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Message to Earth and Gonna buy Cranberries in the end album

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    Have a song from album available on YouTube / titled all over now:

    Using of the “I” statements – just say that my life was a nightmarish because I said all those wacky prayers. I was like this is weird. I feel awkward and these organization leaders make me feel uncomfortable. They look really ugly in an uncomfortable way too.

    So basically what I’m saying is this / My hero Edgar Cayce was Christian and he taught me a more appropriate way to pray. I got it from his readings on prayer and meditation. Also says Christ is path to show us the right way. Refers to this as Christ Consciousness.

    This is growing closer to Christ in mind and bringing goodness and life into the world. Cayce also believes in reincarnation, although he calls this continuity of life. With that I’ll tell you citizens of Earth my life is not complex in terrible manner now. I have right mechanism to pray to Higher Power. Also Cayce in his readings give guidance / instruction I reference to individuals faith background. His legacy says supports / conducive in the faith regards what they be:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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