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    I have not seen any specific call for action on the family’s Facebook page. (But yes, they are under a gag order.)

    This is a FB page that I do not know if the family supports.
    It mentions a few things, including a petition, a Twitter feed targeting Boston Children’s, and a protest scheduled for January 10 in Boston.

    I saw some postings that Icarus Boston planned a protest in early December, but nothing about if it happened. [Edit – I removed the link to Icarus forums. The info can be seen by anyone who searches it on the website, but I believe Icarus has policies against cross posting and I’m not sure if they apply.]

    Is this something that activism groups want to avoid getting involved in, and if so, why? Is taking a direct stand, “we protest this case,” a tactic that’s avoided now? It seems like it would at least make sense to express some sort of concern or statement. Frankly I find the whole “somatoform disorder” thing terrifying as I have medical conditions that fit the diagnosis (nothing serious right now, thank goodness.) I’m not complaining or accusing, I’d just like to throw out a question to Western Mass, or others involved in activism. I have never been involved in organizing any sort of action, I have participated in a few things such as protests after thinking about the issues thoroughly. I would like to get more involved in some sort of direct protests of these abuses that follow the non-violent, civil communication model. Yes, my “mental health issues” (however you want me to define or redefine them) get in the way here. Sometimes, I am too dumb (and/or angry, if justifiably so) to do something appropriate that could possibly have positive results.

    Another thing. I do believe that the existence of this website, in and of itself, matters. It makes a difference.

    Any suggestions or discussion about activism regarding this case or just in general welcomed.

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    I’m just learning about this…

    What’s taking place on the legal side of this case?
    Is this young lady being given due process?

    If not, what can we do to make sure she gets due process?

    Any *specific* ideas?



    In the event you are participating in this forum:

    Any ideas – Jim Gottstein, Tina Minkowitz, Ted Chabasinski?



    Tomorrow I will buy the subscription to Boston Globe (I think it was 99 cents) and try to cut and paste the series they did on the case. Googling “Justina Pelletier” is a good way to get a lot of news hits that explain the case.


    Thank you, Cataract.



    [quote=37115] I have not seen any specific call for action on the family’s Facebook page. (But yes, they are under a gag order.) [/quote]

    I’m connected with that page and have read every single comment / post there. First, as of now, there are 3,780 people connected to the page. That’s a sizable pool of support from society (including some mitochondrial activists). There are petitions.

    There has been contact with Atty. General Martha Coakley who responded: “I got a response from Atty. General Martha Coakley’s office today saying the AG is not the proper forum for my inquiry. “To pursue this matter further, you may consider contacting the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and Division of Health Care Quailty””.

    People are writing the news and senator. People are getting involved and taking some action.

    MitoAction has setup a fund to help advocate for Mito Families fight these type of situations-;jsessionid=E900437A1E85A95034C89E94A2A6E9D1.app365a?1760.donation=form1&df_id=1760

    I’d like to see Dr. Mark Korson and Tufts Medical Center TAKE ACTION. Justina is Dr. Korson’s patient. I know little to nothing about the specifics of the “complex surgeries” (that’s PLURAL) but I think Dr. Korson and Tufts Medical Center would be in the right to file charges against Boston Children’s Hospital. Or, LET BCH FILE CHARGES AGAINST KORSON AND TUFTS and let them defend themselves and the treatments they have given / performed on Justina while she was in Dr. Korson’s care.

    What involvement has Korson had for the past year of Justina’s life?

    In my eyes, what this all really comes down to is “complex surgeries” (that’s PLURAL) which took place BEFORE Justina developed the flu and WAS SENT to Boston Children’s Hospital. It also comes down to Dr. Korson (who I believe is the one who sent her there).

    The people who need to be fighting for Justina, and defending her, and defending mitochondrial disease, are Dr. Korson and his hospital Tufts Medical Center. They are the ones who need to get that girl OUT of Boston Children’s Hospital.

    And I think it would be wise to go STRAIGHT AND DIRECTLY TO OBAMA about this ABSOLUTE ATROCITY. Nobody, in their right mind, could deny that Justina has been so extremely violated (I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be a young teenager, sick with the flu, on top of her original condition, with no reason to expect she would become a medical prisoner).

    She’s been imprisoned in a hospital for nearly a year. They have recently EXTENDED the nightmare so an “independent investigation” could take place (if what I’ve read is correct).

    I think people need to get directly in THE PRESIDENT’S face and I also suggest grabbing Korson and Tufts “by the balls”, so to speak.



    And another thing,

    To Hell with the “gag” order. Let people defy it, and do whatever it takes and whatever is necessary. If you have to go camp out at your best friend’s aunt’s house three states away and break the “gag” order, GO AHEAD. Somebody needs to TAKE THE JOB and get it done.

    DON’T “obey” “authorities” when the situation calls for “non-compliance”. I don’t doubt that a whole network of people would gladly house a chosen family member to break the “gag” order.


    It seems to me that this young lady was taken from her family by the State.

    Although, I’m not a lawyer, I know that the State needs to exercise due process – before it can deny liberty to the family and the girl who is being locked up. And I have serious doubts that this was what took place, particularly because psychiatry was involved.

    So I wonder what do we do next at this point?
    Are there any specific ideas?




    Thank you for providing the petition links. I signed the and petition site ones, but the white house petition was taken off. Appreciate your help and concern.



    Tufts is preventing Dr. Korson from speaking and seems to be taking a CYA approach. I doubt Obama would help for various reasons.

    I think various parent groups, particularly ones in Massachusetts should be contacted about what is going on because this action threatens them the most. If they have to fear that their kid will be kidnapped if god forbid, they disagree with the doctors, that could be life threatening for obvious reasons.

    I don’t have much faith in petitions to work.

    Just thinking out loud.


    [quote=37125]It seems to me that this young lady was taken from her family by the State.[/quote]

    Not exactly. It was the medical authorities who took action against Justina’s parents. They got the designated entity, “social services”, to do what they are built and designed to do. She is not in the custody or “care” of the state – she is in the custody (literally, in the possession of) and “care” of the hospital, in the name of the state.

    Basically, the hospital used “the state” to secure possession and control of the girl. It is the state who obeys “doctor recommendations”.

    [quote=37125]Are there any specific ideas?[/quote]

    Get a small army (Hounds of Hell, dawgs) to throw a riot in downtown Boston, consuming the majority of the police force and resources. When they’re all distracted and oh so busy, send a team of rescuers to the hospital and take Justina out of there. Bring guns.

    Sorry, that’s Hollywood talking.

    I think everyone will just wait to see what Judge JJ is going to do after the findings and discoveries of the pending “investigation”.

    Which agency? Which branch of government? Which advocacy group? Which organization? Which petition? Which law code?

    What does the state of Connecticut have to say about the state of Massachusetts securing possession over one of their citizens?|27537|

    Isn’t it the state of Connecticut’s responsibility, obligation and duty to get involved?

    And for the love of God, can’t anyone who is officially working on this “case” explain COMPLEX SURGERIES? Is that what the pending “investigation” is about?

    I’m going to keep my eyes on Connecticut, Dr. Korson and Tufts Medical Center. What are THESE people doing about any of it?


    [quote=37127]Tufts is preventing Dr. Korson from speaking[/quote]

    Then he should be a man and be willing to end his career, FOR JUSTINA.


    Agree mjk, about Dr. Korson. But everyone knows that isn’t going to happen.

    The hospital could not do what they are doing without the authorization of the the state child protection agency. They are the reason Justina is still in that hospital. If they had said that there wasn’t enough reason to hold her, that would have been the end of the story.

    Anyway, do they have the right lawyer representing them? It would seem they need someone like this guy representing them or at least assisting in the case.

    I could be misspeaking but I was just wondering.



    Good points about child protective social services, and the hospital custody in the name of the state.
    I agree. There are separate and unequal laws when it comes to “mental illness.”


    “I doubt Obama would help for various reasons.”
    I agree (and won’t elaborate due to limited time and space on this site).

    What next?
    What can we do?


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