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Mother accidentally takes her son's antipsychotic pill by mistake!

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    She gets to experience the side effects of clozapine herself, and she admits that she can now understand why we don’t want to take our meds, but yet she and other moms on that forum still insist that their sons must still take their antipsychotic meds, regardless of what it is doing to their sons.

    Also this same thread, the moms admit that even with clozapine, the gold standard drug for resistant schizophrenia, their sons are still hearing voices and still having delusions. So, in other words, the drug isn’t truly antipsychotic, it does not work, it does not stop their sons’ psychosis, it just makes their sons easier to deal with.

    And what is it doing to their sons’ long term health?

    They have to test their sons’ blood weekly when first starting on clozapine. That’s how bad it is for their health.

    It’s a very interesting read, but it is a very long thread. Just take some time and read their comments. It’s worth your time. They are eye-opening for sure…


    This message board would be a great study for a psychology student who is studying “”Manchausen’s syndrome by proxy.” I am personally revolted at their callous and self-righteous tyranny. Their poor kids need to get the hell away from them. This reminds me of my mother. She sued me for guardianship and then proceeded to take $5,000 away from me. Luckily, I had hidden another $10,000 so that she couldn’t take it. She told everyone she knew that I had “schizophrenia” and how horrible it was. Family reunions are now humiliating for me. My diagnosis was changed to bipolar disorder but she never tells people that because it’s not shocking enough. I’m college-educated and don’t have a criminal record, but I am a second-class citizen without any rights.


    I want to write a novel about this kind of thing. Pamela’s Child. Pamela Erskine, a NAMI mommy from Hell who goads her son Kenneth into killing himself so he won’t embarrass her by recovering (drug free) and ruin her speaking/writing career.


    Having kids with drug addiction problems are really very challenging for the parents. Home medications for gradual recovery saves money but there is also this challenge of not being taken cared of properly by expert professionals. As compared to kids being brought to rehab centers, home medication is also considered slow process of recovery. Remember that your parents or anybody in the house taking care of a recovering patients, has no enough expertise to this matter.

    Blood test in lab is even very important to the patient so that expert professionals can easily found out the levels of addiction your kid is into.


    One lady I knew was on Clozapine and I don’t know why (could be the drugs) but she got to the point where she could no longer walk and talk… she’s in an electric wheelchair and talks by typing on a tablet (slowly because her hands are difficult to move). Another friend I know was on psychiatric drugs and is now mentally disabled when he was perfectly fine before. (not sure what drugs he was taking). Since these aren’t things you see every day, and both were victims of psychiatrists… I’m pretty sure it was probably the anti-psychotic drugs.

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