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    Once one has decided to get up off of the therapist’s couch and take action, it can help if one can look to where others are already taking action and join in with them.

    As I see it, the basic directions are, 1. Psychotherapy and Psychiatry 2. Middle-Class Parents 3. Capitalism and the Self-Reliance Ethic.

    So right now today I am involved 7 days per week in sidewalk level politicking, roughly in area 3. I am trying to bring down some corrupt officials who use their power to manipulate real estate prices.

    But in times past I attended a high profile trial which involved child sexual molestation. As far as I am concerned, all child sexual molestation is familial sexual molestation because it happens in the shadow created by the lies we tell about the family.

    I also tried to connect with local activists to get the to attend the next trial. My efforts failed, they were not interested in attending.

    So the next was the Pentecostal Daughter Molester. And special circumstances greatly increased my role in this, and went on for over 2 1/2 years.

    I considered a sidewalk picket against his church. But his church actually creates a neighborhood safety problem.

    I tried to get these child sexual molestation activists involved, but to no avail. And of course no one connected to the Recovery Movement would get involved.

    But otherwise I’ve gotten businesses closed down and gotten lots of people fired from all sorts of jobs, and I’ve pressed government to deal with things they would rather just ignore.

    So I want now to call your attention to one case:

    Very brave girl, very brave lawyer. New Jersey law should have helped. ABA leaders were watching this close. But it ended with Rachel getting lectured to by the judge and having to do a big mea culpa. Sickening. And yes, the father was being sexually inappropriate.

    So we can look for cases to jump in on. We can contact the lawyers and try to interest them in something else, as these are activist lawyers. Or we can do the pre-legal work, like sidewalk protests and collecting affidavits.

    Anyone else been involved in any cases, know of any which are going on or should be started, or of any super aggressive activist attorneys?



    I helped to put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester into our state prison. Both the father and mother had tried to send the three girls to Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy. I made much of this in my communications to the DA and the Court.

    But I also wanted the three girls to sue their parents, and their church. And I tried to line up some of the most aggressive attorneys in the country for this.

    I wanted the girls to sue their parent’s church, treat it like a hate group, like the KKK. The difference is that it is not based on racial prejudice, it is based on prejudice against children.

    I want this because I want to lower the bar.

    But no such lawsuit has occurred, and at this point it is not likely.


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