

  • About 4 years ago I managed at a small circus to be made out to be as a dysfunctional clown at a round table meeting at the local Nami Center with only 7 people including myself present . It was to be the day for family of the “mentally ill ” seeking help to be able to speak their concerns and be heard about their loved ones and to receive info on options available . I was allowed to sit in as a psychiatric survivor with lived experience who also had a family member under psychiatric care (taking their drug). I also stated I was there to try to help others as I’ve learned a lot during a 40 year struggle to be free of psychiatry.
    There was the nami -manager a social worker who knew exactly what bi polar was cause her ex- husband was one and she nodded a couple times for emphasis. Plus two other retired social workers , both men who were volunteering their time to help out, one of whom who always cut short anything I offered up . A senior couple concerned about their 40 something diagnosed son . And tragically a young late twenty’s mother overwhelmed and in poverty who had just got away from an abusive husband with two children one under “psychiatric care ” as well as herself . She was desperate for help .
    In Coos Bay Oregon with no Sotera or peer respite I saw there was no choice for the young mother under the pressurized circumstances but to accept the Nami Managers Kumbaiya hug and more psychiatric help for herself and children . She was like a deer caught in the headlights. I was the clown wanting to help, somehow caught in the same lights. I’ve stayed away from there since.
    Thanks Sera , for your blog and for being you.

  • Avoiding the pot shots the therapeutic state takes at the population :
    The problem is the majority don’t have the support, finances , energy , or understanding to pull it off due to the razzle dazzle of the massively reinforced mainstream propaganda coaxing us along the path of least resistance toward insurance covered pseudo support. Having systematically denied the public, health freedom, the liberty to make their own informed choices about what they want to do or not do , or what help they can freely seek or avoid . They are even denied the knowledge they need to take care of themselves or younger family members or each other if needed .
    Believe it or not heres a prescription for well being from birth onwards . Hoping that everyone has loving parents . No vaccinations ! homeopathic remedies instead if needed . If you need a primary care physician make them a Traditional Naturopath ,(with at least 5 years of practice behind them), organic food diet if possible your PCP can guide you on this best. Wholistic Dentistry if needed preferably Hal Huggins trained . By these moves alone which are not so easy to get to even though they should be, psychiatry and the drug cartel would lose hundreds of millions even into the billion or billions of customers .
    As for those already captured if enough survivors heard the specific details of your distress or loved ones distress in give and take live conversations solutions you have not thought of from lived experience of these survivors would help move the distressed toward well being.
    The above are the directions my lived experience points too.

  • It seems powerful people aware of the devastating power of pseudo science combined with monopolistic control of the mainstream communication media, have developed mainstream APA ,the AMA , and ADA into Trojan Horses posing as legitimate scientific health care systems for the peoples benefit while they in truth, for the vast majority and for the most part , are just potent delivery systems of oppression often in a form amounting to time- released eugenics for profit and control. Psychiatry being the worst with AMA medicine ever ready to pick up their modalities and run with them in addition to their own . Maybe we can somehow effectively expose the dangers to the people while proving there are better ways to survive .
    It might take something drastic like forming an anti-psychiatry commune on a piece of land with maybe 30 or more permanent residents living and trying together to educate the public from a place the media could not easily ignore . And/ or a virtual anti- psychiatry community formed on the web in cartoon form something like King of the Hill say that we would hope to go viral. Just some thoughts .These could also be a center for designing effective customized civil disobedience actions to eliminate psychiatric oppression and also promote health freedom . Just some thoughts.

  • clc ,
    As someone who has been diagnosed for over 40 years by psychiatry, in succession as a certified Schizophrenic plus unremembered designations , then Manic Depressive then Bipolar and had psychiatry’s , entire inhumane arsenal and then some fired at me (except for old school physical lobotomy and insulin shock treatments) since 1963 {been free of psychiatry since 2007 ( Any further of their treatments that is) } including ECT and ones hardly anyone ever heard of (experimentation) really. Fortunately my survival instinct helped me escape 6 times from mental institutions and I always stopped or lowered the dose of ” meds “myself whenever possible . I never told any psychiatrists social workers or employees of mental hospitals the truth after the first 2 initial months of torture when I was 16.
    Most all psychiatrists don’t know anything compared to a survivor . Their profession is pseudo science itself besides most everybody lies to them in order to survive the coercive blind power and authority they are facing.
    So yeah Kratan’s ideas are spot on .

  • “We dare not, I think , jump to the conclusion that we can understand a whole class of people .”
    ” It has been said that in the WW2 concentration camps psychosis was 100%!’ ” Cruelty breeds madness.” ” But that is only one example. ”

    My mother survived the Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz . She survived 14 selections . For one of those she was so weak that her friends hid her and one of them went through the selection process twice once as herself and once as my mother. My mom said they all looked alike , bald headed skeletons . She spoke of dividing even a small morsel of bread with her friend and her friend with her . My mother experienced being separated from her mother her last surviving relative in Europe who was gassed and cremated upon arrival in Auschwitz. My mother was told by another veteran prisoner ” Do you know where your mother is ?… that’s her coming out of the chimney right now , there ” as she pointed up toward the rising smoke . My mother said that no one who was not there will ever understand it. That spending 5 minutes in Auschwitz was like 5 years of life . She was a prisoner of the nazis for 5 years most of the time in the Lodz Ghetto . While there she risked her life to save her mothers life a number of times. Also sneaking out of the Ghetto to get eggs for her sick father . My mother was once in a roomful of people where all perished from typhoid except her. Maybe because she rubbed her body with a piece of ice when she could. She said there was no sense about what the nazis did. One place she was sent if she wanted to live she was chained to a machine and forced to make bullets . Another to fill buckets with pieces of coal. Another to knit stuff for a nazi guard. People starving , consumed potato peels and machine oil.

    When my mother met my dad Henry Abbe after the war and married I was their first born son . There was a photo I saw of me as a baby being held up in the extended upward arms and hands of my mother Mira and her best friend Hela who shared crumbs of bread with each other in Auschwitz . It reminded me of the TV series Roots when newborn Chicken George was held high by his father. Hela married and ended up emigrating to Israel my mother to the USA. Every few years my mother flew to Israel to meet with the handful of woman who survived Auschwitz with her. Talk about real friends .
    Actually my mother spoke very little about her experience and did not know how or why she survived . She did give up at times in those years . She didn’t believe anyone who was not there could ever understand it . She was there and couldn’t understand it.
    During the last year of her life still sharp as a tack, even under chemo treatment aged 85 while at my youngest sisters house my mother asked me , ” Fred where do you think I have to go when I want to be with my mother ?”
    My Mama was the real deal Yiddishe Mama . She loved and was loved by her family and friends. Never had any need for psychiatrist or therapist . What could they possibly be qualified to tell her ?

  • They probably want people to panic at the least sign of lowered mood and drive them to seek “treatment” and sign on as compliant potential lifelong customers of the psycho- pharm- archipelago as the “treatment” calls for more “treatment” to avoid hospitalization which becomes more likely with each additional “treatment” modification as addiction entrenchment comes into play.

  • Could the something else that happens be the addition to your marvelous approach be non coercive of course ,Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , Wholistic Dentistry,Bach Flower Remedies, Energy healing systems like YuenMethod, Green organic vegetable juicing , Oral niacin and mineral baths , Herbal formula’s, Body work, Tai Chi, Yoga, GMO free foods, and other stuff mentioned at Monica’s site ?

  • If psychiatry is looked at as a drug delivery and compliance monitor and inforcer for the drug companies , who seem to be totally oblivious of any moral codes whatsoever. Why shouldn’t we expect them to deliver drugs in our water or food or air to protect themselves or to increase business? Aren’t they already filled with chemicals and genetic engineering as we speak ? They also have AMA doctors to deliver them through pharmacies And dentists to implant toxic heavy metals and also inject stuff near our brain . Drug delivery , let me count the ways . I do distill my water.

  • Is the combined power of the drug companies , considering having the power to make things happen as they choose and economic generation , equivalent to the power of a country like say the old Soviet Union which they say was expansive enough to have included 9 time zones ? Is there anything they want to do that the government can say no to at present ? Are they not in effect a part of the government ? If this is a Theraputic State even controlling the water and food supply, is fighting against coercive psychiatry going to be enough ? As we watch the powerful stride along more arrogantly with each step. Am I overreacting or understating the problem ?

  • Appreciate your blog and your through search.
    I had been a person of psychiatric interest to psychiatrists and psychiatry for more years then you have been a psychiatrist. I’m free now and thankful but I’m 68 years old, “Frankie Frankie I could of been somebody , I could a been a contender .”
    You wean people off neuroleptics , surely a nobel necessary service.

    Your right I could of been talked out of the S word diagnosis if someone took enough time and there were a humane supportive place for me to be while I worked things out . Had I been examined and found to be mercury poisoned early on . Had I had available something to help me sleep at times instead of neuroleptics ,electric shock and other tortures. And had I read Edwin Blacks book “War Against the Weak” in 1963 instead of 2003 which is when it was written. Also if I had had a spiritual teacher with broad experience earlier on. All these and I could a come out from under it in less then 4 months instead of 4 decades.
    Instead I was set upon by the psychiatric juggernaut. I was fed upon like a stalk of wheat attacked by a locust swarm .Had I not escaped 6 times from mental institutions I’m sure I would have perished or been wishing I would have.
    We need people like you so rare ,maybe, what 5 out of a thousand or less to start to be brave enough to stand up for us and with us and move to help increase the visibility of anti-psychiatry at the same time to help eliminate at least the Practice of DSM Coercive Psychiatry. And to march and demonstrate and do civil disobedience along side us with survivors in charge, otherwise they might grab us and torture us further. Help there be funding and support for psychiatry free non- coercive first do no harm modalities, respites, Sotera , open dialog etc. all without psychiatrists in charge .

    Appreciate your calling out the intellectually cowardly Lieberman and bringing out insights into Dr. Thomas Szasz and his thinking especially for those of us who have not read his books yet like myself.
    Do you know any practitioners like your self near Eugene someone close to me needs their help and protection from the system ,as its trying to grind her down. Thank You.

  • Before there was government complicity in illegal psychiatric drugging of children there was and still is government complicity in illegal medical drugging of children . And all the rest of us for that matter. There is precedent , and that is one factor in what emboldens psychiatry.

    Guaranteed if there were 100 Robert W’s to investigate all the misery and death causing pseudo science and criminality within APA Psychiatry , AMA Modern Medicine , ADA Dentistry , the Pharmaceutical Cartel ,and Monsanto , with all their government and other connections there still would not be enough Robert W’s to get to the bottom of the sh-t pile .

  • “What it creates is an extremely dark pocket in society with people given such privilege to traumatize others that what people do who are called criminals pales in comparison, and yet that’s what it creates when people with their “saintly” virtues believe in using trauma as a means of mind control.”

    Makes me also think how one reason psychiatrists don’t want to hear what happened to anyone is because they know full well they believe in their business , and plan on using trauma as a means of emotion and mind control. Leaving their written orders like a form of ariel bombing , quickly exiting afraid to look you in the eye lest later you remember who did what to whom. Then you get to talk to a social worker to confuse you further while they monitor whether or not the control has taken hold and whether or not you truly now finally love “Big Brother”.

  • I was almost 18 (1964-65) when I was forcibly taken into an institution for the 3rd time . It was unjust and built on false assumptions , no one would believe me and yet my parents meaning well, of course, went along with the psychiatrists recommendations. He was a doctor after all and doctors are educated and of course doctors are always right . I was to get 15 bilateral electric shook treatments , I just wanted to get out of there.
    While the decision was being made behind my back unknown to me. I saw a 9 or 10 year old little boy that was in the same psych unit as I was in , he was the youngest child I ever saw in a psych hospital among older people. I saw him a few times with an 18 year old man before I realized he was being molested. I threw the 18 year old to the floor and told him to leave the kid alone . There was no protection for this child and sadly I realized the 10 year was just going along with this older pervert and the staff was unable to protect him. 15 shock treatments wasn’t enough to make me forget that poor kid at Jackson Park Memorial Hospital in Florida back then. Kids can’t defend themselves against adults . Someones got to do it. Don’t you think?

  • Drug the youngest so they may become life long drug dependent slaves. Drug the elders to the gills so they can’t warn those younger of whats comin and what they’ve seen in their lives. It’s easier to warehouse the elders in quantity and smaller space if they are kept quiet and seated, besides think of added profits from the extortion potentials. Keep the rest rousted about and impoverished concerned about their children and elders and fearful for themselves while everything is stolen by individuals that should be specifically named with addresses and phone numbers etc ,Oligarchs especially.Their flunkies next . And how they interact . Some how they must brought to justice or justice brought to them.

  • Life problems are the most solitary affliction to the people who experience them especially as they become more visible in a time that allows less privacy, less time, less place , and less tolerance ,then ever to work them out. Additionally with psychiatry and their inquisitional bible and brainwashed employees and pharma likewise with their oligarchical marching papers as well as the government likewise we have the Neo Eugenical Pseudo Scientific Freight Train ready and to run over anyone who ventures to step outside or is watched inside of anywhere. Be wise to read “War Against The Weak ” by Edwin Black for the missing crucial detailed historical perspective on our topics at MIA especially history documented to the 9’s.

  • The Health Freedom Movement can be looked up, lots of entries on google. Can see on wikipedia . They should be a natural ally of those that do not want any coercive treatment of any kind and want to clearly reserve free choice for people to choose or not choose their own help medical , alternative or whatever or not. They feel the main obstacle is the pharmaceutical cartel. We should make sure that freedom from psychiatry ” the coercive pseudo science from hell” necessitating anti-psychiatry is clearly on their agenda as best as we possibly can. We all need health freedom. Not to allow it is a corner stone of the Theraputic State: control the population by weakening and/or culling as necessary to maintain control and cash flow while avoiding inconvenient change , through the magic of pseudo science , applied in any field of the powerful elite oligarchs choosing. We are surrounded by it.The people have great need to expose the many facets of pseudo science in so many fields that are used sygernistically to oppress the population’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • At the same time oldhead we have to take our freedom. In fact my e-mail address is http://[email protected]
    I grew up in Rodgers Park on the north side of Chicago , Illinois . It was the Haight-Asbury like area of Chicago. When you went to Morse beach on those sunny days there was just us hippies and senior aged ladies , some of them shaking their heads in disapproval sitting on benches .
    I spent lots a decades in and out of “mental institutions ” on and (off whenever possible) of their “treatments”. During one of the in-between times I went to Georgia and ended up learning how to work high rise construction from a foreman who happened to be a Cherokee Indian.I used to wreak out the plywood used to support cement poured floors after the cement dried so it could be reused in another pour. I was a carpenter helper , a laborer.
    At the end of last day of work before the New Years Eve Holiday : I was siting on a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood with the foreman and a welder on the ground at a big Western Electric building site . We were drinking Jack Daniels and the conversation flowed freely. Then the foreman asked me ” Do you wana join ” I asked him “Join what?” He said ” The Klan” I was baffled, here was a Cherokee Indian asking me who he knew was Jewish to join the Klu Klux Klan !?!??? Then when I sought more clarification he said ,” Indians and Jews can be accepted into the Klan .” Evidently it it was the Black people this particular Klansman group found so offensive. Besides I was given a ride to work each by one of the black laborers who worked with us on the site. He asked me again the welder also being a member and wanting me to join .” “Do you wana join?” I said “No I believe in equality and freedom for all.” The foreman looked me in the eye and said in a drawn out way “Freedoms got to be earned “. I looked back at him in the eye and said in a drawn out way ” Freedom’s got to be taken” That was the end of the conversation on that topic. We all got along well , I guess cause as a laborer in that place, in that time I did the work of 3 laborers as staying active helped me maintain stability and physical work pace up North is much faster than in the South maybe somewhat due to climate.
    One of the ways we can take our freedom is learning from other’s who’ve escaped how to entirely avoid psychiatry’s grasp and how to most efficiently by learning each others tricks to get out of their trap if we are captured . Not in any real disagreement with you old head and Micky just adding details from lived experience that maybe the conversation forward.

  • Mickey ,
    and determination ….Rock bands reunite why not groupings of successful activists . Ted’s nobel fight to end electric shock , Robert W’s scientific research analysis revolution, and so many other’s across the globe and here at MIA. If the right groupings of people met live to exchange info and ideas , plan great surprises and actions, who knows how quick we could first save a generation of babies, toddlers , children, and families from the ravages of the psychopharmgulogcomplex whose very nature is coercion .

  • The historic 6 person challenge to psychiatry to produce something of scientific value ,the brilliant way it was planned and pulled off was a great shining event in the struggle against psychiatric oppression and I believe has continued to have a cascading positive effect in the struggle against psychiatric oppression. The weakening and eventual eliminating psychiatry by “attrition” seems a logical direction for it to take .One question is how to minimize the damage done by psychiatry’s continued growth and probable strategic shape shifting , to hundreds of millions or more of people globally of all ages as it continues blatantly growing in size and boldness ,considering the size of it’s war chest along with pharma’s ?Also to consider is it’s ability to place people in key government appointed positions and others positions to block their own demise, seemingly indefinitely all while real brain damage over time caused by their modalities is further spun into new realms dangerous to the people. The civil rights movement made progress through more then one strategy and of course there was the civil war that re-established that slavery was violation of basic human rights. Psychiatry can not be allowed too much time to exist as time makes it more easy for it to flip into more dangerous eugenic directions possibly under the guise of reform. More people must do more actions to hasten its demise and to overcome the great prejudice against us , the ones who’ve been labeled and the newly labeled whose numbers grow.

  • But what about an institution that is so corrupt that it robs people of a quality lifetime , any respect from their own families, the right for so many to procure a job that earns a living wage , the right to get a higher education for so many, and attempts to extend into decades problems that could have been solved in much less time, so their guild members can profit financially. Shorten lives ,force lowered expectations on people , deny them respect as fellow human beings. Torture them physically, mentally, emotionally, and on every other level. And in collusion with pharmaceutical companies who surely engineer their psych drugs to have such horrible side effects to cause suffering and purposely be extra difficult to come off of . And along with the electric shock machines and “treatments.” There have been wars declared for far fewer violations of human rights. That they are sanctioned by the government to use coercive powers on the people in addition, and that they have a monopoly on media coverage pushing their self serving bold faced lies . This is all beyond the pale and calls for far more than just reform.This calls for outlawing psychiatry classifying it with pedophile activity, installing an uncorrupt government , nationalizing pharma companies all activities overviewed by elected citizen panels.
    Trials for crimes against humanity, and reparations paid .
    That there are not enough citizens to turn upside down the APA meeting in Canada on May 16th is a tragedy in itself. Thankfully there will be demonstrations in many places against electric shock “treatments” on that day.
    Robert Whitaker you have greatly helped shine a light upon growing human rights violations and the lies that surround them . Hopefully when enough citizens can understand whats going on and see the danger they and their children are in , huge numbers of people will join together to over throw the oppression and injustice so obvious that has been kept from being impartially continuously blared out about, in mainstream media . Thank You !

  • In addition when I hear the word data base for many decades I’ve thought that a cross referenced computer program could be created by computer knowledgeable survivors, or a group survivors plus a computer geek, that included a combined multitude of (first due no harm ) strategies that where actually successfully used (how and when) by survivors at the various stages of their battle , tied to various descriptive verbal phrases that people actually use ,describing various lived phenomena ,how they avoided drugs (meds) ,what the drugs they used did , how they replaced them or eliminated them focusing more on what specifically worked (in the category of first do no harm) outside psychiatry that helped them , even stuff they figured out , or modified, or discovered or lucked into organized in a computer software program in various user-friendly ways , to facilitate growing numbers of people emerging free of psychiatric modalities and their inherent oppressions. Maybe a team of survivors could be assembled to do interviews , maybe excerpts from existing life stories with permission from individuals could be used also . Suggestions could be asked for. Help from computer wiz’s asked for. I know this is beginning to sound like an alternative life problem mapping the genome project . But maybe it could help bring closure to psychiatry through an ultimately mass popular abandoning of it , without violating the rights of those that may freely choose to use drugs or even chose to bring home a homeless unemployed psychiatrist .

    Did anyone ever read Thom Hartmann’s and Gene Latimer’s book “We The People a Call to take Back America ?” It handles an intricate subject by masterfully combining the work of a writer and a cartoonist , illustrator , in order to facilitate in an entertaining and informative manner the free flow of important info on life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness . It would be interesting to see some books on our issues presented in this manner in order to reach a larger readership.

  • All community mental health centers I’ve seen have bulletin boards usually more than one . Some say you have to get permission to tack something on but I’ve tacked stuff up anyways and seen it remain up for months. Just make it of appropriate size without covering up someone else’s message. Check back and tac it up again and try to tac your message when no authorities see you. It could be lists of helpful books or movies or articles etc. Just don’t monopolize to big of a space on the bulletin board. Maybe a stack of flyers could be left on a table or somewhere where there are other brochures.
    What about a few people trying to pass out book lists at the APA meeting in Toronto on May 16 2015. Or emailing or mailing them to psychiatrists and other psych employees all over. Or targeting facilities, universities or student orientations where psychiatric wannabe doctors are trained or are thinking about becoming trained as psych docs or nurses etc. Or getting e mail lists somehow and emailing them lists of books etc.
    What about after a book has been on the market for awhile authors selling E-book versions of it or making key excerpts available online.
    Having books mentioned and for sale at film festivals . Just some ideas.

  • How cowardly , heartless, criminal, and tragic. I’ve seen how they circle the wagons after murdering people in a hail of gunfire who have no guns to shoot back . Are they trying to use their own version of shock and awe ? Maybe the supreme court will stop future brutal heartless murders by “police officers” and bring those “police officers” who’ve already murdered innocent people to justice. No justice No peace .

  • Thank You Dr. Hickey ,
    This helps me see more clearly that the consecutive DSM manuals are really instruction manuals sanctioning psychiatrists to progressively evermore easily shanghai any human being to a drugged and/or electrified, available for further experimentation ,shortened lifetime of lowered expectations, stigmatization, coercion , and extorted compliance to benefit the ( shanghai & drugaslave 4life cashflocartel) or the (neo-spanish inquisitional pac-man 4 $$$) better known as the psychiatricpsychopharm-industrialcomplex. Do they label people because identifying tattoo’s might start an outright rebellion ?

  • Bonnie , old head, Richard and All, It seems that psychiatry is part of a huge net that is self repairing and unraveling at the same time . It’s true the outcry against lobotomy , and yet if someone was forced and/or fooled, and then followed orders to continue taking 800 mg of thorazine a day for long enough , and/or ECT , enough of them, they most probably over time would wind up near or in the same state as someone who was lobotomized. I’ve had both of these “treatments ” and the sheer torture in the getting and in the result afterward is a night mare to contemplate . Had I not escaped 5 or 6 times from mental institutions ( there were places from which I could not escape) and quit the “meds” whenever possible over a 40 year period, and tricked them into switching me when I was across the country to a different “med” and dose ( 2mg. of haloperidol ) which I was always shaving the pill with a single edge razor to the lowest dose possible. Some days I’d go down , some days up, always trying to work my way down lower .Today in this computer age with video cameras I’m sure it’s much harder to escape from institutions, and with time released coated “meds” you can’t safely do a controlled shaving of them. Although there is possibilities with compounded pharmacies to get liquid “meds” and titrate, with a doctor’s approval, if you can get it. Advanced holistic dentistry saved me ,proper removal of mercury loaded fillings , root canals , and treatment for cavitations made it possible for me to leave psychiatry’s treatments behind while Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Meditation , Prayer, YuenMethod , mineral baths , supplements, exercise, knowing there were people that loved me, social security disability income , the great outdoors, 3 outstanding first do no harm practitioners Joesph Liss ND , Kam Yuen 35th generation Shaolin and master of his own developed system of Chinese Energetic Medicine called and Joel Shepard MD who stopped practicing surgery so he could start a Homeopathic practice, and a lot of luck, all kept me alive till I could get all the advanced dental work completed. I just found the old dental bill for $5800 dollars dated 2007. So actually I was 60 years old when I finally broke free completely to consuming none of psychiatry’s treatments. Finally able to quit totally the last of any psych or stuff called medications. My folks left some funds for me after they passed on, administrated by my younger sister (a staunch believer in psychiatry even more so then were my parents) she approved payment for my dental work. I’m thankful for myself but , how many don’t have funds to get the help they need or don’t know what help they need ? Skepticism without any inclination to investigate can be dangerous.
    The net includes lots of stuff but what holds it tightly together is the paid for infrastructure that can delay any changes no matter what the evidence or how compelling the science for 50 years or more. And the across the board ability to shove pseudo scientific products and polices in every category convincingly at the majority of the population. Then they roll out more defended pseudo science in a variation rerelease of what was debunked previously faster then they can be effectively exposed.
    Actually the strongest weapon against psychiatry is letting families and individuals know all the ways they can avoid the pseudo science generated “products”, “polices” and who are they that push it, That there is much unfunded innovation in natural healing modalities since and besides Mosher and open dialog . Energy healing is for real for example.Real Organic food production , organic gardens are important, as well as real education. Poverty is a huge obstacle.It leaves families and individuals held hostage. Maybe bring out that pseudo science creates slavery wherever it touches down, and that in psychiatry it manifests as a neo spanish inquisition pac man . Maybe its right to start saving the youngest and going after ECT . How can you attack something that self repairs? If we could get rid of psychiatry the MD doctors will push the load for the pharmacartel. Nevertheless we must try and I love the cry anti-pschiatry but we must have health freedom too. We cannot give up. In solidarity ,Fred

  • Another place to target may be the drugging of seniors into the sleeping chair at the slightest sign of independent verbalization , discomfort, discontent , disagreement , standing up for their rights ,to cover up staff mistakes, most anything in nursing homes across the USA. ( They were agitated they call it) and it doesn’t matter if they’re getting paid $6000 per month or more . The nursing homes feel the money belongs to them anyway.
    And how many of us psychiatric survivors , and activists , and independent thinkers may after decades of fighting for our personal rights and/or other’s human rights may face psychiatry’s revenge in a nursing home tranquilized into silence against our will. We must fight them and figure out alternative options like maybe Sotera like places for seniors . Someplace this needs to be discussed and solutions figured out . So much to do and anti psychiatry to grow.

  • As long as their is poverty instead of living wage right livelihood.
    As long as there are vaccinations instead of homeopathy.
    As long as their is ADA guideline dentistry instead of wholistic dentistry (with ceramic restoration instead of metals, abolishment of mercury installed anywhere in the body,no root canals, and prevention and proper treatment of cavitations, plus other advanced techniques not sanctioned by the American Dental Association
    As long as so many spray so many poisons to kill insects where children play.
    As long as psychiatry exists
    As long as the primary care physician is not a Traditional Naturopath and coverd by insurance
    As long as as 65 % of what medical doctors do is bogus including supporting psychiatry and prescribing psychiatric drugs like a Columbian drug cartel prescribing cocaine accept the medical doctors and the psychiatrists along with the pharma cartel are far more dangerous . We would be better off with heroin and cocaine and marijuana sold over the counter then with these basically greeded out credentialed yahoos called AMA doctors or APA psychiatrists and ADA dentists.
    There is not even enough room to go on with this list.
    Ask yourselves why don’t the Amish children have all this ADHD etc?
    Look up Dr Rau
    Look up Paracelsus Klinik
    Look up Generation Rescue
    See the book Healthy Gaians

  • Babies and toddlers and some children are too young to blame anyone for the IndustrialElectricPsychoPharmacaustArchipelagoComplex .Who are we if we leave them trapped there. But somehow the escapees understand, but the battle to escape 40 years long in my case, has not left me with the billions in funds to more easily help facilitate the escape of so many others trapped and continuing to be trapped by those primary profiteers of the above mentioned complex.