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Abusive inpatient treatment, how to get your revenge

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    Psychiatry revenge

    Start here

    The recipe is simple and effective. Put your story online, anonymously if you choose.

    1. Title : Doctor and hospital name or one report for each. (Make it show up on searches)

    2. Testimonial , I was under the “care” of doctor __________ , inpatient at (hospital name goes here) Example: I had a nervous breakdown and wanted help but instead I got a lockup, strip search and was dehumanized and then threatened with assault by needle and lockup in a state hospital in an attempt to coerce or was forced to take dangerous disabling drugs. (information including all the nasty side effects, lawsuits , deaths ect caused by those drugs) (how these drugs made you feel)

    My rights were violated (detailed explanation goes here).

    How all this made me feel. How this damaged me.

    Above is just a template, describe the psychiatric nightmare in detail. Connect with your readers.

    3. Include links to good videos and well written “anti psychiatry” websites (the truth) to explain to every patient , family and employee who googles the doctor and hospital how psychiatry really works and how dirty the industry really is.

    And that’s it. Doesn’t sound like much but its very damaging.

    Below some tools, consumer complaint sites.

    [b]What takes years to build and seconds to destroy? Your Reputation. [/b]

    [i]Your reputation is your most important business asset. What are you doing to get your patients to publish great things about you and your practice on public review sites like Google and Yelp? Equally as important, what are you doing to help prevent your patients from writing negative reviews about you and your practice?


    What is also very cool is often after the first reports are published other victims find them and now have a place add there own stories backing up yours thoroughly exposing what really goes on.


    ethics code for alt.revenge >

    The Avenger’s Front Page.

    I was actually looking for a different thread and this came up so I added those links to make it better and a little evil too.

    I thought I made a sue psychiatric hospital thread already but I guess I did not, I should really put together some good information before I even start one, I have also always had this idea for a fill in the blanks file your own lawsuit for survivors of inpatient abuses to use after the lawyers wouldn’t take my case without a few thousand up front. The idea is a ready made lawsuit with instructions where you just fill out names and dates and what happened and file it. Get them in court tell a jury. Even if you don’t win its expensive for the other side.

    That would be my revenge on the whole industry, 1000s of lawsuits that never would have happened do to me putting up really good instructions on how to sue a hospital without an attorney or simply by posting the idea of writing instructions and someone reads the idea and creates the instructions themselves and puts it out there. It still came from me.

    how to file a lawsuit without a lawyer

    Not so easy but doable.

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