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    So if we want to act, then we have to pick targets, otherwise this is just an online therapy and recovery forum.

    So if as I see it, psychotherapy and psychiatry are really about enforcing the norms and authority of the middle-class family, and that the middle-class persecution of children is war, then the middle-class family is where you strike. And you strike at any targets of opportunity.

    So there is always this issue of Foster Care. Like Julie Gregory writes in “Sickened”, if you report your parents you become a foster child. She did, because her life was in jeopardy.

    And then there are horrible stories of sexual abuse in Foster Care, and there are multi-million dollar judgments.

    And then you have this out of California, using psych meds to regulate and control children.

    I watch this, and my conviction is that the doctors who did this should be lined up against a wall and shot.

    And then if you follow some of the aftermath news, there have been some minor reforms. But most of those involved insist that they must maintain access to psych meds for Foster Care.

    Then I know lots of people who have grown up in Foster Care, and the stories are horrid.

    One guy insists that they must stop paying the parents for this, as then they are only doing it for the money.

    And then I know of a community group which works with those as they turn 18 and age out of the system. So in this group they will help to operate a business and continue to live in some sort of group home.

    What they say is that a huge number who age out of Foster Care end up homeless, living on the street, and with all the other issues that effect people at the bottom, like drugs and alcohol.

    And those in the Foster Care group homes are at far greater risk than those who they are able to place for the duration in the care of a foster parent.


    So say we have an adult commune, and it is working. So say from that we set up a foster care group home. We make sure it is 100% safe from sexual molestation. We make sure the kids get a great education. We maybe have some mezzanine program for those who age out. And some may get inducted into our adult commune.

    Will it work?

    Well, will our adult commune work?

    Other people have communes which work, at least to a degree.



    I would say that in part it is just underfunding. But it is also because they are getting foster care parents as those who basically just want an income. And then, there is no community, just poverty and isolation.

    Another reason is simply that if Foster Care were too good, then parents would not be able to maintain authority over their children. I mean think about it, the continual implied threat of being kicked out and sent into Foster Care is what keeps kids docile and compliant. And so kids are basically bribed with material things into compliance and accepting the family system.

    So if Foster Care was too good, capitalism and the middle-class family would DISINTEGRATE!

    So if we can make an adult commune, and if that is sublime, then we should be able to set up our own foster care and have it be just as good.

    And then, we can have an open door policy, other kids from the outside can come to visit. Our kids can play host and our kids should actually come across as more mature, smarter, and privileged.

    And this idea will INFURIATE middle-class parents to the point that they are coming after us!

    We should be able to support ourselves with business proceeds and private donations. But we also can DEMAND government money. I don’t mean ask or apply, I mean DEMAND. We can collect from the government just like we are collecting from a debtor. And we won’t be shy about our intent, the destruction of capitalism and the middle-class family!

    I am not pretending that there are not to be other complexities and issues. This is just an overview.

    If we are to make revolution, we need to present other alternatives. So it is always the olive branch in one talon and the arrows in the other. We attack, but we also offer solutions.

    Foster Care kids in our group home, getting a better deal than those in regular foster care, and a better deal than those in the middle-class family, and who end up thinking differently and voting differently, and overall being better citizens.

    What do people think?



    We can tell people too, that if you grow up in the middle-class family, it is never possible to get justice. Or at least it hasn’t been possible. To get justice there have to be people who think differently.

    And we will never by shy about promoting our kids as the revolutionary vanguard, while at the same time we dictate to the government how much money they are to pay us.

    And we will celebrate Maximilien Robespierre.





    Actually, Hitler always liked the idea and had about 20 made. His were all steel, no wood.

    Then just borrow as many athletic stadiums for a while.



    So an adult commune, and that starts a Foster Care Group Home. And this later is kept completely separate to ensure full compliance with all age of consent laws and 100% safety.

    Government authorities are always welcomed into the group home and encouraged to come round anytime and be there as much as they like.

    And then local children can visit, but they probably to maintain safety they do need to register.

    And we can be one of the places which can take temporary Foster Kids any time day or night, and this is most valued.

    The only way we take money from the government is by demanding it, we never apply or ask nicely. But when we get it, we put it to very good use, like building new buildings.

    There is never any pity or penitence in our organization. This is a group of highly capable people who support each other and stick together and are clean of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and psych meds. They are learning the skills so that they will be able to keep learning life long.

    They may go on to enter our post 18yo transition program, and that will be there for them always, as a very high percentage of foster care group home kids end up living on the street.

    Our kids won’t, because we are always there for them. We are not like the middle-class family which justifies itself by scapegoating. We always stand with our people.

    So some might join our adult commune, and others will go their own way, but they are always encouraged to affiliate with us.

    And we are never shy about explaining that our aim is to destroy capitalism and the middle-class family, and we are never shy about accusing the leaders of government, religion, and commerce of causing child abuse by the pro-family messages and images they generate.

    We offer a refuge for those being exploited by the middle-class family. And we start with the children the middle-class family has abused and rejected.

    What do people think?



    Foster care is horrid because it’s a regime of legalized human trafficking, used to disproportionately target social outcasts and used by families to settle their own disputes (divorce or otherwise). It isn’t always the fault of the foster parent, but that they are obligated to uphold the rulings of administrative courts, social workers, and the school system… and when no one is around to look, those entities would break every law, violate children, and ruin peoples’ lives because they can. Foster parents can’t fight the system the way a parent can.


    Wow! That’s really saying it, like I wouldn’t know how to.

    So do you like the idea of setting up an alternative foster care? Say it might be two facilities:

    1. Urban, for temporary care, which the system always needs, plus any outside children can come and visit. And some of our long term care children will be rotated in and out to help run it and play host.

    2. Rural facility, bigger, provides all of the above, but it is also the main place for our long term care children.

    And then a transitional post 18yo commune, as I think more than half of those coming out of the Group Home Foster Care’s end up homeless. And then our adult commune would be behind it all, and some of those from the Foster Care would likely want to join eventually.

    Do you agree with me that the reason Foster Care is so horrid is simply that it is conceived as something for poor unfortunates who do not have a family, and that if they did it otherwise it would be a threat to the middle-class family and capitalism?

    And do you agree that a big key here would be making an adult commune work first, which would then run the foster care?

    Now the foster care does need to be kept separated in order to ensure strict adherence to age of consent laws.

    And our group would be committed to the destruction of capitalism and the middle-class family. We would never be shy about communicating this, and any money received from the government would be because we were indicting them for supporting capitalism and the middle-class family, and telling them that they are obliged to pay up.

    So do you agree that besides fighting a war of self-determination and overthrowing the First Borns ( used in the ancient sense of those with familial privilege, not literally ) that we also need to be taking in those the First Borns, capitalism and the middle-class family have abandoned and condemned?




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