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    The synagogue is still 10 * 10 cubits. That’s the correct weight. That this place is large and they make it look so glorious people may not want to enter. It should be humble so all want to attend. It’s a huge tree in the middle of Earth. This is bull shit.

    Look at the hats they wear. I now wear unique outfits to defend their vicious outfit.

    I went to the Christian Faith of Protestant one and it’s better. There are large amount of people that burn crosses on people’s front lawns as Madonna illustrated in her 1989 song like a prayer. There are places with Christian Faith of Protestant in which I prescribe too that sprout awesome praise to the Lord.

    All the years I’ve attended I just noticed one woman I loved but one in a different manner. I did love or try most people there though. The best women are not attending.

    I visited the local showgirls club and met a women there. She grew up in Protestant Background although doesn’t go now. These are the women I love in a different light. I notice them a lot. One occasion at the club there was a problem. A dangerous situation and one if the other young ladies was holding onto s women there I love I just mentioned. As I watched her my heart was cut, but I committed to be with her on guard.

    This women also saved me in a major way. Many times I watched light glowing or flowing from her thoracic lodge hurting me and keeping me safe as I healed from mental issues. This is bullshit. I need women that way with me there at the Church I attended all those many years.

    There is another women I fell to there. I could tell she was different and also had a light that saved me. It would also stay with me overnight and into next day her power and light eminating helping me survive. She is strong. This is bullshit. These guys the Latin I want to get their women there Mamacita’s out of that place.

    I did that years ago although no one on my Irish side choose to do this alongside me. Dude get out of that pace in my opinion. It’s not 10 * 10 cubits. That is an obvious one. Probably being humble and welcoming environment at initial notice proper way with all respect. This is bullshit.

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