Saturday, November 27, 2021

Something I discovered that I didn’t know

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    Slime of America attempted to get me when I was young. They were of living although ghosts. Provoke, demean, hurt and eventually cheat.

    Just going through turmoil at career. Then tempestuous relationships with colleagues.

    The city people notice each other and the feelings about me are pervasive. It doesn’t hurt that much, but they sort of spin the persona of me. That’s not cool.

    I’m a man. I have responsibility to provide for household, family and a few individuals that are with us I care for and about.

    In my career I got to division mental health headquarters. Yes divided as about 90% employees are white or Caucasian. They are provoking me, demeaning, hurt and then eventually cheat. They are not of the living kind here and now. That’s kind of a good thing.

    They don’t know the battle I did as young man. If people provoke it will undoubtedly go wrong in the end.

    I went far in my battle and just wasn’t admired or respected. I’m glad though I was strong even though I got hurt because I tried and tried with intensity.

    Intensity often given back to me for reaching and striving towards my goals. I pray. My faith Jesus knows what I neeed in my heart so I don’t say much. I pray and I have faith.

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