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Pharmaceutical marketing with Wikipedia articles

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    The scumbag POS who blocked my IP on wikipedia for adding information bad for pharma sales to wiki pages.

    “About me
    I am a medicinal chemist with a PhD in organic chemistry. I have worked in both academic and industrial settings doing teaching, basic research and applied research mostly in the area of drug discovery. I try to improve Wikipedia by creating, updating, correcting, organizing, and copyediting articles related to organic chemistry, particularly heterocyclic compounds and natural organic compounds. To get a better idea of my interests, just take a look at some of the articles I have started or this gallery of some of the ~5000 chemical structure images I have uploaded, or see my contributions.

    As a Wikipedia administrator, the chores that I routinely assist with include speedy deletions, always beginning with the attack articles, and blocking those who abuse their editing privileges.

    With my wife and kids, I live in suburban Pennsylvania.”


    Antipsychotics Ineffective Against Cocaine, Stimulant Addictions

    Deleted from wikipedia , Edgar181 is a POS pharma hack !

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    “Recall that back in June, 2012, Dr. Bertalan Meskó (@Berci), in an open letter to pharma, urged the pharmaceutical industry to employ Wikipedia editors and thus “funnel [their] vast resources” to help. You would think that the pharmaceutical industry would have jumped at the chance to establish a liaison with Wikipedia to help edit articles about their products. Did they?…”

    “In particular, the pharma industry is demanding that any edits it makes to Wikipedia drug articles should NOT be subject to FDA regulations at all.”

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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