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    I sent this letter to editor and hope they print it. They may not because it’s a political city. I’m glad I sent it though.

    Letter to Editor,

    State website says they go green and recycle so why does everyone here just say ok they go green? I’m into mother earth so I must write this letter even if it means I lose my job as state employee. I’m interested in trying to get state of Illinois to actually go green instead of just saying we are a go green state.

    I do recycling in just one office floor actually half of the office floor and I get about one hundred plastic bottles a week. I bring to my home with my recycling each Tuedsay

    In other news this is a worldwide issue. G20 I wonder wow there are one hundred and ninety five countries at least at this time.

    Would be ideal if a law firm or lawyer with confidence that can handle the heat. Hit them as they enjoy although all this wasn’t a bell jar signaling from the mountain of me for my heart.

    I contribute to success of our planet if this can work.

    Here at the department of mental health I’m definite not the g20 in terms of employees. I know though that I’m a voice hearer, I’ve been hospitalized and I battled my way.

    One of my ways is talking points when I see them. That’s how I got to the department mental health headquarters.

    I have worked at Tazwood center for wellness, a statewide mental health and warm line staffed by those that have personal experience with mental health challenges and the division of mental health region offices based out of state hospital. From 2016-2019 I’m at the department mental health central office with higher up administration.

    I love my mom Earth. She could heal anytime.

    Here is a video I sing Things That Make You Go Hmmmh on my YouTube channel.


    Hello, thanks.

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    America has freedom of speech although I just submitted this letter to three Illinois papers. I’m educated by a University and I’m employed as state employee.

    It seems the way Roman Catholic Church prohibited dissent and truth calling others that have different ways with interpretation heretics.

    Now the paper won’t publish a serious letter about being respectful to environment.


    Appreciate the comment. Would be fabulous if calls were delivered or emails to editor. Their websites have email address on link how to submit letter or contact us link. These are three Illinois papers that won’t pront my letter. Take a peak at news stories and letters that have priority over my letter.

    State journal register.

    Peoria journal star.

    Chicago Tribune

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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