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Danger- Haldol common in ALL ICUs

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    Haldol was used in the former Soviet Union to PUNISH PRISONERS & to BREAK THE PRISONER’S WILL. This drug is administered in ALL hospital intensive care units across the country. If you are judged to be delirious – the nurse can & will give you an injection of Haldol.
    This drug made me very miserable 25 years ago. It sucked the spirit out of my life. I still feel the impossible akathesia. Please comment. Let’s get this human rights violation out in the open.


    All means of compulsory psychiatry are devastating. Forced psychiatry is an absolute crime! Everywhere.


    I sent to the address [email protected] this text and I propose everyone to send their messages there:
    Dear members of the council! I appeal to you as an absolute opponent of psychiatric coercion. I fully support the position of Supreme Commissar Zeid Ra’adAl Hussein! Psychiatric coercion should be excluded from acceptable in human community measures. I quote excerpts from the 2015 petition
    «All people are equal in the rights.
    Everybody in the equal measure is endowed by the all declared human rights in the independence how a man looks, thinks, what kind of ideals he has.
    We emphasize – the respect in full measure rights of all people, of every human, conforms fundamental goals and essence of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    We insist, that any usage the psychiatric lexicon is absolutely cynically and offensively for human dignity. We insist, that a determination of a will, senses, aspirations of human as a symptom of a disease is a monstrous perversion of the fundamental principles of morality and legality! That such determination leads to the cancellation of a legal personality of a human, of a complete decrease of his human value and thus justifies all forms of violence. In fact it leads to the denial of a recognize a human as a human! This is the absolutely racist, misanthropic ideology!
    We proclaim – the legalized psychiatric coercion is a one of most monstrous methods of a reprisal with objectionable people. Impacts, being applied against a human in the psychiatry – such as electroshock, psychosurgery, the impact of neuroleptics – destroy a human essence. They literally crumble his soul, mind, senses, aspirations, his flesh and bone. The psychiatric “treatment” is an incredible torture and destroying a human. We deny that the United Nations General Assembly has the right, supporting this biological racist doctrine, to exclude the part of the humanity from a recognition as human beings.
    We insist on the absolute necessity to recognize psychiatric coercion as the crime against humanity and to exclude it from acceptable in the human community measures»
    I assert that in many times more people signed this petition! But their signatures deliberately not were not taken account.


    Living Will: What is it?

    A living will is legal document that specifies a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment. This may be used if you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself due to severe injury or a medical condition.

    Creating a living will means you need to choose a party you trust to carry out medical wishes on your behalf. This could be a family member, trusted friend, or an attorney.

    That’s one way to try and protect yourself .

    Haldol In the ICU… That poison has no medical value. Ridiculous.

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