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Psychiatry: Slandering people is "treatment".

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    Psychiatry has gotten away with brutalizing millions of people by using economic blackmail.

    With forced psychiatry systems, it has always been a case of, they’ll do whatever they please to you, because you won’t tell anyone, because then you’ll be unemployable.

    An article in the Wall Street Journal today unwittingly lays out the truth:

    An article ostensibly about why workplaces need to “open up” about “mental health”, includes reasons why exactly you shouldn’t:

    “Cook once considered a candidate for an executive-level position whose prior supervisor alerted her to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The candidate was eliminated from the shortlist; she says she provided an ‘ego-acceptable excuse’ without disclosing specifically that it was because of his mental illness.”

    In the comment section of this article, we see a primary care physician whose employability was destroyed after a religious disagreement with a psychiatrist.

    So where do the name-called people wind up? When you’ve had your good name destroyed by psychiatry casting aspersions on you, it seems millions wind up on disability.


    In order for psychiatrists to keep up the pretense that they are real doctors, practicing real medicine, so many millions of people need to be fed into the meat grinder.

    It is shameful.

    The Wall Street Journal article also gets wrong the Eagleton Vice Presidential nominee affair. It was not because of his “depression” that he was dumped from the ticket. It was the mere mention of his association with psychiatry and electroshock.

    Psychiatry decides who to eject from the human race of equal people, and once you’re out, you’re out.

    Former equal human beings, now psychiatrically labeled individuals, are liquidated and turned into tokens, gambling chips, for psychiatry to bet all-in, in the great gamble of destroying millions of lives in the name of “proving” that human problems are “brain diseases”,  and that people who have problems, are now “brain diseases” forevermore.

    Don’t kid yourself. Someone who is willing to “help you” by sicking a squad of goons on you, sticking you with a needle of drugs, and then destroying your good name for life by slapping a stigmatizing label on you, is only a “professional”, in the sense that a paid mafia assassin is a “professional”.






    Asking questions and just leaving two options (Yes or No) for the patient, especially when one is in the psych ward, limits/prevents patients  to explain. This practice doesnt and can never explain things, that otherwise be handled in a positive way to enhance the menatl health.

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