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Benzo Withdrawal, the worst hell imaginable

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    Can anything help with the hellish withdrawals that never seem to quit? Are there some lucky people who never become tolerant to benzos?

    I have been on these drugs for 3 decades. They don’t work anymore. I have constant tension, panic, chest pressure, heart pain, unrelenting anxiety, constant fear, never able to relax. I feel like I am slowly dying. Can anyone here relate?


    Hi User, I am sure many here can relate, I know I can. I was on benzos for a few years, given them for reactions to other psych drugs, and had issues with them pretty well the entire time. What specifically are you on?


    Yes, benzos are the devil. I pretty much had amnesia for the past 3 years or more since going on them. But I did it. I was on other things which may have protected me from like seizures and psychosis but pot and support from my husband is what saved me. Why pot is not legal now seems worse. Because not only can I remember who I am but I also feel like learning, reading, exercising, and no longer feel like I have dissassociative amnesia or chronic depression. I feel freaking cured. I don’t even need pot every day. Go Massachusetts!


    Yes. I feel that CBD (Cannabidiol oil without the THC) is helping with my withdrawal process. But this sucks a bit however. Mild anxiety and insomnia, cramps in my leg and oh god the itch!! Also foggy brain and stiff neck and sinus pressure. But symptoms of the psych variety are mild. CBD helps. I take 1 ml mornings and 1 ml nights. Good luck withdrawing.




    I have problems with a headache and the ability to fall asleep normally. I long tossing and turning before going to sleep and experiencing anxiety. I read online that CBD oil helps with all these symptoms. And I want to ask you where can i buy cbd oil? It would help me to improve my state of mind and sleep normally. Thank you in advance.

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