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CIA torture report

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    Rectal feedings

    Anyone remember the south park episode Cartman theorizes that if you put food in your mouth and crap out of your butt, then logically if you put food in your butt, you should crap out of your mouth. That’s a hilarious concept, and the way the show follows it works even better.

    Otherwise I am still shocked by this whole thing.

    I am American but I had nothing to do with this.


    Otherwise I am still shocked by this whole thing. Americans didn’t do this, we have no control over what those govt psychos do.

    Our protests can’t even stop the USA police from shooting beating and killing our kids over stupid petty stuff.

    This CIA torture thing is NOT OUR FAULT.

    Look how they treat us,

    Police Open Fire Into Peaceful Protest

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    Attention world,

    Don’t blame USA citizens for this torture report.

    They abuse us too.

    2 women in bikinis given body cavity searches on the side of Highway –



    How do you feel about Obama’s Drone War?




    Does it concern you that only a few members of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees had any say here? That former CIA directors were not interviewed?

    Meanwhile, back at the drone strike…
    I find a lot of hypocrisy with so many political leaders on the left…




    Are you aware that tens of thousands of US military personnel routinely undergo water-boarding?
    It’s one of several methods used in comprehensive Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (S.E.R.E.) training programs:

    Is water-boarding torture?
    I don’t know, maybe we should ask Senator Feinstein.



    I might add some of Obama’s drone strikes have been against Americans.
    The same folks that are upset about the report Feinstein released have nothing to say about this.


    It’s always the same story.

    Govt breaks the rules, zero accountability.

    The people break a rule zero tolerance.

    America is a police state, make any little mistake with traffic rules and see how fast they search your vehicle and treat everyone in the car like criminals.

    Texas police officer, stuns 76-year-old man with Taser for tag violation , this week !

    After all the protests of the last few weeks nothings changed. Forget the CIA and 911 , even old men aren’t safe right here on our own streets from being tortured with stun guns by govt agents.

    Follow the story, it will go like it always does , the “investigation” will clear the state of wrong doing like it ALWAYS does.

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