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    My recent posts don’t even go up, so I’ve pasted them here:

    I just want to add something else to the two recent discussions with Frank B.

    How bad is psychotherapy, the voluntary kind?

    Well some of the most screwy people I know are in it. One is on another forum. The doctors have convinced this guy that he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and so he must not feel his feelings or he will have a crack up.

    So it sounds like he lives near some kind of a clinic. So his day consists of things like, “Go and get medicine”. So he goes to the clinic and gets it, and so he does not have to feel his feelings, which is what he fears.

    He is impossible to talk with, especially for someone like me who sees psych meds as just a glorified version of street drugs.

    I am sure now that previous crack ups plus the ability to get disability money are what keep this person in the system and accepting the labels.

    It is wrong, totally wrong. We all deserve a stigma free economic safety net, and this usually means it has to be of the Citizen Ship pay variety.

    But this guy and others like him go ballistic if anyone says anything against psych meds. They take it as persecution against them. So talk is impossible unless you are willing to accept his reality of not feeling your feelings.



    Continuing some of where it went with Frank,

    So two things I’d like to do, both lawyer assisted.

    1. Draw up an anti-disinheritance contract. It would kick in at the time of death and supersede a will, and guarantee equal share inheritance for all of your children and future children. Anybody over 18yo can sign it. Do our best to make it legally enforceable, and keep the paper filed. So signing it is an anti-child abuse or anti-blacksheeping statement. Most young adults would probably sign it, if they see how blacksheep families work and understand that such must be stopped. Then use this movement to get the inheritance laws reformed, because doing this also prevents child abuse. And then lower the bar on child abuse enforcement and lawsuits.

    2. Similarly draw up an intimidating letter for a child who opts out, maybe for religious reasons, of any sort of behavioral therapy for anything like autism. This may or may not be legal, and some parents wouldn’t go along with letting their child sign it. But see, that is the point, to force people to choose sides, and probably get some court cases going. It will eventually let some children have a strong legal complaint against clinics, schools, and their own parents.


    Post Backup:


    Continuing to talk about what kinds of actions might be undertaken. What I posted above yesterday was arrived at in haste.

    A few postulates:

    1. We want ways we can engage with lots of people, like tabling most anywhere, passing out literature. But it also helps if people have an action they can take, like give us their name and email address, or like sign something. Just getting them to take a small step makes a big difference.

    2. We want to pick fights that we can win, and where lots of people will side with us. But we still want to set the tolerance bar for abuse as philosophically low as possible. So unlike Mind Freedom we should never say anything to legitimate any form of psychotherapy. And unlike Autism Self Advocacy Network, we should never say anything to legitimate the idea that things like autism or neurological differences exist.

    3. So in my view, the areas to look at are, forced psychiatry or behavioral therapy. There the rules of engagement are, ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    4. Anything children are being pressed into, like therapy, medication, behavior modification, corporal punishment. The rules of engagement are, ANYTHING WHICH DOESN’T MAKE THE SITUATION WORSE.

    5. Discredit and delicnese any and all forms of behavior and mood altering therapy ( talk, pillow punching, regression, hypnosis ). People can still do it, as freedom of speech is important, but there must be no government legitimation of it. And we must educate people that the biggest danger of all is coming to believe that the problems are in your own head and in your own past, instead of in the present world.

    6. Stop child disinheritance as this is what encourages familial child abuse, in that it silences victims and it encourages the perpetrators, and The Family with Psychotherapy are how Capitalism is enforced.

    7. Demand and obtain public support, economic safety net, Citizenship Pay, etc, without having to take any disability labels or endure any other sorts of public humiliations.

    8. This kind of activism follows Gandhi’s doctrine of Satyagraha, meaning applying pressure. It is not pacifism, not by a long shot. It is often non-violent, but this is secondary to the doctrine of applying pressure. Non-violence is usually a good tactic, but that does not mean that an unequivocal doctrine of non-violence should become a way of life. Martin Luther King did not seem to understand this until maybe his last two years. He was always taking the position of moral superiority. This is a miss understanding of Gandhi. Gandhi was following the biblical prophets, and what they did was usually in a context of extreme violence. What they did was intended to destroy the middle ground, force people to pick sides, and then to make the conflict escalate.

    9. What we do will make many people really angry. This is the intent. And when it comes to serving subpoena’s on people being sued by their parents, some people may respond with lethal force. Right now professional Process Servers agree that divorce cases are the most dangerous. Well, this will be worse.

    10. So asking people to sign petitions, to sign anti-disinheritance contracts, and letters to schools and other institutions proclaiming their rejection of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and medications and corporal punishment, will be very effective. Where ever possible, children can do this in their own names. And never will the letters ask for tolerance or accommodations, the letters will always have an ACCEPT MY DEMANDS, OR ELSE format.

    11. In all of this, sometimes this stuff will be enforceable in court. We will do our best. But other times it will just be rhetorical. But still getting people to move from their starting point is always useful.

    So it is, stopping child abuse, stopping disinheritance, stopping Munchausen’s By Proxy or Medical Child Abuse, stopping psych meds and behavioral therapy done on children. Discrediting all psychotherapy done on anyone and making sure it is delicensed and that the government is totally separated from it.

    We go after the worst cases, but we never say anything to legitimate the lesser cases. We never legitimate any forms of psychotherapy or support the idea that there is anything such as mental illness, autism, or neurological differences.

    And we look for people who would like to sue their psychotherapists or their parents, and we try to make it happen.

    Who is on for this?


    Posts Backup, yesterday some of my posts weren’t getting accepted. Please read:

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