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How do you deal w/immediate family after they had you forcibly hospitalized?

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    Michael Simonson

    Hi all! Thirteen years ago, when I was 20, I was forcibly hospitalized twice for three weeks. My family encouraged both hospitalizations. In addition, a very close family member testified against me in medical court during my second hospitalization; I ended up losing the trial and was sent back to the hospital.

    I had (mostly) forgiven them, but after discovering Mad In America a couple months ago I started reconsidering. Reading about how screwed up psychiatry is has reignited my anger. I always knew my hospitalizations were wrong, but I wasn’t aware that other people were also being hospitalized against their will for similarly baseless reasons. I’ve also recently discovered that the doctors who had me hospitalized were acting unethically, and that the second hospital I was kept in broke the law when they restrained, sedated and confined me.

    I don’t want to lose my relationship with my immediate family. I had an amazing childhood; they let me have as much freedom as I wanted to roam the streets with friends – but they disciplined me enough that I got good grades. They’ve also treated me very well in the past 10 years – supporting me financially and emotionally.

    At the same time, I don’t know how I can ever forgive them. I told them the hospitalizations were wrong. Not only did they ignore me – they actively fought to keep me hospitalized. And they never admitted they were wrong to do so. They destroyed my college experience and cost me all my friendships. I still struggle socially.

    How did you deal with your family members who had you hospitalized?


    I disowned them.
    And never sent them any further communications other than compilations of case studies and statistics on medical violence, police brutality, environmental racism, colonialism and ecocide – which, if they read through and explicitly acknowledge the implications of in full, may be grounds for me considering letting them *partially* back into my life.

    Panda Roux

    Hi, Michael,

    I’m sorry for this late reply. I hope it’s still useful to you.

    I’m sorry you had to go through such a hard time in a mental hospital against your will. It sounds like you suffered a lot.
    So my reasoning is: will it make you suffer to lose your relationship with your family or will it make you feel better? Maybe you can just tell them about the information in the book without getting angry at them…

    Good luck.


    I would walk into hospitals looking for help with of those wicked anxiety attacks I was having but then couldn’t leave.
    I would be feel like I was dying and scared and I caught one place lying on my medical record writing suicidal when I was the opposite I was scared I felt like I was going to die and didn’t want too.

    It sucks when you tell family the place is a hellhole and the “help” is only being coerced to take some crap like brain disabling ability that doesn’t work makes you feel poisoned they tell you “give it a chance” or some BS like that.

    They know it was wrong now cause I got better after learning the truth about psychiatry and walking away not letting them keep me sick anymore. I was NEVER in a hospital until about 2 years AFTER complaining of insomnia and then anxiety and letting those quacks make me sick with all those pills. The sicker I got the more pills I got that made me worse.

    I remember by the hospital phones almost everyone was hating on their family for siding with the hell hole.


    I pretend to be happy about it and believe it was for the best but inside I feel a resentment that comes as a feeling rather then logic. It is a sense I get that if I had not had certain family members around me I would not have abused drugs, and therefore ended up schizophrenic. My mother has also called in mental health professionals twice to take me to hospital where she knows I will Be forcefully drugged against my will and this is part of the reason I feel a resentment. I hav never harmed anyone but myself wen “schizophrenic” so I believe the forced injections are very unethical, not even sadistically violent criminals are forcefully injected with poison except for wen the death penalty is involved.


    Forced hospitalization, in my case, was unecessary. I was so loving that, if they asked me to take medicines, I would take them. But I understand they all came from a place of fear and I had many conversations that I don’t want to be hospitalized again.

    I live with my family, so they provide me the shelter I need to survive. I don’t expect them to understand spirituality, non-duality and enlightenment (even because I don’t understand anymore what those things mean due to the antipsychotics I still take).

    But, yeah, my family is very attached to materialism and I don’t how to help them. What I can do is to focus on my recovery because they provide me with the benefits to do it and I’m very grateful for that.


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