Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Don't suppose any of you guys online right now, could do me a favor? (Urgent)

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    Paul Keith

    Well: I kinda lied. It’s semi-urgent but not really an emergency.

    Brain is mush right now. (Like I keep clicking Julia Greene’s profile expecting a pm box like in a regular forum only to meet with the typical profile view.)

    I kinda need to talk to someone right now via gmail. I’m hedging on an extremely patient person with a certain personality so I’m hoping it would be kindredspirit or Julia Greene so I kind of hoping someone here could contact them. Don’t personally know these two but I just happen to know somethhing they did. Could be wrong at this point. Like I said, brain is mush. I’m looking at kindredspirit’s recent comments now and I kind of need a person with that outlook to talk to. Julia gives me memories of someone doing a podcast on antipsychiatry where they were the host.

    Sorry for the strange request. Peace out.

    Context: Have a small favor to ask them.

    Also: Trying out something. What if a strange person talks in a certain manner that you understood but isn’t making a lick of sense. Like what if a person is a troll or a new user? Been doing this recently on some of the more popular social media sites. You could say it’s part of this philosophy I’m developing. Ya’ll could ask u/electronics12345 about it if you want. Could also just check my Twitter profile @Foolness

    Subject matter is: Will a mod delete this? With things like the recent Alex Jones fiasco – everything is on a slippery slope right now. You guys seem to be sort of having your own issues with the like/dislike change in MIA comments.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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