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Schofield Children, Public Overmedication

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    I hope this is not an inappropriate posting and in the correct subforum, let me know if it is not!

    I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with Jani and Bodhi Schofield. They were displayed across prominent TV shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, and a Discovery Channel documentary (“Born Schizophrenic”) over their lifetime and have been in possibly hundreds of their mother’s YouTube channel “Schofield-Cabana Productions” for the oldest, Jani, having “Child Onset Schizophrenia.“ The parents are currently trying to pursue the same diagnosis for their son, too.

    For years there have been many online forums devoted to people who doubt both the appropriateness of the children’s diagnosis and its treatment, which includes extremely large doses of mainly antipsychotics such as Thorazine, Clozaril, Depakote along with Lithium, Benadryl, etc., for most of both children’s lives (currently ages are 11 and 16.) There has also been a strong history of multiple CPS investigations, suspected medical abuse from teachers and previous doctors, doctor shopping, and possible sexual and physical abuse from both parents and a step-father. Many people do not believe these children have schizophrenia but have grown up in such a dysfunctional and abusive situation, have been overmedicated, and possibly have untreated Autism.

    Unfortunately, these children, especially the son, Bodhi, seems to be declining. He is now nearly non-verbal after previously being able to communicate clearly, he is unable to feed himself, often unable to walk by himself, is possibly having seizures (some suspect it is due to the overmedication), and there are numerous other issues, too. If anyone wants more information, I can both share what I can and lead you to additional resources, just let me know.

    I am attempting to spread awareness of this, ultimately to try to offer these kids relief from the abuse and overmedication, but I realize that is a tall order when the parents have the backing of media-fueled “proof” behind them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to spread awareness of this? An in-depth article could really help with getting these kids justice! The good thing is that there are two books written about this (one by each parent) and hours and hours of footage. Anyone who can see the decline of these children before their eyes can tell something is not right with this family. Thanks for reading.


    [quote quote=171126]An in-depth article could really help with getting these kids justice![/quote]

    By Jacqui Dillon January 21, 2013
    There was a heart-breaking and disturbing story in this weekend’s Guardian newspaper entitled ‘My Daughter, the Schizophrenic’, (1) which featured edited extracts from a book written by the father of a child called Jani. He describes how Jani is admitted into a psychiatric hospital when she is 5, diagnosed with schizophrenia when she is 6 and by the time she is 7, she has been put on a potent cocktail of psychotropic medications:

    I remember this, awful.

    One thing to do is then look for places to make comments.

    Top comment on the first YouTube result.

    Oh gosh I had to come back and watch this video again and its so sad. Jani looks like she is on heroine :'(
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    “This seems like Munchausen by proxy syndrome. I hope someone calls CPS. This is not right. I feel so sorry for these children.”
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    Maybe that YouTuber has the correct idea.

    I remember being upset after seeing that TV special I guess in 2013 after reading the MIA story and looking for it. Awful. That portrayal and selling of “happy happy psychiatry” I can’t even put into words sickening.


    Hello, may I just ask if these children received the help they needed. I have tried asking for help from two child abuse services just today, I am still waiting for reply. I am just wondering why these kids have not yet taken away from their parents as the issue about abuse has been circling for a long time already. Thank you. It is very obvious that Susan is mentally unstable by just observing how she treats her children and the decline of children’s cognitive, speech and movement ability have deteriorated significantly.

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