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    Female Peer Specialists Paid Less than Males, Study Finds
    By Malia Fontecchio, MSW

    The comments blog is threaded the other way, and so it gets too complicated for me to follow and reply. So I ask that we continue it here.



    BPDTransformation wrote,

    “I agree with this idea. Recovery presumes normality, then illness, then normality, and that is not how human emotional development and life problems work. Recovery is a word easily used to cover up the disease model.”

    Well yes, that is exactly my objection to the entire concept of Recovery. But it is even more serious than the disease model, it usually means a moral disease.

    So as I am involved in local community groups which deal with the poor and the homeless, and with alcoholics and drug addicts, and with the victims of the mental health system all the time, I am always faced with people who believe in Recovery and Salvation Seeking. They think the poor are victims of their own failings, plus an economy which does not have enough pity built into it. They also see alcoholics and drug addicts as lacking in moral strength or will power or something. Or the worst is, being ‘rebellious’, as that means rebelling against God as Adam and Eve did.

    So I am always telling them, “Someone treated with dignity and respect and given the chance to develop and apply their abilities is very unlikely to develop a problem with drugs or alcohol.”

    So in my own lexicon there is no such thing as Recovery. Their is only Restorative Justice and the ongoing struggle to attain it.

    And even giving someone a Rolls Royce, a house in Beverly Hills, and pockets full of spending money is not justice. It is a buy off. Because, everyone wants to do well. Everyone wants to win the admiration of friends and family by the things they accomplish. So if we have allowed someone to be abused by the middle-class family, in the name of the self-reliance ethic, we owe them a great deal more than just buy off money. We owe them a chance to be part of revolution and to distinguish themselves in the fight.


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    And thank you Cat for looking into this:

    “Peer Support – is available as a step-down from more intensive waiver services such as Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) or Community Support Program (CSP), when an ACTor CSP level of care is no longer needed.”

    Yes, I agree with Cat that to go along with this is Nazi Collaboration!

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    Let me respond here to Wayne and Cat.

    Sorry Wayne, while I do support pay equity and worker rights, the OP has handled that. But I do not support any form of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or psychiatry. So I do not support what the OP does for a living, and while I would not try to jail her, my advice to all of her clients would be to refuse to talk to her. And I have not talked to her and I am not going to. So I have not been rude to her.

    Cat, about AA. While I am glad that in going to AA you don’t drink anymore and don’t feel like crap, I still don’t go along with AA at all.

    As some astute commentators have pointed out, people go to AA when they are ready to stop drinking, but do not want to change how they think.

    Most alcoholics do get to a point where they decide to stop. Having made such a decision, they stop. Difficult, but people do even more difficult things all the time.

    And I understand what you are saying, in that being peer based instead of professional doctor based, it could be an alternative to psychotherapy and psychiatry, I still do not go along with it.

    I see the main problem in it being that they are getting people to believe that they have a moral defect, and that this is why they drink. I do not agree with this.

    But as such, AA is an impediment to political consciousness and revolution. Making them believe that they have an innate moral defect is not hard, as usually this is what addicts and alcoholics already believe. So it is all very similar to Sin and Salvation, and via the Oxford Group Movement, this is exactly how AA started.

    excellent book:
    Alcoholics Anonymous : cult or cure? / Charles Bufe

    This is better than AA, but I still don’t go along with any form of Recovery. I only support Restorative Justice.


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