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    Hi, This is  my second posting here.

    One of my bad habits is that I listen to NPR (National Prozac… excuse me.. PUBLIC radio) a lot. To describe the pro-Big Pharma bias permeating that outfit as “revolting” would be charitable. No surprise, given one of their biggest sponsors is the Robert Wood Johnson FOundation, the ostensibly charitable arm of Johnson and Johnson, who own Jansen Pharmaceuticals,  manufacturer of Risperdal. Recently, the RWJF made a very big deal about their efforts to stop the childhood obesity epidemic, yet there was no mention on their web site about the role that atypical antipsychotics play in that epidemic.  Last year there was week-long pro-shock campaign where they trundled out brain damaged Hollywood stars and politicians’ wives to swear they handn’t been harmed by shock. And in 2008 or 09 the hosts of a show called “The Infinite Mind” were exposed as having undisclosed ties to drug manufactrers and the show was actually scrapped due to the bad PR that revelation caused them. Those are just a few examples that come to mind and I’m half awake from sleep deprivation.

    There are two call-in programs that often have pro-psychiatric scientists, authors and government officials on as guests. Those are the Diame Rehm show (10AM-Noon, EST, Monday-Friday) and Talk of the Nation 2-3PM weekdays. For my part I’ll keep an eye on the schedules of those two shows and post an alert to any upcoming program that may be of interest to members of this forum. Both accept call-ins as well as email messages, but it’s been my experience that they screen those calls quite closely, so when one calls in, it helps to choose one’s words VERY carefully if one wants to get past the staff memeber who fields your calls.

    All local NPR stations also run  shows that frequently cover psych-related themes.  The one here in Cleveland often gets calls and email from people  listening on-line in remote locations, so I’ll post updates about that here as well. No doubt other networks run a lot of Big Pharma propaganda, so this place could serve as a clearingnhouse and Early Alert System if Mad in American forum members would just keep their eyes and ears open.

    Coverage of the Vietnam war was often referred to as a “battle for the hearts and minds” of America. We could- and should-  turn p$ychiatry’s chemical war against American kids into another war like that.

    peace, John


    Good post John. Google “rolf dobelli – avoid news” if you ever feel like you’re overdoing your news diet.


    Ted Chabasinski, JD

    NPR has been on my mind lately as a possible target.  Although many people in our movement for some reason listen to them, as John has pointed out, they are terrible on our issues.  But I think they are a lot more vulnerable to our pressure than people think.  Like most establishment liberals, they hold themselves out as humane arbiters of right and wrong.  We don’t have a lot of resources, but a sit-in in their offices would be very embarrassing to them, exposing them as the hypocrites they are.

    Normally, demonstrations against media outlets aren’t a good idea, since the rest of the media won’t cover them.  But given the proliferation of partisan media of all stripes, some other media types might welcome the chance to make NPR look bad.

    In the 1960’s, parts of the civil rights movement put a lot of pressure on wishy-washy liberals similar to NPR, with the formulation that if they weren’t part of the solution, they were part of the problem.  For sure, NPR is part of the problem, with their drug company funding and the regular appearances of people like E. Fuller Torrey.

    They are a lot more vulnerable than some other targets I could think of,  and I don’t think our movement should feel helpless  with regard to them.  If we show courage and determination, we can discredit them with their listener support. Hit them where it hurts, their funding.  Other movements have done things like this, why can’t we?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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