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Horror Stories within Psychiatry

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    Hi, I’d like to share my story on here, just because it’s so irrevocably shocking and cruel. Feel free to share your own horror stories from your own experiences being classed as a “psychiatric patient.”

    As hard as this is to believe, this has happened to me:

    I had recieved a working diagnosis of multiple personality disorders from my psychiatrist, however she did not formally diagnose me properly yet everything was placed on my medical record. I had actually struggled with other issues related to my nutrition and anemia, which I feel was the causation of my mood symptoms and heart issues. My heart problems were dismissed as anxiety by my doctor.

    A month ago, I started feeling severely off and had chest pain, breathlessness, pain in my left arm, jaw and back. I started to feel sick and immediately rang for an ambulance. The paramedic dismissed my heart attack as anxiety and left without taking me to the hospital, so I called them up again, two young paramedics arrived and did an ECG, which showed a marked ST elevation- clear signs of a heart attack- my BPM was also 111 at rest. I expressed that my ECG looked abnormal, but the paramedics told me that it didn’t matter what the ECG looked like, they then started mocking me and putting the ECG stickers on each other.

    Eventually I was taken to hospiatl where I started experiencing seizures due to a stroke caused by the untreated heart attack- my entire body started shaking involuntary but I was dismissed as being “mentally unstable” due to my false diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. They then put me in an isolation room for 6 hours, a psychiatrist eventually comes in and asks “why are you shaking?” She tells me I am fine to go home and prescribes me diazepam… so while experiencing heart attack and stroke symptoms, I was forced to take psychiatric medication and discharged without treatment.

    As the month has passed I am largely anhedonic and do not feel much emotions. My sexuality/romantic feelins are totally gone, I do not enjoy anything anymore. I have lost my sense of smell and taste. And if I were to speak out against this horrible travesty, I would not be believed. This is the horrible power of psychiatry.


    I was in the emergency room a long time ago with severe neurological pain resulting from a serious back condition that ultimately resulted in two huge surgeries that saved my life.

    When I was in the emergency room in agonizing pain I told I was “agitated” and they gave me no pain medicine. They kept me for about 24 hours giving me a shot if Haldol every four hours and then sent me to the drug and alcohol addiction unit of a mental hospital. I have never had any drug or alcohol addiction problems because I don’t drink or take recreational drugs. It was horrible there.
    My story is very long and involved. The APA has created so much pain and suffering in this world that it is beyond comprehension. I have no doubt that they have also done a lot of good but the suffering and may I add death that has resulted from the in competent use of power by people who claim to be healers is a major and pervasive tragedy.


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