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How “transcranial magnetic stimulation” works

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    From a page on TMS,

    ” The circuitry used to generate the magnetic field pulses is usually based on a capacitor discharge system (shown in its simplest form in figure 4) with typical peak coil currents in the range of several kiloamps and discharge voltages of up to a few kilo volts. The relatively high voltage is required to give the required rapid rise of current into the inductance of the stimulating coil.”

    “Several Kilo amps and discharge voltages of up to a few kilo volts” That’s big-time energy levels.

    Transcranial  magnetic   stimulation

    Here on youtube you can see hobbiests playing with the ” inductance of the stimulating coil” crushing cans and destroying things.

    Capacitor Bank #64 – Can Crushing With Three Different Coils

    You don’t want to put your head in this thing no matter how “benign”, “safe” , “scientific” or “medical” the psychiatric industry will try and trick you into thinking it is.

    Capacitor Bank #26 – Clearing A Calculator With A Can Crushing coil

    Do all the electrical math, call the device a can crusher or “transcranial magnetic stimulation” its the same thing.

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    Here was the video I was looking for, It’s a bit longer but Photonicinduction is my favorite high voltage youtube channel and yes I am a “Tesla junky” electricity always fascinated me since like forever , by the age of 9 my parents gave up and let me experiment with the 120v wall power in the garage cause I got bored of batteries.

    Ultra High Energy Destruction + Can Crush

    And there here is this video, and keep that away from my brain !

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation project – part 2




    Okaaay. And what is your point exactly? That high energy magnetic fields can be dangerous? So can radiation but with judicious control, X-rays can provide invaluable insights. Seems like you are quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater?


    [quote=65905] judicious control [/quote]


    Judicious control, This TMS is more like WW II carpet bombing where they trash the entire area hoping to get lucky and hit something of value to the enemy.

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