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Half truths

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    I tead with interest this article, and comments made by our Commissioner for Memtal Health.

    Note that he begins by wondering how anyone navigates their way through the mental health system. Of course this half truth hides the fact that anyone entering the system involuntarily is not the captain of their own ship.

    I also note the comment about people being very, very unwell before they enter the system, and that this is resulting in a focus on acute care rather than early intervention. What this does not recognise is that people in the community will not engage with a service that brutalises them, and therefore do everything they can to avoid having any contact with them. I’d rather die than accept the sort of ‘help’ these people offer. And many people on being released from the clutches of the service do precisely this, die by their own hands rather than be subjected to the brutality of the system.

    So early intervention means kidnapping and drugging people before they get ill. Luckily I semt Commissioner Marney a letter outlining the corrupt practice that can be used to achieve this. I was hoping he was going to do something about the corruption, not expand it..

    And there lies the issue that he has not mentioned, corruption within the system. Deal with that effectively, and hold people to account, then the community might actually want to use the service rather than avoid it at all costs. Given how bad the servixe is, its lucky that they can kidnap people because no one would want their services voluntarily.

    Nothing going to change under this Commissioner, he doesn’t have the courage to even identify the real problems. More powers more money Marney I think I’ll call him lol

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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