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    This is quite the opportunity to deliver the world and perhaps more a Pat Hayes Ellosias lived experiences. Ok here it is:

    Ok. Sipping a boiled water with brown sugar. Ok gotta say it. Deep inside truth this particular one this story I’m about to tell is decent.

    So I fancy the Protestant denomination. One day I walked through fire. I say fire and I mean it. At the ripe age of thirty seven. Unbeknownst to the mass audience the general public I began to get more noticed just doing regular humdrum human things. My being there my praying was changing the community and in fact it’s true because I’m a hardworking man and I’m living day each day with hard outlook. Even pray to my Higher Power using the sentence day by day.

    One evening I turned the energy of this city too much too far. I feel that I was in such a new state of mind frame of being that it was comical and perfect timing. Although it’s a shame because they come at me hard harder then when I was a mere outcast. It hurt well I got significantly hurt although I’m recovering.

    They continued to rail me as the injury was fresh. Regaining strength composure they intensity diminishes. Hurt more the strength of their assault psychic assault coming hard again. That’s when I got myself some new psychic defense tools. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    It was at this period I had a revelation or awakening of my own. I know that Jewish tradition men and women did a far superior job and continue to do so. I am with the Protestant faith and I’m in love. I Love Jesus. The group that is Christian is sick too. They hurt and will hurt just as throughout history did and done with influential and important people.

    I walked through fire. I did it. I did it by being peaceful majority of my life. I did it by not listening to or reading about European men and ladies sometimes writing about mystic cultures. I did it by being very solitude. I did it by saying I am a weak man and hunkering down crying. I did it by my faith. I did it true.

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