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    People want to know what they can do now, in their communities. Here’s an idea.

    I’ve talked to a lot of people who wish they could tell the hospitals and doctors who injured them what happened, maybe even get policies changed or somebody fired. Can you imagine every psychiatric department in every hospital hearing from a delegation of injured patients?

    This is what you might do if you’re inclined to take action in the real world, right in your community:

    – Find others who had similar experiences at the same hospital, for example, through craigslist. This may take some time, but if the psychiatric treatment at that hospital was bad, you can bet you’re not the only one who’s angry about it. (I brought a group together via craigslist and I know it can be done.)

    – You don’t need a large group, maybe 4 people or more. Get together, find out what you want to say to the hospital and how you want it to change.

    One thing you might propose to the hospital is a Medication Optimization Plan, as described by the dynamic Corinna West here (read all the comments)

    Write down your complaints and demands in a letter. If you want to be taken seriously, this is essential. If each person wants to tell their story at the meeting, arrange for that in your agenda. Rehearse any presentations.

    – Start contacting the hospital. Most have some kind of patient complaint procedure. You’ll probably end up talking to a community relations person (public relations and marketing). Demand the head of the psychiatric department or other high-ranking person in the department also be present.

    (At this step, you should also be contacting reporters for your local newspaper or blogs. Usually the reporter covering healthcare topics is your best bet.)

    – Whoever agrees to meet with you, make sure they know you have an agenda ready. You are setting the agenda. Tell them the agenda.

    – Present your letter as a group, with the presentations you have prepared.

    – Explain your demands. Ask the hospital representatives what they will do to resolve your complaint and make reforms.

    – Ask how long they’ll need for a decision. Arrange for a follow-up meeting to discuss whatever it is they’ve decided.

    – At the follow-up meeting, set up a schedule to monitor the progress of reforms.

    – If all the above takes place, let that reporter you contacted know about it. It might result in a story: “Hospital hears from injured psych patients, makes changes.”

    Now, the hospital folks may not appear to be very cooperative, but you can be sure this process will make someone uncomfortable. They’ll be thinking about lawyers and “class action.”

    If they refuse to meet at all, picket the hospital with your group, and invite the local press.


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    I would like some ideas on writing a , my way of writing is probley not good.

    Example:  The stupid quack doctor wanted me to start taking high dose anti-psychotics and trileptal for the rest of my life cause my “speech is rapid” when I am upset over a naked strip search including squat and cough behind a locked door. My refusal of this medication lead to threats of forced injection causing more of my “rapid speech” that was used as proof I needed the mistreatment.

    It just sounds to angry.

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