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    This is the latest version of the talking points we came up with last summer; some minor edits & revisions have been made. HR 4626 is now law, so we’ll have to update these slightly to better address the current situation.


    “… from a marketing perspective, it may be necessary to capitalize on the fear of violence to get the law passed.”
    — D.J. Jaffee

    1. “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” as described in HR 4626 is in essence a program of massive forced drugging which, though presented as being in the best interest of the “mentally ill,” is strongly supported by the pharmaceutical industry, which takes in billions of dollars for drugs with no proven scientific or medical justification; which cause untold physical damage and intractable dependency issues in many of those to whom they are prescribed; and which have been linked to many incidents of suicidal and homicidal violence. Pharmaceutical profits can be expected to rise substantially should HR 4626 become law, a fact which should be recognized when evaluating corporate support for the bill.

    2. Proponents of AOT claim that recent mass shootings and acts of “senseless” violence have been carried out by people with “untreated mental illness.” This is frivolous speculation at best. And contrary to Representative Murphy’s promotional materials, several of the perpetrators of mass killings he listed as responsible for their horrific crimes as a result of being “untreated” were indeed in the “care” of doctors, and had at some point been prescribed psychiatric drugs as part of that “treatment.”

    3. There is convincing evidence that many common psychiatric drugs, far from preventing violence, actually induce violent thoughts and acts in many people. The increasing frequency of mass shootings seems to correlate with the increasing use of such drugs, which are portrayed as “medicines” despite the lack of objective medical or scientific evidence that they correct a demonstrable pathology. For example, mass killer James Holmes (Aurora) had been prescribed Zoloft; Eric Harris (Columbine) had been prescribed Luvox (another “SSRI” drug cited by Time Magazine as one of the top ten legal drugs linked to violence). Numerous other high profile mass murderers have been prescribed drugs with mechanisms of action the manufacturers can’t explain, and with a list of known “side” effects including hallucinations, anger, suicidal thoughts, violence and suicide — reactions which led to their receiving black-box warnings.

    4. A leading proponent of AOT, DJ Jaffee has demonstrated that when all else fails, he has no reservations about using deception, and himself said, “… from a marketing perspective, it may be necessary to capitalize on the fear of violence to get the law passed.”

    5. Studies have demonstrated for decades that those labeled “mentally ill” have a lower incidence of violent behavior than the public at large. Even many of those on the “front lines” who support some psychiatric measures intended to prevent violent behavior agree that involuntary “treatment” (usually consisting of drugging) is counterproductive. So-called “assisted outpatient treatment” programs constitute costly, irrational and ultimately futile attempts to make our country safer.

    6. After the Japanese military shocked the American public with the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an order requiring the banishment of Americans of Japanese descent to substandard “housing” camps on barren inland terrain. For up to three years, innocent people had little privacy, comfort, or autonomy, because of fears that among them were spies and conspirators. The “Murphy” bill if enacted would represent a similar program of scapegoating innocent people to pander to public hysteria and make people feel “safe” from a non-existent threat.

    7. The use of physical force to transport, incarcerate, strip-search, restrain and inject powerful and unpredictable drugs into nonviolent children and adults who have committed no crime far exceeds what can be legally done to violent felons. Such treatment is routine in psychiatric wards, and constitutes a violation of the most basic human and Constitutional rights. The U.N. has emphatically weighed in as opposed in principle to involuntary psychiatric intervention as a violation of human rights and dignity.

    Deena Hoblit

    Dj Jaffee irks the crap out of me…

    Deena Hoblit

    Your second point could be easily (by simply quoting Torrey’s blatant and ever changing statistical claims). Even within the same year, his numbers are so impossible they make you wonder how he managed to keep a straight face. I would consider using that point to establish how the general public has been deliberately mislead and manipulated.

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