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    Julie Gregory 35:30

    “I will always have a sadness of a loss of family.”

    “It’s such a hero’s journey to hold accountable the people who harmed you …”

    From her book I know that Julie Gregory puts very little stock in psychotherapy, recovery, or healing. She ends her book as she is picking up the telephone and dialing Montana CPS to stop her mother from doing her Munchausen’s routine on a foster child. Gregory strikes back, and we should too. She fights, and she NEVER stops. This really comes through in her writing and her biography.

    As far as I can see, mental illness and developmental disorders are all Munchausen’s by Proxy. It is the parents who want to make something of them, and it is the parents who encourage the doctors instead of telling them where to get off.

    Therapy, Recovery, Healing, Salvation are all ways we further hurt ourselves. So instead, we need to strike back, and then come up with alternative ways of living and alternative families of choice ourselves.

    But first we must restore our ability to strike back, to go after people who will presumably try to defend themselves and to vanquish them. And where abuser parents can be held accountable, we must do so. Though they are probably senile-suicidals, we still should never just wait for them to die.


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