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    An article about a man who committed suicide after being told there were no beds in the hospital.

    Coronial inquest is being conducted. Funny but the outcome is a foregone conclusion. We know how the coroner deals with these. Never any consideration of environmental factors, its always the illness. I get the feeling that this has a political motivation. There will be calls for more money for mental health as a result, and then it will be pay rises all round if the money is provided. Yay.

    This particular death just fits the narrative that the mental health hierarchy want to spin, nothing more.

    I will post a link to the coroners report when it is completed.

    I will add this item about a clinic that has been qssociated with a number of deaths. Note that the government tried to keep the report secret.

    All a bit of a mess because the report by the Chief Psychiatrist didnt get completed as far as I know. Always good to tie things up with beaurocratic red tape when you dont like the truth.

    This family, and another that I cant find for the moment have been subjected to the gaslighting of the complaints process. Absolutely disgusting what people are put through when their family members are killed by mental health in this State.

    I’ll find the other article relating to the other deaths of people thown out of Alma St and post that with this article. Give people some idea of whats going on where I live.

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    Here is the article about 5 other deaths at Alma St

    Interesting that the Chief Psychiatrist left the job just before the report was due in April. Dont think the new guy has managed to get it done. Funny that.

    Tjey did try to limit the scope of the inquiry so that they wouldnt have to look at evidence that didnt suit their purpose. See this type of inquiry regularly coming out of mental health. Dont look at anything that is going to result in negative outcomes for them. Failed in this instance because of the media. So they have delayed the report now because they are going to have to look. Unusual that they cant fix up the report before hiding it. Its disgusting the way they are hiding how these deaths are occuring.

    Maybe if they stopped locking people up involuntarily for not cleaning their house properly, or because they had a bit too much pot, there might be beds for people who actually want to be in hospital. Its absurd the reasons people are involuntarily detained, and yet others who are ill cant get a bed. Almost like they are running a factory where they process people, get em on pills and throw them back onto the street. You people are a disgrace.

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