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    I am trying to help a friend who has just had a ‘brain scan’ and has been diagnosed with ADHD; he left the office with a fistful of meds and I’m trying to do some educating…

    I gave him the web address to MiA and have advised him to use the search engine at the top of the home page to read the articles about the subject on the MiA site. When I did a test run just now, the top links are to ‘commercial’ websites that are no doubt part of the problem/information I’m trying to circumvent.

    What’s up with this? Has it always been this way? I’ve used the search engine before and don’t recall this happening…

    Thanks for any info.

    Emmeline Mead

    We recently changed our search function, it now uses google search. Ads don’t come up for me when I use it, but I know this was an issue when we first implemented it. I thought we had found a solution for that but I’ll let Bob know this is still a problem — thanks for the heads up.

    Another way to find info on the site is through the archives at Here’s a few pages of results that might be useful:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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