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A cure for brain damage caused by anti-depressants & anti-psychotics ?

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    Michael Z Freeman


    OK so I found it after 12 years of this hell. So called “Anti-psychotics” are specifically engineered to take the power levels of neural cells right down to base line levels and keep them there. This is a specific type of cellular surgery by these drugs. The effects remain even after the drug is out of the system. Now I was making the mistake of thinking all cells eventually replace themselves in the body after a few years. However brain cells (neural cells, everything is just cells remember) are much more long lived. So these “receptor sites” that these drugs block just remain there being blocked, until the end of your life. But why let the buggers win eh ? You don’t have to. These “receptor” sites can be unblocked. These are the usual surface cellular interactions found throughout the body. It has all been based on anti-histamine bio-technology. Chlorpramazine was based on an anti-histamine science. That’s all these drugs do – interfere with the surface biology – lipid membranes – of cells. So that’s the outline. Without further ado I have a solution involving internal intake of Frankencense Oil and the use of Acetyl-L-carnitine. This is taking a sports or body building approach to the problem. I was looking for a specific way to unbind the anti-psychotic from the receptor sites – Dopamine D2 receptors – however this does not seem to be specifically possible in the very reductionist bio-chemical model that engineered these drugs. In fact as I find out the “lock and key” ligand model is too simplistic and is almost a form of reification. The human body and your mind and consciousness is based on all the cells in your body having these surface interactions. Think of when you move your hand – muscle groups are activating based on these cellular surface interactions, those reactions happen that fast ! Every time you feel an emotion or have a thought these cellular surface interactions are happening throughout the body. It’s not just the brain. This is why emotional and psychological problems create physical health problems and effect things like body posture. Think of arthritis and how that condition is so closely related to emotional state. Think of your “O” Level Biology lessons. ATP, the Krebs cycle ? This is the right department and through treating the basic energy system – THE POWER LEVELS – of neural cells (and in the rest of the body) you can get back your focus and memory. No more brain fog. Win !

    Basically the “permanent” effects of these drugs can be reversed but there are a couple of caveats …

    1. You have to spend some time fixing all the other problems that these drugs create. The hormonal system, psychological as well. Basic nutrition and psychological/emotional health is important as well. Have supportive friends and a safe environment. Know what you want and what your aims are. This is actually all a way of creating an added bonus – the placebo effect –

    2. Anti-psychotics are lipophilic. This means they get laid down in fat deposits. Acetyl-L-carnitine is a fat buster and energy raiser (this is why body builders use it) so it’s going to release these fat deposits. So you must consider this: Has there been enough time for the drug deposits laid down in fat to be processed by the body and broken down into safe forms? You don’t want to get another dose released into the system ! My research has shown that after a few years the drug would have broken down and been removed by the liver. This of course will vary depending on individual.

    For more see my blog post –

    The usual warnings apply. It helps to have the support of a good psychologist, therapist, naturopath or doctor that is willing to fight for you and has seen through the scam of biomedical science.

    Michael Z Freeman

    Why is no one answering these posts ? I’ve now found there is a Homeopathic treatment. This is MAJOR ! (UPDATED)


    Hi, Michael! Thank you for sharing your findings.

    I want to taper off antipsychotics but I’m still a bit unsecure of it. I just asked in a very popular forum how much time it took for psychosis to come back after stopping antipsychotics. Many people answered that, after a couple of months stopping their antipsychotics, they started to have psychosis again. One person answered that after 2 years psychosis came back.

    It scares me.


    I fortunately did not drink the anti-depressants, my psychologist advised me to try to deal with nerve conditions using support cats It is much better for me. When I have a seizure, the animal feels it and fits. I quickly calm down and feel the warmth in my soul.

    J.A. Carter-Winward

    Michael, I cannot get your blog links to work.

    Michael Z Freeman

    I have been drinking OptiMind for 14 days, during which time I began to fall asleep better and get up easier. Previously, I could not sleep for several hours. The mood is always good and do not bother headaches.


    I have been drinking OptiMind for 14 days, during which time I began to fall asleep better and get up easier. Previously, I could not sleep for several hours. The mood is always good and do not bother headaches.

    You haven’t been drinking the crap you are selling here “and do not bother headaches” you can’t even write engish India spammer POS no one is buying your bullshit scam product here.


    Can be the case, it is necessary to have a medical examination… Try also to use this herbal medicine, which can help you

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