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    So we talk here about the Mental Health System, but aren’t we also talking about people who have been Abandoned and Condemned? And isn’t this what Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family are really about?

    It’s just like with Evangelical Christianity, some people are Saved and some people are Not Saved. Person running an outreach ministry said of her brother who died while living on the street, “Well he stepped forward many times to be cured of his addictions. So now I have to wonder, was he really Saved or not?”

    And then speaking before a large audience she gets real emotional into the microphone explaining why she puts on homeless feeds, explaining how she knows that her brother would have eaten at such a place.

    Well maybe he would have, but he still died anyway.

    Kate Millet talks about “Going the White Coat Trip, calling 911 to win a family fight.” Isn’t that what it always comes down to?

    You can read about some of this stuff here:
    Laing and Esterson

    I’ve talked about helping to put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester into our state prison. Well, he molested his daughters, but with the oldest boy he got him removed from the home on the pretext that he was dangerous to himself and others, and then the white coats convinced the boy that he suffered from a ~Brain Chemical Imbalance~ and so he would have to be kept on awareness destroying drugs for the rest of his life.

    The Molester had some published autobiographical works, and the final scene with this oldest boy is very much like the scenes in Laing and Esterson’s book. So much so, that I recommended the book and some of the scenes to our D.A..

    Now I know that there are going to be some who have no contact with the Mental Health System until after they no longer live with their parents. But still, isn’t the situation they grew up in the reason they have no place in this world, and really the reason they end up in the Mental Health System?

    And then here, we have Sera Davidow’s outstanding article, opening the door to a discussion of homelessness, the most obvious example of abandonment and condemnation. You show me someone who is poor, without, homeless, and I’ll show you the ideologies which say they deserve it. And isn’t it always Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family at work?

    So then we have information about Foster Care Group Homes, coming out of California, and kids being kept on Psychiatric Medication.

    So sometimes kids are taken out of abusive families and put into Foster Care. But other times they are just abandoned or neglected. Abused, neglected, abandoned, it all becomes the same.

    So then isn’t the mental health system rationalized because people believe they need it to protect themselves from crazies?

    So isn’t it just like people believing that they need a police officer on every street corner to protect them from criminals? It was criminals, but now it’s also te***rists. And so we keep on building more and more prisons.

    So then isn’t the first step forward then learning other ways to organize and de-escalate problems? And isn’t this usually better? But we have to learn to make it work, we have to dismantle racism and sexism and prejudice against sexual minorities.

    So Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family, being two sides of the same coin, operate by abandoning and condemning people. I have never seen the Mental Health System as operating in a vacuum, I see it as bound up with Capitalism / Middle-Class Family. So then if we want to fight back, shouldn’t we also be coming up with ways to take in those who are abandoned and condemned, like the homeless, those believed to be mentally ill, foster care kids, and convicted criminals?

    As isn’t the reason foster care is so horrid because they don’t want it to threaten Capitalism / Middle-Class Family? Otherwise you could have brilliant leaders like Maximilien Robespierre coming out of it and leading revolutions.

    So we have to fight back. It can’t be punching pillows and confessing our anger on our therapist’s couch, as those are just exercises in impotence and masochism. It has to be much more than this. It has to be life affirming. It has to be the olive branch in one talon, and the arrows in the other. Or like Osiris crossing his forearms, and then again under his chin crossing the cozier and the flail.

    So besides legislative and judicial activism and holding parents accountable and giving them the kinds of warnings they will never forget, and stripping them of everything they have, and putting mental hospitals and psychotherapists out of business and obtaining citizenship pay instead of welfare and disability benefits, I say that we also need to be setting up our own Foster Care, our own homeless shelters, and our own non-Recovery communes. Isn’t it just as important that we take in the abandoned and condemned? Isn’t what society really fears not the crazy, but the one who can see the truth and then act decisively? Isn’t that what the Mental Health System, the Recovery Programs, the Outreach Ministries, and the Horrid Foster Care are designed to prevent?


    The Rolling Stones – Like A Rolling Stone


    [quote=76821]So we talk here about the Mental Health System, but aren’t we also talking about people who have been Abandoned and Condemned? And isn’t this what Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family are really about?[/quote]

    No that’s not what Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family are really about, not even close, there is child abuse in every country with every different kind of political system currently in existence. This makes no sense at all.

    I think you need to take that book or where this stuff is coming from and re think it.

    And as far as “Freedom to express” Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest (me)

    Peppering this website for weeks with links to and it ain’t happening. I admire the activist spirit but the horse your beating has been dead for a wile.

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    Freedom to Express is a fledgling forum. It will be improved if you register and start posting.

    Capitalism came to be by breaking down existing social codes of mutual obligation, and then by using starvation and gun point to drive people off of common lands. This is known as the Enclosure Movement.

    To get people to accept this system they had to be convinced that they have some sort of an outstanding moral debt which they need to work off, something like original sin.

    And the middle-class family started with the well-off needing to separate, but it continued being a form imposed further and further down the socio-economic ladder.

    The way both of these things work is be rejecting outcasts who don’t fit in, and then by saying that they deserve it. These people usually end up in prisons, mental hospitals, or sleeping under bridges.

    Before Capitalism and the middle-class family, there was more flexibility and tolerance for people’s idiosyncrasies. People just lived, life was a given, not something which needed to be earned in the face of some existing moral debt.



    [quote=76873]Freedom to Express is a fledgling forum. It will be improved if you register and start posting.[/quote]

    So your telling me that if I start posting on a forum dedicated to some long forgotten author, a forum that hasn’t gotten off the very bottom of the pile in like 6 years it will get big, so big we can convince all of western civilization that their entire way of life is wrong and we can wake them up and change everything ?

    Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin , Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro … they all failed but if we all start posting on a website no one ever reads capitalism and the middle class family will be just a thing in the history books and the world will be just awesome.

    I don’t think so and I have some threads on this website that have gotten tens of thousands of views so stay off them them with the stupid music videos and “freedom to express” I am sick of it.


    You said you wanted to expose hospitals and doctors. So if you have stuff you want to post, post it at Freedom to Express. That way you can refer people to it.

    If you have material to expose it, then post it.


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