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    For starters the title I use is borrowing, that of the forums, and is in no way a direct question to it. It has become increasingly challenging, not to be sucked in into traps, offering a better solution. Feeding off of negative experiences, and bad press. They claim to be different, but often are not. They call themselves alternatives. I see no difference.

    People who claim to not focus on diagnosis, but really they do. Anybody can mines words, but what’s the point? Every single observation comes down to diagnosis. They claim their evaluations are more, wholistic, and diagnosis is just a piece. When pointed out, they have to because of common language, insurance companies. The best reason, is that it gives people piece of mind, or makes them feel like they aren’t alone. They claim to be able to do this, by getting to know them as an individual, not a diagnosis.

    I’ve actually had the pleasure to go to one of these places. This place describes themselves a hospital, or treatment center without walls. This is supposed to Selling point? Not to mention, the constant looming prospect, that they could deem you worthy of going to a hospital at any point. Eg quotes from emails from my psychiatrist.

    “I am hearing reports that you have been extremely irritable lately at the Residence. I am wondering if this is part of mania”.

    “I need to see you to discuss this and to see if we need to make a medication intervention to address possible manic symptoms”.

    “I would like to be able to work with you to address this issue. If you and I cannot address it together, then we will have to have you assessed and possibly treated for mania in a different way, possibly at a hospital. I would like to work with you to avoid that happening”.

    This is supposed to be cutting edge treatment. Yet, people there don’t see that as ominous threats. They see themselves as wholistic. Threatening to send someone to hospital for being irritable. Like I didn’t think being there was a waste of my time, and wasn’t sleep deprived, from being woken up every 30 minutes from a staff knocking on my door. From a theorapist coming in my room when, ignoring I asked if he could please not come at that time, and I was told I could come at a different time, telling me about goals my family wanted to see that I couldn’t care less about. That, and all the other reasons for being irritable, were meaningless.

    At some point I even got as my main therapist, someone who seemed better on the surface, but I still had the same Psychiatrist, who I had requested countless times to switch from. This therapist would joke around, and we’d get candy. Only if I wanted to actually tell him what was bothering me, forget it. I was “playing the vicim story”. How is that any different from saying, it’s just you bipolar, schizophrenia, BPD, or depression? He would make comments like I like it better when we joke around, and have fun?

    I pretty, much could go on, and on about this place. The bottom line was the place seemed to be based off of more wholistic principles, and I believe some were thrown in there. However, medication was still a big part of the beginning I heard it was actually more like described. However, to my knowledge the way things are currently set up, many things have fallen to wayside. I just know when I was there, from what I saw it sucked. Individual plans, that ultimately are decided by a psychiatrist. Sure it can be collaborative, but ultimately the psychiatrist has the authority. The client is suppose to have the most say, but I don’t see it. The so called open dialog, consisted of me giving my input, and being told the “teams decision”. That usually meant the psychiatrist, but that was all hashed out at staff meetings. Of course I would aske who, or which people, but it was always ” the team” I can’t talk to “the team”. That is not open dialog, it’s no dialog. It’s like talking to a facad. Anything I said, had to be discussed with the team, and agin I can not address a team, I can not question the reason, all I got was a vauge answer, form “the team”. Everybody wants to be different, and one step ahead nowadays, but often times you’ll find the same medication, diagnosis’s, therapies, and protocol. The words are more inviting, but they’re the same at the core.

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    Kayla, your perceptions are correct. Humanistic positive change in America is a scam regarding psychiatry. The reason is because there was NO paradigm change ever. It’s all surface illusion designed to hoodwink everyone. As long as there is not better understanding of the CHEMISTRY of personal distress, and more importantly the EXISTENTIAL/SPIRITUAL core of personal distress there will never be any change from the coercive, shaming, stigmatizing aspects of psychiatry that are milked so skillfully to keep the psychiatric controllers (and the whole rest of the one percent world) so comfortable.

    There is a profoundly anti-humanistic thrust in all our society, and social life. The powerless exist to be preyed upon and exploited. This is no more true then in the dismal and hopeless realm of conventional (even “alternative”) psychiatry.

    For this to even begin to change we might begin to listen to RD Laing again. And with that the whole family-theory of the origins of psychosis.

    Laing KNEW that schizophrenia (and by extension any non-organic psychosis) just didn’t develop even with those vulnerable genes…without some very powerful disorganizing environmental effects. The double-bind hypothesis is the TRUTH in my opinion, and everyone in our sick society behaves in a relatively crazy-making way, since it seems to be the normal communication mode of a schizophrenic society and also because we learn the dysfunctionality in the family when we learn it at all. I was astounded at how little the wisdom around this has been recognized over the decades. Furthermore in a culture that relies mostly on VISUAL impressions, as opposed to sound, smell and touching modalities, we are that much more cut off from experiencing a full healthy life with others in a mutually dependent way.

    I say that in itself can lead to a kind of madness, the kind prisoners and other captives feel. I recall the scene in the “Member of the Wedding” where the nanny discusses the idea of being “caught” into a circumscribed corner in life, that makes people feel impossibly trapped and leads them to do seemingly irrational things to express their despair.

    And it’s interesting that schizophrenic hallucinations are mostly comprised of auditory, olfactory and kinesthetic sensations and not ordinarily visual. We already have enough of that, apparently. If you listen to Prof Richard Kearney talking about the meaning of “God” in this post-Holocaust world, you will hear him discuss these primal sources of connection/disconnection…along with the mega-philosophies that reflect their relative importance in our lives: Listen to Entitled Opinions: Richard Kearney on “God After God” (

    The crisis in psychiatry is only a subset of the crisis on our environmental stewardship practices on every other level as well. And the cure is more work on levels of sound, taste, and touch. We have all seen too many scary videos that end up putting most of us to sleep. But after a real immersion experience we would just not be able to slough it off. It is no wonder that the most urgent voices in the latest Parisian Climate Summit…were from the most powerless peoples, residents of sinking islands, the indigenous, etc…

    We will cure madness to the extent that conferences like this are able to change our basic paradigms regarding the meaning of one blue cosmic marble completely dependent upon the wisdom of its controllers.

    But small pockets of people get it, I being one of them. I hope that can really mean something! That’s my fervent prayer for the New Year…


    Avera, the worst part is that the more understanding people generally are the ones who aren’t forcing their beliefs on to others, while there are people who are just controlling for the sake of it.

    Yet, the controlling ones also play into everyone’s fears. Plenty of people, just ignore the advice when they think it won’t be informed. Not even considering that there are legitimate reasons for not forcing.

    It’s becoming even more forceful, and underhanded. Many places, and individuals are pretending to adopt certain aspects, that come from genuine understanding to boost their reputation, or stay ahead of the criticism. However many are still very connected to the people they critasize. By “integrating”, the two things it completely changes it. By taking people who see that some ways things don’t work, but mostly just know what they’ve been taught and vaugly teaching a new way of doing things doesn’t work. At least many seem to have some good intent, but the ones who generally take control typically just appear to want to change.

    yet, when they just go through the motions, to gain reputation, a vauge desire to do something better, they are missing the point. I personally find a lot of the diagnosising system, psychotherapy, and meds unhelpful, but if they find that these along with, non mainstream methods help, then explain why. I don’t care for them to use the works of studies that haven’t even combined that. First, they should admit to charting new territory, as everyone really is in sense, but they really are blatantly doing such. They should also be very clear on where they stand as far, as if they believe so strongly these models that often come out as an alternative, then why still keep so many aspects of supposed less innovative places.

    I personally, can’t really speak on how what these new approaches were even like, as they weren’t even predictable. In fact just throwing them in there seeming haphazardly seems a bit odd, but nobody questions, because I guess is just the process. Which is actually a gamble, as they’re too busy apearing innovative, that one can end up underhandidly oppresses, or someone ends up actually being helpful, because they aren’t only willing to be receptive, but have the ability to think without a step by step guide.

    That’s one thing the mental health model uses to give false sence of comfort. Their are clear problems, and solutions, for any situation. It get’s worse now too. They admit to not having clear answers, but instead of apologizing for being mislead, declaiming people,mor mistaken, they just brush by it. Instead of saying it’s time to find a new solution, they say their old one still works. They, insted begin to just confuse things. The latest trend seems to be, it’s so complicated, which is why we know now more than ever it takes our expertise to make decisions.

    Anyone who opposes is a threat, and not taking others welfare in account, lacks as much knowledge as them.

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    Participant This is what I’m talking about. I questioned weather to post PEs website, but I’ve suffered a lot at the hands of Matt Bernstein. I can’t believe the lies that are on here. There is nothing flexible, or creative about his approaches. I have a guardian, because of this asshole. He diagnosed me with an intellectual disability, because he had no proof for mood disorder. After being threatened to be hospitalized, over “mania”. I don’t get it. I hear he’s a yes man, that this place used to be good. Yet they don’t care enough to stop this from happening. There are a lot of questionable things about this place, but I’m trying to just go off of the most blatant. It’s become a big organization, but a medical director? Not every staff may follow what an organization stands for all the time. They should hold everyone accountable, but but still surprising he has so much power. However when your own medical director goes against it every time. How much do these places care about people? Yet, no policy against threats, or guarantee on being hospitalized. It puts you more at risk, if dissagree with them, than out of of their program. They don’t mention that. It’s like no one who can make a difference cares. Client focused? Just hope something will stick eventually. Hopefully someday these places will start giving a shit about the people they supposedly want to help. Maybe not pathologies people for speaking out when they aren’t good for us. According to PE, they think letting clients pick who works with them is good. At least they said they did when I brought it up at retreat, but who knows?


    Yeah, that sounds hella creepy. Also these places being run by rich white people is a general cause of their cultural incompetency / entrapment in middle-class table manners. Sorry you had to deal with that.
    xo. let’s make crazy a threat again.

    Frank Blankenship

    Second that!

    Rethinking, rewording, or opposing? Frankly, I’m all for opposing. There is an inhuman element to humanistic therapies, for sure, but don’t let me go there. Opposing treatment is the way to non-treatment, otherwise referred to as “health”.


    Thanks Lily, yea it’s creepy to know people can be blindsided like that. Many unfortunately aren’t exactly volentarvilantry there, but it’s like many treatment centers, I’m sure. This one though, is really troublesome. The worst it’s supposed to be the best.

    Frank, yea I agree with opposing most things as they are. In the mental health field, anyways, although there certain areas of psychology I think could be helpful, like Jungian Typology. However this is about opposing.

    I personally think all forced should be outlawed. Then people will at least have a fair chance. I get there is still manipulation, but it will be a lot easier to discuss, and Pschiatry won’t have the luxury, to rely on force, and less to rely on fear. I’m at least sure on that, although unsure on so much. All I can do for now is do my best to spread as much truth as possible.

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