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    We have a saying here in Australia called dobbing someone in. The term in the UK is grassing someone up. It relates to telling the authorities on someone who might have done something wrong. With the approaching mental health week there is an advertising campaign to get people to ‘seek help’ for people suspected of having a mental illness. Given that by their own admission mental health services are in ‘crisis’, what good is anyone doing by pushing someone into such a system?

    Its such a shame that mental health week is about propaganda for mental health services, rather than making the public aware of what is going on, and the reasons why psychiatry is failing.

    The NSDP used to have periodic dragnets for Jews, Communists, Gypsies and Homosexuals. And the public thought they were doing a good thing by reporting them. Same crap, different day.

    I’ll post some of this propaganda as it develops over the next couple of weeks.


    Regarding the system being in crisis;

    Wouldn’t it have been good for me if only “serious mental health patients can get care when they need it”? Fact is people are being dragged into the system for the most minor reasons. This is a crisis being caused by those claiming they need more staff to deal with the problems they have created. If I were to wander round my house making a mess everywhere I went, I’m sure my need for two cleaning people would be seen as a little extravagant to say the least. How about I stop making the mess in the first place, and then the resources I have would be enough. Stop damaging people, and the psychiatrists we have will be more than adequate.

    The Stokes Report mentioned in the article was scathing of the mental health system. I’ll see if I can dig out a copy and post the link here. Whilst I don’t believe Bryan Stokes (DG of Health now) was critical enough of the system, he certainly didn’t just fall into the trap of more money for psychiatrists.

    I also find the criticism of the government kind of hypocritical, the government has only done everything that the psychiatrists have asked. Virtually no resistance to anything they asked for. About time the Minister started implementing some policies that will have an effect, rather than rubber stamping everything the psychiatrists want. I did have some hope for the Mental Health Commission but the new Commissioner Tim Marney seems to be a bit of a non starter. Wants to push many more people into the broken system as well.

    As I have said elsewhere, from what I know of the Chief Psychiatrist he doesn’t even know what some of the most basic provisions of the Mental Health Act are. What hope is there?? Can’t enforce what he doesn’t know. Or does pretending not to know give him more time for sailing with the Big Pharma execs?

    They actually have a policy that all beds must be full. Now, what that means is that the resources should be used. The reality is if there is a spare bed, the Community Nurses are sent out to snatch someone from their home. Ariel Castro style. System will always look like it is in crisis given the policy.

    Fail, fail, and fail again. How many people have to be damaged before they figure this out. Time for major changes.


    They actually have a policy that all beds must be full.

    Okay, that’s frightening.


    Yes Uprising, it came about as a result of the hospital system in general. Too many people being treated in corridors, and beds being held for emergencies. So they introduced the policy, and it applies to psychiatric as well. It gets used to put pressure on patients who are longer term in the voluntary wards. No in your bed, loose your bed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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