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    The Lies of Our World, Catholic Sex and Inheritance

    I think this topic will fit with the forum def’n, but only if I can establish some basis.

    Peter Breggin explains that psych conditions are always just the surface manifestations of conflicts. Jeffrey Mason says that the things dealt with in the psychotherapists office are always things should be dealt with some place else. I see those other places as being Mediation, Civil Court, or the Political and Revolutionary Arenas.

    So psychoanalysis is almost always about familial conflict. And I follow Alice Miller, so I side with the child. So psychoanalysis is just a way of legitimating and perpetuating child abuse. Alice Miller did not stay with this position later on, but when she was at her best and most radical, this is what she put forward.

    So it is familial child abuse, and it is also the result of how our society is structured and the lies and denial. And much of this is perpetuated by religion.

    So I could decline to deal with my own familial abuse issues, and instead take vow of celibacy, but then go on to spread lies about the family and to encourage the abuse of today’s children. To me, this is how it has always looked. I recognized this by the time I was a pre-teen.

    So with that, let me proceed. About 4 months ago I learned of:

    My own view about the Catholic Church and sex has always been that it’s based on lies and denial.

    On the one hand, they have built into the church that The Family is horrible and that the only chance one has at a sane life is to refuse it.

    But they don’t come out and say this, and most don’t even understand it.

    So Augustine is one of the worst, with his ideas that sex is bad, being used to cover what he really feels, that the family is bad.

    So this comes out in many different ways. First, it is this idea that children are bad and need to be corrected, i.e. mutilated.

    And then as it is today, if you want to live a life of extreme material security and abundance, all you need to do is take vows.

    Chastity: Exemption from The Family, but ability to sexually violate children and sometimes partake with prostitutes too
    Poverty: Live in extreme material abundance and security
    Obedience: Never stop preaching about the how much you love your mother and about the virtues of The Family

    So it was set up like this, as a two tier system. The upper tier is based on knowing the truth, but not admitting it, and then telling lies to everyone else.

    For one thing, this made the Church acceptable to the Roman Empire and its own familial religion. Christians were no longer to be persecuted, but became the persecutors.

    And then they say that Gnostics are dualistic, when Gnostics come much closer to the truth. Cathars held that sex is not really sinful, but having children is generally a mistake. This is why they got burned, for telling the truth, for providing people with a way out that did not depend on the church.

    So then of course the church is against anything which separates sex from procreation, for the lower tier. Like contraception, abortion, masturbation, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, and prostitution.

    But for the upper tier, all of these things, and pedophilia too, can be just fine.

    But it gets even worse than this. Another reason that the Church placates The Family is just that that is how it gets its money. Its the donations. But it also gets estate money in two ways.

    1. End of life donations, cash, often real estate. Giving to the church makes people feel good.

    2. And this is the most interesting, from the inherited shares of vocationals. That is, say I joined the Jesuit Order. After about 10 years of preparation and taking vows and being ordained, I would take my final pledge to the order, signing over everything I have, or will ever have. And then that order would do it’s best to make sure that I was not disinherited.

    So see, if my parents saw me as having joined some strange cult where people hold property in common and which they don’t really approve of, they might disinherit me and give it all to their other children. After all, I would not get to keep it, or have any need for it.

    Well, the Catholic Church does not publicly put out an anti-family message, they just live it, and use a scripture attributed to someone who put out an extreme anti-family message. So they keep the parents buttered up, and they are good at this, and their vocationals don’t get disinherited, and so the church gets that share.

    The whole thing is completely two faced and dishonest. And so that it is also based on child abuse, sexual, psychological, and physical, is not at all surprising.

    Protestantism is not really much of a solution either, as even more than Catholicism, it can be a life of keeping up appearances, and this means exploiting children.

    So then what to do about psychoanalysis? Well I would not outlaw it, but I would delicense and discredit it. Let shrinks be just like psychics, fortune tellers, witch doctors. What people need instead is political consciousness raising, and then ways to act. Maybe this is what is intended with Philosophical Coinciding?

    Anyway, give people ways to get into the fight and be part of the solution. Then their problems and addictions will vanish.

    I helped put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester into our state prison. And this is how it should be. People who abuse their own children shouldn’t need to fear the police, and they don’t. They should fear us, we the survivors who see and refuse to unsee. They should know that if it were not for the police, that we would act and we would not be nice at all.

    To those who abuse their children, go to the police station and turn yourselves in now, as that is the only protection you will be able to get anywhere.

    And to clerics who preach the Good Family, knowing what it is really like and showing this knowledge by your choice to abstain, YOU ARE ALSO CHILD ABUSERS!

    And to Psychotherapists, what Jeffrey Mason says is correct, “The practice of psychotherapy is wrong because it is profiting off of another person’s misery.” Unless you therapists have engaged in acts of redress against abusive families, then you are just diddling you clients and so just like clergy, YOU ARE ALSO CHILD ABUSERS!

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