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Mental health discrimination in higher ed

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    Just curious if anyone out there has been forced out of higher education for their mental illness?


    Between 1971 and 2000, I attended four different colleges without ever emerging from any of them with a diploma. At the last school I attended, (Morgan State University,) I spent a total of 12 years there due to the fact that I was merely a part time student. Though I completed all the work for a B.S. in mental health, I still did not receive the degree. Morgan State is a historically black state university at which I was a white minority student.

    At first, things went perfectly well for me as I knocked down one course after another in pursuit of my degree. There was a woman in the counseling office who acted as an on-campus advocate for me the entire time I was a student there. Initially, she and I got along very nicely together and during the years in which I was a student there, she intervened in many conflicts I had with students and faculty. Accommodations were made for me in terms of lengths of time afforded me to complete assignments.

    Midway through my tenure at Morgan, I reached a point in my personal life in which I decided I needed to write a revealing autobiography in order to document, substantiate, and justify the life I had been forced to survive as a mental patient. I wrote this book, self-published it, and sold many copies of it in the Baltimore area. Subsequently, the book became notorious. My professors at Morgan were enthralled with this accomplishment, and were utterly congratulatory towards me for what I had done.

    Therein, began trouble between my on-campus advocate and I. This woman was thoroughly offended by the necessarily bombastic remarks I had made in the book, and the politics I expressed therein. She turned against me.

    Midway through my twelfth year at Morgan, I discovered I had accrued more than enough credits towards my diploma to be able to graduate. I had completed all of the requirements for graduation and then some, and graduation seemed imminent. Only then did I learn that the Administration of the university had no intention of allowing me to graduate.

    The university Administration was aware of my prior successful endeavors as an antipsychiatry, and community, activist. Concerned by their roles as guardians of the Morgan legacy and reputation, they decided they did not want some crazy white guy amongst the ranks of their-otherwise distinguished alumni. Accordingly, I never got my degree.

    My on-campus advocate, of course, had the power to intervene for me with this. However, she chose not to.

    In conclusion, I’m now 63 years old and still find myself with nothing more than a high school diploma. I am done with school. Forever.


    I am so sorry for what you have experienced and thank you for sharing. I experienced something similar and it saddens me to see that nothing has changed in the last sixteen years. I am continuing to pursue my education at great financial cost to me and I fear every single day that what happened at my last university will happen to me again.

    I am trying to start an advocacy group with the sole focus on mental illness discrimination in higher education. If this is something you have any interest in, please let me know.

    On another note, you may not have a piece of paper stating that you have a degree, but you do have the knowledge. They can never take what you learned from you. And clearly you are a good writer. It might be time to consider combining the two and using all that hard work to benefit you, even if it is without the piece of paper and the label because those two things are certainly nothing more than a representation of that very knowledge that no one can take from you.

    You are not alone. This has happened and continues to happen to so very, very many people across the country. Especially in the training of individuals to become mental health professionals (as was my case, also). It leaves one to surmise, if those being prevented from entering the field are those who have been most affected by it, perhaps this is why the field is so abusive and falling apart right now. Because those who dominate it have no inkling of an idea of what it is like to be on the other side of the services they are doling out for the purpose of “help”. Just a random thought.

    Please know I am here to offer any support possible. I wish you all the very best and am also curious, what is the name of the book you were mentioning above?

    Stay strong, friend. ✌🏻


    Your letter to me above is very kind, and I appreciate your caring words. The title of my book is Ex-Inmate In Exile: The Autobiography Of Philip A. Kumin. It’s available from, and I appreciate your interest in it.

    I may write more at a later date regarding my failed efforts to get an education. At the moment, however, I am too heartbroken to do so.

    Is there a way I can communicate with you directly, rather than through MIA? My email is: [email protected].

    Lastly, thank you for your remark that you believe I’m a good writer. In truth, it always makes me feel fantastic whenever somebody says that!


    I had a rotten experience related to my “mental illness.” At the time I was actually pro-psychiatry–a full-fledged NAMI zombie. I revered my pills like good Catholics do the eucheristic elements. I didn’t even know the anti-psychiatry movement existed as a counter-culture. I thought it consisted entirely of a handful of weirdos too crazy to know they were crazy or so proud they were in denial. (Took me 20 years to discover Anti-Psychiatry as a movement.)

    The massive amounts of Haldol and Stellazine I obediently took caused daily seizures, hurt my social skills by blunting emotions, and may have exacerbated my obsessive thoughts. The obsessiveness was never as bad once I was taken off those old school neurotoxins.

    To cut it short, my college dorm mom accused me of not taking my drugs. She claimed that the fact that I was behaving in bizarre ways (unlike my pre-drugged self) and having seizures proved this. No one believed I was taking my pills–though my problems were actually caused by them! Got kicked out. Didn’t want to stay there because the dorm mom had taken it upon herself to “educate” the others in my dorm. About how dangerous and unstable I was because I wasn’t “taking my meds.” She finally told them not to talk to me, because only certified therapists should do so.

    Now I’m taking only 90 mg of effexor. No anti-psychotic or mood stabilizer. No one can even tell the difference.


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    Francesca James

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