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    [quote quote=144416]I had TD too and it has resolved, I believe I found healing methods for that.


    There are some ways to heal some of the damage that does not involve seeing anyone.

    Don’t assume the damage is permanent, mainstream medicine usually can’t fix most of the problems psych drugs cause does not mean that there’s no solutions out there; it’s just they are more obscure.


    Hi Terran,
    So this is the psychiatrist currently assigned to you, right? “Patients Don’t Know He Killed His Wife”?
    “NINE YEARS after he shot and killed his wife, George Sliwinski was back in his job as a psychiatrist, treating mentally ill patients in public hospitals.”

    I’m a US-based anarchist and survivor of psychiatry, and I see police violence, psychiatric violence, being the rule and the norm for enforcing capitalism, rather than cases of corruption or scandals. This is pretty extra, though.

    If you want I can set up a burner email so we can communicate directly. Would you be comfortable discussing any more details, like terms of the court/police order? In the US, court orders typically demand that a diagnosed-person follows the directions of *a* psychiatrist, but don’t mandate a *specific* psychiatrist. If you were able to connect with a doctor who would agree to stop the prescriptions, that’s a way I’ve seen other people get out of this situation.

    You probably already know about proxy browser security, and things like Technitium for changing MAC address for online privacy. On pretty short notice I’ve been able to find (temporary) refuge with collective houses or eco-village/farmstead type places, where I was able to stay for a work-trade setup and keep a low profile for a while. Let me know if you want to talk by email.


    The psychiatrist there is responsible for my original bullshit diagnosis and torture. He was not in charge of my second kidnapping and imprisonment for 8 months and latest indefinite series of community treatment orders. I have a VPN, not technitium. I can’t find housing anywhere, I’ve tried everywhere. If you want to talk by email, sure. But I’m out of time. I’m going to get caught any minute.


    Wow, what a story


    Hey- if you can read this – try writing Dr. Yolande Lucire – lucire (at) ozemail (dot) com.au – she might be available to talk next month.

    John Read if you can find a current email for him – j.read (at) auckland (dot) ac.nz may be out of date since that might not be his current workplace.

    Niall McLaren may know of other sympathetic doctors if nothing else?


    Oh God, what a story(


    wow( what a sad story

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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