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    It’s kind of funny where different things written on the main site take me. I got to thinking about the recent ‘stouche’ between Re Thinking Psychiatry and the Unitarian church that is being vigorously discussed on the main site, and it reminded me of a song I heard many years ago. The song is by an aboriginal artist who isn’t too well known here in Australia called Kev Carmody and is called “If Jesus was a Christian”. I had a look around the ‘net’ trying to find the lyrics for this song but can’t seem to find them. I did find a link to the actual song, but for some reason can’t get it to play on my computer. The link is here;

    It’s track # 10

    I was hoping someone here might be able to either listen to the song and fill in the gaps for me, or maybe even tell me how to listen to it via my computer, or contact the website owners and ask them. It’s strange but I can’t seem to find a “contact us” link or anything.

    Anyway, I will type what I remember of the song and like I say hope someone can fill in the gaps if they can hear it.

    If Jesus was a Christian.

    Well gee i’ve seen some funny women and men
    who think that Christianity’s beginning and end
    it to sit up in them old church pews on a Sunday morn

    Now there’s 168 hours in any one week
    and 1 and a 1/2 in church seems pretty weak
    they think their Jesus lives behind them locked church doors eh.

    Now i’m pretty sure that they taught me right
    that Jesus is the truth and light
    and he condemned all those who were hypocrites and liars

    Now for capitalism to progress it must exploit
    for the elite to profit they must cream off
    an illegal excess over and above the real cost eh.

    Now the funny thing it seems to me
    is they can sorta multiply by three
    the commodities that you and I produce

    but their the Caesar’s that enforce and pass the laws.

    It was said to get to heaven when rich men die
    was like a camel through a needles eye
    and their eternal situations lookin sorta bleak.

    So I think it’s time that you and I
    condemn them all as hypocrites and liars
    as this Jesus did 2000 years ago.

    So instead of sittin in church pews on a Sunday morn
    holding sinners up for righteous scorn
    lets identify with those he loved and cherished most my friend.

    The poor, the poor
    let replace the systems core
    and reshuffle the cards the elite have stacked and dealt.

    The poor, yeah the poor
    let us modify the law
    and redistribute the elites immoral wealth.

    It’s a powerful song for me, in that it’s about the downtrodden, and the hypocrisy that I observe from ‘good’ people. I’d really like a copy of the song, or even all the lyrics. So if you can help, it would be much appreciated.

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