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Photographer and SSRI survivor looking for volunteers for her personal project.

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    fede valla

    Dear all,
    my name is Federica, I am a 35 years old, Italian woman. Currently I live in Brooklyn, New York, but I am originally from Rome, Italy. Back in 2005 I had my first panic attack and I was immediately prescribed SSRI to help with that. 20mg of Lexapro to be precise. No explanation, no second consultation to see a psychoanalyst or a counselor. Also it was not a psychiatrist who prescribed, it was an RNA. In 2008 I had a very bad taper and my panic attacks became anxiety disorder, which I carried on for years. This happened because my psychiatrist found via in-network insurance company was a very bad man who did not care for his patients. Now, 15 years later, thanks to my Italian doctor, his psychoanalysis and trust in me and my family, I am medicine free, but, although SSRI are no BENZOS, I had terrible side-effects and loss of memory and slowness and a lot of lethargy. I felt that I was robbed of some good years of my life, because I was never told what I truly needed to know.

    I am sure this sound familiar to some of you!

    The reason I am writing to you today is to ask for your help.
    I am also a photographer and I have a skill that I would like to use to make a personal project to show to the world in a respectable and caring way what does it mean to live with having side effects from having taken/taking Benzos. What does it mean to fight the withdrawal symptoms of such medication daily. This is not a journalistic article, it would be more of a personal project. I would like to create a personal relationship that you and I will build over time with weekly visits that we will set-up in which you tell me your stories, you show me how you are fighting this battle and what you wish to share. I would love to show success stories as well, but I think if I am lucky enough to find a person (man or woman) who could let me document his/her path toward that, this would be a very efficient/beneficial documentation for the world and to inform others as well.
    I want to learn from you and try to see what we can do to bring more awareness in this world to fight the over-prescription of Benzos for once and for all so that many after you will not have to feel this badly for a lack of communication.

    Please contact me if you live in the New York City/New Jersey areas and you are interested in meeting me in person so I can explain to you further and also shake your hand/hug you. Here is my web site so you can see what other photos I have taken and what I do:
    Here is my cell phone: 303-908-9282 and my email: [email protected]

    I am very interested in hearing from you.
    I guess this is also a way for me to heal.

    Thank you very much for your kindness and I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you are recovering, may your journey be rewarded with peace and lack of sufferings.
    Ciao, Federica

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