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Psychiatry and Planned Parenthood: Common History of Racism and Eugenics

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    In this video, psychiatrist Peter Breggin discusses the euthanasia that took place in Nazi Germany against the “mentally ill.” These programs served as a training ground for the later mass extermination camps for Jews:

    A similar history of racism and eugenics is rooted in Planned Parenthood.
    Planned Parenthood? Yes:



    Duane – What’s the message? The motive for power with the Nazis, the perceived need for purifying the race as further justification. The need for more information and openness about sex with PP, the idea that birth control really also serves the needed eugenics…unfortunate and unneeded justification for the simple goal of eliminating obfuscation and myths. The Nazis are gone and the nearest thing to their insanity is Islamic extremism, which is so much more racist than discussed that it’s a laugh. Plus we can’t overlook nutty Asian totalitarian mentalities still in or close to the heart of power. Africa in its turn gets constantly debauched, and the Balkans massively did by ethnic cleansing. So all in all, always good to review Nazis and their Aryanism. My disposition for reacting to PP, nevertheless, would only take account of eugenics as it mattered to birth control as good or bad in general, though. Strictly historical understandings depend on the eugenics once espoused there. So addressing it would have to work along the lines of deliberate research and arranged interviews, not anything casual. All such NGOs and their Governmental cousins are mainly guilty of propping up the gigantism of the ethnic underclasses and the inflexibility of job markets to give the whole of the economic base ways up, out, and around such stagnation. These once and future FDR-type public assistance and spirit of all-for-one cause-oriented agencies, also tend to work in concert with the welfare provider mentality, obviously, and quite knowingly with all the usual me-first-and-like-it-used-to-be attitudes that accomodate it. In determined modes of leaving to their own devices and for something sad to point out another time the many “I-can’t”‘s of the world. Taking my look up the middle, that’s what message I see in the facts for how these distinct APA and PP “lodges” shape policy these days. As for this all determining the meaningfulness of understanding psychiatry? Dismissals of that logical connection with eugenics as ongoing, even if not an active enterprise itself, are purblind.


    Planned Parenthood apparently sells organs from aborted babies:



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